The Angel of the West Window

The Angel of the West Window

Gustav Meyrink / Jun 26, 2019

The Angel of the West Window novel of Elizabethan magus John Dee tr M Mitchell

  • Title: The Angel of the West Window
  • Author: Gustav Meyrink
  • ISBN: 9780946626656
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Paperback
  • novel of Elizabethan magus John Dee, tr M Mitchell

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      361 Gustav Meyrink
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      • Gustav Meyrink

        The illegitimate child of a baron and an actress, Meyrinck spent his childhood in Germany, then moving to today s Czech Republic where he lived for 20 years The city of Prague is present in most of his work along with various religious, occult and fantastic themes Meyrinck practiced yoga all his life Curious facts He unsuccessfully tried to commit suicide at the age of 24 His son committed suicide at the same age with success Meyrinck founded his own bank but was accused of fraud for which he spent 2 months in prison He worked as a translator and translated in German 15 volumes by Charles Dickens while working on his own novels Among his most famous works are Der Golem 1914 and Walpurgisnacht 1917.


    1. Hem pek beğenip hem de hiç beğenmediğim bir eser oldu. Son yüz sayfadaki okültizm teorileri o kadar lezzetli hikayenin içine yedirilmişti ki kitabın kredisini benim için yükseltti. Alışık olmadığımız kitaplar bunlar, keşke daha çok yazar elini taşın altına koymuş olsaydı.Uzunca, nedenleri nasılları ile beğendiğim ve beğenmediğim yanlarını anlatmak isterdim ama bilgisayarın olmadığı bir yerde telefondan yazmanın yarattığı üşengeçliği yaşıyorum:) Arka [...]

    2. Kitabı uzun uğraşlar sonucunda bitirdim.Kitap anlam, sembol ve kendi mecazlarını kafanızda çözmeniz gibi inanılmaz yorucu bir beklenti içine giriyor. Bu türde birçok eser okudum fakat Meyrink’i onlardan ayıran, fantastik, kabalistik ve gizem taşıyan tüm ögeleri yan yana getirip aynı zamanda Dil’le alakâlı çözümlemelere girmek isteyince ortaya deneysel sayabileceğimiz bir eser çıkmış. Kısacası yazar, ezoterizm, okültizm, simya, bilim ve batı maneviyatını 100 [...]

    3. You have to REALLY be interested in and somewhat (even a teensy bit like myself) knowledgeable about the basics of alchemy in its "spiritual" form to get through this book. It's pretty good, very interesting and definitely one to reread at some point.The narrator of this story is one Baron Muller, who inherits a bunch of old papers & diaries that belonged to the Elizabethan astrologer/physician/magician/alchemist Dr. John Dee. He decides to go through them randomly, and as he does, he comes [...]

    4. Demoni, riti, discendenza e antichissimi re e più recenti regine, manufatti, tempo che si riproduce per poi inghiottirsi di nuovo, realtà doppia. Se si parla di Grande Romanzo Americano credo si possa parlare anche di Grande Romanzo Esoterico.

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    6. Ésta es la novela más larga de Gustav Meyrink y, aunque no es tan elegante e indefinida como "El Golem", no tiene desperdicio. Hay que destacar la angustia fantasmagórica que va acumulándose en el relato y el solapamiento de las perspectivas del protagonista. Alquimia, evocaciones, rituales y objetos mágicos hacen de ésta la novela más explícita de Meyrink aunque reduzca el nivel de exposición de ideas esotéricas. Resulta toda una exhibición de narrativa fantástica en varios niveles [...]

    7. Un libro complejo, como ya mostro en “el Golem”. La mezcla de lo real con lo onírico complica situarse en la historia. Se narra la vida de Deep, mediante cartas y diarios, y por otro lado en el presente que fue escrita la novela, un joven narra cómo lee esta información recibida por un primo suyo y empieza a mezclarse su vida con lo que lee. Ya no sabe quién es, si el él presente, o Deep del pasado.

    8. Before reading it I'd recommend to get acquainted with the author's biography, it eases the understanding. The book is meant as summary of all Meyeink's previous novels. It erases the borders between real and illusive, makes you reconsider or, at least, think about our role in the world. Despite the fact some general knowledge of alchemy would be here of help, even without those you swim with great pleasure through the waves of the novel.

    9. Книга с первых страниц опутывает тебя мистическим туманом. Хватает и затягивает с головой в повествование. Как искусно Майринг сплетает красивые, но в тоже время сложные словесные узоры. Они как кружево образуют неповторимый рисунок. Не каждому читателю такие обороты при [...]

    10. Meyrink is always a wild ride. Some compare him to Lovecraft, but I think his work is much deeper; less concerned with creeping you out and more geared towards slipping the reader into a sort of dream state. It's been too long and I need to re-read this. I remember being thrilled by it, though I don't really know why it's considered "decadent."

    11. Captivating as ever and full of symbols that come in waves only to enhance the reader's feeling of looking into broken mirror of history and mysticism. Shifting between dream states and visions as it were gears of the story driving you slightly mad in the end.

    12. На жаль, для мене письменник-окультист виявився морською свинкою, яка і не свинка, і не морська - він і не проникнув як слід в глибини того містицизму, який описував, і не застосував гідних захоплення авторських прийомів, сюжетних поворотів чи мальовничих описів.

    13. I just finished the book and am reading it again. Like a lot of German lit from the first part of the 20th century, there's a mess of heavy, metaphysical symbolism, most of which I missed. I think I didn't give the novel due respect when I read it so inattentively.

    14. I really enjoyed reading this book. It's mystical, full of riddles and hidden symbolism. Certainly a book for those who like a more difficult kind of read and who like to ponder about the deeper esoteric meaning of the story, because this is not an easy read.

    15. Too many symbols I'm not familiar with, nor are they clear to me Interesting story with too many occultist references.

    16. всьо, що треба знати про цю книжку:одну з героїнь, котра грузинська княжна, вона ж русская - звати Асайя Шотокалунгіна.

    17. Velice čtivé, mnohovrstevnaté, od středověku až po současnost, přesto mi u téhle knihy oproti jiným Meyrinkovým knihám něco chybělo. Děj se místy dost ztrácí, což je škoda

    18. One of the most favorite books! It was written very breathtaking, but to understand some moments I used internet resources.I advise to read this amazing book!

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