The Rainbow Season

The Rainbow Season

Lisa Gregory / Sep 20, 2019

The Rainbow Season Luke TurnerAn outcast they called him bad blood from his boyhood in a tarpaper shack to his nights in a prison cell Sarah McGowanHer roots were deep in the Texas soil But her secret shameful love for

  • Title: The Rainbow Season
  • Author: Lisa Gregory
  • ISBN: 9780446347600
  • Page: 481
  • Format: Paperback
  • Luke TurnerAn outcast, they called him bad blood from his boyhood in a tarpaper shack to his nights in a prison cell Sarah McGowanHer roots were deep in the Texas soil But her secret shameful love for her sister s husband kept her from happiness.Pride and their love of the Texas land threw them together in an unlikely marriage Then, as unexpectedly as a spring flood,Luke TurnerAn outcast, they called him bad blood from his boyhood in a tarpaper shack to his nights in a prison cell Sarah McGowanHer roots were deep in the Texas soil But her secret shameful love for her sister s husband kept her from happiness.Pride and their love of the Texas land threw them together in an unlikely marriage Then, as unexpectedly as a spring flood, long pent up passion exploded in a storm that was to consume them both

    Rainbow Season Lisa Gregory The Rainbow Season and millions of other books are available for Kindle Learn Enter your mobile number or email address below and we ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. The Rainbow Season Turner s Rainbows Saga, by Lisa Aug , The Rainbow Season is a touching I love an old fashioned horse and wagon love story A farm with its growing season problems, an old house filled with the smells of down home cooking that carries so many memories for a close knit family. The Rainbow Season by Candace Camp The Rainbow Season Sarah McGowan s roots are deep in the Texas soil But her secret shameful love for her sister s husband has kept her from happiness Pride and their love of the land throw Luke and Sarah together in an unlikely marriage Then, as unexpectedly as a spring flood, long pent up passion explodes in a storm that consumes them both. The Rainbow Season Kindle Edition First published in , THE RAINBOW SEASON was a pioneering novel in the early years of modern historical romance But you d never know it It reads like one that could be written today. The Rainbow Season by Candace Camp NOOK Book eBook Homeward Bound Book Salt in the Rainbow This is the sixth and last book of the Sailing Around the World Series, and has been formatted for children and teenagers with reading difficulty.Jonathan, a self taught sailor left banking to sail around the world. Reading Rainbow Season Full Episodes Watch Online Watch Reading Rainbow season full episodes The complete guide by MSN Click here and start watching the full season in seconds. The Raven Performs Rainbow Season Ep THE MASKED Jan , The Raven performs Rainbow by Kesha Subscribe now for The Masked Singer clips Watch videos from The Ma Rainbow Six Siege Seasons and Patch Notes Ubisoft US Seasons Updates In Rainbow Six Siege, Seasons are major game updates that are focused on improving the experience Every Season we release new free content including maps, features or game modes as well as new unlockable content including operators, weapon or character skins. The Next Rainbow Six Siege Season Is The Moroccan Nov , The Next Rainbow Six Siege Season Is The Moroccan Operation Wind Bastion Joe Parlock Rainbow Six Siege is heading to Morocco in its final season of Rainbow Six Siege Year Everything We Know Windows Central Rainbow Six Siege Year Season November December Expect firmer details on the next season s deployment soon, following its recent Technical Test Server TTS debut.

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        Candace Pauline Camp was born on May 23, 1949 in Amarillo, Texas, U.S.A The youngest of three children born into a newspaper family her mother, Lula Mae Irons Camp, had been a reporter and her father, Grady Camp, was the business manager of the Amarillo, Texas, newspaper some of Candace s earliest memories are of making up stories which she played out on the floor of their den with whatever objects were handy She cannot remember a time when she was not interested in creating stories She began writing down her stories when she was about 10, and from then on writing was her favorite form of relaxation Explains Candace I was always very shy and did not talk much However, in written form, I could express all my thoughts and feelings Writing remained only a hobby, though, as Candace attended college at the University of Texas at Austin and West Texas State University, then became a secondary teacher in Eureka Springs, Arkansas She later moved to North Carolina, where she worked in the trust department of a bank It was there that she discovered the romance novel in modern form and started to write her first romance She also began law school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and while she was there, she finished her first novel, entitled Bonds of Love, that was published by Jove Publishing in 1978, under the pseudonym Lisa Gregory Candace credits the rigorous training of law school with teaching her the discipline necessary to finish a book She gave up the practice of law to devote her time to writing Two pseudonyms later Kristin James and Sharon Stephens , Candace writes under her own name Candace Camp and still loves creating stories.Candace is married since 1980 with Pete Hopcus, and they had a daughter Anastasia Hopcus in 1982, who had started on her own career path in the field of acting and now also writes young adult novels.


