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Vivia Vivia a paragon of youth and beauty daughter of Lord Vaddix is alienated from his brutal campaign of violence and fear Her only solace lies in the secret cave in the bowels of the castle known onl

  • Title: Vivia
  • Author: Tanith Lee
  • ISBN: 9780751521351
  • Page: 220
  • Format: Paperback
  • Vivia, a paragon of youth and beauty, daughter of Lord Vaddix, is alienated from his brutal campaign of violence and fear Her only solace lies in the secret cave in the bowels of the castle, known only to her and the arcane god whose shrine she believes it is.When plague enters the castle, bringing an orgy of death and destruction, Vivia seeks shelter in this seductive plVivia, a paragon of youth and beauty, daughter of Lord Vaddix, is alienated from his brutal campaign of violence and fear Her only solace lies in the secret cave in the bowels of the castle, known only to her and the arcane god whose shrine she believes it is.When plague enters the castle, bringing an orgy of death and destruction, Vivia seeks shelter in this seductive place Drawn to her innocence and beauty, a presence Zulgaris is resurrected who claims her as his own Wakened to the wonder of the undead, Vivia is granted the secret of eternal life, but she has been betrayed Her immortality stretches before her like a damnation Handsome Zulgaris, dark prince, war leader and alchemist Is Vivia to be his lover, or his pet Or, far worse, is she but one thing to be used in this relentless quest for sorcerous power.

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        Tanith Lee was a British writer of science fiction, horror, and fantasy She was the author of 77 novels, 14 collections, and almost 300 short stories She also wrote four radio plays broadcast by the BBC and two scripts for the UK, science fiction, cult television series Blake s 7 Before becoming a full time writer, Lee worked as a file clerk, an assistant librarian, a shop assistant, and a waitress Her first short story, Eustace, was published in 1968, and her first novel for children The Dragon Hoard was published in 1971 Her career took off in 1975 with the acceptance by Daw Books USA of her adult fantasy epic The Birthgrave for publication as a mass market paperback, and Lee has since maintained a prolific output in popular genre writing.Lee twice won the World Fantasy Award once in 1983 for best short fiction for The Gorgon and again in 1984 for best short fiction for Elle Est Trois La Mort She has been a Guest of Honour at numerous science fiction and fantasy conventions including the Boskone XVIII in Boston, USA in 1981, the 1984 World Fantasy Convention in Ottawa, Canada, and Orbital 2008 the British National Science Fiction convention Eastercon held in London, England in March 2008 In 2009 she was awarded the prestigious title of Grand Master of Horror.Lee was the daughter of two ballroom dancers, Bernard and Hylda Lee Despite a persistent rumour, she was not the daughter of the actor Bernard Lee who played M in the James Bond series of films of the 1960s Tanith Lee married author and artist John Kaiine in 1992.


    1. It didn't take me too long to realize that I'd read this novel before, and while I generally love Tanith Lee, this isn't one of her better books. It has something of an interesting twist with an inter-species love that is able to transcend the difference between two groups that are typically characterized by animosity. However, I've come to the realization that Lee frequently writes about passive, withdrawn women, and while this isn't a problem when their introspections and the events that are h [...]

    2. I was thrilled to find a copy of this Tanith Lee book (she's one of my favorite authors), which I don't believe has been published in the US - and, as a bonus, the cover art is one of my favorite paintings ("Sappho" by Charles-August Mengin, 1877)! I was not disappointed by the writing either - it's a purely sensual experience, and a wonderful addition to the vampire fiction genre.I rarely like books that don't have any sympathetic characters - but this was an exception!

    3. Sadly, not one of the Divine Ms Lee's best works. In this case, it is the story that is lacking. Vivia wanders around, letting her surroundings and the people in it control her life decisions, only coming to conclusions about herself by accident--and then not acting upon them. I found myself reading onward just to see where Vivia was going (emotionally.) And she didn't. Several instances and characters I wish we had seen repeated, or developed upon. The red wolves, for example, could have been b [...]

