Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God's Will

Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God's Will

Kevin DeYoung / Oct 23, 2019

Just Do Something A Liberating Approach to Finding God s Will A Liberating Approach to Finding God s Will or How to Make a Decision Without Dreams Visions Fleeces Impressions Open Doors Random Bible Verses Casting Lots Liver Shivers Writing in the Sky e

  • Title: Just Do Something: A Liberating Approach to Finding God's Will
  • Author: Kevin DeYoung
  • ISBN: 9780802458384
  • Page: 107
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Liberating Approach to Finding God s Will or How to Make a Decision Without Dreams, Visions, Fleeces, Impressions, Open Doors, Random Bible Verses, Casting Lots, Liver Shivers, Writing in the Sky, etc.Hyper spiritual approaches to finding God s will don t work It s time to try something new Give up Pastor and author Kevin DeYoung counsels Christians to settle down, maA Liberating Approach to Finding God s Will or How to Make a Decision Without Dreams, Visions, Fleeces, Impressions, Open Doors, Random Bible Verses, Casting Lots, Liver Shivers, Writing in the Sky, etc.Hyper spiritual approaches to finding God s will don t work It s time to try something new Give up Pastor and author Kevin DeYoung counsels Christians to settle down, make choices, and do the hard work of seeing those choices through Too often, he writes, God s people tinker around with churches, jobs, and relationships, worrying that they haven t found God s perfect will for their lives Or even worse they do absolutely nothing, stuck in a frustrated state of paralyzed indecision, waiting waiting waiting for clear, direct, unmistakable direction But God doesn t need to tell us what to do at each fork in the road He s already revealed his plan for our lives to love him with our whole hearts, to obey His Word, and after that, to do what we like No need for hocus pocus No reason to be directionally challenged Just do something.

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        Kevin DeYoung is the Senior Pastor at University Reformed Church RCA in East Lansing, Michigan, right across the street from Michigan State University.


    1. Three friends and I read this book aloud together as we traveled through Italy this summer. To be honest, for the first four chapters I was appalled at the statements the author was making. They seemed to fly in the face of everything I’ve ever believed about praying and seeking God’s will for important – and even not-so-important – life decisions. But as we read chapter five, the proverbial light bulb came on in my mind. In reality, Mr. DeYoung was advocating a biblical truth that I bel [...]

    2. This is a book about finding the will of God and the underlying premise that fuels much of the presentation is the denial of ongoing revelation. Helpful thoughts here for those who tend to get stymied while waiting for a 'word from God.' But, for somebody who believes that God still speaks, not enough attention was paid here to striking a balance between listening and doing. Kevin DeYoung addresses the pitfalls of 'all listening and no doing.' But it seems his alternative is 'all doing and no li [...]

    3. This review originally appeared on my blog, Jacob's Café.This review of Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung was made possible through a complimentary copy of the audiobook through christianaudio's reviewer program.I was looking forward to this book, expecting a bit of an incarnational perspective on finding God's will. That was there, but not in the way I expected. It presented nothing useful and was possibly the worst religion book I've read (or listened to). In fact, I think it can be quite sp [...]

    4. Thank God I was told about this book. I absolutely needed to read it. Somewhere along the way, I fell into the trap of thinking that God had very specific things for me to do with my life that I somehow had to discover in order to be in His will. I have prayed and fasted and waited on the Lord and all that sort of stuff (all very good things, in and of themselves) in hopes of being directed to the point on the map that was the only right place in the world for me to be without being out of the w [...]

    5. There are not many books that I would recommend every Christian to read. This is one of them. You may not agree with everything that the author says (do you agree with everything anyone says, even yourself?), but I think you will be glad to have read it. And it's a short book so it won't even take you very long :-)DeYoung does a great job of helping us get rid of the notion that God has a blueprint for every single aspect of our lives, and thus also doing away with the Sword of Damacles that han [...]

    6. Finally! A clear, concise explanation of God's will. Reaffirming the Biblical principle that while God cares about your circumstance, He is much more concerned about your character. This book optimistically draws the reader towards releasing the agony of endless searching and paralysis-in-decision-making involved in looking for 'the one' right job, right spouse, right (fill in the blank) . Turning our focus instead toward being the right one: seeking to love God and others and grow in Christ-lik [...]

