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Falstaff The most beloved comic figure in English literature decides that history hasn t done him justice it s time for him to tell the whole unbuttoned story his way Irascible and still lecherous at eighty o

  • Title: Falstaff
  • Author: Robert Nye
  • ISBN: 9781559706490
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • The most beloved comic figure in English literature decides that history hasn t done him justice it s time for him to tell the whole unbuttoned story, his way Irascible and still lecherous at eighty one, Falstaff spins out these outrageously bawdy memoirs as an antidote to legend, and in the process manages to recreate his own This splendidly written novel is a feast,The most beloved comic figure in English literature decides that history hasn t done him justice it s time for him to tell the whole unbuttoned story, his way Irascible and still lecherous at eighty one, Falstaff spins out these outrageously bawdy memoirs as an antidote to legend, and in the process manages to recreate his own This splendidly written novel is a feast, opening wide the look and feel of another age and bringing Shakespeare s Falstaff to life in a totally new way Like Jack Falstaff himself, it s sprawling, vivid, oversized big as life We return in an instant to an England that was ribald, violent, superstitious, coursing with high spirits and a fresh sense of national purpose We see what history and the Bard of Avon overlooked or avoided what really happened that celebrated night at the windmill when Falstaff and Justice Shallow heard the chimes at midnight who really killed Hotspur how many men fell at the Battle of Agincourt what actually transpired at the coronation of Henry V Harry the Prig and just what it was that made the wives of Windsor so very merry Falstaff tells all about Prince Hal, John of Gaunt that maniac , Pistol, Bardolph, Doll Tearsheet, and Jane Nightwork At the same time, his racy narrative offers us a tapestry of the Middle Ages the Black Death and May Day an expedition to Ireland and a pilgrimage to the Holy Land nights at the Boar s Head the splendor of London Bridge and hundreds of other sights and sounds and people zestfully recalled between scabrous opinions and irreverent meditations in sum, the very flavor of a great age Falstaff brandishes a spirit that seems to come out of that age as well as comment on it The voice is unmistakably Falstaff s and his great drama swaggers, laughs, and shouts across every page.

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    • Unlimited [Fantasy Book] ↠ Falstaff - by Robert Nye ✓
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        Robert Nye was an English writer, playwright and poet.Nye started writing stories for children to entertain his three young sons Nye published his first adult novel, Doubtfire, in 1967 Nye s next publication after Doubtfire was a return to children s literature, a freewheeling version of Beowulf which has remained in print in many editions since 1968 In 1970, he published another children s book, Wishing Gold, and received the James Kennaway Memorial Award for his collection of short stories, Tales I Told My Mother 1969.During the early 1970s Nye wrote several plays for BBC radio including A Bloody Stupit Hole 1970 , Reynolds, Reynolds 1971 , and a version of Penthesilea by Heinrich von Kleist 1971 He was also commissioned by Covent Garden to write an unpublished libretto for Harrison Birtwistle s opera, Kronia 1970 Nye held the position of writer in residence at the University of Edinburgh, 1976 1977, during which time he received the Guardian fiction prize, followed by the 1976 Hawthornden Prize for his novel Falstaff.He has continued to write poetry, publishing Darker Ends 1969 and Divisions on a Ground 1976 , and to prepare editions of other poets with whose work he feels an affinity Sir Walter Ralegh, William Barnes, and Laura Riding His own Collected Poems appeared in 1995, and remains in print His selected poems, entitled The Rain and The Glass, published in 2005, won the Cholmondeley Award He has lived since 1977 in County Cork, Ireland Although his novels have won prizes and been translated into many languages, it is as a poet that he would probably prefer to be remembered The critic Gabriel Josipovici has described him as one of the most interesting poets writing today, with a voice unlike that of any of his contemporaries.


    1. Even the literary personages are capable to write autobiographies and this is the one of such.“History is so much piss and wind. Clio is the Muse of History. And who was Clio’s mother? Mnemosyne. Mrs Memory. That’s who. And who was Clio’s father? Your author.”Falstaff isn’t exactly a work of hagiography – rather otherwise – but a life of a sinner and literary hero is always more flowery and adventurous by definition than a life of any saint.Some picaresque personalities are so vi [...]

    2. All Shakespeare readers are familiar with the character of Sir John Falstaff, a man larger than life and large in life. But, sadly, we know so little about him—only that he was Prince Hal’s drinking buddy in Hal’s youth, that Prince Hal cast him out when he became King Henry V, and that he died in the Boar’s Head Inn with Mistress Quickly at his side. Well, Robert Nye has discovered his memoir and has published it as Falstaff: A Novel (1976). Clearly it is the essence of truthful, but Ny [...]

    3. I really ought to add a "history" shelf to my bookshelves. I keep running into books which really ought to be classified as such. Even the works of fiction. Probably especailly the works of fiction.So, I really liked this book. It's well written and in a style that feels genuine and fresh. The novel is supposedly dictated by an excessivly age'd Sir John Falstaff to one of four men who tend to rotate in and out. And, having been told to write down every word he says, there tends to be a good bit [...]

    4. This was going along fairly well, a nice Shakespearean version of the Flashman Papers, and then I hit the chapter where Sir John Falstoff cheerily narrates how he molested his 12 year old niece. It wasn't just the subject matter, though that's gross enough, it was the tone of the chapter which really put me off, written like this was just another of rogueish Sir John's bawdy hi-jinks. Maybe there's a deeper point to it, maybe it pays ff somehow later in the book, unreliable narrator and all that [...]

