Very Funny, Elizabeth

Very Funny, Elizabeth

Valerie Tripp / Jul 16, 2019

Very Funny Elizabeth This companion book to the Felicity series features Felicity s best friend Elizabeth Cole an English girl from a prominent Loyalist family The girls favorite pastime is teasing Elizabeth s annoying

  • Title: Very Funny, Elizabeth
  • Author: Valerie Tripp
  • ISBN: 9781593690618
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Paperback
  • This companion book to the Felicity series features Felicity s best friend, Elizabeth Cole, an English girl from a prominent Loyalist family The girls favorite pastime is teasing Elizabeth s annoying sister, Annabelle When Annabelle becomes engaged, Felicity and Elizabeth prove that they are the merriest mischief makers in Virginia The book includes a nonfiction LookiThis companion book to the Felicity series features Felicity s best friend, Elizabeth Cole, an English girl from a prominent Loyalist family The girls favorite pastime is teasing Elizabeth s annoying sister, Annabelle When Annabelle becomes engaged, Felicity and Elizabeth prove that they are the merriest mischief makers in Virginia The book includes a nonfiction Looking Back essay focusing on courtship and marriage customs of the eighteenth century.

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        Valerie Tripp is a children s book author, best known for her work with the American Girl series.She grew up in Mount Kisco, New York with three sisters She is a reading expert with a Reading Master s of Education degree from Harvard University Since 1985 she has lived in Silver Spring, Maryland Her husband teaches history at Montgomery College She has been a writer for reading textbooks for three decades.Tripp is best known for her work with the American Girl series She wrote all the books in the Felicity, Josefina, Kit, and Molly series, and three of the books in the Samantha series She has also written four of the five Best Friends character stories to date Film dramatizations of the lives of Samantha, Felicity, Molly, and Kit have been based on her stories to varying extents.


    1. One of the least successful American Girl books to me. Felicity and Elizabeth's tricks are far more cruel than funny. And although I liked that this book chose to focus on marriage (not exactly common in this line), I thought the status quo restoring ending was unrealistic. The Looking Back section was good, though.

    2. This is a cute quick read. It definitely shows what could’ve happened during the Colonial Era and how marriages of the day worked. I’m just glad Elizabeth and Felicity didn’t get into too much trouble after all their shenanigans

    3. It was terribly horrible! Tooo prissy!!!!!!!!! This book is to me said in 3 words. I. HATED. IT!!!!And heres a piece of advice NEVER READ THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4. Well, I don't hate it. And it's certainly not the worst thing I've read. But I didn't fancy it much, either.I have to say that it's in part because it wasn't what I expected. I had just skimmed through Felicity's original series,* so as to get the picture of what Elizabeth as a character was in there. And I found her interesting, complex. I like in that.Then I went to this. And it's like somebody else's interpretation of her. Like it was written off of a memory of what the character was like the [...]

    5. 1.5*I was interested to read this spin-off book from the Felicity series, but I was disappointed.I was confused before I even read it because I see Felicity on the cover, but I don't see Elizabeth. And who's that blonde girl? Oh, that's supposed to be Elizabeth. They changed her hair color. Why? They didn't change her hair color for diversity's sake; there were already blonde dolls. It just pissed me off and set me against the book early on.Then, while reading the book, I really felt like Elizab [...]

    6. Every month, when I was a little girl, I would get the American Girl catalogue in the mail. Sometimes I would circle all the stuff I wanted for my birthday or Christmas, but I really just loved to look through the catalogue. When the Elizabeth doll came out, I decided I had to have her. I saved all my birthday money and coins, and the next time my parents and I went to Chicago to visit my uncle we went to the American Girl store (aka my childhood version of heaven). I still remember counting out [...]

    7. Elizabeth Cole and her best friend, Felicity, are "the merriest girls in Virginia" - at least that's what Felicity's father calls them.The merry friends think it's very funny to play tricks on Elizabeth's snobby older sister, Annabelle. When Annabelle becomes engaged, Elizabeth and Felicity's mischief heats up - until Elizabeth finds herself in big trouble! Can the girls find a way to cool things down?I love the tricks Elizabeth and Felicity play on Annabelle and an unsuspecting guest.They'll ke [...]

    8. Elizabeth and her best friend, Felicity, love to play tricks on Elizabeth's snobby older sister, Annabelle. Then Annabelle is offered a proposal of marriage to a Lord and the chance to move back to England,which is what she wanted so badly! The Lord's sister, Priscilla, comes to teach Annabelle to behave like a "lady" and Elizabeth decides to tag along to play little tricks on her sister. What started as a little fun, backfires terribly on Elizabeth, so now she tries to make things right.It was [...]

    9. I read this book with my daughter after reading the Felicity series with her earlier this year. We found it at the library and Lillian was so excited! It was an interesting story. It's primary focus was on Elizabeth (Felicity's best friend) and her family. It is about Elizabeth's sister, Annabelle, getting engaged and Elizabeth playing jokes on her sister who is all about being prim and proper and becoming a lady in England, hence the title, though I feel like the title is not the best for this [...]

