The Princess and the Bear

The Princess and the Bear

Mette Ivie Harrison / Jan 24, 2020

The Princess and the Bear He was once a king turned into a bear as punishment for his cruel and selfish deeds She was a once a princess now living in the form of a hound Wary companions they are sent in human form back to a

  • Title: The Princess and the Bear
  • Author: Mette Ivie Harrison
  • ISBN: 9780061553141
  • Page: 367
  • Format: Hardcover
  • He was once a king, turned into a bear as punishment for his cruel and selfish deeds.She was a once a princess, now living in the form of a hound.Wary companions, they are sent in human form back to a time when magic went terribly astray Together they must right the wrongs caused by this devastating power if only they can find a way to trust each other.But even as each beHe was once a king, turned into a bear as punishment for his cruel and selfish deeds.She was a once a princess, now living in the form of a hound.Wary companions, they are sent in human form back to a time when magic went terribly astray Together they must right the wrongs caused by this devastating power if only they can find a way to trust each other.But even as each becomes aware of an ever growing attraction, the stakes are rising and they must find a way to eliminate this evil force or risk losing each other forever.

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        My name is pronounced Metty like my mother s Betty It is Danish, and we were all named after ancestors I guess by the time they got to number nine out of eleven , it was getting tricky So I got the funny Danish name no one knew how to prounounce In Denmark, it should be meta like metaphysical It s from the Greek for pearl And no, it s not short for anything Not even Mediterannean.My first book, THE MONSTER IN ME was accepted for publication in 1999 and was published in 2002 My second book, MIRA, MIRROR was published in 2004 The latest book, THE PRINCESS AND THE HOUND , was published in 2007 A sequel, THE PRINCESS AND THE BEAR, came out in April of 2009 I now live in Utah with my husband and 5 children, ages 5 to 14 I write during nap time, or at 4 in the morning, or while the broccoli for dinner is burning Whenever I get a chance I love to write the kind of books that I love to read And I love to discover what is going to happen next, just like a reader would I also do some racing in triathlonom metteivieharrison myli


    1. The Hound was born a hound and only recently rescued from an enchantment as a princess.The Bear was born a prince, who suffered from his own inadequacy, became a bad king, and was punished with two hundred years in the body of an animal whose language he cannot speak.Neither is what they once were.Nor able to fully embrace what they are now.Until the Wild Man sends them on a quest.A quest in which the Bear will have to face his past and the Hound will have to decide her future.And in which the f [...]

    2. People told me that you could read this one without reading The Princess and the Hound, but I don't recommend it. You won't entirely understand some of the things that are discussed, nor will you have a prior "connection" to the characters in it. This isn't a stand-alone sequel.The Princess and the Bear is good, but not nearly as good as The Princess and the Hound. George is in it for a very brief moment, then never appears again, and Richon (the bear), while a good character in his own right, i [...]

    3. This book surprised me. I found it by chance, picked it up in paperback because it looked okay, and found myself time and again going, "Wow. This is a really good book!"The more I write and the more I read the more critical I've found myself becoming. The highest praise I've recently been able to muster up was, "Fine" or "Okay," countered by my nemeses, "not that good, really," and the ultimate outrage "insulting." I kept waiting for the plot hole or the obvious pedantism or the character slip w [...]

    4. From the get-go I was horribly, horribly confused.I understand that the author was trying to write as if they were the thoughts of a bear and a hound but it was just so. bad.Apparently there is this evil person of some sort who is terrorizing the forest. And he leaves behind gray matter that kills everything it touches. As the bear and the hound were walking through the forest, they came around a deer that was decomposing because of the gray matter. Pretty terrible, right? That wasn't it: the de [...]

    5. This book continues the story found in the Princess and the Hound, now following the Hound and the Bear. It is a different book, unique as it is not in anyway a retelling of a story. But, it does have the elements of a fairytale--magic, a prince, etc. The main difference is that the magic is animal/nature magic, not wizardry.I enjoyed this book quite a bit. I started it on Sunday and kept trying to find ways to escape from the laundry and other tasks of the day on Monday to be able to get back i [...]

