The Glass Painter's Daughter

The Glass Painter's Daughter

Rachel Hore / Feb 25, 2020

The Glass Painter s Daughter In a tiny stained glass shop hidden in the backstreets of Westminster lies the cracked sparkling image of an angel The owners of Minster Glass have also been broken Fran Morrison s mother died when s

  • Title: The Glass Painter's Daughter
  • Author: Rachel Hore
  • ISBN: 9781847391407
  • Page: 489
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a tiny stained glass shop hidden in the backstreets of Westminster lies the cracked, sparkling image of an angel.The owners of Minster Glass have also been broken Fran Morrison s mother died when she was a baby a painful event never mentioned by her difficult, secretive father Edward Fran left home to pursue a career in foreign cities, as a classical musician But noIn a tiny stained glass shop hidden in the backstreets of Westminster lies the cracked, sparkling image of an angel.The owners of Minster Glass have also been broken Fran Morrison s mother died when she was a baby a painful event never mentioned by her difficult, secretive father Edward Fran left home to pursue a career in foreign cities, as a classical musician But now Edward is dangerously ill and it s time to return.Taking her father s place in the shop, she and his craftsman Zac accept a beguiling commission to restore a shattered glass picture of an exquisite angel belonging to a local church As they reassemble the dazzling shards of coloured glass, they uncover an extraordinary love story from the Victorian past, sparked by the window s creation Slowly, Fran begins to see her own reflection in its themes of passion, tragedy and redemption.Fran s journey will lead her on a search for the truth about her mother, through mysteries of past times and the anguish of unrequited love, to reconciliation and renewal.

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      • Rachel Hore

        Rachel Hore worked in London publishing for many years before moving with her family to Norwich, Norfolk and turning to writing fiction.Rachel is the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Dream House 2006 , The Memory Garden 2007 , The Glass Painter s Daughter 2009 , which was shortlisted for the Romantic Novelists Association Novel of the Year 2010, A Place of Secrets 2010 , which was a Richard and Judy Bookclub pick, and A Gathering Storm 2011 , which was shortlisted for the RNA Historical Novel of the year, 2012 The Silent Tide was published in 2013, A Week in Paris in 2014 and The House on Bellevue Gardens in 2015.Her new novel, Last Letter Home, will be published on 22nd March 2018.


    1. What I read wasn't an E book but a paperback with this cover.I love it when I find a new author to read and this looks to be the case with Rachel Hore. This is isn’t a compelling, fast read, page tuner but it is a charming and extremely readable story that had me from the beginning. It moves along as gentle as a beautiful song. I was happy to settle down with this story of Fran who has come home suddenly, putting on hold for a time her musical career to care for her ill father, owner of Minste [...]

    2. RACHEL HORE „VITRAŽŲ MEISTRO DUKRA“Visai neseniai perskaičiau Jillian Cantor knygą „Pasiklydęs laiškas“. Be puikaus turinio, ji mane sužavėjo ir fonine, be galo įdomia tema apie pašto ženklus. Rašydama romano recenziją džiaugiausi, jog knyga padėjo praplėsti akiratį, suvokti pašto ženklų verte istoriniame kontekste. Iš tiesų, knyga mane taip paveikė, jog pavarčiusi didžiulę tėčio sukauptą pašto ženklų kolekciją, bei jos įkvėpta, po truputį pradėjau sa [...]

    3. My longtime English penpal sent me this book saying that she thought I would like it. And of course after many years, she knows me well. I loved Rachel Hore's complicated characters and the portrayal of human emotion and love. This is a love story but it's about many kinds of love and many stages. Most clearly the message that just because we love doesn't mean that our actions always follow lovingly resonates throughout. I loved the quotes about angels but the avoidance of using them as a plot d [...]

    4. After years as a touring musician, Fran Morrison returns home to London after her father's sudden stroke. Minster Glass, the family lead-lighting shop, stirs up memories she'd been attempting to smother, especially concerning her relationship with her father. She'd grown tired of his secretive and controlling ways. Now, it seems he may die without her learning the mystery of her mother's death when she was a toddler.Remnants of an antique church window which had been damaged by a bomb blast in t [...]

    5. I very much enjoyed Place of Secrets by the author and found this book even better. In fact once I started to read I found it difficult to put down. It's an easy read yet a compelling one. Set in both modern and Victorian times the present day story is about the restoration of a stained glass window, whilst the older story goes back to the past to discover the secrets behind the window's past. The book is narrated by Fran a musician who, as a result of her father's illness, has to take charge of [...]

    6. I loved this book, it was heart warming and intriguing, the main characters made you care about them, and the juxtaposition of Fran's and Laura's stories worked very well. I also liked it for the stained glass, which I have done a little of, it was obvious the author had done her homework, which is always a plus. This is the last of the three Rachel Hore novels currently published, now I'll have to wait until later this year before the new one is out, but I'm sure it will be as good as these thr [...]

    7. This a lovely novel primarily about stained glass makers both in the 1800's and present day, however, it also touches on many other subjects such as loss of a child, angels and the nature of faith. Beautifully researched and the stories intertwine in a natural way. Some books using this method feel "clunky" but Rachel Hore has managed it seamlessly. I will definitely read her other books and hope they were as lovely as this one

    8. This author knows her stuff when it comes to the world of stained glass! I have now learnt a whole lot more about how windows are made, from the individual panels to the assembly of the whole. She also dwells in the world of choral singing, which I know well - lovers of the Dream of Gerontius will enjoy this book. And the story itself? A heart-warming love story spanning different generations of the same family, the tale moves between modern-day Fran, forced to leave her musician's life to be wi [...]

