Angel: After the Fall, Volume 3

Angel: After the Fall, Volume 3

Brian Lynch Joss Whedon Nick Runge David Messina Stephen Mooney / Aug 25, 2019

Angel After the Fall Volume The main After The Fall storyline is back in the crosshairs in this third hardcover volume of the latest Angel series Now that we ve seen not only what happened after that epic show ending alley batt

  • Title: Angel: After the Fall, Volume 3
  • Author: Brian Lynch Joss Whedon Nick Runge David Messina Stephen Mooney
  • ISBN: 9781600103773
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The main After The Fall storyline is back in the crosshairs in this third hardcover volume of the latest Angel series Now that we ve seen not only what happened after that epic, show ending alley battle, but also experienced the First Night that Los Angeles went to Hell, it s time to find out what comes next But it s not going to be easy Long time friends turned enemiesThe main After The Fall storyline is back in the crosshairs in this third hardcover volume of the latest Angel series Now that we ve seen not only what happened after that epic, show ending alley battle, but also experienced the First Night that Los Angeles went to Hell, it s time to find out what comes next But it s not going to be easy Long time friends turned enemies Angel and Gunn are on a collision course with destruction, and when Gunn s master plans get exposed, well, let s just say things get chippy Experience all the action, drama, deception, and demonic humor you ve come to expect from Brian Lynch Spike Shadow Puppets , joined this time with artist Nick Runge in the exciting continuation of Angel After The Fall

    Angel After the Fall Angel After the Fall, also known as Angel Season , is a comic book published by IDW Publishing.Written by Brian Lynch and plotted with Joss Whedon, the series is a canonical continuation of the Angel television series, and follows the events of that show s final season Angel After the Fall was prompted by IDW Publishing and Joss Whedon after the success of Dark Horse Comics Buffy the Illyria Angel Illyria is a fictional character created by Joss Whedon for the television series Angel.The character is portrayed by Amy Acker.She is a regular during the last third of season five The character is introduced in a story where main character Fred Burkle dies of a mysterious infection, after which her dead body becomes the host of an ancient demon, Illyria Donald Harvey, Angel of Death, serial killer dies after Mar , Donald Harvey, Angel of Death, serial killer dies after attack in prison Harvey pleaded guilty in to killing people, mostly while he worked as a nurse s aide. Angel Flight People Flying People in Need Angel Flight Oklahoma was created by a group of pilots who believe in the benefit of volunteering We strive to keep all aspects of the organization volunteer. How to Grow and Care for Angel Trumpet Gardener s Network How to Grow and Care for Angel Trumpet Angel Trumpet are easy to grow They prefer full sun, but will tolerate partial shade They grow best in damp weather conditions, with warm days and cool nights. Piss Drinking Dido Angel kneels for golden showers after Watch the hot porn video Piss Drinking Dido Angel kneels for golden showers after anal fucking for free right here Tube provides a huge selection of the best Fetish porn movies and ass fucking XXX videos that you can stream on your computer or mobile device in crisp HD quality. After Stuffing Her Panties in Her Pink Pussy Mia Angel Watch After stuffing her panties in her pink pussy Mia Angel gets spanked online on YouPorn YouPorn is the largest Anal porn video site with the hottest selection of free, high quality mofosworldwide movies Enjoy our HD porno videos on any device of your choosing Tiny slut Angel Smalls dripping sperm from asshole after Watch pics of Tiny slut Angel Smalls dripping sperm from asshole after filthy anal fucking at PornPics Browse FREE porn pictures sex galleries. The Curse Of Angel Tax TravelKhana Left With Zero Money After the I T crackdown due to angel tax demand, the foodtech startup Travelkhana currently is left with no money to run its business Read U.S Navy Blue Angel Suspended After Disastrous Week for U Blue Angel Incident Follows Suspension of USAF F Demo Pilot and Tragic Golden Knights Accident The U.S Navy has confirmed that a member of the Blue Angels flight demonstration team has been

    • [PDF] ↠ Unlimited ☆ Angel: After the Fall, Volume 3 : by Brian Lynch Joss Whedon Nick Runge David Messina Stephen Mooney Â
      486 Brian Lynch Joss Whedon Nick Runge David Messina Stephen Mooney
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        Brian Michael Lynch is an American film and comic book writer.


    1. The best volume so far. It helps that the art's improved, but I think the big thing is that the trajectory of the story has finally settled. Narratively, it might have been a mistake to plop a huge flashback in the middle of the series, instead of just starting there and working our way forward. Nice cliffhanger at the end.I have to say this, though: I am so glad that I am getting these through the library. If I had paid $25 for a trade that collects just four issues, I would have been less than [...]

    2. Angel, baby, we need to talk. I have always thought you were an intriguing character. You added mystery and romance to the first season of Buffy, and we both know I cry my eyes out every time I watch Becoming Part 2 and you are shoved into the vortex of Acathla. Years after I finished watching Buffy from start to finish for a second or third time, I even dutifully marched my way through all 5 seasons of your show, despite the rocky cop-drama feel of the first season. I thank you for the addition [...]

