The Rule of Claw

The Rule of Claw

John Brindley Ian P. Benfold Haywood / Feb 18, 2020

The Rule of Claw A move away from the effervescent over the top world of Amy Peppercorn this is the first of a series to be followed by City of Screams We enter a futuristic world and meet a band of sixteen year olds

  • Title: The Rule of Claw
  • Author: John Brindley Ian P. Benfold Haywood
  • ISBN: 9781580136082
  • Page: 256
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A move away from the effervescent over the top world of Amy Peppercorn, this is the first of a series to be followed by City of Screams We enter a futuristic world and meet a band of sixteen year olds who were dumped in isolation at an early age They re educated partly by gleaning facts from the few books in their possession, but primarily through their experiences oA move away from the effervescent over the top world of Amy Peppercorn, this is the first of a series to be followed by City of Screams We enter a futuristic world and meet a band of sixteen year olds who were dumped in isolation at an early age They re educated partly by gleaning facts from the few books in their possession, but primarily through their experiences of survival which features death and danger A new threat emerges when the teens transcend their own rules and eat animal flesh Ash is kidnapped and becomes a pawn in the power struggles between the formidable raptors In these beautiful beasts, she glimpses new forms of evolution which make her consider her own humanity Soon she learns the frightening truth of their origins And realizes the dangerous implications for herself and her friends.

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      256 John Brindley Ian P. Benfold Haywood
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        When I left school, without any qualifications at all, it was to become a bricklayer This apprenticeship lasted for all of three cold and miserable days From there I drifted into forklift truck driving, labouring on building sites and in factories, shelf stacking in supermarkets and working on the cold meats counter Then I started an apprenticeship and qualified as an electrician I continued to study, gaining a Higher National Certificate in Electrical Engineering and became an electrical engineer with the Greater London Council, that retirement home for young drunks After doing about three days work in three years there, I got a job mis managing photocopier field technicians in Central London before becoming a technical specialist with a Japanese office equipment manufacturer During my time there I took A Levels in English Literature and in Economics and switched to the marketing department I spent about seven years travelling all over the UK and Ireland, with frequent trips to Hamburg and two very tiring trips to Tokyo From there I went to work in sales for a Xerox company, lunching with purchasing managers and flirting with receptionists.In all the jobs I had, there was one single common factor boredom For years I was sick and tired and frustrated with working in office environments or traveling with no opportunity to explore anywhere I d had the idea in my mid twenties that I could become a writer, which seemed to me to be the best way in the world of earning a living For years I was writing in the evening and at weekends while holding down a series of unfulfilling jobs I had a family to support I have two children so led a kind of double life, pretending to be in love with office equipment, to be interested in office politics and career moves, while really feeling desperately that I didn t belong there.Ironically, it wasn t until I went into sales and started to have a fairly good time at work while earning, for the first time in my life, a fairly decent salary, that I had my first book published This was THE TERRIBLE QUIN, published by Orion Children s Books in 1998 This was a story I had told my own children some years before while on a camping holiday in Cornwall.Since my first book, I have been published by Orion every year, with the exception of one book, a horror story in the Point Horror Unleashed series from Throughout my adult life I have kept myself very, very fit, with the gym, running, walking, swimming, cycling and playing squash although until I was twenty eight I did nothing physical, even at school.I am very, very interested in Science and Religion and have written about these two often opposing fields in Rule of Claw and City of Screams I plan to explore the science of genetics and of human anatomy much further in future books.


    1. This started out great--I couldn't put it down. The strangeness of the teenage characters(Agles) and their behavior having grown up without adults was fascinating to me. I liked the evolution spin and the development of all of these other species. But the end was a bit strange for me. I am still intrigued to read the sequel though.

    2. Best book yet! After Twilight of course!:) I highly recommend this book becasue it is a mistery, and also about nature. You will enjoy reading it from day one, unitl the end.

    3. So good. I was sucked in from the first page. Raptors! Yes! Mutants! Yes! Awesome story. I can not wait for the next one. The characters are great especially Little Three and Rat. Highly Recommend this one.

    4. 2.5/5 starsThis book wasweird. Nothing like I expected. It took me a good 200 pages to actually get into the book, and even then I struggled to keep reading. I had no idea what was going on for most of the book, but I think that's the point. You know as much as the teenagers, the Agles, do. You find out what's going on as Ash does. Usually, I enjoy that in a book. It makes you keep reading to figure out what's going on. But here it was so unclear that it backfired. It didn't help that the langua [...]

    5. Posted to my Livejournal in January 2009:This science fiction novel is part survival story, part dystopia, and part slightly annoying treatise on the perils of genetic manipulation and environmental ignorance. Ash barely remembers a time before the ASP camp, where she and other kids have taken refuge on the beach after tumultuous events none of them remember. The adults disappeared long ago into the jungle, never to return. All that's left of them is the wire fences marked Admittance Strictly Pr [...]

    6. Note: Spoilers down belowAnother Note: It's just some thoughts I have, since I don't do reviews oftenIt was a bit hard to get used to the 'slang' of the Ages, however it slowly becomes normal. The thing is, when Rat appeared with his 'proper' English, it was really interesting to see the changes the teenagers made to the language. Another thing I liked is the plot and semi-heavy themes. That we can mutate so largely in such a short time was an interesting idea, and how the humans reacted to it w [...]

    7. The future has always held many things for humanity. Robots, flying cars, you name it, it's been done. But what isn't often told is what could happen, if it all goes wrong. If somewhere through time, we mess up, and the fate of the human race dangles on a thread held by a handful of teenagers.Ash and her friends are the only teenagers left on Earth. Beyond the the fence of the ASL camp is only death and danger in the woods. They've grown up without adults, dreaming only of the world from their m [...]

