Spanking Shakespeare

Spanking Shakespeare

Jake Wizner Richard Ewing / Feb 20, 2020

Spanking Shakespeare SHAKESPEARE SHAPIRO HAS ALWAYS hated his name His parents bestowed it on him as some kind of sick joke when he was born and his life has gone downhill from there one embarrassing incident after anot

  • Title: Spanking Shakespeare
  • Author: Jake Wizner Richard Ewing
  • ISBN: 9780375855948
  • Page: 476
  • Format: Paperback
  • SHAKESPEARE SHAPIRO HAS ALWAYS hated his name His parents bestowed it on him as some kind of sick joke when he was born, and his life has gone downhill from there, one embarrassing incident after another Entering his senior year of high school, Shakespeare has never had a girlfriend, his younger brother is cooler than he is, and his best friend s favorite topic of converSHAKESPEARE SHAPIRO HAS ALWAYS hated his name His parents bestowed it on him as some kind of sick joke when he was born, and his life has gone downhill from there, one embarrassing incident after another Entering his senior year of high school, Shakespeare has never had a girlfriend, his younger brother is cooler than he is, and his best friend s favorite topic of conversation is his bowel movements.But Shakespeare will have the last laugh He is chronicling every mortifying detail in his memoir, the writing project each senior at Shakespeare s high school must complete And he is doing it brilliantly And, just maybe, a prize winning memoir will bring him respect, admiration, and a girlfriend or at least a prom date.From the Hardcover edition.

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        I was supposed to be born on Hitler s birthday To my mother s great relief, I arrived late and was born on Freud s birthday instead My parents wanted to name me Max, but my grandfather, a Holocaust refugee, strenuously objected, saying the name sounded too German My original birth certificate read Baby Boy Wizner.My mother was a college dean, and I spent the first ten years of my life living in a dormitory I ate meals in the college dining hall, explored the campus tunnels, and became a foosball prodigy, sharpening my skills against opponents than twice my age Occasionally, I would sleepwalk around the dormitory at night, and be picked up by drunk students returning from parties in the early morning hours.I went to Wesleyan University, and it was in one of my English classes that I made my first serious attempt at writing fiction I was immensely proud of the piece I had submitted and remember smiling confidently at the student next to me as our professor returned our work He got an A I got a B After college, he dubbed himself Lemony Snicket and became the second most famous children s book author in the world I moved to New Orleans to teach public school, dubbed myself the Phantom Bard, and chronicled my experiences in the local Teach for America newsletter Since 1996, I have been an eighth grade teacher at a public middle school in New York City I live in Manhattan with my wife and children.


    1. When I saw the title of this book, I immediately let loose with one of those Beavis and Butthead snort-laughs. Then I saw the words "lewd," "hilarious," and "vulgar" on the front and back cover and knew it had to be mine. If only I had ended my relationship with this book there because the funniest thing about the novel is the title. The novel was, as promised, crude. However, it failed to deliver on the hilarious part. When one is dealing with bathroom/sexual humor, there's a fine line between [...]

    2. The book "Spanking Shakespeare" was one of the funniest books that I have ever read! The author, Jake Wizner, wrote this story to entertain a reader who loves humor and comedy. I think Wizner wrote this book for teenage boys and for adults who love comedies to remind them of what their high school years were like. The theme of this book is a senior boy in high school who is struggling with girls, his parents, and life in general. The main character of this book, Shakespeare Shapiro, has been emb [...]

    3. For some reason, I've been on a YA reading kick the last few weeks. Maybe it's a desire to pad the stats in the "books read" list for the year or maybe it's a desire to return to a "simpler" time in my life when all I had to worry about was doing well in school and trying to get members of the opposite sex to notice me.Or it could be that there are a lot of really well written young adult novels coming out these days and I find myself wishing they (or novels like them) had been around for me to [...]

    4. Think coming-of-age story for the 21st century. Think Diary of a Wimpy Kid for the mature teen. Think self-deprecating humour by a misfit, that has developed a cult following. Add these all up and you’ve got this hilarious, laugh-out-loud, quick witted novel, Spanking Shakespeare.Shakespeare has the terrible misfortune of having a father who drinks too much, a nagging mother who is constantly pushing him towards a therapist’s couch, and a brother named Gandhi with a propensity to be maliciou [...]

    5. Eh. It was okay. I didn't find the humor very humorous. Shapiro is a sad sack with a decent heart who has a weird name and experiences all sorts of embarrassing situations. The writing is fine. The problem I had with the book is that the characters feel like stereotypes. Shakespeare himself seems to crave pity for being a victim. He's dorky, a writer, and awkward around girls. It just felt like I'd read about this kid before. I admire Wizner's attempt to stuff an entire school year into a short [...]