    4. While it has been at least eight years since I first read this, what I seem to remember most about this novel was how lush and promising the beginning chapters were and how it ultimately fell flat in the end--a common complaint I have with of a lot of Lee's more recent writings.Vivia herself is a fascinating character, and the depictions of her early life in the family castle as well as the decadent going-ons within were a highlight of the book for me.

    5. Dark but interestingThis is not my favorite of Lee's but it held my attention all he way through. Vivia is such a self-destructive being so when she finally took charge of her life I got really engaged. Then of course it fell apart.

    6. It sucks to be a woman - that could be the bottom line of this novel. the women here are tortured, murdered, raped, and treated like dirt. Even the main character Vivia (who is a vampire) is just a victim, and despite all her super powers (she can fly, walk through walls - or anything for that matter, and is immortal) is absolutely helpless in this cruel and violent world.Vivia is extremely self-absorbed and passive - even by Lee's standards. She absently watches the horrors happening around her [...]

    7. Vivia- Tanith Lee. Vivia, is only the second Tanith Lee novel I've read. My first being Heart-Beast.I had such a hard time finding the book, traveling to every book store in my city, every library and friends collections. Finally, ebay saved the day and produced a used copy of this books for about $1.00 CND. The book arrived within a few days, and having been struck down with a cold, I spent the morning in bed where I read half the book before falling asleep ( Only due to medications )The beginn [...]

    8. REREADING IN 2015This is an acquired taste, a book so dark that it will make you think too much. I seem to be the only one who really loved it. I guess that is because I like Lee's style and the fact that she is telling not one story but two, the story on the surface and then the one in all that imagery. Lee makes plain that girls and women are faced with difficult issues when it comes to love, marriage, or children. Something primitive and unsaid in our culture but duly noted in fairy tales and [...]

    9. I will read anything Tanith Lee writes, because I find her staccato yet elegant prose lovely and her imagery fascinating. This book is another one of hers about a hapless princess in feudal times whose castle is ransacked and who must figure out how to survive in a world without a place for her. If you like stories about rape, mayhem, dark lords and their foul magicks, heads on pikes, that sort of thingwell, this is the book for you.

    10. The appropriate cliché to characterize this fantasy/vampire novel set in a parallel medieval world, is, I think, ‘not her best work’ – not as an euphemism, however, but to express that while in the hands of any other writer this story about a cursed, abused, but annoyingly passive young woman probably would have become a mediocre book, Tanith Lee’s singular writing skills and psychological elaboration make this a compelling, convincing and rewarding read.

    11. I honestly didn't remember this one. I must admit that I need to be in the 'right frame of mind' to enjoy Tanith Lee and it hit this week. This isn't one of my favourites of hers (I much prefer 'The Secret Books of Paradys') but the prose just sends a shiver down my spine.Vivia does seem to let things happen to her rather than seize events by the scruff of the neck and maybe that's why this didn't stick in my mind.

    12. I didn't like the plot, however, Lee has this amazing ability to keep her readers guessing. It is one of the things I love about her work. I wouldn't have finished it except I was too intrigued to stop reading. I was twitching and laughing by the time I finished it-not really the best combination.

    13. Tanith Lee is a master of twisted fairy tales and this one springs from Sleeping Beauty - in this version the beauty is a vampire and prince charming is anything but. Vivia is one of Lee's signature unlikable amoral heroines and the lush horror of her story is exactly what I expected (in a good way) - Fair warning: it's dark and violent.

    14. Vivia's a basic Tanith Lee heroine -- if you can call her a heroine -- beautifull, completely self-absorbed, passive, ignorant and without much introspection. This one was a vampire, appropriately.Interesting done once, but hard to sympathize with.

    15. This book actually hurt me. I still feel wounded. There's a part of me that always wants happy endings, or at least justified endings, & I didn't understand how this one ended.

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