    5. I just can't waste the time on this one. There is no redeeming feature to this book whatsoever. I had wanted to finish it by the end of the semester so that I can bring it to my old English teacher - thought I would make a nice gift after having not seen him for almost half a decade - but, instead, I think I'll give it to him without having finished it. He likes Shakespeare, and this kind of humor. I, on the other hand, cannot tolerate this kind of humor. I made it to page 160 or something like [...]

    6. This has a stunningly perfect, vivid, and vivacious recreation of the voice of Shakespeare's character, rushing along in deft, playful prose that's full of life and beauty and woven with constant quotations from and allusions to the bard. It is however far, far more lewd and vulgar than it at all needs to be EVEN FOR FALSTAFF. That, and the constant self-indulgent meandering which I don't believe the conceit at all justified, really turned me off more and more. Nye can write, the prose is wonder [...]

    7. Robert Nye's FALSTAFF (published in 1976 and reissued in 2012) was first hailed "as one of the most ambitious and seductive novels of the decade" by Michael Ratcliffe of The Times. It went on to win the Guardian Fiction Prize and the Hawthornden Prize and was listed in Anthony Burgess's THE BEST IN ENGLISH SINCE 1939, (published in 1984).The book is equally ambitious as an undertaking for the reader, playing as it does off William Shakespeare's plays and his most famous character, Falstaff. Othe [...]

    8. John Fastolf, retired from the fray at his Caister Castle, 84 years old and as randy as ever, settles down to record his memoirs, dictated to a series of obsequious scribes, and one deeply aggrieved step-son. He relates all the scenes we know from Shakespeare plays (Gadshill robbery, role playing the king and the prince with Hal, escapades at the Boarshead Tavern) and most of the historical events attributed to the historical Fastolf. And he records all the women he has merrily bedded, all of wh [...]

    9. While at the start I delighted in its echoes of Robert Coover, Umberto Eco, Salman Rushdie and even Dylan Thomas, not to mention Rabelais, of course, as well as in its encyclopedic/hedonistic elements, after another fifty pages, which takes us past the ticklish allusions to F's relations with his niece, the book may be thought less like the work of Eco and more akin to George MacDonald Fraser's Flashman. But its cleverer erudition is again enhanced, however, with sojourns into the kind of fascin [...]

    10. I read this book when it first came out in 1976 and I was a pustular 14 year old entranced by its lubricious qualities. I would have awarded it five stars then. Looking back, it feels remarkably dated, especially in its depictions of sex - then, I found it racy and exciting, now, I am bored and sated. The 70's were a more liberal era than today, and though I am no puritan I cannot be the only reader who finds graphic descriptions of sex between an adult and a 12-year old somewhat queasy, to say [...]

    11. Okay, this book could be about 50 pages shorter and be better for it, but beyond that I really have no complaint and I have to say, this book surprised me with how good it ultimately turned out to be. Nye's narrator is by turns profane and poetic, epitomizing Shakespeare's Falstaff with astonishing accuracy while still managing to re-invent him and many of the other figures of the Henry plays. The book is both quintessentially medieval and English as well, filled with details and side stories th [...]

    12. This is a fantastic novel, the imagined 'autobiography' of one of Shakespeare's most famous, characters, dissolute, drunken, lecherous, cowardly, a rascal, but somehow lovable.The author captures the tone of Sir John brilliantly, borrowing from Falstaff's appearances in Shakespeare's plays and retelling the stories from his perspective, versions which invariably make him look more heroic and even more lusty.The book is funny and even moving as Falstaff recognises the waning of his prodigious pow [...]

    13. c1976. I am not sure if a historical novel can be described as dated. But it certainly seemed to me that there was a lot of gratutious mention of sex and various activities. I don't think that I am a prude but this was overwhelming due to the absolute volume. Not even well done really - just crude and coarse and I can't help thinking that this was typical of the popular novels of the period where it was considered daring and fresh to write "candid" and romping2 novels. I think I got to this nove [...]

    14. If you are easily offended by coarse language and so on, this is definitely NOT the book for you.It is a fictional autobiography of Sir John Falstaff, who for the purpose of the book is mixed up with the historical Sir John Fastolf.I found it amusing in parts, tedious in others. Some people are worried by historical novelists 'defaming the dead'. Well, I reckon the real Sir John Fastolf would do his nut over this one.

    15. Such fun with a lot of raunch! However, I had a lot of concern while reading that I was missing out on a joke or a character point referencing one of Shakespeare's plays. I got most of the references. But there was that constant fear that I was missing something and that hindered my enjoyment. Still, it was a real treat to read this perspective even though it's all just one man's creation. I had fun!

    16. Any book that takes me 3 weeks to read is obviously a bit dull. I got a tremendous sense of the author thinking to himself 'look how clever I am! look how much Shakespeare I've read!', which was quite nauseating. There were funny bits, but there were a lot of dull bits too, and never anything to draw you on to the next chapter. I wouldn't recommend it.

    17. This was amusing to start out with but then stayed the same for so long that it wasn't enjoyable most of the time and then got interesting in the last quarter or so. In the end it does some cool things with the dictated narration conceit, but the slow samey middle brings it down a lot.

    18. Raunch read but worth it. You'll enjoy the book once you get used to it. Excellent writing. A master of the adjective and adverb! A thesaurus by book. Not for everyone but men might enjoy more then women.

    19. Well written no doubt, but could really have done with being at least 100 pages shorter, can't help but feel that the author was just getting carried away with his own cleverness. Dragged on somewhat.

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