Обитаемый остров

Обитаемый остров

Arkady Strugatsky Boris Strugatsky / Sep 23, 2019

Originally published in Russian as Obitaemyi ostrov translated into English by Helen Saltz Jacobson First in series followed by Beetle in the Anthill original title Zhuk v Muraveinike and The Time

  • Title: Обитаемый остров
  • Author: Arkady Strugatsky Boris Strugatsky
  • ISBN: 9785170409587
  • Page: 122
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Originally published in Russian as Obitaemyi ostrov, translated into English by Helen Saltz Jacobson First in series, followed by Beetle in the Anthill original title Zhuk v Muraveinike , and The Time Wanderers original title Volny Gasyat Veter.The novel is set in the 22nd century of the Noon Universe Mankind is the prevalent race in the Galaxy, capable of interstelOriginally published in Russian as Obitaemyi ostrov, translated into English by Helen Saltz Jacobson First in series, followed by Beetle in the Anthill original title Zhuk v Muraveinike , and The Time Wanderers original title Volny Gasyat Veter.The novel is set in the 22nd century of the Noon Universe Mankind is the prevalent race in the Galaxy, capable of interstellar travel Human social organization is presumably Communist, and can be described as a highly technologically advanced anarchistic meritocracy.

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      122 Arkady Strugatsky Boris Strugatsky
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      • Arkady Strugatsky Boris Strugatsky

        Arkady Natanovich Strugatsky Russian was born in August 1925 in hot Batumi in the family of intellectuals critic Nathan Zalmanovich Strugatsky, who worked as a newspaper editor, and Alexandra Ivanovna Litvinovoj, honored teacher who taught Russian language and literature.17 year old Arkady Strugatsky, first participated in the construction of fortifications of the besieged city, then went to work at the factory, which produced shells.During the evacuation of the sick younger Strugatsky 9 year old Boris My mother stayed with her son in the city Arkady s father was taken on the road of life across Ladoga in the beginning of 1942 More mother and father Arkady did not see never Dad became seriously ill and died in Vologda Miraculously survived himself Arkady The train, which transported the refugees, including young Strugatsky, was bombed Survived units, among them the future writer.In the summer of 1942 Arkady Strugatsky stopped in a small village close to Tashla in Orenburg Short time he worked at the point of purchase of products and was even appointed head of Earning money on the road, he was able in the spring of 1943 to pick up my mom and younger brother Boris from hungry Leningrad.In 18 years, Arkady Strugatsky studying in Berdichev artillery school, which was located in the rear Sittwe After graduating, he was assigned to a Military University, where he taught foreign languages Graduated from the Institute in 1949 with a degree in interpreter of English and Japanese languages.After graduation destiny brought Arkady Strugatsky North Until 1955 he served as an interpreter on the Kamchatka Peninsula Arcady has worked as a Japanese teacher in one of schools located in the city of Kansk After retirement Strugatsky moved to the capital.


    1. Аркадий и Борис Стругацкие "Обитаемый остров"Не знаю почему, но братья Стругацкие знакомы мне лишь по доброй детской книге "Понедельник начинается в субботу". Может, сыграло роль то, что в своё время стала равнодушной к фантастике, повернув свои предпочтения в сторону более [...]

    2. Noon svemir - moguća su svemirska istraživanja i letovi od zvijezde do zvijezde.Maksim je svemirski lutalica kojega kritiziraju svi u obitelji. Dok tako leti u dokolici kroz svemirska prostranstva senzor uhvati nastanjeni planet Sarakash u šuni nenastanjenih i Maksim odluči sletjeti. Budući je na planetu tehnologija na razini tehnologije oko 2. svjetskog rata, oni ruše MAksimov brod i on pada u šumu nedaleko od velikog grada.Tako otprilike počinje ova fantastična knjiga braće Strugatsk [...]

    3. Hard SciFi with a Strong MessageThere's a part at the beginning of this book - and note that I took this insight from the prologue by Theodore Sturgeon - where the main character Maxim doesn't dip his hand in water because he senses it's radioactive.The average reader thinks either 'how would he know that?' or perhaps 'he probably wouldn't know that, but this is SciFi so I will suspend my disbelief.'But this book, a hundred pages later, explains why Maxim just knows it.That's the Strugatsky brot [...]

