The True Adventures of Charley Darwin

The True Adventures of Charley Darwin

Carolyn Meyer / Jan 25, 2020

The True Adventures of Charley Darwin The fascinating journey of a famous naturalist Young Charley Darwin hated school he much preferred to be outside studying birds eggs feathers and insects And so at the age of twenty one he boarded

  • Title: The True Adventures of Charley Darwin
  • Author: Carolyn Meyer
  • ISBN: 9780152061944
  • Page: 450
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The fascinating journey of a famous naturalist Young Charley Darwin hated school he much preferred to be outside studying birds eggs, feathers, and insects And so, at the age of twenty one, he boarded a ship called HMS Beagle and spent five thrilling but dangerous years sailing around the world, studying plant and animal life that was beyond anything he could have imaginThe fascinating journey of a famous naturalist Young Charley Darwin hated school he much preferred to be outside studying birds eggs, feathers, and insects And so, at the age of twenty one, he boarded a ship called HMS Beagle and spent five thrilling but dangerous years sailing around the world, studying plant and animal life that was beyond anything he could have imagined Here, historical novelist Carolyn Meyer tells the story of his unconventional adventures It s the story of a restless childhood, unrequited teenage love, and a passion for studying nature that was so great, Darwin would sacrifice everything to pursue it.

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    1. The True Adventures of Charley Darwin by Carolyn Meyer is a book about, well, the true adventures of Charley Darwin. It gives a vivid window into the life of one of the most famous naturalists in the world beginning in his childhood. The famous, hard-faced, solemn picture that is always shown along with Charles Darwin is, apparently, a terrible representation of who he really was. Charles was wild at heart, curious, shy, and passionate about nature. Charley Darwin grew up in Shrewsbury, Shropsh [...]

    2. When I saw this book, I bought it expecting something thrilling and philosophical story. But it gave me a different one. As I read it, I realized that it was about Charles Darwin's life. Therefore, I am more interested. The story wasn't really thrilling even though he had a journey, wasn't that exciting, not really a dramatic one, not a romantic one and of course not BORING. I don't know how exactly should I explain it. It's just when I read it, it feels like normal and peaceful. Yes, he had an [...]

    3. I've always thought of Charles Darwin as an old man with grey hair and a beard. But this book gives you a bird's eye view into the young Charley Darwin. This book is about Charley in school, which he hated, and as a young man sailing around the world. What starts our as a voyage of 2 years turns out to be 5 years. He sees things he's never seen before. And he is so sea sick during the voyage. He spends most of his time on ship in his hammock. But once on land Charley is his old self again. Off t [...]

    4. This book is about the young Charles Darwin and his dangerous and enlightening adventures. The genre is Historical Fiction. I would use this in a 7th grade class as a story path.

    5. Growing up in a Christian, God-centered home, I never was fully allowed access to the theories of Darwin and evolution. Even in school, my biology teacher would always skim the “Evolution Links” at the beginning of each section in the text book. He would always preface the evolution chapters with, “Now remember, these are theories- they have never been proven, which means that aren’t necessarily true.” Before reading this book, I have had very seldom and brief exposure to the life of C [...]

    6. This wonderful YA historical novel relates the story of young Charles Darwin in a way that allows every reader to experience his journey of discovery. We meet Charley as a boy who prefers to hunt newts in the quarry rather than study Latin and Greek in the classroom; we sympathize with his plight as a youth under immense pressure to pursue careers in which he has no interest; and we experience the excitement of destiny realized when the young man embarks on a perilous journey that will forever t [...]

    7. Summary: In The True Adventures of Charley Darwin by Carolyn Meyer explores the early life of a young Charles Darwin as he begins his academic career and discovers his love of nature and the outdoors. As a student, Charles is not very studious, but does his work. He spends the majority of his time exploring the school grounds and the wilderness surrounding his home and other places he travels to vacation with his family. Having lost his mother at a very young age, his father, brother, and sister [...]

    8. For most people the name Darwin brings to mind an old, serious-looking man with a long, white beard. But what about Charley Darwin--the small boy who couldn't still still in class because he'd rather be collecting specimens outside? Darwin's life was not always certain and the man who would go on to become one of the most important and controversial scientists of his day (and ours) was once a young man, unsure of himself and without a clue as to what he'd do with his life. This book follows that [...]

    9. The 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin's On The Origin of Species saw a flurry of activity in the publishing industry. This book is written as a novel and focuses on Darwin's education, his fascination with the natural world and eventual voyage of discovery aboard the Beagle with Captain Fitzroy. Along the way is the story of Darwin's love life, or lack thereof until his eventual marriage at the age of 29 to Emma Wedgewood, his cousin. This book is a fun read. The historical recreati [...]

    10. I think this may be my favourite book by Carolyn Meyer. Before reading this I knew nothing about Charles Darwin, I just knew that he had had some very very good ideas and had changed how we think about things and evolution. etc. etc. I had never thought of him as an actual real living person who falls in love and had feelings. So I think that is what made me enjoy this book so much. Now I feel like I really know him and he is a character that sticks out in my mind instead of some old guy. I thin [...]

    11. The True Adventures of Charley Darwin is the fictionalized account of the early years of naturalist Charles Darwin, covering his childhood in Shropshire, England up through his marriage at age 29. Told in the first person, the early years of Charley’s life are described in detail that makes the era come alive, although the author’s choice to tell the story as Charley might have written in the nineteenth century, complete with the English spellings, may make reading more difficult for young a [...]