    9. Our story starts with a phone call. Fran's father has had a serious stroke and she is needed at home. Fortunately, Fran works as a travelling musician and she is between gigs when she gets the call. Hurrying home she finds her dad nearly comatose with the doctors having no clear prognosis to offer. While he can't respond to her she is convinced he can hear her and she assures him that she will be taking care of his shop, Minster Glass.Fortunately, Fran had grown up around the business. Her mom h [...]

    10. I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time reviewing “The Glass Painter’s Daughter” because I ended up feeling somewhat indifferent about the whole story. As far as stars, just 2 1/2 from me.Classical musician Fran returns to England when her father has a debilitating stroke. He is a stained glass artist and the shop is now Fran’s responsibility. She becomes involved in the local choir and the characters around her become her family. A window of an angel that needs to be repaired for t [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this book despite it being very predictable from early on. The story begins with Fran who is abroad having finished a tour playing as part of an orchestra. She has just found out that her fling is actually engaged and saw her as his final bit of fun before settling down with his wife-to-be. On top of this she receives a phone call from her Dad’s ‘assistant’ Zac to tell her that her dad has taken seriously ill with a stroke and she must return home immediately. Once she get [...]

    12. Another absolutely beautiful book by Rachel Hore; I already read A Place of Secrets. I don't know why but I just love her writing style. She writes so authentically, and her writing never containes more than it should, or less. Every single sentense has it's own meaning and adds its part to the story, so I never had the feeling about completely needless passages or about any missing ones. And the story was so touching, her writing pulled me completely into the story that I often thought I'm just [...]

    13. The glass painters daughter is Rachel Hore's third book. Fran Marrison's returns home after a phone call telling her that her father has suffered a stroke. Fran and her father have over the last decade have had an uneasy relationship. Her father owns Minster Glass in Westminster which Fran when younger worked. Fran takes her place in her fathers shop alongside Zac. They accept a commission to restore a shattered glass picture of an angel. Alongside this story Fran uncovers a diary written to Car [...]

    14. I find this a difficult book to review. At times I found I didn't want to put it down, and times, I found I was reading it, because I just did not want to give up. I never really engaged with the cast, and could not understand truly why the lead females Fran and Laura would have done. I feel in the main they were one dimensional, and in some cases almost only there for additional padding. This all said, I would not want to say I gained no enjoyment, as the story itself was a peaceful backdrop, b [...]

    15. I loved this book. It makes for a sweet and light read. Book follows the story of Fran, who is a musician and an artist, her circle of friends in SW London, her dad's stained glass shop and Laura Brownlow Who lived hundred years earlier and their quest for love, happiness and truth and now the book is finished I miss them. There are lots of theological discussions but they do not make the book a heavy read.

    16. I loved this book. It was a family journey looking back over time and finding out where you came from. Sadness, death, happiness, love and romance. This book has it all and really likeable characters too.

    17. I found this a very slow read with a flat and dull tempo. All the characters carried a sadness and melacholy without much spark and the narrative lacked the necessary tension that slowly built towards a climax and happy resolution. No surprises at the end. Disappointing.

    18. Definitely not as gripping as the other Rachel Hore novels I've read. It was just 'ok' really. The themes of angels and stained glass were appealing and I do enjoy a dual narrative but the plot needed 'beefing up' - it all felt a bit flat and one-dimensional.

    19. to find the future she must unlock the past fran was brought up by her father after her mother died when she was just a few years ago. her father owns minster glass, which specialises in coloured glass designs for both individuals and the church h/e he is not a demonstrative man and although not abusive theirs is a strange relationship. when fern leaves on her musical career there is an estrangement between them then after 10 years she is called back after he has a stroke and is dangerously ill. [...]

    20. Enjoyed this story. Reasonably fast moving so kept my interest. The ending is good but a bit predictable.Fran returns to her father's home, above Minster Glass, as he's just had a stroke and she's just come out of a relationship. She meets Zac again, a taciturn Scot, who's her father's assistant with a gift for beautiful work and is a good restorer. Fran joins the local choir and falls for Ben, the conductor. A girl from the local hostel strikes up a conversation about the angel in the window an [...]

    21. I have to say that this one took its time to grow on me. At first I felt like it muddled along too slowly, and I wasn't particularly keen on any of the characters. But over the course of the book, as we discover the story behind the angel window, Fran really grew on me. I feel like I came to understand her, but I was cursing aloud whenever she encountered Ben. In Zac's own words that guy has flake written all over him. At first I couldn't quite put my finger on it, all I knew was that I disliked [...]

    22. An enjoyable light read that tells the story of a woman returning to the stained glass store she grew up in when her father becomes ill. Her story is mainly one of self-discovery and coming into herself (an adult coming-of-age story, perhaps), as well as of romance and discovery of her past. Intertwined with her own story, there is also the story of a woman from 100 years earlier who was involved with the incarnation of the glass store at the time. I was engaged and wanted to keep reading (it ma [...]

    23. Fran Morrison has been living in foreign cities pursuing her career as a classical musician but not must return home as her father has had a stroke. Fran had argued with her father and left home but now comes back to her fathers shop. Fran's father is a craftsman and the owner of Minster Glass.Fran and Zack who works with her father take on a task of restoring a shattered glass picture of an angel which was once a window in a local church. Frank and Zack uncover the story behind the window and u [...]

    24. Although I liked the authors characters and writing style, I just found this story a little bit dull and I can't put my finger on why. I think perhaps, I was driven to read this book because I am interested in glass art and while this is a large feature in the story, I am not religious and nor do I have any interest the main characters other interests of choir and orchestras. That said, I enjoyed the trips between past and present and all in all completed the book and was satisfied with it concl [...]

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