Mimosa Grove

Mimosa Grove

Dinah McCall Sharon Sala / Feb 26, 2020

Mimosa Grove In a place as haunting as it is beautiful anything can happenLaurel Scanlon has the gift of second sight an ability passed down to the eldest daughter of each generation It is this gift or curse pe

  • Title: Mimosa Grove
  • Author: Dinah McCall Sharon Sala
  • ISBN: 9780778320296
  • Page: 449
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a place as haunting as it is beautiful, anything can happenLaurel Scanlon has the gift of second sight, an ability passed down to the eldest daughter of each generation It is this gift or curse, perhaps that drove her own mother mad and has left Laurel unwilling to trust in loveexcept in her dreams.Anxious for a new beginning, she decides to retreat to Mimosa GroIn a place as haunting as it is beautiful, anything can happenLaurel Scanlon has the gift of second sight, an ability passed down to the eldest daughter of each generation It is this gift or curse, perhaps that drove her own mother mad and has left Laurel unwilling to trust in loveexcept in her dreams.Anxious for a new beginning, she decides to retreat to Mimosa Grove, an old estate outside Bayou Jean, Louisiana Mimosa Grove belongs to Laurel now, bequeathed by her maternal grandmother Laurel feels the history and tragedy here, and amidst the primeval beauty she senses somethingunfinished Folks here know about her grandmother s gift and treat Laurel with the same reverence especially when she is able to help the police find a missing girl It is then that she sees Justin Bouvier stranger, soul mate, the man who haunts her dreams But there is danger here in Mimosa Grove, not from the restless past, but from the deadly present Laurel must be willing to trust her gift, her love for Justin and, most of all, herself, to stop tragedy and history from repeating themselves.

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      • Dinah McCall Sharon Sala

        Dinah McCall is a pseudonym for author Sharon Sala.It was a job she hated that drove Sharon Sala to put the first page of paper in an old typewriter, but it was the love of the craft that kept her writing Her first efforts at writing came in 1980 when she began a book that wound up under her bed A second book followed in 1981 and suffered a similar fate, but she claims the writing bug had bitten hard However, she let life and the demands of a growing family delay her from continuing until a tragedy struck.Her father died in May of 1985 after a lingering illness, and then, only two months later, her only sister died unexpectedly She vowed then and there that she was not going to wind up on her deathbed one day with regrets for not following through on her dreams.She joined writers groups and attended conferences, and she slowly learned her way around the written page By 1989, she decided she had come far enough in her writing to attempt another try at book length fiction and began a book that would later be entitled Sara s Angel As fate would have it, the first publisher she sent it to bought it, and she hasn t looked back.As a farmer s daughter, and then for many years a farmer s wife, Sharon escaped the drudgeries of life through the pages of books, and now, as a writer, she finds herself often living out her dreams Through traveling and speaking and the countless thousands of fan letters she has received, Sharon has touched many lives One faithful reader has crowned her the Reba of Romance, while others claim she s a magician with words.Her stories are often dark, dealing with the realities of this world, and yet she s able to weave hope and love within the words for the readers who clamor for her latest works.Her books repeatedly make the bestseller lists, including those of The New York Times, USA TODAY, Publishers Weekly, and the Waldenbooks mass market fiction list, and she s been nominated for a RITA Award seven times, which is the romance writer s equivalent of having an Oscar or an Emmy nomination.Always an optimist in the face of bad times, she finds that many of the stories she writes come to her in dreams, but there s nothing fanciful about her work She puts her faith in God and still trusts in love and the belief that, no matter what, everything comes full circle.


    1. I tend to avoid the "ghosts and voodoo of the bayou" stories because they're usually kitschy and play on stereotypes of bayou culture. But I think Dinah McCall did well with this one. She didn't use the stereotypes I see so often but still gave us some realistic characters that are pretty true to the culture.Again, no mystery when it came to the threat towards our main characters. But there was a secondary mystery with the ghosts that was really interesting. I was shocked at how that turned out, [...]