    12. Recommended for gr. 6-10. This is a well-researched first-person account of Charles Darwin’s youth, beginning at about 9 years old and continuing through his journey on the Beagle. His schooling and interest in the natural world are well-handled, as well as decisions he has to make as he becomes older. Period details are included, such as the possibility of his sisters becoming “spinsters” since they had no mother to set up social engagements for them. The development of his theory of evol [...]

    13. Carolyn Meyer writes her first historical fictionalized biography featuring a male protagonist, & it comes across as strongly as her others. The greater part of the book is devoted to Darwin's youth in Shropshire, & a lot of teenage readers are going to be pleasantly surprised to find that he spent most of his young life struggling to find his own identity & decide what HE wanted to do with his life, not what others wanted for him. That's a message that's going to sound loud & cl [...]

    14. Before he was the famous scientist, Charles Darwin, he was young Charley Darwin, who did poorly in school and didn't what he wanted to do with his life. Then, his voyage in the Beagle changed everything. This is that story. It is fiction, but apparently quite closely based on fact. It's well-written and I truly grew to love Charley as I read. Which is a good thing, since I named my son after him! It ends with his marriage, before he publishes his most famous and controversial works. I'd love to [...]

    15. I really like this book. It talked alot about Charles Darwin before his marriage and that was really interesting because he had a interesting childhood. Some people may not pick this book up in the first place because no one really wants to read a book called The True Adventures of Charley Darwin at first but I recommend trying it. There are some slow parts but overall it is a really good book and I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in Charles Darwin or who like historical fiction.

    16. This novel tried to cover a very long period of time in a relatively short novel. It just wasn't that interesting to read, and was hard to connect with anything because most of the book was just listing events. It had about all the excitement of a grocery list. There was very little plot, even though the beginning was promising. I did not particularly enjoy this novel, but hey, someone might.I had a similar problem with Meyer's other book I read: Loving Will Shakespeare

    17. Juvenile fiction / biography. Good overview of Charles Darwin's early life, especially his voyage on the Beagle. Some early teens might be disinterested if they are unfamiliar with geography. Many places along the route of the Beagle are described and discussed.This reading confirmed to me that when one loses the moorings of Scripture, his view and interpretation of the world can change drastically. And this, in turn, can change others' lives.

    18. Carolyn Meyer has quite a knack for bringing historical figures to life, and this book was no exception. I know absolutely nothing about Charles Darwin's life (just his theories), so this fictionalized account of his early life and how he came to be was really interesting to me.Parts of this book dragged a bit, though, particularly during long stretches on the boat. Overall though, it was an enjoyable and interesting read.

    19. The story of Charles Darwin as a boy to a man.It was okay, as far as stories go, but my own imagination would have come up with far more for his life.It had a good beginning, but was disappointing as the book progressed.Overall, I found that the author didn't make me care about the characters, and I could have put this book down at just about any point, not finished it, and not really cared.

    20. I really didn't know much about Charles Darwin, other than his famous theories. This book was a great look at the young Charley, and his life-changing voyage on the Beagle. I really enjoyed the story and learning about his journey into the world of scientific discovery. It's a great look at history and science, as well as an excellent adventure story.

    21. Not my favorite. I'm not really interested in science but was required to read this for a class of mine. I definitely would recommend this for people who have an interest in the subject, but it just wasn't for me. I stopped reading before I was even half way through because I just wasn't interested in the story.

    22. If you like real-life excitement about real-life people, this is a great book for mid-grade to young adult. It just touches on the controversy Darwin's theories brought about in a very clear and not heavy-handed way. The rest of the book brings to life the early 19th century in England and in Darwin's voyages.

    23. This one started out so promising -- an enjoyable portrait of young Charles Darwin. Then it lost its way during Darwin's four year sea voyage around the world. Collecting, shooting, wandering, and I didn't even bother to see how he made it back to England, married his wife, and found his calling as a natural scientist. Disappointing.

    24. This is a fictionalized telling (young adult focus) of his life, focusing on his childhood and early adulthood. It does include his voyage on the Beagle and after. It was interesting to read how his thought process may have gone as he tried to understand the specimens collected and the knowledge of biology at the time.It has me thinking of reading a biography of Darwin.

    25. I really liked this book by Carolyn Meyer a la Jane Austen. A great story based on true facts about "Charley" Darwin's one-time voyage on the RMS Beagle. Interestingly enough, he only took this one trip in his life and didn't think much of the Galapagos Islands while on the trip. A great historical piece that helps give the reader insight into Darwin's teen years and historic voyage.

    26. This book is about Charles Darwin. It talks about his childhood. How he lived life and how he conquered going to school. He goes to Sherwsbury School, far away from his family. His mother died when he was eight years old. He now lives with his father and his sisters. they have limited food and trying to live life. Darwin is made fun of in school and he later gets revenge.

    27. This was a really pretty awesome book! I don't really read much about charles Darwin because science just isn't my thing. I really love the author though so I decided why not? I was pleasently surprised at how it described his early life.

    28. A very charming book that chronicles the life of one of the world's greatest scientists before he became famous. The story is very quiet and almost tranquil lacking the dramatic rising action that most books possess. None the less, the story is well researched and a lovely read.

    29. Not sure who the audience for this book since it reads like a YA, but doesn't have too much going on to keep a kid's interest. I guess if you're a teen who likes historical fiction (and Darwin in particular), it would work for you. I read it solely because I'm a biologist, so Darwin intrigues me.

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