    6. I actually couldn’t finish this one, so I probably shouldn’t even write a review. All I will say is that it was just very bland and hard to get into. The first 130+ pages were told from the perspective of the Bear and the Hound. I never really got how the two “fell” for each other in this form. It was just a given I guess. I kept hoping that once they transformed into humans it would get better…it didn’t. In fact, Chala (the hound), still seemed too much like a hound. I guess I didn [...]

    7. I don't know what I thought of this book. I started it a while back and grew bored halfway through and set it aside. I decided to finish it and I just couldn't get into it fully. I guess it wasn't for me.

    8. The Bear was once a selfish prince and by animal magic was changed into the shape of a bear. He understands animals a bit, having been a bear for a long time, but he understands humans more. The Hound was magicked into the body of the princess (see The Princess and the Hound, good book!) so she understands humans a bit but understands animals much better. They are thrown together and have to learn to communicate with each other, which isn't just a case of talking but of understanding how animals [...]

    9. Harrison has a very unique story telling ability. One of the things I love about reading so much is being exposed to different writing styles. Harrison has one of the most lyrical and beautiful writing style. The writing itself feels like a fairy tale. Which makes absolutely no sense at all, but I just can't think of how else to describe it. The writing alone is enough to lull you into the story, regardless of what it's actually about.This is more of a companion novel to The Princess and the Hou [...]

    10. I think I've figured out what makes the difference between being able to suspend my disbelief and not when I read fantasy/magic books. It's the way the author treats it. When the author makes things overly complicated or tries to explain every little detail, it drives me crazy. It's like the author is trying to justify that this really is real and really could happen. Just like a liar does when they tell a tale. Mette doesn't do that. Not at all. Magic is taken totally for granted in her books. [...]

    11. I enjoyed the author's structuring of characters within the confines of their "rules" -- the bear is sentient and initially born a human with an interesting history but cannot speak to the dog in a language per se and the dog is a dog with a dog's view and language but once spent time as a human. These two characters travel together to resolve a need that has arisen which threatens their society -- which is torn between magic and unmagic. Various themes are struggles between good and evil, the v [...]

    12. The Princess and the Bear is a companion novel to Mettie Ivie Harrison's The Princess and the Hound. In this book, the Hound and the Bear of the first novel must embark on a journey through space and time to thwart the unmagic that is destroying their forest. The Bear must once again face the Wild Man who changed him as a young, arrogant king into a bear. Both the Bear and the Hound take on human form and in doing so discovery that they are more than just a Hound or a Bear, a Princess or a King. [...]

    13. I really did enjoy this book, but I felt that it somehow just shy of how great the first book was. I am looking forward to the third book in the trilogy. I do have to say that I enjoyed the love story between Richon and Chala more so than Marit and George.

    14.    I really, really enjoyed this book. Somehow it felt a faster read thanThe Princess and the Hound (The Hound Saga #1), and I am not sure if that is because Richon went through what felt like slightly less introspection – likely due to the structure of the story, which had the point of view switching each chapter between Richon and the hound – or more because there was more physical movement/action in the story. It read like a fast-paced yet full story, and I blew through it in only abou [...]

    15. There is no such thing as unmagic! That is NOT a word, you cannot use such a term in a book, it makes no sense. A void, a place without magic, but this is like the whole matter/antimatter dynamic, they can't be here at the same time. You could use dark magic, or death magic, or twisted magic, or the cat man might have been a necromancer at most I could admit to him being "the unmaker" or "the unravaler", but only if it is a position like a god and goddess of creation and destruction, a necessary [...]

    16. I've had this one on my queue for years and I read the first book so long ago, that I don't remember it at all. It is a good thing this is a companion rather than a sequel or I would have been really lost. I loved this book. It was a super romantic story, but not in the traditional sense. Their love grew over many years and they were helpmeets rather than a damsel in distress. The way the story was told was interesting, but the story itself was a slow burn and it was simply lovely. I adored the [...]

    17. I had forgotten much of the events in The Princess and the Hound but couldn't resist the urge to continue this series. This story continues to be well-written and adorable.

