New Orleans Noir

New Orleans Noir

Julie Smith / Oct 22, 2019

New Orleans Noir New Orleans has always had a heart of noir Brand new stories by Thomas Adcock Ace Atkins Patty Friedmann David Fulmer Barbara Hambly Greg Herren Laura Lippman Tim McLoughlin James Nolan Ted O

  • Title: New Orleans Noir
  • Author: Julie Smith
  • ISBN: 9781933354248
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Paperback
  • New Orleans has always had a heart of noir.Brand new stories by Thomas Adcock, Ace Atkins, Patty Friedmann, David Fulmer, Barbara Hambly, Greg Herren, Laura Lippman, Tim McLoughlin, James Nolan, Ted O Brien, Eric Overmyer, Jeri Cain Rossi, Maureen Tan, Jervey Tervalon, Olympia Vernon, Christine Wiltz, Kalamu Ya Salaam, and Julie Smith, who also edited the collection.

    New Orleans Noir by Julie Smith New Orleans Noir is a collection of mystery short stories situated in New Orleans Julie Smith divided the collection into stories before and after Katrina, that cataclysmic flood that changed the city forever. New Orleans Noir Julie SmithAkashic Books New Orleans Noir is a vivid series of impressions of the city in moments that brought out either the best or worst in people As part of the first wave of fiction to arrive in the wake of the storm, it s a thrilling read and a harbinger of what should be an interesting stream of works. New Orleans Noir The Classics Akashic Noir Julie Smith The stories in this irresistible sequel to Smith s New Orleans Noir run chronologically from Armand Lanusse s A Marriage of Conscience , about an unusual social custom of the day, to Maurice Carlos Ruffin s Pie Man , a powerful examination of ethnic tensions in post Katrina New Orleans. New Orleans Noir by Julie Smith, Paperback Barnes Noble New Orleans Noir is a vivid series of impressions of the city in moments that brought out either the best or worst in people As part of the first wave of fiction to arrive in the wake of the storm, it s a thrilling read and a harbinger of what should be an interesting stream of works. New Orleans Noir The Classics Julie SmithAkashic Books New Orleans Noir The Classics embraces the city s rich literature and spans two centuries, from the pre Civil War era to post Katrina Underrated Reads This anthology really has the feel of New Orleans New Orleans Noir The Classics by Julie Smith Feb , New Orleans Noir The Classics is the eleventh book from the Akashic Books noir series that I have read and enjoyed since late But, as indicated by a quick count of the books listed inside the cover of this one, that is just the tip of the iceberg. New Orleans Noir The Classics by Julie Smith, Paperback New Orleans Noir The Classics embraces the city s rich literature and spans two centuries, from the pre Civil War era to post Katrina Underrated Reads This anthology really has the feel of New Orleans.I enjoyed this batch of stories. Via Noir New Orleans VIA NOIR Registration Join Us In New Orleans for the Final XM Anomaly Event of the Season It s Time to Move, Agents All Times are subject to change PM to PM Pre Registration for Common, Rare, Very Rare Supporter Kit Purchasers Loews New Orleans Hotel. New Orleans Cafe Noir Coffee Recipe thespruceeats New Orleans coffee a.k.a Cafe Noir has a distinctive chocolate caramel flavor, intensely dark color, thick consistency, and lower than usual caffeine content thanks to its secret ingredient, chicory Chicory is a coffee like substance made from the dried, roasted roots of a bitter perennial herb. New Orleans Noir ebook by Julie Smith Rakuten Kobo Mar , Read New Orleans Noir The Classics by Julie Smith available from Rakuten Kobo Sign up today and get off your first purchase Explores the dark corners of our city set both pre and post Katrina harrowing reading, to be sure, but it

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    1. Like most topical collections, this collection of noir short stories set in New Orleans was inconsistent in quality. The book is divided into pre-Katrina and post-Katrina sections, and I generally found the post-Katrina stories to be the superior ones. There are enough good stories here to make this book a worthwhile read.

    2. i really enjoyed this book. who knows, maybe i would not have loved it as much without katrina, but katrina happened, ain't a thing i can do about it, unfortunatelyir, broadly defined (is intrinsically linked to a deep (if possibly controversial) attachment to the city and its neighborhoods, so i think the format, of dividing the stories by neighborhoods, works well. the city, as in many of the stories here, especially the post-katrina ones, is a city that's going to seed. at the same time, the [...]