    2. Rating 3.5Decent book. The heroine is psychic but people around her don't accept her and it goes the same for her father, he thinks she will go mad like her mother. Tired of the pretensiousiness around, she leaves DC when she receieves an inheritence from her grandmother who she didn't know well. In her new surroundings she finds acceptence, since people there accept her sight.She is also shocked to meet Justin, the mystery lover she has been dreaming about for months, Justin has had the same dr [...]

    3. An atypical romance involving old mysteries and new. Laurel, like her mother and grandmother before her, is a psychic. She "sees" things including a few spirits. She also dreams vividly of a mystery lover. Bringing all these things together happen when she inherits her grandmother's home, Mimosa Grove. Her father is skeptical and unaccepting of her "gift", but is bereft when she leaves Washington for Louisiana. Will Laurel solve the mystery of the diary of her ancestor? Will she find her mystery [...]

    4. This is a typical girlie read, but it was good. Well written and she took the time to actually flush the characters out. It was an easy read, one I could pick up for a minute or two when I had a break.

    5. This book could not be put down. I read the whole thing in just nine hours. I loved it would be a gross understatement. It touched my heart in some places and made me laugh in others. Etching that above all else acceptance in key.

    6. This was a quick read and a departure from what I have been reading. It was a little far fetched but still enjoyable.

    7. Gripping storylinesSharon Sale has a way of grabbing you and reeling you in with her storylines. This was a hard book to put down.

    8. To muchWhile the story line was good there was just to much going on which spoiled it such a shame because it could of been good instead of mediocre

    9. The edition I read was under the name Sharon Sala. I have read some of her other books. In my opinion, she is an excellent writer of this genre. The heroine, Laurel, is a medium, she has "second sight". The women in her family are the ones with is ability. Laural has had difficulty with the way others perceive her ability. Is it a gift or a curse? The hero, Justin, is able to accept Laural's ability. He lives in Mimosa Grove, LA. and knew her grandmother. He is supportive of Laurel and what she [...]

    10. I thought the book was great! While we already know the answers to the mysteries (kinda knowing one and come to the conclusion that our assumption's right - Chantelle and that bastard husband of hers!), it was still great to watch the characters come together. I truly felt Laurel's heartbreak and despair, I felt how sad and happy she felt when realizing that the people around Mimosa Grove and Bayou Jean accepted her simply for who she was and what she could do. I thought Trigger deserved what he [...]

    11. Laurel has psychic abilities that have been passed down to the oldest daughter in each generation. Her father, Robert, a federal prosecutor, has no place in his life for a child with this gift. Laurel has inherited her grandmother's home in Bayou Jean, LA and the ghosts that live there too. With her life in DC going nowhere she tells her father goodbye and moves to Mimosa Grove. She is dismayed to find the townspeople know that grandmother Marcella had the gift and outright ask her if she has it [...]

    12. This book was okI mean Dinah McCall did the misunderstood/alienated psychic thing really well. But the instant connection was a little hard to buy and the heroine was a passive sort of women. She had a premonition that Mattie Lewis was about to die and I admit does try to convince her to take the necessary precautions but when it is clear that her advice will not be adhered to ( largely due to Mattie's overbearing brother) then what does she do???? Wait for it ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!!She goes ho [...]

    13. Love the romance between the Hh. "Fated to be mated" feelings and insta-love but the surprise is that it actually isn't "insta-love" in a sense. I won't spoil but i really liked how the author did the romance. I also love that there wasn't any denial, any will they won't they crap. The Hh justew. And they accepted their love for each other. Love it! The whole mystery of the ghost of Mimosa Grove was ok for me. Kind of predictable in a way but also had unpredictable elements to it. I was still su [...]