    10. This story is centered around Elizabeth and Annabelle, rather than Felicity, but Felicity is in it. Elizabeth and Felicity like to play tricks on Annabelle. Annabelle ends up engaged to an English Lord (her family members are Loyalists), and it looks like she and Elizabeth will both be moving to England.That's not something that Felicity nor Elizabeth want, though, and they do their best to sabotage the engagement.As always, there's a historical section added to the book. The basic story is sort [...]

    11. When Elizabeth was introduced as a character in the Felicity books, she had brown hair, however when Matel decided to make her a doll, they changed her hair to blond. So suddenly Elizabeth had blond hair in her book. I liked this book, but not as much as the Felicity books. It's hard to place this story in the timeline of the books and the coming conflict doesn't seem to affect Elizabeth's family as much as it should (although there is some talk of it being safer for Elizabeth and her sister to [...]

    12. Very Funny Elizabeth is about Elizabeth Cole and her best friend Felicity Merriman living in the 1870`s. The two best friend`s love to gang up and play pranks on Elizabeth`s older sister AnnaBell (I think that`s her name) who is a total snob and is about to get married to a Lord. This means that there are many wedding plans going on and more pranks for Felicity and Elizabeth to play on AnnaBell. When one joke goes too far Elizabeth and Felicity get in a lot of trouble and may not be able to atte [...]

    13. I did not like this book. I thought the tricks that the two "merriest girls in Virginia" played on people were on the verge of cruel. I know the author tried to soften them by saying that they were doing them for the benefit of Annabelle or whoever, but I did not see how it was "helping" them improve their personality. The story was unrealistic and I didn't believe the ending. I wouldn't recommend.*Taken from my book reviews blog: reviewsatmse/2009

    14. I really enjoyed this book! It was great to read a book from Elizabeth's point of view especially when it came to her sister Annabelle's urgency to get married The pranks that Elizabeth and Felicity played on Annabelle weren't really that cruel byt I think the one at the end was wrong and I was glad to see that Elizabeth was made to apologize even though it worked out well. The Looking back section was very interesting. The only sad part is that this book is one of the last books to include illi [...]

    15. This book is about Felicity's best friend Elizabeth Cole. The girls love to play tricks on Elizabeth's older sister Annabelle, who thinks she so proper and perfect. When Annabelle gets a letter or marriage from a very prominent family she jumps at the chance to become Lady Lacey. Witch Annabelle more proper than ever, Elizabeth plays a trick that ends up backfiring terribly. Can Elizabeth fix her mistake or will she have to face the terrible consequences of her actions?

    16. Ok, sure, this book was specifically created to sell a doll (in this case, Elizabeth, the best friend of main character Felicity. But then, isn't that true of EVERY American Girl book? It was nice to be able to see the same setting, characters, and conventions but from a different point of view. That's actually a pretty mature, adult move that is more typical in adult literary novels. Here, my little one gets to explore that concept in an early chapter book.

    17. This was my first American Girl book. I thought it was a cute story. I enjoyed how the author included insights into what the customs and attitudes toward dating and marriage were at the time, and how that helped to make the story a more authentic glimpse into the time period. I'll definitely pick up more of these.

    18. Elizabeth's older sister, Annabelle, is excited to marry an English lord, until she meets his overbearing sister. This book is full of tricks and fun, played on the older, snobby sister. It ends with a good lesson learned--as the girls fully appreciate what they really value in life. The chapter on history focuses on a marriage in the 1770s. Another good book in the American Girl series!

    19. A sweet, short read, this book is excellent for the age group it is written for (about 8-12 years old), but I enjoyed it even as an adult. It was fairly well-written, the illustrations were charming, and the last section of the book had some great background information about marriage and courtship in the 18th century. Everything was written so that a girl could not only understand, but enjoy it!

    20. Another nice addition to Felicity's world. This allows girls to learn a bit more about the characters, along with an understanding of the differences in class system and marriage in Colonial America. Valerie Tripp embraces these characters and has created a world for them.

    21. So Elizabeth's sister Annabelle is getting married to Lord Harry. Well when they come Lord Harry's sister had to teach Annabelle and Elizabeth for when they go to England. But Elizabeth does not want to go so she put snow in Lord Harry's sisters wig what will happen? read the book to find out.

    22. Despite the totally obvious ending, this is a great novel for children to read to learn about history. I love in the back of this book has a informational part of marriage during Elizabeth's time. Elizabeth's character is very relatable and her friendship with felicity is great to see.

    23. This book was so-so. Felicity was never my favorite American Girl, nor was the colonial period a period in history that I enjoyed. There wasn't much to the plot of this story either; everything moved too quickly and there was no real issue or resolution.

    24. I've finished reading my first American Girls book. It's a chapter book about daily life of girls in colonial times. It made me want to visit Williamsburg, Virginia, where the characters lived. I'm anxious to read my granddaughter's review.

    25. 2.5 starsCompanion book to the Felicity Merriman series. This time Elizabeth Cole gets to tell some of her story.

    26. boring!!! this book is not related to American Girl at all more like American boring history! disappointing ):!

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