Blue Movie

Blue Movie

Terry Southern / Oct 19, 2019

Blue Movie Blue Movie is a satirical novel by Terry Southern about the making of a high budget pornographic film The story line follows the celebrated cinematic auteur Boris Adrian King B who undertakes The F

  • Title: Blue Movie
  • Author: Terry Southern
  • ISBN: 9780747530978
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • Blue Movie is a satirical novel by Terry Southern about the making of a high budget pornographic film The story line follows the celebrated cinematic auteur Boris Adrian, King B , who undertakes The Faces of Love, an episodic film with high budget production values that will explicitly depict the range of human sexual experience The filmmaker is loosely based on StanleyBlue Movie is a satirical novel by Terry Southern about the making of a high budget pornographic film The story line follows the celebrated cinematic auteur Boris Adrian, King B , who undertakes The Faces of Love, an episodic film with high budget production values that will explicitly depict the range of human sexual experience The filmmaker is loosely based on Stanley Kubrick Southern, who collaborated with Kubrick on Dr Strangelove, dedicated the book To the great Stanley K It received only moderate reviews Sales were hampered by the refusal of the NY Times to run ads for the book A hilarious, wildly erotic biting satire of Hollywood, Blue Movie tells the story of an Oscar winning director who s determined to shoot the dirtiest most expensive X rated movie ever made Sid Krassman, a producer who s made a fortune catering to the tastes of the American public, Angela Sterling, a misunderstood sex symbol who d give anything everything for a chance to do something serious The set is fraught with monstrous egos enormous libidos the kind of situation that could only come from the imagination of the irrepressible Terry Southern A film adaptation of Blue Movie is currently in production from director Michael Dowse producer Marc Toberoff, to be released by Vertigo Films.

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        Terry Southern was a highly influential American short story writer, novelist, essayist, screenwriter and university lecturer noted for his distinctive satirical style He was part of the Paris postwar literary movement in the 1950s and a companion to Beat writers in Greenwich Village he was at the center of Swinging London in the sixties and helped to change the style and substance of Hollywood films of the 1970s In the 1980s he wrote for Saturday Night Live and lectured on screenwriting at several universities in New York.Southern s dark and often absurdist style of broad yet biting satire helped to define the sensibilities of several generations of intelligent writers, readers, directors and film goers He is credited by journalist Tom Wolfe as having invented New Journalism with the publication of Twirling at Ole Miss in Esquire in 1962, and his gift for writing memorable film dialogue was evident in Dr Strangelove, The Loved One, The Cincinnati Kid and Easy Rider His work on Easy Rider helped create the independent film movement of the 1970s, in opposition to Hollywood film studios.


    1. I started reading Terry Southern because Vonnegut told me to read Terry Southern. Not in a personal, over lunch conversational way, but via an interview in The Vonnegut Statement where he basically stated that Southern was an iconoclast writing in a way that he (Vonnegut) aspired to.Somewhere in my '20s I picked up a great first edition of this book and happened to read it at exactly the right time in my life. It wasn't the first thing I read by Southern, but it was the best. This is his giant m [...]

    2. Terry Southern has perfectly caught the zeitgeist and Blue Movie is a burlesque memorial to the sexual revolution and the entire belle rebellious époque. There are two great postmodernistic books about the cinema world: The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West and Zeroville by Steve Erickson, and Blue Movie is situated exactly in the middle between these two and is no less great.“He smiled and sat down on the bed beside her. ‘Have you read the script?’‘Oh it’s beautiful,’ she sighed. [...]

    3. 4 1/2 out of 5 stars (Parental advisory sticker on this review)What kind of sensibility courses through the veins of Blue Movie? Example of some of Terry Southern's writing, explaining that which comes if actors and crew are kept in the same hotel during a film shoot:"It is classic Hollywood protocol that the actors be quartered separately from the technicians ("apes" or "gorillas" as they are affectionately called) - allegedly in apprehension of the leading lady being gang-banged to death by a [...]

    4. It was way more porn with a slight tinge of humor or absurdity than satire with sexual elements. I'm guessing the marketing strategy went something like this: include as much explicit sex as can possibly fit between two covers, but give a lacsivious wink while doing it and call it a satire so intellectuals will feel okay buying it. Yes, there's a "meta" element here, consistent with the "artistry" of the porno at the center of the action, so to speak, but then the joke is on the reader, isn't it [...]

    5. A riotously filthy novel about making a porn flick starring A-list mainstream Hollywood talent. Though originally published in 1970, lo these many years later it still manages to have some pretty shocking stuff between its covers. One of those rare novels that had me laughing out loud. Often.

    6. Conceived in 1970 as a work of outré fiction, Blue Movie is an exercise in sexual saturation, reaching for the outer limits of erotic imagination. Lucky for him, Terry Southern did not live to see how far his Blue Movie has been left behind by the real world of actual movie-industry creeps the book satirizes.

    7. It's trashy, clever, evil, and kind of eerily accurate Hollywood likes to feign aspirations for lofty goals of "films that make a difference", but most just exploit vulnerable actors and actresses in nasty ways to get their rocks off and make a buck Thank Goodness the Catholic church intervenes! haha

    8. Pretty funny, though maybe not quite funny enough, and absurdly salacious story of a director who wants to make an artful stag film. Goes along skewering the film industry well enough for most of the book, but lacks much of an ending or a point.

    9. Although he is better known for CANDY, this one is the sweeter confection. Critical reviews list it as Terry Southern's satirical send-up of Hollywood and it is that. It also poses a question that has been central to many late-night film discussions is it possible to create an A-list pornographic movie that is not only erotic, but truly loving and compassionate?Of course, when this was written, participating in a "smutty film" was the kiss of death for any legitimate performer. Although there [...]

