The Lost Island of Tamarind

The Lost Island of Tamarind

Nadia Aguiar / Feb 17, 2020

The Lost Island of Tamarind Maya Nelson isn t your typical thirteen year old She s spent her whole life living on the sea with her marine biologist parents her younger brother Simon and baby sister Penny Maya used to love li

  • Title: The Lost Island of Tamarind
  • Author: Nadia Aguiar
  • ISBN: 9780312380298
  • Page: 148
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Maya Nelson isn t your typical thirteen year old She s spent her whole life living on the sea with her marine biologist parents, her younger brother, Simon, and baby sister, Penny Maya used to love living on a sailboat, but lately, everything feels terribly claustrophobic Maya longs to go to school on land To make friends To lead a normal life But when a violent storMaya Nelson isn t your typical thirteen year old She s spent her whole life living on the sea with her marine biologist parents, her younger brother, Simon, and baby sister, Penny Maya used to love living on a sailboat, but lately, everything feels terribly claustrophobic Maya longs to go to school on land To make friends To lead a normal life But when a violent storm hits and Maya s parents are washed overboard, life becomes anything but normal The children manage to steer the boat toward a mysterious island, to a place that doesn t exist on a map.Welcome to Tamarind, where fish can fly, pirates patrol the waters, jaguars lurk, the islanders are at war, and an evil, child stealing enchantress rules the jungle.Maya never imagined she d have to face so many dangers But then, who could have imagined a place like Tamarind In her stunning first novel, Nadia Aguiar presents a heart pounding adventure tale about a haunting, fantastical island cut off from the outside world.

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        The tiny Atlantic island of Bermuda where I was born and raised inspired my trilogy about Tamarind, a magical island where jaguars roam and volcanoes rumble Join Maya, Simon, and Penny on their exciting adventures escaping pirates, hiding in a treetop village high in the cloud forest, zipping down an ice slide through a glacier, venturing into an eerie, vanishing village, and tracking the fearsome and elusive mandrill through the jungle.


    1. I picked up this book at the library on a whim because I thought the cover art was pretty. As it turned out, "The Lost Island of Tamarind" was a rare gem of a book that I only rarely find.With an appealing Treasure Island flavor sprinkled throughout its pages, this book was great fun to read. I was surprised at how well Nadia Aguiar writes, since I found this book in the children's section. It could easily fit into the Young Adult shelves of any library. The adventure was well paced and the vivi [...]

    2. Maya is the oldest of three children who live with their parents on the ship the Pamela Jane, but has reached the age where she desperately wants a normal life on shore, maybe living with her Grandmother in Bermuda. In a storm, their parents are washed overboard, the the ship comes across a mysterious island that appears on no maps, and which matches tales their father has told them over the years.Maya, Simon and Penny go ashore to search for their missing parents. With the help of Helix, a boy [...]

    3. I loved this book. It is about a girl Maya, and her two younger siblings called Simon and Penny. She lives on a boat with them and her parents. A storm washes them overboard and they find themselves on an amazing island called Tamarind, which is in the middle of a civil war. Maya and her siblings have one main goal: Find their Parents. But tamarind is a big place, and dangerous for many reasons: Pirates, Soldiers, A child-napper who rides a jaguar, and many other dangers. The book is about Maya, [...]

    4. I found this adventure a very pleasant viney green escape from the fierce winter weather outside. There were some gaps in description and faint plot points which needled me a bit or broke my suspension of disbelief (the main character's blisters are pointed out often, but I had no picture of what kind of shoes or socks she is even wearing, if anyd where was her backpack all this time? Why the pan?) but I found the overall story is imaginative and satisfyingly rich in adventure.

    5. Reviewed by Allison Fraclose for TeensReadTooThirteen-year-old Maya Nelson would like nothing more than to live on land, go to school, and sit at an actual table to eat a meal once in a while. Her outgoing younger brother, Simon, may be fine with living on a boat and traveling the world with their marine biologist parents, but lately, Maya's grown tired of having no privacy and none of the normal things kids should have.Her situation has only gotten worse since Penny was born, making the small b [...]

    6. Posted to my Livejournal in October 2008:Equal parts adventure, mystery, fantasy, and survival story, this first novel is quite accomplished. Maya, 13 years old, has lived her entire life on the Pamela Jane with her marine biologist parents and two siblings. After a violent storm, the parents go missing, and the kids manage to steer the boat to an unknown island. It turns out to be Tamarind, a place that features heavily in their father's stories (which they thought he was making up), and while [...]

    7. This book gave my summer a more colourful, brighter exotic feel. The Lost Island of Tamarind deserves to be a lot more famous than it is.Maya (13), Simon (9) and Penny (10 months) live on a boat with their parents who are marine biologists. The children's parents are currently contributing to the Red Coral project which the children are allowed to know little about. When their parents get thrown overboard in a storm, the children try to find land but instead come across the magical island of Tam [...]

    8. As I read through this book, I made notes in a notebook. I uploaded a few of them as statuses, and I'm sure you can judge from that what I thought about this book. First point that gets repeated over and over and over in my notes--Maya, you're an idiot. Everything screams for you to trust Helix, and you don't trust him. Everything screams for you not to trust the guy with the skulls in a bag (especially the fact that he carries around skulls in a bag) and you take the path he points out. What is [...]

    9. Wow. I have to say that I can't believe I stumbled upon this book in the young adult section. This was one of the most well written, original and interesting stories I have ever read. It seems like a lot of fantasy books remind me of other fantasy books I have read in the past, however with this book it was not the case. I was interested the entire time and read until my eyes were droopy.Ofcourse this may not be the case with others who read this book, but I am really glad I picked up this book [...]

