The 37th Mandala

The 37th Mandala

Marc Laidlaw / Feb 25, 2020

The th Mandala The mandalas have always been among us unseen and uncalled Those few occult masters who have encountered them have known to leave them alone for to these unholy forces we are mere playthings insign

  • Title: The 37th Mandala
  • Author: Marc Laidlaw
  • ISBN: 9780843946581
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback
  • The mandalas have always been among us, unseen and uncalled Those few occult masters who have encountered them have known to leave them alone, for to these unholy forces we are mere playthings, insignificant tools to be used, fed upon and eventually discarded When New Age charlatan Derek Crowe learns the secrets of the mandalas he sees only the opportunity for easy mThe mandalas have always been among us, unseen and uncalled Those few occult masters who have encountered them have known to leave them alone, for to these unholy forces we are mere playthings, insignificant tools to be used, fed upon and eventually discarded When New Age charlatan Derek Crowe learns the secrets of the mandalas he sees only the opportunity for easy money He ignores the warnings, alters the mystical texts to make the dreaded mandalas seem benevolent to a gullible public, then publishes his book and waits for the profits to roll in but Crowe is all too successful For he has inadvertently released upon the earth a horror that is beyond all understanding or control a horror both infinite and hungry.

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    1. New Age nuttery unleashes an ancient evil. The mandala mythos is interesting, with a Lovecraft on LSD feel, but the characters are generally shallow, and failed to inspire much empathy.

    2. The style is smoothly competent even if not remarkable and the premise pretty original for the genre. Mandalas are symbols used for mediation in Eastern religion. When a New Age con artist, Derek Crowe, encounters some occult lore concerning them, he makes them the subject of his latest book, ignoring and twisting warnings of their nature--and when his readers, such as Michael and Leonore, use them, they tap into a destructive malign force. I think my main problem with the book, why it never ris [...]

    3. The three main viewpoint characters are: Derek, a hack writer who, having found his niche in New Age claptrap, unwittingly unleashes the predatory mandalas on the world by corrupting their manifesto; Michael, a dedicated occultist who is a fan of Derek's latest book (he may seem a caricature to those unfamiliar with actual occultists); and Lenore, a troubled woman who is unhappily married to Michael, and finds herself possessed by a mandala after being uncannily inspired to go along with her hus [...]

    4. I read the 37th Mandala at the recommendation of several writers whose opinion I highly regard. I was not disappointed. It's a good read and Marc Laidlaw is a fine writer. It is very much a riff on H.P. Lovecraft's ideas, specifically From Beyond. In The 37th Mandala, however, there is not scifi agency that summons the beasts from another dimension but a kind of horrible distillation of the genocide in Cambodia, and their lore is passed from persons to person until it comes into the ownership of [...]

    5. A very tidy page-turner, with new age mysticism running into eldritch horror from beyond space and time. An original, weird tale that is pleasantly evocative of other works but is uniquely its own beast, and a strange beast it is at that. Threw me more than a few curves, and ended on exactly the right note to creep me the hell out.

    6. Al solito, quando si legge un Urania cercando fantascienza, e non tanto per una conscenza preventiva del titolo in questione, il giudizio finisce per esserne pesantemente influenzato. Il genere, nelle intenzioni dell'autore, credo volesse essere vagamente lovecraftiano; certo il richiamo a Stephen King fatto in copertina risulta del tutto fuorviante. Il romanzo presenta un'ottima parte iniziale ma purtroppo, nel prosieguo della vicenda, finisce per perdere smalto ed incisività raggiungendo la n [...]

    7. Shades of Laird Barron, but more narratively coherent and less dread-ful. Weak ending, but great opening and thoroughly engaging until the end. Still can't shake the feeling that something essential ties this to Watts's BLINDSIGHT, although I really can't even guess what that could be.

    8. I didn't know what to expect, as I've never read any horror or adult novels before, but this is one of the best books I've ever read.I give it a 4.5/5

    9. A pleasant surprise - and I was in my local library because it is criminally OUP.One of the best 'non-Mythos' Lovecraftian novels out there - and definitely the best modern occult-themed attempt. I was reminded of this book again by a few recent publications:amazon/Spiritual-Skin-.on/Thai-Magic-TattPlus, bonus points for takedowns of New Age pretentions: at least old school occultists drew a circle around themselves when they summoned, in case they had an unscheduled visitation.

    10. The general plot of the book is intriguing: an occult author takes a very damaging occult text that could wreak havoc for mankind and, assuming it might not be really all that bad, turns it into a positive new age book. Of course, havoc ensues.The beginning of the book is very slow. The middle actually gets some character development going and then it just ends. There are too many loose ends at the finale to make this a good book but it is a worthwhile summer read an occult horror fan.

    11. There is a very interesting story here and solid characters, but unfortunately I didn't think it came together well. By the end of the book I was left wanting to know more about the mandalas and their purpose and really cared less about the final climatic scene.For more reviews go to my blog fringesofhorror/

    12. This one is sort of brother-of-Wetbones. Good nasty fun. Not the blood-bath of the Shirl's book, but not for the kiddies either.

    13. Interesting enough premise, haphazard execution. The most horrific thing about this book is that I'm not getting back the hours I spent reading it.

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