The Brooklyn Follies

The Brooklyn Follies

Paul Auster / Feb 25, 2020

The Brooklyn Follies National BestsellerA New York Times Book Review Editors Choice Nathan Glass has come to Brooklyn to die Divorced retired estranged from his only daughter the former life insurance salesman seeks on

  • Title: The Brooklyn Follies
  • Author: Paul Auster
  • ISBN: 9780312426231
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • National BestsellerA New York Times Book Review Editors Choice Nathan Glass has come to Brooklyn to die Divorced, retired, estranged from his only daughter, the former life insurance salesman seeks only solitude and anonymity Then Glass encounters his long lost nephew, Tom Wood, who is working in a local bookstore a far cry from the brilliant academic career Tom hadNational BestsellerA New York Times Book Review Editors Choice Nathan Glass has come to Brooklyn to die Divorced, retired, estranged from his only daughter, the former life insurance salesman seeks only solitude and anonymity Then Glass encounters his long lost nephew, Tom Wood, who is working in a local bookstore a far cry from the brilliant academic career Tom had begun when Nathan saw him last Tom s boss is the colorful and charismatic Harry Brightman a.k.a Harry Dunkel once the owner of a Chicago art gallery, whom fate has also brought to the ancient kingdom of Brooklyn, New York Through Tom and Harry, Nathan s world gradually broadens to include a new circle of acquaintances He soon finds himself drawn into a scam involving a forged page of The Scarlet Letter, and begins to undertake his own literary venture, The Book of Human Folly, an account of every blunder, every pratfall, every embarrassment, every idiocy, every foible, and every inane act I have committed during my long and checkered career as a man The Brooklyn Follies is Paul Auster s warmest, most exuberant novel, a moving, unforgettable hymn to the glories and mysteries of ordinary human life.

    The Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster Dec , The Brooklyn Follies, Paul Auster The Brooklyn Follies is a novel by Paul Auster year old Nathan Glass returns to Brooklyn after his wife has left him He is recovering from lung cancer and is looking for a quiet place to die In Brooklyn he meets his nephew, Tom, whom he has not seen in several years. The Brooklyn Follies Plot summary The Brooklyn Follies contains the classic elements of a Paul Auster novel The main character is a lonely man, who has suffered an unfortunate reversal The narrative is based on sudden and randomly happening events and coincidences It is a book about survival as Paul Auster says The novel was published in Danish in May The Brooklyn Follies A Novel In an important scene in Paul Auster s novel, The Brooklyn Follies, Tom Wood, a major character in the book and a student of literature, tells the story of Franz Kafka and a doll During the last year of Kafka s life, he met a young girl in a park lamenting the loss of her doll. The Brooklyn Follies Paul Auster Macmillan Paul Auster PAUL AUSTER is the bestselling author of Travels in the Scriptorium, Oracle Night, and Man in the Dark, among many other works.I Thought My Father Was God, the NPR National Story Project Anthology, which he edited, was also a national bestseller.His work has been translated into than thirty five languages He lives in Brooklyn, New York. Observer review The Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster A city of dreamers In this sense, The Brooklyn Follies ticks all of the boxes, and as predictable as it is in terms of trope and foible, so, too, is it recognisable for the excellence of its writing. Fiction Book Review The Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster The Brooklyn Follies But the book s presiding spirit is Brooklyn s first bard, Walt Whitman, as Auster embraces the borough s multitudes neighborhood characters, drag queens, intellectuals manqu, greasy spoon waitresses, urbane bourgeoisie while singing odes to moonrise over the Brooklyn Bridge. The Brooklyn Follies by Paul Auster, Paperback Barnes THE BROOKLYN FOLLIES is an unabashedly romantic novel but romantic in only the dark method of tale weaving Auster can muster It is the Yin and Yang of lives intertwining, families fragmented for well motivated reasons, but then families reconstructed for equally well motivated reasons. Paul Auster The Brooklyn Follies NPR Jan , Paul Auster The Brooklyn Follies Nathan Glass is the hero of Paul Auster s new book The Brooklyn Follies He s , and he s returning to Brooklyn to die But soon, he meets characters from the Park Slope neighborhood who begin to bring him back to life, including his once promising nephew, Tom, and a convicted felon named Harry Brightman. The Brooklyn Follies by by Paul Auster Summary and reviews The Brooklyn Follies is quite simply a wonderful, lyrical novel, a joyful celebration of life s pleasures and ironies Kirkus Reviews it s hard to be ironic and warm and fuzzy simultaneously, and the American novelist who most closely resembles England s Ian McEwan really shouldn t try to be Anne Tyler THE BROOKLYN FOLLIES Reading Group Choices Nathan Glass has come to Brooklyn to die Divorced, retired, estranged from his only daughter, the former life insurance salesman seeks only solitude and anonymity Then Glass encounters his long lost nephew, Tom Wood, who is working in a local bookstore.

