The Séance

The Séance

Joan Lowery Nixon / Jan 21, 2020

The S ance Lauren is reluctant to participate in the s ance and she feels the first foreboding of evil shortly after the room is darkened When the lights come back on her fear turns to shock Sara Martin is mis

  • Title: The Séance
  • Author: Joan Lowery Nixon
  • ISBN: 9780152050290
  • Page: 461
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lauren is reluctant to participate in the s ance, and she feels the first foreboding of evil shortly after the room is darkened When the lights come back on, her fear turns to shock Sara Martin is missing, even though all the doors and windows are locked from the inside

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      • Joan Lowery Nixon

        Author of than one hundred books, Joan Lowery Nixon is the only writer to have won four Edgar Allan Poe Awards for Juvenile Mysteries and been nominated several other times from the Mystery Writers of America Creating contemporary teenage characters who have both a personal problem and a mystery to solve, Nixon captured the attention of legions of teenage readers since the publication of her first YA novel than twenty years ago In addition to mystery suspense novels, she wrote nonfiction and fiction for children and middle graders, as well as several short stories Nixon was the first person to write novels for teens about the orphan trains of the nineteenth century She followed those with historical novels about Ellis Island and, recently for younger readers, Colonial Williamsburg Joan Lowery Nixon died on June 28, 2003 a great loss for all of us.


    1. This is one of my least favorite book.The author got my hopes up because she's an EDGAR ALLAN POE AWARD WINNER.I was hoping the book was more about the supernatural with some awesome horror twist in it. What it turned out to be was just a simple murder mystery. Rather disappointing

    2. Great book! I never would have suspected who the real killer was. One of the greatest young adult mystery books ever!

    3. Though this was a decent book there was nothing that makes it stand out from other thrillers. A group of teenage girls, a séance, and a small, Southern town full of religious and superstitious people. Then like every other teen thriller someone decides to become a serial killer out of the blue and the lead character is on the killers list of victims and so on.

    4. This is one of the best suspense book I've ever read! I really thought that the Seance they did worked and I was darn terrified the whole night while reading it--yes, I read at night :P Perfectly plotted.

    5. Lauren has lived with her Aunt since she was 4 years old. Her mother died and her father died in an accident without ever knowing she was born.Things have been fine with her Aunt all these years, but Lauren's Aunt takes in a 17 year old girl named Sara. Lauren and Sara don't exactly get along.Sara begs Lauren to come with her to a seance done by a local girl named Roberta. Lauren doesn't believe in that stuff and doesn't want to go, but eventually gives in.Everything is going well until the ligh [...]

    6. Have you ever been in a Seance.Well this book will tell you all about one.This book is about a group of friends who decide to hold a Seance.The characters are Sara,Lauren,Roberta,Allie,Maddie and Luemma. This all takes place at Roberta's house while her parents are away.As the lights flicker on and off wierd things start to happen.But soon after the lights completely shut off and when they finally come back on the fins that Sara had dissappeared.Few weeks went by and the police end up finding Sa [...]

    7. Have you ever had a group of friends that experiences a tragedy? In the book The Séance by Joan Lowery Nixon, a group of friends named Sara, Laren, Roberta, Maddie, Allie, and Luemma start a Séance. However, Laren didn't want to do it at first but they all convinced her to join. A Séance is a group of people who send messages to the dead. It all happens at Roberta's house, where the doors and windows are locked but lights start flickering. Sara gets murdered during the spooky event. They all [...]

    8. I really only bought this for the cover art, the original of which is amazing. But I feel like this was a good setup for a book - and then the author sort of gave up and tied up the loose ends in the laziest way possible. But it is for teens, and I don't imagine this sort of writing paid a whole lot back then - you probably had to write three of these little 200-pagers just to pay rent and you would have to write them rapid-fire, too. It was a fun read. I wonder how much research went into it - [...]

    9. This book is AWESOME!!!!!!It is very good. It is about these friends who go to a seance and then one of them disapears. The next morning they find her body in a swamp they say she was murdered. The rest of the friends are scared that the murderer will come after them.