    18. Originally reviewed on my blog (with the other two books in the trilogy). You can read it at Books from Bleh to Basically Amazing.The Princess Trio by Mette Ivie Harrison begins with The Princess and the Hound, continues with The Princess and the Bear, and then finishes with The Princess and the Snowbird. The series takes one main story arc and follows it between three very different women. The trilogy takes place in a kingdom rich with magic. The aur-magic, also referred to as animal magic is a [...]

    19. I was wrapped up in it from the very beginning. In the story of a once princess, who was never really human, now returned to the form of a hound, and a king now turned bear, these two protagonists seek to satisfy their vauge wants and needs as human and beast. The story is told from both perspectives in an odd mix of human and animal thinking. I really got were the style was comming from, because the author has studdied Germanic lititure. I have read her previous book, the Princess and the Hound [...]

    20. So, the first book wasn’t totally what I expected, but I disliked this one. It was a bit boring and it kept dragging on, while nothing spectacular happened. In the end, there wasn’t so much going on and it was fixed in a rather easy way.This story is told from the POV of the dog and the bear; every chapter switched between them. The story picks up where the first one left. They are staying together and after a while, there is a friendship between the two. When they find ‘Unmagic’ in the [...]

    21. Why I bought it? It is the sequel/companion book to The Princess and the Hound that I loved. I had been keeping tabs on when it came out. Synopsis: A hound that was a princess for a while and a bear, who was once a human king changed into a bear because of his wicked deeds, are companions in a forest that is under attack by "unmagic." They must end the invasion of the "unmagic" to save their world from destruction. In the end, they must go back in time to when the bear was king and stop the "unm [...]

    22. This wonderful fairy tale is a companion to The Princess and the Hound. (view spoiler)[After Prince George uses his magic to switch back the princess and the hound to their rightful bodies, Prince George and Marit go on their way to happily ever after, but what about the hound? The hound that was a princess forms an odd pack of two with the bear who was a man and a king, despite the lac of ability to communicate. The hound feels that only the bear understands how it feels to be two things at onc [...]

    23. He was a king, but 200 years ago a wild magic man turned him into a bear as punishment for his cruelties against animals and magic. He's had two centuries of loneliness to think about the pathetic ruler he was.She was a hound who lived as a human for a year in the body of a princess. Now she's a hound again, and she's found companionship in the oddest of places: an enchanted bear.The two live in peace until a strange death of unmagic plagues their forest home. The only person who can help them i [...]

    24. This was a wonderful sequel, and I am excited to read the third in the trilogy. In this story, we get to continue the story of the hound and the bear. The story of George and Marit is mentioned, and completely not resolved, so I assume that is what will play out in the third novel. Which is good. I need to know how that ends. :)This book deals with the never-ending battle between magic and unmagic. Magic essentially ends up being life, in a way, and everyone has it. If they do not have it, they [...]


    26. Maybe because this is the only one of the series that I read for the first time recently (instead of a couple years ago) or maybe just because the story worked for me better--for whatever reason, this is definitely my favorite of the three Princess and the Hound books I've read. I loved watching these two characters shift and change and slowly move closer to each other. Actually, in writing that, I realize that this is exactly why I liked this one better. It felt like a truer negotiation of a ro [...]

    27. Let's just say, WAY better than Princess and the Hound. The plot's more intruging, the writing style is tons better and the characters are more alive.Like I said, the plot is definitely better and I love how Mette gives us perspectives from the animals - the Hound and then the Bear so we could delve deeper into their minds. I also loved the idea of time traveling and though it didn't happen as fast as I thought it would, at least it didn't take too long for the plot to actually begin.The wild ma [...]

    28. I still can't decide if I liked this book or not.The writing was excellent. I was impressed how much I cared about a hound and a bear, especially without any dialogue for most of the beginning.However, I lost faith in the story after a scene with a one armed blacksmith who is making swords. There is no mention of how difficult and (in my mind) impossible this is. It is simply stated that he is making swords. After that, I noticed a lot more inconsistencies, such as someone putting a sword inside [...]

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