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        Paul Auster is the bestselling author of Report from the Interior, Winter Journal, Sunset Park, Invisible, The Book of Illusions, and The New York Trilogy, among many other works He has been awarded the Prince of Asturias Prize for Literature, the Prix M dicis tranger, the Independent Spirit Award, and the Premio Napoli He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Letters, the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a Commandeur de l Ordre des Arts et des Lettres He lives in Brooklyn, New Yorkul auster


    1. Onvan : The Brooklyn Follies - Nevisande : Paul Auster - ISBN : 312426232 - ISBN13 : 9780312426231 - Dar 306 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 2005

    2. The Brooklyn Follies, Paul AusterThe Brooklyn Follies is a 2005 novel by Paul Auster. 60-year-old Nathan Glass returns to Brooklyn after his wife has left him. He is recovering from lung cancer and is looking for "a quiet place to die". In Brooklyn he meets his nephew, Tom, whom he has not seen in several years. Tom has seemingly given up on life and has resigned himself to a string of meaningless jobs as he waits for his life to change. They develop a close friendship, entertaining each other i [...]

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    5. An old dude gives a nine year old girl her bath. A niece tells her uncle about her own personal experiences with oral sex. Yuck!!That there is an urge to be risque makes the conservative, too-quick-to-be-astonished writer a humongous dud in this instance.Only when tackling meta terrains is this esteemed writer of any practical use.

    6. Paul Auster's The brooklyn Follies presents a stark contrast to the first work of his that I've read, The New York Trilogy; although the majority of it takes place in New York, the two are different as night and day. Novels that comprise The New York Trilogy have been largely experimental, post-modern cat and mouse between the author and the reader; The Brooklyn Follies is a novel with a pretty straightforward but nevertheless compelling plot and characters one can care about. As the title sugge [...]

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    8. Wasn't sure whether I'd like Auster, but I enjoyed this book about NYC. I can see Al Pacino doing the main part in a future movie Now I still have the Book of Illusions on my shelf waiting for me to pick it up

    9. “Una persona muore, e a poco a poco tutte le tracce di quella vita spariscono. Un inventore sopravvive nelle sue invenzioni, un architetto nei suoi edifici, ma la maggior parte della gente non si lascia alle spalle monumenti o prodotti duraturi.”Nathan, sessantenne in pensione con un tumore in via di guarigione decide di tornare a Brooklyn, città dove è nato, lontano da tutte le persone che conosce, per morire.“Quando un uomo arriva alla nostra età è poco più che una serie di ex.”Le [...]

    10. Oh hey look, another book by a pompous old white man peopled almost entirely by pompous white men holding forth on existence and the meaning of life and the inner workings of the mind and their own bloated legacies and women as playthings and agents of growth.Is this what Paul Auster is always like? I think the only other of his books I've ever read is the graphic novel adaptation of City of Glass, which was about a million years ago. Idk man, I mean I didn't hate-read this exactly, but I defini [...]

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    13. Justo en el momento en que en esta novela apareció una niña de nueve años que no hablaba supe con certeza que todo estaba perdido. Así que desde aquel momento la única razón que me quedaba para terminar el libro era para poder destrozarlo después sin ningún tipo de piedad. Ya aviso. Juro que yo lo empecé con mis mejores intenciones, dispuesta a olvidarme de los incontables ratos de aburrimiento que me había proporcionado Auster en el pasado, dispuesta a olvidarme de todos los prejuicio [...]

    14. I'd like to give this book 4.5 stars, but fails to strive for precision. I really, really, really enjoyed this book. The voice and tone of it is so warm and an inviting. I loved every character in the book, not so much for their personalities, but rather that Auster portrays each one with so much sensitivity and kindness. There is no judgement or scorn in his approach to these people, despite their "follies." There isn't much of a "story" here. Really, for me, the "story" occurs on the last pag [...]

    15. Está lindo. Quería darle una oportunidad a Paul Auster (ya que The New York trilogy no me mató para nada, a pesar de las buenas críticas que tiene) y me llevé una grata sorpresa. En primer lugar, no tenía ni idea de que se trataba, y segundo, en la contratapa se describe como cómico y si bien algunas cosas que le pasaban a los personajes eran algo insólitas o un poco absurdas, a la vez eran demasiado reales porque los personajes eran totalmente reales. Fue muy fácil, casi natural, ident [...]

    16. Nathan Glass, Fifty-nine, retired and divorced who is not normally prone to bouts of self-pity, declares his desire to seek 'a silent end to my sad and ridiculous life'; the same Nathan Glass who is writing a book dedicated to his life's collection of 'verbal flubs, physical mishaps, failed ideas and social gaffs. Auster's postmodern idea's are built around a host of such recurrent themes, identity and feeling lost in the world, Auster's prose here is nothing new, but that's a good thing. Sharp, [...]

    17. I know that there have been mixed reviews of this book. I picked it up in the bargain bin and then looked it up on . Some loved it. Some hated it, saying that their beloved writer had been abducted by aliens and forced to write this book by money grubbing editors. They claimed that there was no plot, nothing happened and I looked at the cheesy cover with trepidation thinking that I had spent some hard earned cash on what would amount to a dust collector and could've spent it on umm, a latte?Anyw [...]

