The Torso

The Torso

Helene Tursten Katarina Emilie Tucker / Oct 18, 2019

The Torso Part of a human torso washes up on a beach near G teborg Sweden It is so mutilated that gender is only established by DNA testing A similar crime now several years old remains unsolved in Denmark D

  • Title: The Torso
  • Author: Helene Tursten Katarina Emilie Tucker
  • ISBN: 9781569474532
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • Part of a human torso washes up on a beach near G teborg, Sweden It is so mutilated that gender is only established by DNA testing A similar crime, now several years old, remains unsolved in Denmark Detective Inspector Irene Huss is dispatched to Copenhagen to liaise with police Then a third corpse is discovered This time it s identified It is a girl Detective Huss kPart of a human torso washes up on a beach near G teborg, Sweden It is so mutilated that gender is only established by DNA testing A similar crime, now several years old, remains unsolved in Denmark Detective Inspector Irene Huss is dispatched to Copenhagen to liaise with police Then a third corpse is discovered This time it s identified It is a girl Detective Huss knew she had been asked by the girl s mother to locate her missing daughter A fourth victim, the son of a woman heading the Copenhagen crime squad, is also known to Huss She fears the killer is tracking her, killing people with whom she is connected There is even a chilling suggestion that he or she is one of her colleagues Helene Tursten has been compared to P.D James in her native Sweden Her Irene Huss mysteries have been highly praised She lives in G teborg, where she was born in 1954.

    Torso Definition of Torso by Merriam Webster Recent Examples on the Web When officers arrived at the scene, the year old had third degree burns to his torso and one of his arms, according to WTKR Khushbu Shah, Teen Vogue, A Teen Allegedly Lit Another Teen on Fire During a Dispute Over Lighting a Grill, Aug County medical officials determined that Maas had two stab wounds to the upper torso.

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      • Helene Tursten Katarina Emilie Tucker

        Helene Tursten born in Gothenburg in 1954 is a Swedish writer of crime fiction The main character in her stories is Detective Inspector Irene Huss Before becoming an author, Tursten worked as a nurse and then a dentist, but was forced to leave due to illness During her illness she worked as a translator of medical articles.Series Irene Huss


    1. Last May I was lucky enough to hear Helene Tursten when she visited San Francisco (in the company of Hakan Nesser, Kjell Eriksson and Inger Frimansson), reading from her most recently translated novel, The Glass Devil.I highly recommend her well-plotted policiers, enjoyable especially because her star detective is a unpretentious policewoman, a happily-married wife and mother without any of the barbed dysfunction of DS Jane Tennison, but with Tennison's drive and intelligence. (Don't get me wron [...]

    2. First sentence: The wind gave no warning of the ghastly discovery.Only the torso of a body is found on a beach in Sweden. The only way to even identify the gender is through DNA testing. Irene Hess and her team discover there was a similar crime, still unsolved, in Denmark. The mother of a girl Hess knew is missing in Denmark and is found to be the third victim, although not as completely mutilated. With the fourth victim, Hess fears the killings are somehow related to her. Hass is a very descri [...]

    3. The Torso is to date my favorite book in the Irene Huss series; it is much darker in tone than either of the previous two novels (Detective Inspector Huss and Night Rounds), the plot is very well constructed, and the investigation takes center stage, with little else to distract from the main storyline. Frankly speaking, I couldn't put this book down.Tursten captures the reader's attention within the first three pages with the discovery of a human torso inside of a garbage bag. Already busy with [...]

    4. Gruesome, glacial and teasingly misleading police procedural. This series is mainly focused on one detective and her reactions to the crimes, suspects and colleagues. She's a bit prim in unusual ways and I like her.

    5. ‘Personal’ is a cute wordInspector Irene Huss is good at balancing home and office but some cases cannot be contained in the files at office. When parts of human torso start washing up at beaches, it looks like just another serial killing at first glance but when Huss tries to solve the case by pulling some old and new ones, she discovers a puzzle with roots deeper than she could imagine. With one corpse being identified as a girl she knew and another corpse being identified as son of anothe [...]

    6. I've come to expect dark writing from Scandinavian writers, but this one is exceptionally gruesome. Dealing with the subject of necrosadism, this is not a murder mystery for the fainthearted. A torso, just that, a torso with all distinguishing features that would even indicate the gender having been carved out and internal organs removed, is found in a washed up black trash bag. The Swedish criminal investigation department are completely baffled and without distinguishing mark, limbs and a head [...]

    7. Not going to miss reading the fanciful, elaborate descriptions of "Manpower" AKA "Penis Power" at all. Very illuminating to say the least (if you read/ have read it I'm sure you'll understand the reference). I'll leave it at that because any insight as to what it represents could spoil it all for you. (Tragic.)Didn't really get into it at first, but the plot picked up throughout the middle and onward to the end. Despite: (In stanza!)Never felt acquainted with the killer //Feels like a gaping hol [...]

    8. While the crimes in this book were a bit too grisly for my taste I did find this to be a worthwhile read. I like the main character, her co-workers and her family drama which was a nice contrast to the horrific crimes that were depicted.

    9. The Swedish series of Irene Huss does not do this story justice. The book is so much better. Huss is a stable detective, who has the normal flaws that we have. She works, she sometimes looks where she shouldn't, but unlike most detectives I can name, she is happily married and has two daughters who are doing well.The mystery is were the angst is, and it is a very violent mystery. Huss even travels to Denmark so you get some wonderful Swede/Dane back and forth going on - and they have much beer. [...]