    1. The Rainbow Season by Lisa Gregory (aka Candace Camp ) is one of the books that made me want to be a writer. As a matter of fact, I attended my first writer's conference because Candace Camp was going to be speaking. I won't tell you how long ago that wasbut this book still sits on my keeper shelf! #RomanceWeek15

    2. Talk about a misleading cover! Here I was, thinking this was going to be one of those trashy Jackie Collins style Hollywood guilty pleasures, and it ended being one of the sweetest, small town, aw shucks, love stories with just cute as buttons, really likeable protagonists. It reminded me in some ways of LaVyrle Spencer's Morning Glory, a highly rated romance with a similar plot and themes but that one fell short for me because it was too hokey and saccharine. Here, on the other hand, I feel tha [...]

    3. I know this book is over thirty years oldbut I still can't just ignore the Rape Culture perpetuation of this book. There's a time or two that Luke thinks of Tess and Sarah as bitches. There's also the grandmother thinking of Julia as the "sluttish sister." There's Sarah thinking about Luke being with some "unknown beautiful slut" and Stu saying that Luke will come home "reeking from some cheap slut's perfume."The worst, though, was how Tess's character was panned in the book. The reader never me [...]

    4. Have you ever read a book that captured your attention from the very first sentence, captivated you and took you to another place and time, and became more important to you than food or sleep? THIS is one of those kind of books. I read both this story and it's sequel Rainbow Promise back to back nights. While I am exhausted while writing this review, I have a grin on my face I as I recount this amazing love story(one that is CEMENTED on my keeper shelf!) Luke "Digger" Turner has returned to his [...]

    5. I have never read a hero like Luke Turner before - sullen, feral yet vulnerable and defensive like a hurt young animal. His character immediately grabs your loyalty and empathy like a h does usually. Life has never given him a chance, shaming and knocking him down for crimes and sins he didn’t commit. He is 2 years younger to the h, which only adds to the allure apart from his lean hungry sexiness, of course! It is a heartwarming story of two very different people pushed by destiny into a moc. [...]

    6. I have mixed feelings about this book. There were certain parts that were dubious. I for one, thought that the hero had forced the heroine the first time they were together. But I kept in mind, that the heroine and people in the past have repeatedly thought that forcing intercourse in marriage was not rape. That is not the case any more - if it had ever been - but this novel was published little over 20 years ago. I know that at that time there were still people who thought so, having read an Au [...]

    7. Redemption Romance Texas StyleFirst published in 1979, THE RAINBOW SEASON was a pioneering novel in the early years of modern historical romance. But you’d never know it. It reads like one that could be written today.Set in a Texas farming community of strong Methodist values, likely in the late 18th century, it tells of 25-year-old Sarah McGowen, who secretly pines for her sister’s husband and has an active fantasy life. She wants her own family but has rejected suitors she doesn’t love. [...]

    8. Sarah McGowan is the dutiful daughter, living with her parents and helping on the farm. She has reconciled herself to life as a spinster as she hides her shameful secret of being in love with her sister’s husband. Luke Turner is the local “bad boy” who grew up on the wrong side of town in a tarpaper shack and never had a chance. His wicked temper finally got him in trouble when he ended up going to jail for rape. After Luke is released from prison, he is hired by Sarah’s father as a farm [...]

    9. The first book in the Turner's Rainbows Saga series. An oldie and somewhat goodie. I've seen this listed as a fave and while it wasn't bad, it wasn't great either. I may just not be in the mood for dark romances. This wasn't really dark but had some tearjerker moments. Luke (Digger) has had a rough life and ended up in prison when a girl falsely accuses him of rape. But he's ready to pick himself back up and earn enough money to get out of town and start new. Sarah's father hires him to help on [...]

    10. Bad boy Luke Turner has been released from jail for a rape charge that he didn't commit. He has made a vow to himself that his life was going to change for the better. He comes out to the Texas farm of pretty, older Sarah McGowan and is hired on as an extra hand. Sarah at first doesn't think of Luke in a romantic sense, because she was filled with daydreams of her sister's husband. But a tragedy brings Luke to the forefront of her mind and heart as they work together to save her farm. After they [...]