    4. 22nd century communist earth has raised the human being to such heights that even Maxim Kammerer - who has the less than prestigious job of exploring new planets chosen at random - is a virtual superman compared to the unhappy inhabitants of what he comes to think of as his "Undesert Isle" (IMO a better translation of the Russian title Обитаемый остров). Social development there has taken such a bizarre turn that by comparison capitalism looks humane and even fascism not quite so [...]

    5. Moji první Strugatští a mírné zklamání. Nejsem úplně schopný definovat proč. Možná je to tím, že jsem odchovaný anglo-saskou sci-fi a ruské fantastice musím teprve přijít na chuť.Možná je to tím, že ačkoli normálně říkám, že patřím ke Generaci X, tak někdy, sice s odporem, ale popravdě, musím přiznat, že patřím mezi Husákovy děti - prostě vím, co to znamená "se Sovětským Svazem na věčné časy". A tak i když se můžu velmi dobře vcítit do pop [...]

    6. Ни одна книга из прочитанного мною стандартного набора антиутопий (1984, О дивный новый мир, 451 по Фаренгейту) не смогла так же хорошо приблизиться к моему представлению о настоящем, как эта научная фантастика. Чем больше читаю Стругацких, тем сильнее влюбляюсь в них. --------Гай, [...]

    7. Boris and Arkady Strugatsky's Prisoners of Power is one of my favorites in the Noon Universe series, in which Earthlings get involved in mostly messed-up other worlds. There, they act as "Progressors" to bring the populations up to speed with Earth, which in future is much more together than it is today. I have read twelve of the Strugatsky Brothers' sci-fi novels in translations, half of them belonging to the Noon Universe series. Some of them -- especially Roadside Picnic -- hold their own amo [...]

    8. While this might not be the Strugatsky brothers' greatest work, this is still a damn fine science fiction book. It straddles the line very nicely between poking fun at the Soviet system (see esp. the character of the State Prosecutor) and having a much more Utopian outlook for our future than most Western SF writers. If you're into SF and are looking for something different, this book will not disappoint.Stylistically, one of the excellent things about this book is the quick jumps it makes. The [...]

    9. This is one of my favorite novels, of which I once wrote an amateur English translation (there is already a English translation of a heavily censored version of the text, dating to 1971). A naive 20-year-old from utopian Earth is thrown into a planet of humanoids who combine atompunk technology with totalitarian mind control. After a series of roller-coaster adventures on the planet, the young man destroys the mind control center, and swears that it would never be built again. The man to whom I [...]

    10. the eternal Strugatsky's curse - it starts out with a super-awesome idea, then fall out of it on some boring lecture~y deep-philosophizing the climb back into adventure (which is now kinda hard to get back into with as much enthusiasm as before) and then kinda limp to the ending

    11. Although to me "Prisoners of Power" is not as powerful as "The Roadside Picnic" (both set in the same universe), this book is still a deep dive into Strugatsky's world. So it means you will have a lot of social decadence, detachment, radiation and nihilism.

    12. Интересная книга, в целом. Сюжет захватывает, раскрывается постепенно и удивляет почти до конца книги.Но вот поступки главного героя, мысли, действия Может быть, не стоило ожидать от не определившегося в жизни юноши чего-то стоящего, но ведь подаётся как герой А геройского [...]

    13. I just finished reading this book for the first time and I am certainly going to read it again and again. It is deep. And beautiful. All books of Strugatsky brothers are, but this one strikes you with the pureness of the protagonist's intentions and with dramatic realism of life, though the book is a speculative fantasy.

    14. А вот почему-то не пошло. Я понимаю, что нравится книга или нет во многом зависит от того, в какое время она попала мне в руки. Эта, видимо, попала не в то время. Единственная книга Стругацких, после прочтения которой не почувствовала того самого "уоу!"Слишком темно как-то.

    15. Миры Стругацких можно читать и перечитывать все время дополняя вселенную деталями. Основной кирпич вселенной гениальных братьев прочитан влет.