    10. Three reasons I am starting to love Helene Turston's series about Irene Huss (and friends):1. It may be translated into English, but the translation does not translate all the "Swedish-ness" out of the book: "You shouldn't eat Jansson's Temptation right before you go to bed, especially if you have problems that can affect your night's sleep." Oh, yeah!2. Helene Turston is a cool, controlled hot mess. She is always above board and by-the-bookuntil she suddenly choses not to be. There is a nice ba [...]

    11. This is the first Irene Huss novel I've read but it will not be my last. I plan to read all the books in this series. Irene is a police detective from Goteborg, Sweden, a woman almost six feet tall and once the Ju Jitsu champion of her country. She is a force to be reckoned with.In this mystery/thriller, there is a partial body that has been disemboweled found washed up on the Swedish beach during 1999. It is similar to a crime that took place in Copenhagen two years previously. The police find [...]

    12. I do love the Scandinavians, and this one was not nearly as bleak as the type trends, despite the really rather grisly premise of this mystery. You can guess the killer's MO from the title. The writing is fine, and the main character terrifically likeable and mentally whole, unlike many of the popular police inspectors introduced in many mysteries today. I was loving the experience of reading about Göteborg and Copenhagen and was liking the characterizations, but a false note was introduced lat [...]

    13. I like dark stuff like Harry Bosch or Harry Hole, and have been struggling to find either dark enough stuff written by a woman or where the protagonist is a woman. I think Tursten gets clsoe to what I'm looking for. Probably even closest to what I'm looking for (and I just have not found the perfect thing yet).The crimes in the book are vile and very dark. The detective, Irene Huss, is not dark herself, but she attracts the dark people in the story. And while there are elements of other Scandina [...]

    14. This may be one of the most gruesome books I've read in a while. The Torso is the second in the Irene Huss series. We are still learning about Irene, her family and coworkers. When a torso is found washed up on the shore in a plastic bag, the discovery that internal & external organs as well as mammary glands have been removed. At first the pathologist is not even sure if it is a male or female body. It is determined that the body is that of a male. Irene's investigation leads to a similar m [...]

    15. Gruesome. You don't get to know the victims enough to be upset, so the appalling gruesomeness is not my main complaint. I considered the author a good writer when I read her first book, but in this one her plot fizzles out after the perp is identified but before he is dealt with. The cop never exchanges as much as one word with the perp -- very unsatisfying. She also implausibly reveals critical information to a friend, and that causes problems. I don't think I will read another by Tursten even [...]

    16. Wow, what a disappointment. The beginning of this thriller had such great potential, but at the end I feel it failed to live up to the international mystery/thriller community's praise. The writer tried to create two different story lines that intersect at the scene of the crime. However, one story line disappeared from the chapters and then reappeared close to the end with a sad attempt to show vital it was to have this other story line for the book. It just didn't work.

    17. The opening the terrible. The finish is weak. The bulk of the book is somewhat more interesting. Irene Huss is a decent character, but nothing compared to Erlendur, Wallander, Winter, van Veeteran et. al.

    18. This one was a difficult one -- darker, more tense than the other ones. The story starts with a body part being found -- part of a torso in a black plastic garbage bag, tossed in the sea. As the police move forward trying to identify the body based on the little they have (they eventually find a few more parts in black plastic garbage bags), a tattoo points them to Copenhagen, and so off to Denmark Inspector Huss goes. There she finds that the story began two years earlier, as the Danish police [...]

    19. 3.5 Stars. Engaging and the forensics is interesting. Some disjunctures (how did the perp know all the info about everyone without obvious connections to get all the info; gratuitous killing of girl as a warning a bit of a stretch). Somewhat formulaic, in that the family relations serve as filler to get you to care about the detective; gets tedious (also much description of food and meals)). "Part of a human torso washes up on a beach near Göteborg, Sweden. It is so mutilated that gender is onl [...]

    20. Another good Scandinavian crime story, and the first I've read by Helene Tursten. It was well plotted and paced, and I'll probably read more of hers, but this didn't quite get another star because a) it was really a bit grisly for my taste and b) there were too many murders – they started to lose their intensity and it just seemed a bit too convenient to kill all these people off!I was pleased to see Göteborg spelt the proper (Swedish) way; when I first came across the name "Gothenburg" I did [...]

    21. 3.5 stars. This is the second book I've read by this author (her third in the series) and it was better than the other. It was well-written and kept me interested throughout. I would recommend the book and the author to anyone who loves mysteries.

    22. This one started out in an acceptably grisly and gruesome manner--say three stars--but Huss's essentially schoolmarmish attitudes became more grating and annoyingly evident as the torsos pile up. Yuck.

    23. Scandanavian noir, moreso than the earlier ones in the series. The murdered victims are flayed and dismembered. Very gripping police procedural, but I’m looking to reading something less gruesome.

    24. Pretty gruesome, a little too homophobic for my tastes, and less focus on Detective Inspector Irene Huss home life, which was a nice anchor in the previous book. More romantic intrigue which some readers might like, I thought that was silly. I appreciated the very, datadadah ending, as implausible as it was.

    25. Definitely a page-turner. Super gruesome though, even as someone who's been in surgeries and cut up a cadaver (for science)

    26. Ms. Tursten is becoming better at fashioning a mystery. This is her best so far. It starts off with a fast pace immediately with the discovery of a mutualited body. Soon more gruesomely mutualized bodies are found with Inspector Huss caught it the middle with the possibility of being stalked herself. Thankfully we were spared the details of family life and most of the details of her needy dog. However she does like to provide us with too many details of her lunches and dinners.

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