    11. This was such a lovely little story, heart warming. Loved both the characters, Luke and Sarah. A quaint little story about two very likeable and real characters. Their insecurities, their fears, all seemed so real.The writing was simple but I think it suits the simple but poignant love story of Luke and Sarah.

    12. Well, now, this was a really sweet little book. The old-style lightning-fast POV switches (listing definitely toward third-person omniscient) were a little tough to get used to (again), but gave a solid flavor to the book it might not have otherwise had.I'm partial to the "hard work and pragmatism makes everything better" philosophy, so this was a real treat for me. I expected to see the later family introduced almost swayed to the town's point of view, but that didn't happen at all. Wasn't even [...]

    13. I loved Luke Turner. I ached for him, his heartbreaking childhood, and unjust prison time. To see a man brought so low brings up all kinds of rescue tendencies in me, and I could understand the reasons for his behavior and sullen defiance. Luke made you want to just make everything better for him. Sarah was an insecure yet kind and fair woman and perfect for Luke. My favorite stories have unrequited love elements to make things a little complicated, and sure enough, Luke's knowledge of Sarah's l [...]

    14. I fell in love with Luke and Sarah immediately. Luke truly was the down trodden hero that you wanted to come out ahead. Sarah was the dutiful sister and daughter who'd denied herself happiness. Once I began reading it was difficult to put the book down. I read this book at age 15 and have kept it in my collection. Every now and again I must go back and relive Sarah and Luke's journey to love and confidence. A beautifully written story. Quite romantic.

    15. Marriage of convenience or forced marriage romances are among my favorite genres. This author gives new dimension to this theme by making the characters both strong minded and complex.

    16. The best love story!This story is one of my great reads. The characters are so likable and real, with feelings we can all relate to. I have re-read this book a least 10 times.

    17. I went through a Lisa Gregory phase several years ago. Pure guilty pleasure: park your brain at the door and enjoy the ride.

    18. Published in 1979 under Candace Camp's pseudonym, I just re-read this for the umpteenth time. It's one of my favorites.Luke is a man who grew up being abused. The story begins after he's released from prison. Reputations don't get much worse, and his cynical, hateful attitude is a product of his abusive past. Sarah's father hires Luke and gives him a chance, the one thing he's always wanted and never received. When Sarah's parents are killed, she and Luke decide marriage would benefit them both- [...]

    19. I enjoyed this more than I expected to. The storyline wasn't an exact copy of so many other books from this genre. The h being in love with her sister's husband, the fact that she was jealous and a spinster. She was unorthodox for her time. The H was younger, he was an uneducated ex-con, though of course he was innocent. Not your typical historical romance set up, and I really appreciated that. The H/h were sweet and had a believable slow build up from uneasy acquaintances, to tentative friends, [...]

    20. This book was listed as tear-jerker, and that’s surprising, to be honest. It was sweet, if predictable.The story is simple. He is ex-convict, back to his hometown where everyone despises him. She is a plain, shy girl, desperately in love with her brother-in-law. Luke is hired to help on her family’s farm, and after her parents die, she decides to marry him to keep the farm. They fall in love.It’s pretty average story-wise and the writing is irritatingly simplistic sometimes. And if you hat [...]

    21. After a long time, I got to read a classical story which was not completely a romance but a story tagged under 'marriage for convenience' ( still not a love story, the protagonists didn't love each other at first. Sarah is older and Luke has just come out of prison afterfive long years and the man didn't even do the crime.)Hero and Heroine, Luke and Sarah, both were likeable characters, the narration was quite good and I even liked the helping characters like Henry, Stu, Jenny and Edna. A four s [...]

    22. Read this book a second time because I wanted to read about redemption and people winning against the odds.This is a lovely story about how a town is prejudiced against a man because of his background and family. He works to win the heart and respect of a woman who hides her true self, so in many ways they are similar. I love how through quiet persistence they reach the happiness that's deserved to both of them.I'm glad that I reread this :)

    23. I still love this book. It's been several years since I read it and will probably be several more before I read it again, but the romance of Luke and Sarah of a young man wrongfully sent to prison and a young woman who believes she's in love with her sister's husband. Well, read it and find out!

    24. It was a nice read. 2 Main things happened in there, that were a little dark. but i liked it in general. What I did not like was how stubborn and clueless they were about each other feelings.

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