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Antibodies A novel based on the Emmy Award winning television series created by Chris Carter When a disease ravaged body is found in the smoldering ruins of the federally funded DyMar genetic research lab Agent

  • Title: Antibodies
  • Author: Kevin J. Anderson
  • ISBN: 9780061056246
  • Page: 119
  • Format: Paperback
  • A novel based on the Emmy Award winning television series created by Chris Carter.When a disease ravaged body is found in the smoldering ruins of the federally funded DyMar genetic research lab, Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully fear that a deadly, man made plague is on the loose As the FBI agents investigating the X Files cases the bureau has deemed unsolvable MuA novel based on the Emmy Award winning television series created by Chris Carter.When a disease ravaged body is found in the smoldering ruins of the federally funded DyMar genetic research lab, Agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully fear that a deadly, man made plague is on the loose As the FBI agents investigating the X Files cases the bureau has deemed unsolvable Mulder and Scully pursue the truth wherever it leads, even into the labyrinthine corridors of the FBI and beyond.Racing to contain the lethal virus before it can spread, Mulder and Scully make a chilling discovery Before his death, Dr David Kennessy, a hotshot cancer researcher at DyMar, had been experimenting with a promising but highly dangerous technology microscopic bio machines that can cure any disease, heal any wound In theory, this research could be a miracle cure, perhaps even a doorway to immortality It was also the only way Dr Kennessy could save his leukemia stricken son.But when a second corpse turns up, savagely mutilated from within, it s anything but theoretical Could machines created to cure have learned to kill Scrambling for answers, Mulder and Scully are opposed at every step by faceless enemies with all the resources of the government even perhaps of their own agency at their command Enemies who will stop at nothing to ensure that the secret of immortality falls in the right hands their hands.As sinister forces close in, Scully fights to save the life of an innocent boy while Mulder comes face to face with a crazed and desperate man A man whose slightest touch brings agonizing death and perhaps a resurrection horrible still.

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        Yes, I have a lot of books, and if this is your first visit to my author page, it can be a little overwhelming If you are new to my work, let me recommend a few titles as good places to start I love my Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I series, humorous horror mysteries, which begin with DEATH WARMED OVER My steampunk fantasy adventures, CLOCKWORK ANGELS and CLOCKWORK LIVES, written with Neil Peart, legendary drummer from Rush, are two of my very favorite novels ever And my magnum opus, the science fiction epic The Saga of Seven Suns, begins with HIDDEN EMPIRE After you ve tried those, I hope you ll check out some of my other series.I have written spin off novels for Star Wars, StarCraft, Titan A.E and The X Files, and is the co author of the Dune prequels His original works include the Saga of Seven Suns series and the Nebula Award nominated Assemblers of Infinity He has also written several comic books including the Dark Horse Star Wars collection Tales of the Jedi written in collaboration with Tom Veitch, Predator titles also for Dark Horse , and X Files titles for Topps.I serve as a judge in the Writers of the Future contest.My wife is author Rebecca Moesta They currently reside near Monument, Colorado.


    1. Another one of those books that I have yet I don't know why exactly. I am a huge fan of X-Files. I used to watch it like crazy when Netflix decided to put up all the episodes on Instant. This book read exactly like an episode of the show. I got to say that this book was written full of coincidences. Bad guys look for heroes, they find them by interfering their cellphone frequency. Not only that but they interfere and hear the most crucial plan of their secret plan. Mulder and Scully pursuit one [...]

    2. I can't remember why I liked these books so much when they came out. I wanted more Mulder and Scully after that tease of a six-episode arc on Fox, but this just wasn't it. There was very little of the dynamic duo and what there was seemed thin and uninteresting.Too bad I bought all the e-books I could find when the show was on hoping to extend the X-files high because I don't know if I even want to read the rest.

    3. My car stopped running yesterday, just POOF, and it turned out to be the that transmission totally died. But! My boyfriend found this for me at the thrift store yesterday also. So God doesn't hate me totally, just mostly. I really needed some mindless escapism, and this provided nicely. In the first chapter there were two great descriptions of flashlight beams in the darkness. This excited me, and I was going to collect all of them and retell them here. Sadly though, after chapter one, there wer [...]