    18. This was one lousy book. Now I've never read this guy before but this book had all the ingredients of good story.Here:The narrator starts off miserable- which is great.He's neurotic - which is also great.His family is dysfunctional- which is marvelous.His ex wife hates him.Wonderful.He hates her.Wonderful again.And here he is in Brooklyn- Perfect. We're cooking.So what went wrong?Everything.The book just sunk from there.In fact if it hadn't been for those ingredients I would've stopped reading a [...]

    19. 3 and 1/2 starsWhile I enjoyed this while reading it, I'm not sure that it will be one that sticks with me. It employs a few of the acknowledged Auster traits (coincidences, locked room, stories-within-the-story) but this time they're done in a much more straightforward, though subtle, manner.The narrative voice is engaging, though I have to wonder how Nathan went from being a supposedly uninvolved curmudgeon with nothing to live for (unless he's exaggerating) to an active retiree in such a shor [...]

    20. One of the numerous minor characters that flit in and out of The Brooklyn Follies is one James Joyce -- not the writer, but a Foley walker, a person who makes sound effects for movies. His job isn't all aural pyrotechnics, though: he is described as working on minutia, such as "turning the page of a book, or opening a box of crackers".Similarly, Paul Auster textures his latest novel with little details that seem insignificant in themselves. When weaved into the narrative, however, they have the [...]

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    23. I've read quite a few Paul Auster novels over the years, but this is one of those that was on my shelf unread until Audible put the audiobook on sale recently.Set primarily in Brooklyn, the story is narrated by recently retired life insurance salesman, Nathan Glass, who after his divorce settlement has moved to Park Slope believing that he'll spend his last days there, having recently suffered from lung cancer. For a while he plays the part of a misanthropist, but then runs into his nephew Tom [...]

    24. Paul Auster with "the Brooklyn follies" has made me laugh heartedly loudly and to the brink of tears!!!Even Christa, my wife, has cast bewildering and inquiring looks at me, during my reading time with "the Brooklyn follies" because I spontaneously did break up laughing uncontrollably.This novel is indeed well and fluidly written and deliciously funnyThe main characters are:Nathan, a retired life insurance agent, in remission from lung cancer, and whose long marriage turned out into a hell. And [...]

    25. Always a creative, suspenseful story teller, but this one has some pretty bad (but easily avoided) aspects:plotwise: no reason to talk about Bush or religion (at least in the way it was mentioned); seemed strained and cliche (along with cliches of Vermont, Latino women who work at diners, and gay men, drugs leading to porn and then religion, etc etc). no reason to have Rory suck off the priest near the end, which I have to admit made me feel actually disgusted, given the positive feelings toward [...]

    26. "Mai sottovalutare il potere dei libri"Mi è piciuto molto, ma non mi ha "risucchiato".Primo libro di Auster letto e credo che non sarà l'ultimo.Molto simpatico il narratore, zio Nat mi pareva di avere un amico in casa che mi raccontava le vicende della sua strampalata famiglia.Bellissima la comparsa in scena di Lucy, bimba novenne con una mamma un po' troppo particolare."I bimbi consolano di tutto tranne che di averli"

    27. IN PRAISE OF FOLLYThe Brooklyn Folliesby Paul Auster Do not fool yourselves. Behind a narrative with a literary style – the narrator’s – apparently intuitive and simultaneously filled with a straight simplicity and ornaments that seem to evoke a 19th century writing ('there is no escape from the wretchedness that stalks the earth'), a world of allusions and references are hiding, and these make The Brooklyn Follies one of the most inspired works of Paul Auster.The narrator of the story is [...]

    28. Nathan Glass, a retired life-insurance salesman diagnosed with lung cancer, moves out to Brooklyn to die. Throughout the course of the novel, he reunites with his nephew, becomes friends with a charismatic criminal-minded bookstore owner, and receives an unexpected visitor. The title stems from a series of notes Glass is putting together on life's mishaps, eventually to be formed into The Book of Human Folly. It's a touching book with the types of well fleshed-out, "I know that guy" type of char [...]

    29. Is Paul Auster worth your time?This is my second Auster, the first was “Travels in the Scriptorium”Both works I have “read” as audiobooks while taking interminable journeys around the country. The journeys themselves were less taxing than the books.The reason I checked both is because of -and I’m not ashamed to admit it- the publicity this guy gets!“The Brooklyn Follies”, written in the first person narrative form, is about an ex-insurance salesman, Nathan Wood, well into his 60s, [...]

    30. I remember not really enjoying City of Glass when I read it in the late 80s. I think I was too young--or too inexperienced--to appreciate Paul Auster back then. I'm giving it another go now, since I have recently been blown away by two back-to-back books of his, The Book of Illusions and now The Brooklyn Follies.Both books are told in the first person, but their narrators are as different as night and day. The Book of Illusions narrator is a grieving academic while The Brooklyn Follies narrator [...]

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