    10. This book was absolutly fantastic.It definatly satisfied my thirst for descriptive writing.The way the whole mystical island was described was perfect for creating beautiful visions of paradise. Although i cannot help to wonder if there is a 2nd book because it seems unfinished if any knows of a second book please message me . It would be a great help !

    11. In stark contrast to Tried by War, which I read simultaneously, this book is a light and fun read. It's a book that I would have loved in 6th grade. Lots of action, a wonderful story, and an entire new world created around a lost island in Bermuda. I liked it. And would recommend it to anyone who wants to read another "Harry Potter" type book.

    12. I really loved this book. It had a wonderful setting, complex characters, and I story I will remember for a long time. It was also very fun to read! It was a mixture between Swiss Family Robinson and Indiana Jones.

    13. Read this book if you like your adventure with an extra shot of adventure! It whips its brave-but-believable girl protagonist right along, conjuring brilliant marvels at every turn, and it almost always makes sense. Let's hear it for the Columbia MFA program!

    14. This book was one of those books I would take with me if I were to live on a desert island for like a month. There was so much content, but not too overpowering, so many characters and such a great storyline that I’ve already read the second one before I write this review. I totally recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy and adventure!

    15. For a children's juvenile book in which the oldest sibling is 12, there are a lot of thematic and dramatic elements to this book! As a librarian, if I were to convert this to a film, I would definitely have a hard time deciding whether to categorize it as an adult or children's film. But I loved the plot and the storyline. It was Nymh's Island meets the Baudelaire orphans.

    16. A fantastic book about 3 siblings and a wonderful mythical island. A great adventure packed read! Super vivid descriptions, you will be transported to another world! Have a look at my review here youtu/JmCJqJWcRmo

    17. I actually really liked this story!!! It was so interesting.

    18. In think this book is awesome! I was looking at some books in Barnes & Noble one day, and found this book. I thought it had a pretty cover, and when I read the back, it sounded good too.

    19. Maya has been traveling with her marine biologist parents on their boat, the Pamela Jane, for as long as she can remember. It used to be fun, living out on the ocean, but these days she'd much rather stay on land, where she can make friends. But when a storm strands Maya, her younger brother Simon, and their baby sister Penny on a remote island, the children have to fend for themselves. And Tamarind is no ordinary island, but one with hints of magic and mystery . . .I wanted to like this a lot m [...]

    20. The Lost Island of Tamarind by Nadia Aguiar is a story about three siblings whose marine biologist parents get washed overboard in a storm and land on a deserted island. Their names are Maya, Simon, and Penny, their baby sister. Maya, being the eldest must to take responsibility and control over the situation. They steer to the direction of land and find the Island of Tamarind. There, they meet a boy named Helix, who lives in the jungle. He helps to guide them through carnivore vines, jaguars, [...]

    21. Maya, the oldest of her siblings, faces a new life she could have never imagined. With her younger brother Simon and her baby sister Penny they set off on a journey to find there parents. The parents of the children work as marine biologists and for a fraction of time the whole family lived on their boat. When on their most recent voyage of scientific exploration there was a wreck and the family got separated. The mysterious island they wash up on and the dangers brought upon them brings them to [...]

    22. After Maya, Simon and baby Penny's parents are thrown off their boat, the kids are in charge and they soon come across and magical island where they go on a dangerously exciting mission to find them.The whole concept of this book is a little worn out - kids lost at sea and then finding themselves on an island. However, Aguiar has skilfully combined this idea with a mission, an island that is practically a whole country which no one from 'the outside' knows about and a brilliant imagination. It i [...]

    23. "Life should always be an adventure When it stops being an adventure, something is wrong."As a preteen, The Lost Island of Tamarind was one of my favourite action-adventure fantasy books, and with the arrival of the holidays, what better time to reread this book than now? I'm so glad I did. After their family's boat gets caught in a storm, and their parents are tossed overboard, three children arrive at an island hidden from the rest of the world, one which they had thought to be fantasy. Follow [...]

    24. This book is one that I will probably end up reading to my kids someday. A tiny bit of fantasy, and a lot of adventure, this book is something I read when I'm tired of reading endless stories about vampires, witches and werewolves."The Lost Island of Tamarind" starts of on the Pamela Jane, where we meet her current residents, the Nelson's. Maya, Simon, Penny and their parents. After Mami and Papi presumably get washed overboard during a storm, 15-year-old Maya is quick to take care of Penny and [...]

    25. Maya isn't a typical thirteen-year-old? She sure acts like one.She is stupidly annoying from the first few pages until the very end.This whole book was ruined with her as a protagonist. I kept expecting her to change, but she did not.She mistrusted Helix for no good reason, jumped to the illogical conclusion that he had betrayed her, and then disobeyed him and ignored his suggestions. REALLY, HOW ANNOYING CAN A CHARACTER GET?Much more, apparently, because I now loathe Maya instead of just hating [...]

    26. What the heck? The ending totally sucked and didn't resolve any of the big mysteries! REALLY ANNOYING. This book was like a child's version of the tv show Lost. With undeveloped plot lines, some parts that went into lots of detail and some parts that seemed rushed or stripped of extra words. How they got from a pool on Greater Tamarind to one of the lesser islands were the Pamela Jane was moored is not really a plausible ending, in my opinion.I was disappointed with the unresolved and underdevel [...]

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