    4. I am not an X-Files TV show watcher and I have never read any of the other books, so I was surprised to find how much I enjoyed this book. The action didn't waste any time getting started and it never fizzled out either throughout the entire book. This book was very well written and easy to read and to understand. I like books that have chapters that aren't super long too, which was something this book fulfilled for me. I just think it is easier to read when you know you can stop at the end of a [...]

    5. In Antibodies, Mulder and Scully are investigating a strange death at a burnt out cancer research facility. A man who it was thought had died in the fire is actually alive because he injected himself with nanomachines which were created in the lab. But the version he injected himself with is unstable and has made him infectious to anyone he touches. The man is searching for a young boy and the boy's dog who has the stable version of the cure in his bloodstream.Antibodies is an ok X Files story. [...]

    6. Ok admission time - I used to love watching X-files (ok the early ones before they changed all the cast about). That hour of make believe was great fun and at the time there was nothing like it (well at least here in the UK there wasn't). Ok the book - well this books is written by Kevin J Anderson - (treading in the foot steps of Allen Dean Foster) he is noted both for his novelisation of popular shows and his original fiction (and co-authorship of the new Dune books). This books is great fun, [...]

    7. I know this was just supposed to be quick fiction, put out rapidly to supplement the show, but I expected a little more. The story and imagination inside was fine, but it got awful hoaky in parts. There was a great deal of internal thought that wasn't necessary and make the characters seem more generic, even cliche. I know it was constructed according to quick fiction requirements and within the boundaries of the show, but often Mulder and Scully felt more like sketches of themselves instead of [...]

    8. Reads about as well as you would expect. It's pretty much fanfic, but it's not bad for what it is. Mulder and Scully are mostly in-character (but they're not as well handled as in the actual show), and the story is something I would expect on an episode of the show, if a bit weak.However, there's way too much product placement, the descriptions of the virus get a little too gross, and most of the other PoV characters were kind of irritating. I did like the bits with the mother and son, but every [...]

    9. it's taken me a long time write this review! I enjoyed the book more than I thought I would - I don't have high expectations of spin-offs from tv shows. there was some very nice description of location/setting, and there were moments where scully and mulder's banter was just like the show. scully does become obsessed with saving a child, sometimes that rings somewhat false to me (like with the movie I want to believe, it's like everything else about her character is stripped away, so it's just c [...]

    10. Antibodies was a typical X-File story. Scully and Mulder go to Oregon to investigate an cancer research lab that exploded in mysterious circumstances. The investigation essentially becomes a missing person's case as they seek for the lead scientist's missing child. Overall the story was fine and the characters weren't anything new but it was a decent read.

    11. Kevin J. Anderson's third X-Files fan fiction novel is also his darkest.It opens with a security guard at a burned-out genetic engineering laboratory confronting an intruder, only to end up dying from a horriffic contagion, and features a former test subject, Jeremy Dorman, who can kill with one touch, and a dog whose body heals itself after being badly injured in a car accident. It becomes quite clear early on that the story is about nanotechnology, a theme that was later explored on the TV sho [...]

    12. Mungkin udah 10 tahun yang lalu terakhir gue baca salah satu seri novel The X-Files, my second most favorite TV series after F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I'm so lucky masih bisa dapet novel ini dalam keadaan diskon sampai lebih dari 50% (@Periplus), so I still have the chance to complete my collections.Novel-novel X-Files ngga ditulis oleh satu orang pengarang aja, tapi hebatnya sejauh yang gue baca, (17 books to be precise) belum ada yang out of character. Ceritanya sendiri jangan ditanya, ngga pernah ngebos [...]

    13. I listened to the abridged version of this book.The story reminds me very much of something Dean Koontz could have cooked up. It is fast paced (this author apparently doesn’t share Koontz’s proclivity for longwindyness) and tells a story of a boy and his dog infected with a cancer, gun-shot wound, burnt to a crisp curing, form of nano-technology. Don’t ask. My pea brain can’t comprehend it. Anyway, one of the scientists who worked on this technology is also infected with these nano-critt [...]

    14. First of all, I need to mention that I do not read any books based on TV Series or moviesbutThe X files is an exception!! I really really love the series and willing to read more about it. To me, it remains as the best TV series ever produced in the history of television.Antibodies by Kevin J Anderson is not a novelization like I Want To Believe by Max Allan Collins. Antibodies is an original story that never been shown before. I like the story, very true to the series and the characters are als [...]