    10. Boris Adrian, King B, the world's greatest film director, winner of all the major awards and maker of movies about only the loftiest of themes, the "Big Three" of "DeathInfinityd the Origin of Time", decides he wants to make an artistic skin flick. Sid Krassman is the, well, crass, foul-mouthed, stereotypical Jewish producer who arranges for the film to be shot away from the prying eyes of the Hollywood studio bosses in the tiny european principality of Liechtenstein. He also has a charming numb [...]

    11. Ferocissima satira in chiave porno del mondo del cinema scritta dal co-sceneggiatore del Dr. Stranamore. Un libro nato alla fine degli anno '60 durante le conversazioni con Kubrick sull'idea di fare un film porno all'interno del sistema degli studios hollywoodiani. Il romanzo concretizza questa folle impresa, per un tour de force erotico pieno di risvolti comici e dissacranti, una feroce farsa sulla vacuità dello studio system e sul cinismo di un regista genio. In copertina, un acquerello di Ve [...]

    12. I wanted to give this book a higher rating but in the end I felt 3 stars was right on target. It's difficult to read this book in 2013 and understand the time period in which it was written - 1970 or so. The porn industry really had not taken off, there was still backlash publicly against sexuality that was too extreme, and the movie industry itself was still undergoing a movement from the studio system to what it is today. The storytelling itself is pretty good, although dated, with characters [...]

    13. In the 60s and 70s, Terry Southern wrote a bunch of raunchy satire books, the most famous of which were probably Candy and The Magic Christian, both of which were made into movies. This is my favorite because it was written later and mercilessly satirizes Hollywood. The premise is that this grotesque producer is trying to make the dirtiest movie ever made. Of course, to qualify, it has to be extremely graphic and include every imaginable type of sex act, including some rather bizarre sexual perv [...]

    14. This is a satire from a time capsule. Published in 1970 its anachronistic in many ways today in telling the story of a hot director who decides he wants to make an "artistic" porn film. Of course some of what was shocking in 1970 is readily available on the internet today, but Southern was trying to push at the edges and there are at least a couple of things that would still be considered out there or even outrageous today. As a satire of the Hollywood of the era, Southern had first hand experie [...]

    15. This book must have lost a lot of its luster in the 40 years since original publishing. Its really trashy and offensive. That's usually how I like my comedy- but this is over the top, and not funny. Recreating a childhood rape incident in the movie so the scene will have "real feeling"? Women are referred to as coze, there's some very questionable racial language. Times change and so do attitudes and most especially acceptable terminology. Its just trash all around. A swingin' dick from the 70s [...]

    16. Abandoned after seventy pages and hope against hope I could mustered a damn about this story. Where's the satire? It's just raunchy (which I normally don't mind at all), racist, ridiculous, sexist and among a list of other issues. Hollywood is decrepit, I get it. But, if this was considered brilliant satire in the 1970s, someone either lied or popped too many 'ludes. I started this book in January. It's the middle of February as I write this review. That's how long I had to push myself to read a [...]

    17. La storia è interessante, a prescindere dalla sua preponderante componente piccante, e si fa seguire con curiosità, però nonostante il palese intento satirico i personaggi eccessivamente negativi non mi hanno convinta.The story is interesting, regardless of the predominant spicy component, and it make itself reading with curiosity, but despite the obvious satirical intent the excessively negative characters don't have convinced meufragio/iltempodilegg

    18. The idea of making a multi million dollar jerk off movie doesn't seem that shocking. Thus the first half of the bookWhere they set up the porno production, while interesting, is somewhat mundane. But, the second half of the book really takes flight. Definitely recommend it. Early transgressive lit.

    19. Southern was a screenwriter for a long while, so I have to take him at his word that this book is a satire. The problem is that it remains unclear to me exactly which parts are satirical and which are real. This book came across as more of a movie industry insiders joke and "shock porn" than true satire, which has to be more accessible to the reader than this turned out to be.

    20. A funny satirical look at a big budget Hollywood movie production wherein the world's greatest director decides to make the world's greatest adult film. The book is more about the backstage politics of actors, agents, and financing that just porn. Recommended for those who enjoy tales of backstage Hollywood machinations.

    21. This romp is embarrassingly sexist, and might not pass if it weren't in the name of so much madcap genius satire. Fantastic and filthy little beach read that made me laugh out loud more than a few times.

    22. From one of the writers of 'Dr Strangelove', a satire on film-making. Dated, reflecting the mores of the time it was written, it is guaranteed to offend the politically correct and is very, very funny. Highly recommended.

    23. Quite frankly, I found it kinda boring, and pointlessly tasteless. I get the feeling that in its day it may have come across as shocking and somewhat raunchily humorous, but now it just seems awkward and dated.

    24. This satire of Hollywood features King B, an Oscar-winning director who has seen (and filmed) everything, Sid Krassman, a producer who's made a fortune catering to the tastes of the American public, and Angela Sterling, a misunderstood sex symbol who desperately wants to do something 'serious'.

    25. Despite the strange '70s lingo and casual misogyny, the culture of Hollywood has rarely been so enthusiastically sodomized. Southern's skill as a satirist is truly inspiring and I have to give props to any writer who can throw off a brief necrophilia scene as a hysterical punchline.

    26. I'd read and enjoyed Southern's Candy while still a child--not least because it was sexy as well as funny. When Dad bought Blue Movie, I read it as well during the Christmas break from school. Older and more experienced, the parodic sex didn't hold much interest for me any more.

    27. Scurrilous, scatological, sexist and horrifically politically incorrect, but savagely funny. Southern is a writer who will boldly go where no one else would dare

    28. Perfunctory 1960s movie madness shaggy dog story. Enjoyable pulp fiction. His earlier short stories are so much better.

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