Claus: Volume One

Claus: Volume One

C. John Coombes / Feb 24, 2020

Claus Volume One CLAUS A Christmas Incarnation Volume One The Child is a word page novel that includes some illustrations poems and songs also by the author The ebook and paperback offerings are aff

  • Title: Claus: Volume One
  • Author: C. John Coombes
  • ISBN: 9780982221310
  • Page: 268
  • Format: ebook
  • CLAUS A Christmas Incarnation, Volume One, The Child, is a 220,000 word, 700 page novel that includes some illustrations, poems, and songs, also by the author The ebook and paperback offerings are affordable versions of the original custom ordered hardcover book 1854 Elizabeth Dennison, a now elderly woman, awaits the arrival of a long lost acquaintance The meeting, iCLAUS A Christmas Incarnation, Volume One, The Child, is a 220,000 word, 700 page novel that includes some illustrations, poems, and songs, also by the author The ebook and paperback offerings are affordable versions of the original custom ordered hardcover book 1854 Elizabeth Dennison, a now elderly woman, awaits the arrival of a long lost acquaintance The meeting, initially dreaded as much as desired, fortunately rekindles an old friendship It is in this reunion, a passing of memories and knowledge, that the guest is told of Elizabeth s incredible life So begins a story during the early 1800s, days after Elizabeth Dennison is removed from her home and sickly mother to be cared for by the wealthy Claussen Family A favor for which, in return, she is to provide service as a maiden servant At a young age, Elizabeth faces a wary relationship with the Claussens and her new surroundings Most of all, she is both frightened and mesmerized by Christopher Claussen, a powerful man and husband to Lady Rebecca It is this relationship that ends up sweeping Elizabeth away from her home in Scandinavia to battle the perils of a voyage across an ocean, and a life on the American frontier Elizabeth comes to believe that Christopher holds sway not only over her life, but the world as a whole in something than a natural way He is god like in her eyes and becomes very much the focus of her fragile childhood years Volume one is a fulfilling read unto itself but leaves one with the option to continue on this adventure through volumes two and three CLAUS is a saga rich with ambiance, details of the era, and characters that are as real as life If you desire to be swept away with Elizabeth on a journey through time and emotion then you will not regret this story.

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        C John Coombes was born in Michigan, son to a brilliant father, who lost his leg after returning from Europe after WW2 and given a year to live Scrambling to survive, his father pursued a career in graphic design as an artist He was the first class president of Kendall School of Design, now a branch of Ferris State University in Central Michigan He was instrumental in CJC s future.Raised in an environment of art, CJC astonished his grade school teachers, won an art scholarship in high school, and followed in his father s footsteps by attending Kendall Upon graduation he was asked to join the artists at Hallmark Cards, but instead entered the army as a graphics designer during the Viet Nam era He did not see action in Viet Nam, but served his time at the NATO headquarters in Naples, Italy He was part of the support staff for CINCSOUTH Commander in Chief Southern Forces Europe , and was heavily involved in the development of presentations made to many of the world s ambassadors and dignitaries Ironically, his mother was an Italian war bride, and her family welcomed him with open arms.After being discharged with honors, CJC worked in the graphics field for a number of years a designer, photographer, printer, an art director before entering into what was at that time the cutting edge of computerized machining technology It amounted to a 180 degree shift in careers For his Italian mother, his decision amounted to nothing less than cultural suicide, a betrayal to her sense of greatness The memory of her crying at the kitchen table will go with him to his grave As for CJC, he had no regrets From his experience, artists seemed entirely underappreciated, died young, and drunk.Over time, CJC moved increasingly distant from visual art and closer toward writing as a replacement for relieving his creative needs For him, writing proved to be far less restrictive, far convenient, and a fulfilling venue for personal expressionAUS was CJC s first serious attempt to write He leaves it as is with all the common mistakes that an untrained writer can deliver Unlike many authors who are embarrassed by their early works, CLAUS remains his favorite, not his best, but his favorite, as it changed his life The research broadened his horizons in ways than he might convey It also proved to him that he could complete the daunting task of a ten year project for better or for worse It is only fitting that CLAUS, his first attempt to write, contains his last attempt to illustrate at a time when art and illustration moved into the digital world of stylus and pad.After three volumes of CLAUS, an 850,000 word novel, CJC was desperate to experience anything other than historical fiction He turned his sites toward science fiction He elected to write a piece that reflected his concerns about humanity s disregard for the planet in a scenario that pitted land developers against environmentalists It was titled FULL MOON STO.After FULL MOON STO, he challenged himself to write a suspense thriller, and delivered The JACK CREEK Horror The novel intended to force thought about invasive species in the Great Lakes and watershed of Michigan.His last release, ONE WAY, is presented as a mind game CJC focuses on the soul of a miserable mortal now faced with finding its way to salvation The read is dark and entirely different from his earlier work.Near completion is CJC s current novel, CHIMES This is a lighter read, an adult suspense thriller intended to be age appropriate down to middle teens It was written out of necessity to fill requests by that younger age group, who after reading JACK CREEK wanted He remains sensitive to the concerns of mothers.Among other projects, CJC continues to play with CATBLACK, a work in high demand by those who know the premise and are familiar with the main character No date has been set for its release.In closing, CJC insists on acknowle


    1. This was an absolutely beautiful read. Just gorgeous.Claus is the story of Elizabeth, an orphan (for all intents and purposes) who comes to work for the Lady Rebecca Claussen, a woman who was once an orphan herself and who has now dedicated her life to helping children. Through Elizabeth’s young eyes we are witness to the journey to America of Lady Rebecca and her generous and kind husband, Christopher Claussen. Does that name seem familiar to you? That’s where the familiarity ends, for this [...]

    2. The concept for this story caught my attention at first glance: historical fiction focused on the life of a man with some resemblance to Santa Claus, larger than life and beloved by children. His adopted daughter (or possibly second wife—this point is unclear), Elizabeth Dennison Claussen, tells part of this story in first-person point of view and presents the rest as reconstructed from Christopher Claussen’s memoirs and ship logs, along with the remembrances of others who knew him. . . (rea [...]

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