    15. You know this is a X-Files story because it has The X-Files on the front cover to remind you it is.The story itself was interesting enough with some thought-provoking aspects of medical research ethics and the conspiracy to control public access to medical breakthroughs. The level of threat from the 'monster' was pretty high with a nicely disturbing fate for his victims. The scene with the vet was a particular highlight.Of the books, I would say this one is probably the least "X-Filesy" in that [...]

    16. Anderson (not Gillian) returns with his third X-Files novel and it's his best written novel yet. Anderson really captures the essence of the series and crafts a believable representation of Mulder and Scully and the universe they live in.The concept however, just isn't as engaging as his previous two stories, nano-critters and a strange disease just aren't as fun as spiritual mushroom clouds and Indiana Jones Mayan temples. But the characters here are better written, the plot continually drives [...]

    17. I will always miss The X-Files television series. And I find it a crying shame that there are only six novels based upon the show. Antibodies by Kevin J. Anderson perfectly captures the feel for the hit television show. His portrayal of Fox Mulder and Dana Scully are perfect. This book does not focus on the conspiracy, but rather on a technological wonder that could change the world if it were ever to be revealed. I quite enjoyed the hunt for Jody by both the bad guy, who is only trying to survi [...]

    18. As someone who's sort of a junkie for these sorts of books (e.g. books based on existing game or television properties)I actually shot this one a 4 star rating when juxtaposed to, specifically, its competition. Although I thought it spent too much time a dogah, really enjoyed it. There's something about being able to fall into the pages of some prose that takes you deeper than TV can. Recommended for anyone who loves the show. X-Files, unlike, say, Buffy, works extremely well in novel format. Th [...]

    19. This one wasn't as good as Ruins, but I did like how it ended. The repetition was distracting this time. Yes, yes, Scully feels for the boy cause he has cancer too, we get it. And there were some logic holes you could drive a truck through. Virulent pathogen kills almost instantly. We don't yet know how it's spread, but Scully accepts latex gloves as adequate protectionah, right. The book was also plagued by those moments where if the characters took 30 seconds to explain themselves then a major [...]

    20. Now that I finished high school, I finally have time to read. I enjoyed this story but it wasn't anything I would recommend to my friends unless they like the X-files series. It did not have great diction, and the prose was lacking. Metaphors seemed unoriginal and not of adult level. I don't feel like the author truly understood the irony in his ending and didn't provide a proper conclusion to the case file. Still, it stayed true to the series and was entertaining enough for someone who is getti [...]

    21. In this original novel by Kevin J. Anderson, based on Chris Carter’s characters from The X-Files, FBI Agents Mulder and Scully are on an adventure filled with mystery, unexplained deaths, and a secret weapon that could save humanity.The agents travel to Oregon to investigate the destruction of the DyMar facility, a research lab that was experimenting with nanotechnology. And through it all, shady government officials watch their every move.Read more: bookstove/science-fiction/

    22. Not bad, but there were some things I didn't like about it. For one thing, there were too many different storylines going on. There was Mulder and Scully's of course, but also a crazy sick guy, a mom and her son, a government dude chasing all of them, a veterinarian, and once a family on vacation. Too many! All these plotlines meant little Mulder and Scully. Once they all converged towards the end though, it was a lot better. The story was good, but there were just too many plotlines.

    23. I first heard this as a 2-cassette audio tape as a younger adult and the language and grimness of the thing held me captive for a few weeks. It lacks a lot of that impact when reading it myself, so I suppose the performance was a good one. anderson's got a lot of good material under his belt, and this in no way detracted from that, I feel.

    24. Another find at my local library, but this time, I anticipated the vintage publication date and did not expect it to be a modern X-Files novel. This one stood on its own a little better than Ground Zero, in that it did not seem nearly as dated, and thankfully, was much less preachy. I liked it quite a lot, actually.

    25. An ok novel. I usually like Anderson's adaptations/novels set in a place/time/situation created by someone else. Here he doesn't quite capture the relationship between Mulder and Scully and goes with mostly plot. I would have liked to see more Mulder/Scully interaction. The plot was good, though extremely farfetchedeven by x-files standards.

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