    6. i liked the beginning of the book much better than the end, though i suppose all the posturing of the dry sarcasm had to have some point. i also like that the main character (shakespeare) doesn't really change all that much - except, i guess, in his idea of what the point of senior year is. i liked the secondary characters almost the best: wicked brother ghandi, mr. parke and his left testicle, combat!katie, bowel-movement!neil, and most of all charlotte. charlotte is awesome. i did not like cel [...]

    7. This book was filled with one-dimensional, stereotypical characters, the biggest one of all being the main character himself, Shakespeare. I understand that this book was supposed (key word being supposed)to be a coming-of-age story with a relatable teenage character and his teen angst who later matures, but it failed. Shakespeare's angst came off more whiny than relatable. His self-pity was more pathetic than it was humorous.Like most YA male leads, he wonders why his life sucks, avoids all bla [...]

    8. Spanking Shakespeare, by Jake Wizner, is a cringe worthy story that will have you laughing and shaking your head at the antics and mental babble of a seventeen year old guy. Much to my chagrin, I have to admit I enjoyed the story, but it's not for the prim and proper, as some of the content can be crude and down right foul. However, it is told in a way that has you laughing the whole way through. Shakespeare Shapiro is a teenage boy who is plagued with a name he loathes, one that he is convinced [...]

    9. My sister happened to give me this book a long while ago. She wanted me to read it, for whatever reason. I remember why I don't often read the same things she does, now. Nonetheless, humorous, but not for my age group. It also reminded me of why I no longer read young adult fiction, I'm just past that stage, now.

    10. First of all, I would give anything to have a cool name such as Shakespeare. Shakespeare Shapiro however hated it, as bearing the name carries with it a spotlight alongside. And he hates being in the spotlight. Being in the spotlight would be the last thing that he wanted. For Shakespeare, his name is nothing but a nightmare that plagued his whole existence; a sick joke given by his neurotic parents that prompted a series of one embarrassing scenario after the other. But here’s the funny thing [...]

    11. Wow -- awesome writing. I picked this novel up after having heard a lot of good things as well some so-so comments that questioned why this novel is getting such good reviews. After reading it (and I could not put it down!), I can completely understand why certain readers love it while others may feel like it leaves a bad taste in their mouth.I think I loved it because it's honest and humorous. And, in my experience, it's rare that I come across any kind of writing (let alone a 200+ page novel) [...]

    12. I picked this book up because I have a real thing for (in terms of loving to) reading books with male protagonists who are written by guys. I bought this book on Saturday afternoon and read it cover to cover in about two hours.The characters are all funny, and I found myself laughing out loud at a couple of points (especially when Shakespeare gets stoned, not something that I generally love to read about, but he's so funny and Shakespeare decides against ever doing it again because of what happe [...]

    13. Spanking Shakespeare was another book challenge by a student at school. Brittney loved this book and was suggesting it for a book club pick. I'm glad I read it first. While it was immensely entertaining, I'm not sure it would have been as good for discussing and the sexual content and the way it dealt with drinking and drugs left a bit to be desired from the books as role models perspective. I will have to buy a copy for my collection but it's not one I'm going to recommend to everyone. The Chic [...]

    14. I was scavenging for another book to read through Ms. Paese's library. I went over to the section where I found and signed out Omnivore's Dilemma. I looked around it to find an interesting books to read. There, hidden under a bunch of books made by Robert Cormier, was a book called Spanking Shakespeare. At first, I thought it was a way to remember works of Shakespeare, but when I read the blurb, it was totally different. It was an actually a realistic fiction story about a boy named Shakespeare [...]

    15. The reason that I read this book was because when ii went into the library I saw about 20 copies of the book and if there are so many copies there should be a reason for it, and I guessed that reason was because it is a great book. One interesting thing about this book is that it has jokes. This is a very unique quality because in books this is usually unusual, and I love to laugh as I read and this book was perfect for that. Although it had many jokes about teachers and romance it still had som [...]

    16. Spanking Shakespeare , is a book that I read because my friends had recommended it to me. It explains about a boy that struggles with his life in high school. He feels that the life he has is awful.ChangeIn the book, Shakespeare faces change of his thoughts about his life. In the beginning he hated his name and the fact that he had no true friends or a girlfriend. "1. After six years of elementary school, three years of middle school, and three years of high school, I have only two close friends [...]

    17. From ALA's Best YA Books of 2008I'm not giving this any stars since I didn't finish it. I read about 60 pages.Shakespeare Shapiro is a high school senior. He's not happy with the name that his parents gave him. He goes to some kind of posh high school in NYC that focuses on writing. Shakepeare thinks and writes alot about sex. Yes, he's funny and clever, and I think this book is supposed to part of the body of books where teenagers are socially inept but inside they're brilliant and funny. But a [...]