    14. This book was published by the Sci-fi/fantasy offshoot of Harlequin, so I really wasn't expecting much from this book chosen for my book club. However, the book had an actual plot and semi-developed characters. Don't get me wrong, the girl was still the typical beautiful, misunderstood, and totally horny romance heroine, and the guy was the textbook hero that saves the day while also rocking the girl's world. Plot twists were enjoyable (and totally predictable), but at least the story had SOME m [...]

    15. A romantic mystery with some paranormal thrown in to make it even better. Laurel Scanlon who has the gift of sight, loses the man in her life because of her gift. Each night she has erotic dreams of a man she does not know. When her grandmother dies, who she does not know, leaves her Mimosa Grove, a house in Louisiana and she decides to move there but expects to be treated badly because of her gift, but is welcomed and with in days of her arrival saves a young girl lost in the Bayou. The young g [...]

    16. Amazing read! Classic Sala!I finished this book in 24 hours. I know some can read faster but for me that's pretty damn fastlol. Sharon Sala once again proves why she is a number one best seller. She pulls you right in to the story. Allowing you to feel what the characters are feeling and let's you experience everything they are in great detail. I would recommend this book to everyone. But especially those who love contemporary romance with a bit of intrigue and the supernatural. Amazing read!

    17. I really enjoyed " Mimosa Grove" by Dinah McCall! Its a great a mystery ronmance!The main character went home again. Most of the story occured in my home state of Louisanna. I often wished that would happen to me and I could live in one of the old mansions.She is able to see things before they happen . The story kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for what was going to happen next! I could'nt put it down! Awesome read I highly recommend!

    18. Laura Scanlon has the gift of sight just as the eldest daughter of each generation had. Her father, who is a federal prosecuter had never believed her mother nor her. Her grandmother passed away and left her Mimosa Grove which still contains unrestfull spirits. Laura has moved to Mimosa Grove but the man that her father is prosecuting has a hitman follow her father there so he can kidnap Laura and then her father will make a deal.

    19. I'm not sure how to classify this novel: mystery, contemporary fiction, paranormal, fantasy? Mimosa Grove did provide good escape; it did capture the reader's attention, but, I did think parts of the plot could have been developed more. I would also believe the love scenes if I had felt the main characters had got to know each other better. I do think Dinah McCall has a good writing style which always helps reading a novel more quickly.

    20. A good romance suspense riddled with predictable situations. The female psychic possesses some flawless, powerful mojo. There is no conflict to the romance, all is hearts and roses throughout. Still, I enjoyed the Louisiana Bayou as the setting, the cast of secondary characters, and the likable protagonists.

    21. This has an interesting plot but my overall enjoyment went down the moment the insta-love between the two main protagonist kicked in, though to be fair romance has never exactly been my thing. There are still some good moments throughout but the ending fell a little flat for me and the explanation behind the insta-love didn't sit well with me.

    22. The story of this book depicts two different worlds of past and present. Though it contains supernatural content but the story is very unique and it kept be glued to the book. The main character of this novel is a psychic who finds her fate intertwined with an enigmatic spirit of her ancestor. The plot is intriguing. And her story-telling has a warmth that touches heart.

    23. Excellent!Excellent, this book kept me enthralled to the last typed word. The story flowed and ebbed like a slow running river, with love and lives lost, and then found. This author knows how to spin a story! Will be reading more of her books!!!


    25. I loved this book. I loved the chemistry between the characters and the suspense. The way the story was written with Laurel and her `sight`and the suspense in those situations kept me reading. I had a hard time putting this book down.

    26. Another thrilling romantic suspense novel from one of my favorite authors. Sala/McCall's books are always packed with lots of romance & suspense that will leaving you guessing until the end of the book. Her books are always an enjoyable read for me.

    27. GREAT STORYI have read many of Sharon Salas books over the years and I guess I missed this one, and believe me I am sorry for that, It is a wonderful book with a great story and I am so happy I found it and finally read it.

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