    16. Very well written, thrilling. Howerver, there were too much army stuff, too much war. That’s why I gave only 4 stars.

    17. Хорошая книга, но немного неровно написана. Я читал вариант 1971 года, так что её, может быть, потом немного "причесали", но были некоторые проблематичные моменты; скажем, Странник появляется только в конце, но так, как будто нас этим Странником усердно пугали уже с самого начал [...]

    18. Про «Сто років самотності» мені сказали, що такі книжки люблять не за сюжет. Стругацькі після Маркеса — як повернення додому: тут і події розгортаються логічно, і люди мислять звично, і непрохідна тупість людського життя — знайома і домашня.Дуже сподобався початок — як сп [...]

    19. Po Je těžké být bohem a Piknik u cesty velké překvapení. Zmíněné dvě knihy byly dobré, velmi zajímavé a originální. Číst další knihu bratří Strugatských mě ale už nedonutily. Když sem však nedávno dočetl Malevil, v doslovu byly uvedeny další příklady knih a filmů, které se post-apo světem postiženém dopadem bomby zajímavě zaobírají. A Obydlený ostrov byla jedna z doporučených knih. Když sem se pak na ni vrhl, po kapitole a půl to nevypadalo nijak zv [...]

    20. Tihtilugu on nii, et kui venelane kirjutab eksootilisest lõunamaast, ammusest minevikust või kaugest planeedist, teiste sõnadega, kirjutab ulmet, siis vaatamata eksootilistele tegevuspaikadele, tegelaste nimedele või eriti fantastilisele tegevusele vaatamata puudub täielikult usutavus, tunne mida scifi's nimetatakse "sense of wonderiks". Sest venelane kirjutab ikka ja jälle Venemaast, peitku ta seda ükskõik mis sulgede alla. Ei usu trussikutes raketist välja kargavat 20 aastast revoluts [...]

    21. A hard book to get a hold of, but definitely worth the search. At first I wasnt really getting into it as I found it starting off kinda cheesy, but the writing was so good that it kept me going until it really got going. The Strugatsky's also have a habit (from what I understand -- this is the first of theirs Ive read) of shoot first, explain later which means that you might not get whats going on until later in the book (so stay tuned). There is a great explanation in the beginning of the book [...]

    22. Mám rád ruské spisovatele, je to jedna z mála věcí, na které se dá ve světě spolehnout. Tam kde je Lukjaněnko víc vlastenecký a bere si námět (při čtení se mi vybavovala kniha Hvězdy, ty studené hračky) a prostředí, tam jdou bratři Strugačtí až na kost a mnohdy to nebylo příjemné čtení a člověk se až ošíval při popisování totalitních režimů a jejich praktik.

    23. "Обитаемый остров", на мой взгляд, это мужской вариант сказки про Золушку. Золушкой в данном случае является умирающая планета, а главный герой - без сомнения, принц. С неизбежным хиппи ендом в конце. Удивительно, что книга была написана в советское время и была пропущена цен [...]

    24. The Noon Universe at its best. Ah, hell no I'm exaggerating. Count Beetle in an Anthill, It's Hard To Be A God and Waves Silence the Wind (a.k.a. The Time Wanderers) in as well. Now that's the Noonverse at its best - no kidding. The other half of the series isn't that bad either, but these 4 books are totally pivotal to the entire setting and totally one of the best things ever created by the legendary Russian duo. P.S. I'm pretty baffled about the complete lack of any mentions about the plot it [...]

    25. О мальчике из будущего, который "всех спасает": неразумно, без четкого плана, по принципу "лишь бы что-то делать", а в итоге наломал дров и многое запорол. (Тяжело читать книгу, когда большую ее часть ГГ бесит!)А вот сатира на управление государством все еще не теряет актуальнос [...]

    26. This was essentially an anti-dominating-government diatribe, written as a scifi story with various other obfuscations to prevent the authors from being sent to siberia (it was pretty hilarious when one of the rebellion leaders was referred to as having communist feelings--the dire situation of the country was unlike the tsar government overthrown by lenin ET AL, more like stalin party). I respect this choice by the authors but give them their first (from me) sad 4stars due to my perception of re [...]

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