Make No Bones

Make No Bones

Aaron Elkins / Sep 19, 2019

Make No Bones There is not much left of the irascible Albert Evan Jasper dean of American forensic anthropologists after his demise in a fiery car crash But in accord with his wishes his remains a few charred bi

  • Title: Make No Bones
  • Author: Aaron Elkins
  • ISBN: 9780446403085
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Paperback
  • There is not much left of the irascible Albert Evan Jasper, dean of American forensic anthropologists, after his demise in a fiery car crash But in accord with his wishes, his remains a few charred bits of bone are installed in an Oregon museum to create a fascinating if macabre exhibit All agree that it is a fitting end for a great forensic scientist until what is leftThere is not much left of the irascible Albert Evan Jasper, dean of American forensic anthropologists, after his demise in a fiery car crash But in accord with his wishes, his remains a few charred bits of bone are installed in an Oregon museum to create a fascinating if macabre exhibit All agree that it is a fitting end for a great forensic scientist until what is left of him disappears in the midst of the biannual meeting a.k.a the bone bash and weenie roast of the august WAFA the Western Association of Forensic Anthropologists in nearby Bend, Oregon.Like his fellow attendees, Gideon Oliver the Skeleton Detective is baffled Only the WAFA attendees could possibly have made off with the remains, but who in the world would steal something like that And why All had an opportunity, but who had a motive Soon enough, the discovery of another body in a nearby shallow grave will bring to the fore a deeper, urgent mystery, and when one of the current attendees is found dead in his cabin, all hell breaks loose.Gideon Oliver is now faced with the most difficult challenge of his career unmasking a dangerous, brilliant killer who knows every bit as much about forensic science as he does Or almost.

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        Aaron J Elkins AKA Aaron Elkins born Brooklyn July 24, 1935 is an American mystery writer He is best known for his series of novels featuring forensic anthropologist Gideon Oliver the skeleton detective The fourth Oliver book, Old Bones, received the 1988 Edgar Award for Best Novel As Oliver is a world renowned authority, he travels around the world and each book is set in a different and often exotic locale.In another series, the protagonist is museum curator Chris Norgren, an expert in Northern Renaissance art.One of his stand alone thrillers, Loot deals with art stolen by the Nazis and introduces protagonist Dr Benjamin Revere.With his wife, Charlotte Elkins, he has also co written a series of golf mysteries about LPGA member Lee Ofsted They shared an Agatha Award for their short story Nice Gorilla.Aaron and Charlotte live on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State.Japanese Series Lee Ofsted with Charlotte Elkins Series contributed to Malice Domestic


    1. Based on the reviews of the Gideon Oliver books here on , I picked one up at my local used bookstore. I am pleasantly surprised and relieved - the community here has, indeed, helped me find a book I want to read. What sticks out in my mind most after having finished reading Make No Bones is that Aaron Elkins has Agatha Christie's talent for creating warm, pleasantly rounded characters, especially middle-aged and older ones. He also has the same knack for making his characters distinctive enough [...]

    2. Elkins impresses readers with another North American locale case, full of anthropological tidbits and forensic treats. While attending a biannual anthropology convention, Dr. Oliver and Julie discover that the mentor to many of the original attendees in 1981 was not killed in a bus crash, as they were led to believe, but actually murdered. A body found buried at the convention site (same as the inaugural one a decade before) leads to more questions and has Oliver showing some of his skills to a [...]

    3. Elkins's Gideon Oliver mysteries are always reliable, cozy, forensic, non-gory fun. This one is no exception. If you like Kathy Reichs, but prefer a little less blood-and-stress, this is a great series. Oliver is pleasantly non-neurotic for a sleuth, has a loving relationship with his intelligent wife, and loves to teach. That positive approach gives us a fast-moving story that never gets bogged down in angst, quick and clever dialogue, and fascinating lessons about forensic anthropology.

    4. Aaron Elkins' 7th Gideon Olivery mystery, this one set in Bend, Oregon. Who can resist the thrall of this high desert retreat, the academic intrigue and the bodies - old and new- just waiting for what The Skeleton Detective can evoke. Aaron Elkins, on tour in Salem, Eugene, Roseburg, Klamath Falls and Ashland, Oregon beginning in Salem, Oregon on Wednesday Aug 11, 2010. ashlandmystery

    5. An OK mystery. I thought there was a little too much of one character explaining his reasoning to another character when it seemed that the second character was plenty smart enough to follow the reasoning on his own. I know I was.

    6. Before Kathy Reichs, before Jefferson Bass, there was Aaron Elkins. Another stupendous installment in the Gideon Oliver series. The more I read of it the better it gets. The series has certainly solidified as it has gone on. The author has definitely improved his craft over the years.Of course Gideon, Julie and John are all wonderful. And the story specific characters are all pretty well done as well. I did tend to get Les and Leland confused with each other, and they probably could have been co [...]

    7. Dr. Oliver goes on an awful lot of conferences where people end up dying. I can see why the FBI gets nervous when he calls. In this story, he and his wife are attending a conference during which the organization holding the discussions is going to install the bones of one of the founders in its museum. That all goes swimmingly, except that immediately after the official museum unveiling, those bones are stolen. Soon thereafter, another skeleton is discovered.There is much confusion, a great deal [...]

    8. "Make NO bones" by Aaron Elkins.I love this series because it is more than just another mystery to be solved. Gideon Oliver take me, the reader, step by step into the mind of the killerat is unless Gideon himself has been duped by the killer. That's exactly what happens in this excellent who done it. The ending will have you on the edge of your seat (to use a cliché)with your eyes glued to every word on the last 3 chapters. I enjoy the banter between John Lau and Gideon and have become accustom [...]

    9. This was a pretty good book. I liked the plot and the characters and the way the principal characters were involved in the story. About the only negatives were that there were a few loose ends that went unanswered and a couple of characters that were not developed enough even though theywere good potential suspects. But these are minor quibbles.The writing style is not my favorite, but the mystery itself was good and well-presented. It didn't knock my socks off but it was a good, solid mystery.

    10. Elkins mysteries are such fun. Lots of forensic detail - which I assume is accurate, since he's a forensic anthropologist himself. What I like is that Elkins doesn't give us a lot of graphic violence, at least not in the present, and the blood and gore tend to be old. These are "old-fashioned" mysteries, skipping sadism, with the emphasis being on careful scientific sleuthing.

    11. This book in the series doesn't disappoint. Solving the satisfyingly convoluted mystery revolves around forensic science practiced by the protagonist, Gideon Oliver, as it usually does in this series. His relationship with his wife is as sweet as ever, and the humorous look at scientists and scholars and their relationships continues to delight.

    12. I enjoy these books. Entertaining reads. Educational. That said, there was a lot of build up leading to a relatively quick resolution. Other than that, good read, as always. Who knew my finding book 5 at a yard sale would have me reading the entire series 15 years later?

    13. An enjoyable enough reread. The idea of a mystery set at an academic conference has a certain appeal to it, although I can't say that in my field I ever end up at small rural conferences populated by cremains and corpses as well as academics.

    14. An interesting mystery featuring Gideon Oliver and his wife as they solve a murder during a conference of forensic anthropologists.

    15. I have always loved Gideon Oliver and this series has never failed to entertain. See what happens when a group of forensic anthropologists with a secret get together.

    16. First Gideon Oliver--and first of anything by the prolific Aaron Elkins--that I have read. Not bad, worth getting at least one more.

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