    8. An odd book, though I don't mean that in a negative way. If I had to compare it, I'd call it Lord of the Flies meets The Island of Dr. Moreau (with maybe a bit of Jurassic Park thrown in thanks to the sentient raptor societies). I found the story difficult to get into at first, possibly because of the odd linguistic structure of the teens, but I stuck with it and got used to things eventually. While the last villain to be introduced was a little over-the-top stereotypical for my taste, overall i [...]

    9. Ash and her friends seem to be the only human teenagers left on earth, surviving in a camp by the ocean on the edge of a terrifying jungle. They survive by knowing which fruits and plants are edible, trusting each other, and looking to Ash for guidance, but their world is turned upside down after another camper takes control forcefully, leads a charge to kill a seagull, and creates distrust and anarchy in the group. However, a bigger storm begins to brew when Ash is kidnapped by the savage Rapto [...]

    10. I'm gonna be completly honest i bought this book because the cover was cool. It's all shiny green and scaly looking and i couldn't really decide what i wanted to read anyways so hey why not. Well becuase you end up getting a kind of crappy book. I just can't seem to get through this book and i really don't know why. It's not that bad of a book it's interesting and unlike anything i've ever read before but i just can't do it. I think it has something to do with the characters they aren't very sma [...]

    11. i must admit i really liked the cover with its scales on which made u think about the topic of evolution and dinosaurs etc as u read it . i could never make my mind while reading this did i like or not , i at times got a bit lost with the plot line must admit this is not a genre i generally feel or care about !!!their was the odd occasion when i thought wow the talks on evolution and could see bits of lord of the flies in it up to a point !!! lets just say i was glad i got to the end and did not [...]

    12. I wasn't sure I was going to like this book. And at first, I didn't. The way the children spoke really put me off as a reader. It was very hard for me to keep my attention going, and I found myself re-reading things to get what was being said. However, as the story progressed towards the middle that eased a bit, and I was glad I stuck with it. It turned out to be a very exciting journey. One I look forward to continuing.

    13. I found the book to be pretty decent. Ash and his friends were pretty interesting characters and the action was fun and very well done. I could't give 5 stars though, cause I thought the book could have been more memorable. I like having books/movies/shows that I can cherish and carry over with me for years to come, and I didn't have that feeling with this book. Regardless, the book was a pretty decent book to read one time through.

    14. YA Sci Fi I can’t believe I read the whole thing. Somewhere along the way I was no longer able to suspend belief. Sometime in the future, through wild genetic manipulation, the human population plummets and those left are altered, as are animals and plants. Some 30 children live on the beach in a barbed wire enclosure. Language is stunted and they feel hopeless. Stuff happens. Who cares? Maybe I’m being unfair, I did read it because it was well-reviewed.

    15. I know this entry doesn't have a picture of the book and it's a shame I didn't. One of the most well known sayings among readers is don't judge a book by it's cover. Every once in a while I ignore this saying but for the positive. I was walking through a Hastings saw this hardcover book with green scales, gold letters, no synopsis and bought it. And I'm glad I did. This is one of my favorite dystopia books and I recommend itwell to anyone but especially to everyone who's a fan of the genre.

    16. Absolutely amazing. Loved the characters and the plot. Could not put it down. A thrilling book that gets and keeps you thinking about what we are doing to the world, how things will turn out, evolution and extinction. Brilliant. Ash the main character was strong, brave, courageous, but relatable and likeable. The author style of writing had it so that while I was reading it was like a movie in my head. This was because of the detail and flow of the words. 10 out of 10

    17. Again, I had a hard time getting into this book. I just kind of picked it up off the shelf at the library. I had high expectations as the book sounded very interesting but I thought it started off with too many characters and too much going on at one time that the rest of the story was a tad confusing.

    18. Decent, Lord of the Flies-esque story, but I despised the writing style. If you can stand it, then it's fine, but it really bugged me. I was unable to get really involved with the story, and it didn't seem to have a very satisfactory ending because of that. I will not be reading the second one - I saw no hook to make me want to keep reading.

    19. Fast paced plot, full of tense moments and frantic fight or flight elements. Kids, raptor mutations, rodents that are half human, along with religious zealots fill the pages of this novel with aggression. The underlying, subtle conflict is evolution versus creationism. Caught in the middle are the teenagers, who have grown up without any contact with adults, who are barely surviving.

    20. I have to say I didn't like this book at all. I don't even know why I read the second book because I didn't really like this one. the book started out too slow for me and really didn't keep my attention. there wasn't very much mystery or action or anything really. I wouldn't recommend this book to readers that can loose their focus very fast if there isn't anything really to pay attention too.

    21. It was hard going but I think worth the effort to read it. One of those books that I kept drifting away from and going back to and having to force myself to pick it up. Was good in the first few and last few chapters but I struggled to stay interested in the middle bits.

    22. i thought the characters and concept were well crafted. the diversity between the different creatures was especially interesting. i thought ash's survival was a bit ridiculous but i liked her so much i didn't care.

    23. OK. I didn't read this as much as attempt to read this, and shockingly I got more than 200 pages in before deciding I'd had enough. The story certainly has action and interesting characters, but what it lacks is any logic in its forward momentum.

    24. I did not like the tone or the 'agenda' behind the book. It seemed like an awful Lord of the Flies retelling, and then an anti-GMO book for the rest.

    25. Well now I'm very confused its a good book but I'm lost at the moment no not just the moment but from teh begging I'll have to see we're this will go

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