    3. A wonderfully eerie peek into the many neighborhoods and lives of New Orleans.I had no idea what New Orleans Noir was other than a collection of short stories about my favorite adopted city. And, it took me half of the book to realize the common theme running through each story - as a friend pointed out the seemingly odd pattern of a dead body turning up in each. I guess I thought it just sounded like New Orleans. Perhaps that's the point.New Orleans Noir offers a dark glimpse of an all-too-comm [...]

    4. Another collection of terrific dark stories set in a city that has had lots of dark moments recently. I've read three books from this series and this was by far the best. There are classic "Big Easy" settings, late night in the French Quarter, on the waterfront and down in the 9th Ward. Then there are the stories in the wasteland after the Katrina. And finally, there are stories of riding the storm out and some of the shadows that rose up out of the flood waters. Thoroughly enjoyable, well craft [...]

    5. I really looked forward to this Akashic collection, thinking that New Orleans would have some great noir, but I found it lackluster and disappointing overall.

    6. By now, this series of Noir stories is getting close to 100 books. This is the first I have read. I was a little hesitant to pick it up, given that the idea of “classic noir” to me means noir writing from the classic days starting in the 1930s. Some of the stories in this collection go much farther back, the first a very short story by Armand Lanusse from 1843.All of the stories take place in and around New Orleans — there’s even a crime map style illustration, showing the stories’ pri [...]

    7. A hit-and-miss collection. It helps if one is at least somewhat familiar with many of the nabes in which these crime tales are set. Enough of the stories are evocative enough to make it entertaining filler between more substantial reads. I'll try "Bronx Noir" next, but then that might be it. No need for anyone to check out "Manhattan Noir" -- read pretty much anything by Colin Harrison instead.

    8. Read this for the New Orleans category in AWLB Challenge 2017, and really enjoyed it. I'm generally not a fan of short stories, but most of these were so good. Definitely better than the New Jersey Noir volume in the same series. Gives an especially good sense of the difficulties of post-Katrina NOLA.

    9. New Orleans Noir is a collection of mystery short stories situated in New Orleans. Julie Smith divided the collection into stories before and after Katrina, that cataclysmic flood that changed the city forever. Editor Julie Smith did an excellent job, finding stories with a strong sense of place.I am forever a fan of the Akashic Noir series. It combines so many things I love, good writing, mysteries, short stories, and armchair travel—and does it so well. It is intriguing and illuminating to s [...]

    10. It takes me forever to read short story collections. This book is no exception to that habit. I attribute this slow-reading to the fact that I read one to two short stories per sitting so there is nothing to make me want to go back to reading more. No cliffhangers at the end of chapters, no curious sense of whodunit. There’s also the problem of certain stories just not being that great. Maybe there was a great setup followed by a bad ending, or a boring setup that finally hit a home run with a [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this. It may have helped that I actually read a good bit of it while in New Orleans, not to mention all the time I've spent there over the years. Like any collection it has its relative strengths and weaknesses but overall there were far more pleasant surprises than disappointments. The idea of noir is obviously used in a very loose sense, really just a synonym for crime/mystery. As this is the first I've read in the series, I assume this is the case with all the entries in the [...]

    12. Like most short story collections, "New Orleans Noir" is uneven. The stories are divided first into two volumes, pre- and post-Katrina, and then by region within New Orleans, giving you a taste of a variety of neighborhoods within the city. Some of the stories are fantastic, "Loot" and "Two-story Brick Houses" among them, most are fair to middling, and some are incredibly bad. One of the worst stories in the collection is baffingly the one chosen to represent the French Quarter, the area most id [...]

    13. I am a fan of Akashic Books in general, and I've sampled the stories in the other Noir collections, but this is the first one I've read cover to cover, mostly because I am from Louisiana. Overall, the collection is fantastic. There were a few stories that I didn't love, but I'm not sorry I read a single one of them, and I didn't outright hate any. The story "Two-Story Brick Houses" is worth the price of the anthology alone. If you choose this one, be sure that you understand that it is "noir" - [...]

    14. Looks promising. I'm reading the "Before the levees broke" section right now. Finished the first two stories last night. There are eight more stories in this section; then begins "Life in Atlantis." "Life in Atlantis" does not strike me as a good title: "Atlantis" has too many other associations, some of them positive. "Atlantis" was a land underwater, but I'm hoping for a more profound connection than that.Later--yes, this is a strong collection that looks at pre- and post- and during-Katrina N [...]

    15. This is part of a collection of noir short stories, original noir collections each book representing a city, and each story from a neighborhood within that city. All are brand new and written for the occasion. I've read several of them off and on and have liked some of them. New Orleans is the only one however in which I have never been to the city but have always been fascinated with it. It is divided into two parts, pre-katrina and post. The stories are vivid and some authors I've very much li [...]