    7. Great, straightforward read, and short too. Some of my favorite quotes include."Our misdirected piety makes following God more mysterious than it was meant to be."Talking about our culture and why we have such a hard time making "big" choices- "and when every experience and situation must be rewarding and put us on the road to complete fulfillment, then suddenly the decisions about where we live, what house we buy, what dorm we're in, and whether we go with tile or laminate take on weighty signi [...]

    8. Though I agree with many of DeYoung's principles, I think he takes an approach of talking against a cut and dry approach to finding God's will, but he replaces it with an equally cut and dry option, which is not entirely helpful either. I agree Christians don't need to agonize over God's will on every tiny decision, the point is walking with God daily, and then you will be drawn toward God-pleasing decisions. However, too many times, it seemed like DeYoung was proposing that there is no right ch [...]

    9. Short, fun, and pointed. I wish I had read this book when it came out. I wish I could give out dozens of copies of it. "Finding the will of God" is one of the most misused, misunderstood, and misapplied ideas in the Christian community.I have yet to read a Kevin DeYoung book or article I did not like.

    10. This is a really fantastic, down-to-earth little book. He has excellent biblical advice that offers great freedom to those who may have grown up in a fundamentalist or hyper-spiritualized faith.The one section that I found problematic was his discussion on single women. Yes, many single Christian men are sitting around doing nothing, but does that mean women should sit around and wait? In his last chapter he doesn't answer that question, and seems to imply that they should. Speaking as a woman w [...]

    11. My full review can be read at Blogging Theologically:“I feel like God wants me to be alone for a while.”“I’m waiting for God to open a door to the right job.”“If I choose this school, will I be going against God’s will for my life?”We’ve all statements like these before. Whether it’s dating and marriage, the quest for the perfect job, what college to go to or where to buy a house, many Christians get hung up on the question of God’s will: Is it God’s will that I do XYZ? W [...]

    12. I listened to this book on the Overdrive app in one afternoon while doing chores and running errands. It is one of the most helpful Christian books I've ever read. "Lightbulb" moments galore. This was my first Kevin DeYoung book, but it won't be the last. He writes in a way that manages to include Biblical theology, practical wisdom, real-life examples, personal experiences, and humor in a way that is balanced and readable. Highly recommended.

    13. Five BIG stars here!!! This is a much needed book for all adults, especially young. Kevin DeYoung identifies the causes of our indecisiveness and gives solid Biblical counsell: trust God, abide in prayer and make a move!! Don't hyperspiritualize everything. He also offers great encouragement to young men in the last couple chapters.

    14. Every once in a while we have an epiphany. It may come while we're brushing our teeth and staring at ourselves in the mirror. It may come when we're pouring soy into the wok, whiffing the wonderful scents of the steam. Or, as often is the case, it may come from a book. The Bible is great at this. It's amazing how we can read the same passages through the years, but still find so much truth with its words. This post isn't about the Bible, though. It's about Kevin DeYoung's book (which is based on [...]

    15. The first 5 chapters of this book I was appalled at some of the things DeYoung was saying. Example: DeYoung says, “So go marry someone” implying you don’t need to seek the Lord’s counsel through prayer and waiting on him as long as long as you’re following the Bible and are “equally yoked.” Why would I not ask God before making a life long decision like that? I would ask my friends and family’s opinions. Shouldn’t I ask God for his opinion first? God’s love is so great he car [...]

    16. I found myself agreeing with Kevin DeYoung on all of his points. This is a primer on the subject of God’s will as it relates to decision-making. DeYoung argues that it is wrong to spiritualize non-moral decisions. He calls for discernment, seeking wise counsel, and common sense as some of the tools that the Christian should employ instead of dreams, visions, random bible verses, etc. I highly recommend this book.

    17. DeYoung's small book contains a simple message on how to determine God's will - die to self, love Jesus, then do as you will. A very helpful book for those of us who have ever wondered how to figure out what the right, God-honoring thing to do is.

    18. Want to know God's will for your life? Read this book. Such a fantastic and straightforward approach to the topic. Every college student and person struggling with direction should read this.

    19. Powerful, biblical advice on discovering God's will for your life. It shows from the Bible how the popular concept of God's will is wrong, then explains how the Bible teaches us how to find God's will. I highly recommend it to any Christian struggling to know God's will for their career, location, dating, college, volunteering, etc.Because DeYoung is arguing against the passive approach and delays that we often take when facing a major decision, there are a few times I got the impression that he [...]