    10. Must say for a young adult read this was very well done. Usually I can pick out the murderer unless it ends up being a demon undisclosed or another party also not mentioned till the end. Yes this book had me dumbfounded till the very end. Excellent read for girls

    11. I love Joan Lowery Nixon's books. The way that the main character described Sara was intriguing, and so was the way that her thoughts didn't let on that she had done something. Another book that almost managed to scare me.

    12. for now this book is mysterious and weirdd i love iti just finished reading ite murder is carley's grandma!!!i know that was an unexpected ending, still i enjoyed this book really much compliments to the Author!!!

    13. Do you believe in seances? If you do, or want to learn more about them, this book is perfect. The book is called The Seance. This book is about a group of teenage girls that decide to have a seance for the fun of it. it’s all fun and games until they turn the lights back on and one of the girls is missing. When they find her dead body the next morning, the small town they live in, gets turned upside down. Sara, the girl that has gone missing, is staying as a foster child with a girl named Laur [...]

    14. This was very close to being a 2-star read, but it started picking up towards the end.

    15. The Séance is a four-time Edgar award winner written by Joan Lowery Nixon. It takes place in a small town in Eastern Texas, where Lauren, Sara, and a few other girls hold a séance that ends in Sara’s abrupt and mysterious disappearance. Nixon had written more than one hundred-thirty books, but tended to favor writing about mystery and suspense.Lauren has lived with her great-aunt Melvamay since she was four, after her mother died. Her father never knew about her, and was killed in a truck ac [...]

    16. "The Séance" got three stars because it did not produce anything paranormal, however the mystery was skilled. Decoys pan out to be far more surprising than those flourished in most novels. I knew one or two Joan Lowery Nixon books in childhood; one stuck with me permanently. Because youths of the 1960s to 1980s were mature and certainly because she did not dumb down her immense audience: Joan's stories may have featured teenagers but an attuned ear would notice that they never had a "young adul [...]

    17. I'll be the first to admit that the story and its characters are very simple. Nevertheless, I was taken by the story. Even though the paranormal element fades after the séance is held, the murder mystery is enough to keep you reading. There are so many people with motives and yet the author doesn't give the reader enough to really figure out who committed the murders. The book is fast paced and keeps you turning the page so for most of the book I didn't have much to complain about in that sense [...]

    18. The Seanace was a really unique and intriguing book.Main characters as well as protagonist and antagonist are as stated.Sara:antagonistLauren:protagonist,NarratorRoberta:Holds the SeanceMaddie:Friend of Sara and attended the SeanceAllie:Sets up the date and time of the SeanceThe book is about a group of girls who start a Seance.(A Seance is a group of people who sends messages to the dead) Lauren lives in a house with her grandmother and a adopted sister named Sara,They never got along well, in [...]

    19. This book turned out to be pretty disappointing. It certainly looked interesting and even set itself up to be a good read, but it was bogged down by backstory and exposition. Pieces of it were interesting, but the overall story was not.I think the best part was the beginning, focusing on Constance. It was setting up just enough of a creepy atmosphere and some interesting build-up of seances and Constance's link to the mystical. That got derailed when she inherited an estate and a huge chunk of t [...]

    20. key Issues: Horror, killing, murder, and MysteryList of characters:Sara:Makes everybody go to the Seance also starts itantagonistLauren:Is forced to go to the Seance from SaraNarrator, protagonistRoberta:The seance takes place at her houseantagonistMaddie:Friends of Sara, Went to the SeanceantagonistAllie:Sets up the date and time of the SeanceantagonistPlot Summary: This book is about a group of girls who start a Seance. A Seance is a group of people who sends messages to the dead.The [...]

    21. This was a very easy read copy had 218 pages with larger type - maybe six words a lineere is just enough action - drama to satisfy those who do not like to read but will suffer through when neededI feel this is the perfect fit for 7th - 8th - and perhaps non-readers in 9th gradeI do not know if there are any summer reading lists with this book on them but it would work well for someere is no sex foul languagejust enough of everything to make a quick but well written readteenager growing up under [...]

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