    18. TOP TEN REASONS TO READ SPANKING SHAKESPEARE 10. Your spouse will look at you like you're crazy when he/she walks into the room and you are laughing hysterically by yourself with only a book.9. You will secretly know you are not crazy, just reading something refreshing and side-splitting funny at times. You may even find yourself crying; you are laughing so hard. 8. It is well written and witty. 7. Anything with the title including Spanking should be mandatory reading. 6. You want to get inside [...]

    19. review 1I am reading this book for a while and it is very long. It is also though funny and interesting. It has some weird scenes but it's still very good. It talks about a boy who is named Shake Spear and these stories about him in this one year.I learned from this book that you should be proud of your name. You should like it even though people tease you about it. I think that people who like funny books and that not like reading should read this book. review 2 I just finished this book and it [...]

    20. As an actor, I found the introduction to Spanking Shakespeare by Jake Wizner as the perfect comedic monologue to perform. Just the introduction to the book will have you on the floor hysterical with the way Shapiro bashes his hippie parents for giving him the name of Shakespeare Shapiro. It's priceless. Wizner's novel, Spanking Shakespeare, has the perfect 1st person narrator in the form of Shakespeare Shapiro. Shapiro's voice seems to have the perfect fit for a teenage boy constantly wondering [...]

    21. What made me want to choose this was that I was recommended it by my teacher. One thing that really impressed me was the humor. This book kept me giggling, snickering and sometimes bursting out laughing. This is what really enjoy this book was the fact that it kept me laughing. Pretty much every page had a funny sentence to make the reader laugh and I think that if this book had a weakness to me of not having a great plot. It wasn't very exiting or interesting plot with lots of dead moments and [...]

    22. Following like many books I've had to read for school, Spanking Shakespeare was pretty much a "mad libs" type teen comedy/drama book. I say this because all the author has to do is fill in the words to the existing plot. So as you might guess, this is not my favorite book of all time, it is rather one of the more childish books I've read, even though it has "sensitive material" in it. The story is overall about an 18 year old virgin who cant get a girl for lifes sake. All he can do is write shor [...]

    23. I only read this book partially. Towards the beginning, he has the student write a story which is intended to be humorous, which was essentially a list of various sexual assaults that the man in the story had committed. Afterwards, the girl Shakespeare Sharpio had a crush on came up and told him she thought it was really funny and clever. The story had been so horrible and not only unfunny, but generally offensive to women as a whole. The idea that writing this story would get him positive atten [...]

    24. Because I love comedy, I chose to look for a funny short novel. This book was the perfect match! One thing in this book that impressed me (and made me laugh) was how inappropriate the main character was and how he was able to keep the book serious at the same time. Throughout the entire book, I couldn't help but to giggle at least once a page. Plot Line: The main character is a High School Senior named Shakespeare that struggles with girls, popularity and much more. However, one thing Shakespear [...]

    25. Shakespeare Shapiro is a young man going through his senior year of high school dealing with the many issues a young man can have, mainly, a constant erection and a need to be loved. Although the first few chapters focus on those needs, the story does unfold to deal with many other issues that are common in a YA novel.To be honest, I told a room full of people I was reading this book, and that the constant talk of erections made me incredibly uncomfortable. It also made me a hypocrite because I [...]

    26. I loved this book! The characters are hilarious, definitely pretty quirky but still mostly realistic. I enjoyed the format with bits from the narrator's memoirs popping up in between the present storyline and thought it was very well done. Usually when you've got 2 stories going like that I find myself only interested in one and skimming the other, but here both were engaging and kept me laughing. I would definitely recommend this to anyone who likes to laugh and doesn't get offended by dirty hu [...]

    27. This is a book about a 17 yr old boy's life. He's a senior in high school and has to write a memoir. This book tells of his horrible experiences in life. The format of this book is special because it alternates between the author writing and the protagonist's writing (his memoir). The protagonist has lived a hard life and he reveals it through writing his memoir. This is an interesting book to read because of its format and that the protagonist is around our age. When reading this book, the read [...]

    28. Seventeen-year-old Shakespeare Shapiro writes about his typical teenage boy obsession with sex and chronic embarrasement over his parents' behavior in his memoir, a required senior project. He pushes the boundaries and exaggerates the circumstances for some edgy humorous material that many teens will read with relief to know that someone else actually feels like that too. In between excerpts from his on-going memoir, Shakespeare deals with his changing relationship with his two best friends and [...]

    29. Its soo good! Shakespeare's life is different then i had imagined before i read the book. He's changed as a character TREMENDOUSLY. HE finally took charge of his life after realizing at the prom that why he is never having fun or why his life ends up bad and now he's standing up for himself. One way he did that by was on his date with Charlotte by grabbing for her and not letting her go and after the prom instead of going home he went to Charlotte and the date at the beach with Charlotte. This b [...]

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