    16. This was a fundraiser book for the NOLA library system, postKatrina, that I picked up on my first trip there about a year and a half after the storm. It features a number of local and ex-local writers. It's got a nice swath of local flavor, broken down by before and after Katrina, and then by neighborhood; the after Katrina stories pack much more emotional oomph and existential despair, not surprisingly. As a taste of the city, I think the anthology works well. As short fiction, somewhat less so [...]

    17. I am a huge fan of the entire City Noir series. New Orleans Noir is a very different volume because the stories depict or are inspired by the Hurricane Katrina and its horrible aftermath. The stories are very diverse and together they create a clear picture of the mixture of cultures and varying degrees of wealth found throughout the region. I learned a lot from this book. I would recommend this book to people who are interested learning about Post Katrina New Orleans primarily and to readers wh [...]

    18. My lower rating is because I just don't like short stories. A few of my favorite authors contributed to this collection, so I took a chance. The first half of the volume is pre-Katrina, the far superior second half is post-Katrina. I had been wondering why there isn't more literature out there about the storm and aftermath. In the forward Julie Smith gave me a clue, writers living there were so stunned that it took awhile to get past living day to day. I have to admit that my opinion of short st [...]

    19. This was a very good collection of short stories about New Orleans. The book is in 2 parts - the first part is short stories pre-Katrina and the second is stories post-Katrina. Of course, being noir, they all involved crime of some sort. Some on the humorous side, some very dark. A couple made me angry. Noir really fits New Orleans, too. There are other cities in this series, but I think it suits New Orleans best.

    20. This is a collection of short stories all related to the Big Easy. I joined a book club and we read exclusively about NOLA or New Orleans authors and it is a great way to feel you belong to a city and to get to know it. If you just moved, consider the same. I'm half way through and the stories are well written and edited. No wasted words or time. They are getting into my head. I recommend this book for a flight or vacation. It would be perfect.

    21. Good stuff if you're a fan of the genre. The Hurricane Katrina angle makes this book unique in the series. Favorites:"Two-Story Brick Houses" - Patty Friedmann - girls at a private school (Uptown)"Algiers" - David Fulmer - a card cheat (Algiers)"Open Mike" - James Nolan - detective story (French Quarter)"There Shall Your Heart Be Also" - Barbara Hambly - set in the 19th century (The Swamp)"Annunciation Shotgun" - Greg Herren - gay lovers (Lower Garden District)

    22. Like most short story collections, these offerings present a mixed bag of dark crime stories. However with one great exception, the best ones are current - dealing with New Orleans, post-Katrina, and the opportunities to get away with murder and other crimes. Julie Smith is the editor of this fine collection, herself a really excellent teller of New Orleans bad actors and their subsequent capture.

    23. The stories in this collection are kind of hit or miss. Some are really good mysteries - they're dark, moody and gripping. Others are very disturbing without having a good plot to make up for it. The book does a very good job of capturing different aspects of New Orleans as a vibrant, living city, but many of the stories just weren't up to snuff.

    24. I've been to New Orleans twice, both times pre-Katrina. It's like Washington, DC, my home town, in some respects. You either love it or hate it. These stories not only are dark, they have a lot of anguish. The book divides the stories in half by time with Katrina being the great divide. However, the stories on both sides of this storm line are equally dark and noir-ish.

    25. Short story collection, written on consignment for the City Noir series. New Orleans a good source city. Read during Thanksgiving trip to Mississippi and New Orleans. Various high and dark crimes and misdemeanors, before (some back to 19th century) and during/after Katrina, covering all classes, colors, ethnics, genders, in NO neighborhood settings.

    26. I really enjoyed how the format of the book was broken up into several short stories. It captures the different neighborhoods in New Orleans. Although, it may be difficult for some poeple to understand the characters unless you are from the area.

    27. overall really disappointing. much of the writing is poor and/or in DIRE need of editing. There are some gems in here though and the project itself - one story each from one writer, all from different neighborhoods in the city - is worthwhile.

    28. Maybe my love of noir & the fact that New Orleans is totemic to me set the bar too high. Most of the stories were mediocre at best, and the majority weren't noir at all. It felt forced and wrong, like the McDonalds on Canal.

    29. I picked this up cuz my girl Jeri Cain Rossi has an essay in it. I haven't been in touch with JCR in a few years but it's good to see she's still writing. Check out Angel With a Criminal Kiss or Red, Wine, Moan for more

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