    20. This is a book both pithy and powerful. And it might annoy you once or twice. It will annoy you because Kevin DeYoung is calling us away from super-spiritualized self-flagellating agonies about discerning the will of God, and back to a "sanctified common sense" approach.Basically, read your Bible, listen to wise people, pray for holiness, and then make a choice. Yeah. You heard him. We don't need to worry about discerning the will of God, or keeping ourselves within it not in the confusing sense [...]

    21. Such a helpful book that challenges the 'find the will of God' approach I formerly had and clarifies the conclusion I have come to more recently regarding God's will. As a naturally more cautious person who also hates making decisions, this book was a great challenge and encouragement that focused my thinking on this matter.God's will is not a cosmic mystery, a mystical puzzle to be figured out while God stands by silent and aloof, yet demanding us to do His will. He has given us His Word on the [...]

    22. Well written and straight to the point. I thought it especially interesting to see how he correlated 'finding God's Will' to cowardice. Often, we're praying "a coward’s prayer: 'Lord, tell me what to do so nothing bad will happen to me and I won’t have to face danger or the unknown.' We want to know everything is going to be fine for us. Instead, we should "stop pleading with God to show us the future, and start living and obeying like we are confident that He holds the future."Favorite quot [...]

    23. A wonderful little book, short and easy to read. Kevin DeYoung does a good job of tackling the traditional (contemporary?) view that we are responsible to "know" God's perfect will for our lives. Then, he follows up by showing what the Bible has to say about knowing God's will for our lives. He brings a balanced and winsome approach to the topic. It made me want to hang out with his Grandpa DeYoung.A long time ago, I came to realize that Christians are filled with the Holy Ghost and given the Ho [...]

    24. This book is a good snappy read.I love the secondary subtitle: "How to make a decision without dreams, visions, fleeces, impressions, open doors, random Bible verses, casting lots, liver shiver, writing in the sky etc."Awesome!I wish Kevin De Young had published this book when I was 18. We're both gen-xers. Some of what he discusses in this book I probably learned the same way he dide hard way. Some of the other things he discusses I'm still working through at 42 (and trying really hard not to c [...]

    25. This is my first time reading DeYoung. It won't be the last.In this short but sufficient book, DeYoung resoundingly dethrones the prevailing attitude of my generation--an attitude of indecision, lack of ambition, and never-ending juvenility. This is an attitude I despise about our culture, even though, thanks to DeYoung, I can see its effects in my own life.But what was more impacting about this book was DeYoung's solution, which can be summed up as "Love God, and get on with it already." The pr [...]

    26. A practical, biblical, readable, short book about "finding God's will". Highly recommended -- a great book to lend. DeYoung rejects the idea that God wants Christians to discover His specific, detailed will for every decision in life, and instead argues for an approach based on biblical wisdom -- living for God's glory in everything you do and making sensible decisions along the way, based on reading the bible, praying and asking for advice. It's a complicated issue, and that's an inadequate sum [...]

    27. It's so helpful. Very practical. My favorite quotes: "Because we have confidence in God's will of decree, we can radically commit ourselves to His will of desire, without fretting over a hidden will of direction. In other words, God doesn't take risks, so we can.""So here's the real heart of the matter: Does God have a secret will of direction that He expects us to figure out before we do anything? And the answer is no.""He will provide us with the food, drink, jobs, housing, with everything tha [...]

    28. I loved this book. It was challenging and convicting and directed me toward scripture and God more than anything or anyone else. I am someone who has wondered about God's will, overspiritualizing decisions and confusing passivity for patient waiting and perhaps taking a "holier" route. (Side note - the author does punctuate that there are times slowing down and taking a step back can help avoid making bad decisions.) Reading this book helped me understand that it is more important to seek first [...]

    29. Good, interesting, and helpful. Mostly it is a cultural / generational commentary on our current generation applied to the area of discerning the will of God for your life. The biggest problem without a doubt which my generation faces is expecting to find their fulfillment in this life through things like marriage, children, career, community, possessions. Perhaps the previous generation just sought those things for the simple hedonistic pleasure of them. But we tend to seek after them and EXPEC [...]

    30. This book was extremely beneficial to read, and I would encourage every Christian that struggles with making big decisions like myself to pick up and read it. Deyoung boldly (and humorously at times) explains how our understanding of God's sovereignty, as seen in the scriptures, should liberate us in our decision making rather than limit us while providing clear applications from scripture for making intelligent and God glorifying life decisions.

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