    3. I honestly have no idea of what is going on. Telepathic fishes, Mass Effect-like leviathans, psychotic vampries and now Cordelia? The art does not help either. I'm just like "oh, there's Wesley. You, I like".

    4. Well, the art certainly took a nosedive in this volume. Unfortunately, so did my enjoyment. I wasn't really a fan of the direction they took Gunn's story in and not even the appearance of (view spoiler)[Cordy (hide spoiler)] could make up for it. I was the most invested in Wesley and Illyria's arc.These two just continue to give me the gooiest emotions. -sniffles-["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    5. Not as good as the first 2, but enjoyable. It's amazing how some of the frames capture the actors. There are a few scenes of Gun that just leap out. I didn't feel like it was enough story though, didn't move forward enough.

    6. With the show, I watched maybe a little bit. But not as much as Buffy which I watched more. Its nice that their stories are continued in comic form. This volume was good. Liking this so far.

    7. Continues greatnessVery much enjoying this series written by Bryan Lynch. Dialogue is great; I can hear the original actors' voices in my head. This particular volume is especially satisfying, with payoffs of foreshadowed reveals from earlier issues.

    8. Why yes, I did just read another one of these trade paperbacks in one sitting. And, you know, I'm probably going to do it again real soon. The first part of this section seemed a bit disjointed once it was established that Fred might not be as gone as we all thought. Whatever else, though, I think they had it exactly right making us wait for that pay off with the First Night mini in between. Between that and the progression of the Shanshu prophesy, I can really believe that this is the season Jo [...]

    9. Nick Runge's art is a slight relief for the horrid offerings of Franco Urru. It is by no means great but this is the guy that penciled an issue in volume 2 that I said at least tried to match his drawings with that of the TV show. The lines are still heavy handed and the overall art has a scratchy look to it, almost like unfinished doodles. Messina and Mooney who each had work in volume two make another appearance, but by now, after 3 volumes, I expect crap art. I hate how bad Cordy looks, as we [...]

    10. You read volumes 1 and 2 and you thought;'It's good. It is. I like it. But the art is kind of crap.'The producers heard and reacted saying a new artist had been put under contract. Everyone was happy, except the guy who was fired.The only problem being that vol.3 isn't that much more beautiful, if at all. Maybe that's just me though, I was expecting more.Then we have the story. I don't know, I liked the Gunn/Angel plotline coming to fruition, the revelation that LA was unchanged in the world abo [...]

    11. Joss Whedon has not only kept the characters from Buffy going, but those from Angel have continued as well. In this third volume, the now human A ghngel is working with the now-ghostly Wesley, his son Connor, and the rest of the gang to try and take back Los Angeles from the recently raised Hell. Demons rule the city as humans are being taken slaves.While Wolfram & Hart have been defeated, the Powers That Be seem to be staying silent as dark forces take over. Ironically, Angel finds himself [...]

    12. The best of the Angel: After the Fall series! One of the greatest losses in the fifth season of Angel was the death of Fred. It seemed she was lost for good, but this volume offers a ray of hope. Fred isn't the only familiar face from the show to reappear. You won't get any spoilers out of me, but trust me. It's good!Part two (issue #9) opens with a dream sequence that is right out of the old Adam West Batman series complete with Spike as the masked avenger and Connor as his boy wonder. Comic bo [...]

    13. This volume finally has some face to face confrontations that I've been waiting on since this graphic continuation of the TV series started. Writer Bryan Lynch handled one of those meetings okay, but the other was pretty disappointing. That was pretty much how the entire book went. One moment would be okay, if not ever truly satisfying. The next moment would be underwhelming. It is nice to see Angel's story continue, but the overall quality hasn't been up to the standards of the TV series. The w [...]

    14. 3.5*Book source ~ LibraryThis volume picks up where Volume 1 left off with that nutbanger of a cliffhanger. I have to say I spent a good portion of this story in mass confusion. I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on and it made me cranky. The confusion cloud clears somewhat by the end, but that end? What.The.Actual.Fuck? Did I read that right? Dun-dun-dunnnnn. This cliffhanger is so much worse than the one in Volume 1! Good thing I have Volume 4 to read.There’s a lot going on in t [...]

    15. Great volume that elevates the story to a very high level. Naturally, you can't jump into this without reading what came prior to it, but if you do have the back story, I feel like this is one of the most rewarding and interesting pieces of the Angel story thus far.Essentially, Angel is chasing the vampire lord behind the evil doings in LA. Storylines are in many ways resolved or put on hold to intensify the main conflict that is the battle between Angel, (view spoiler)[the human being (hide spo [...]

    16. Collecting Angel: After the Fall #9–12, this third volume, basically picks up where volume one left off (yes, you read that right, what with volume two being the retrospective First Night stories that served as an interlude to the story proper).It continues the story of an L.A. gone to Hell and an Angel who is trying to save it (though he is no longer quite what he used to be), and a whole bunch of his old friends set on helping out.If you enjoyed the first volume (and the second for that matt [...]

    17. It has been a while since I read the third but I remember roughly what I was about and that I liked it. I never read the first so maybe that contributed to the confusion I felt.I lot of things happen in this book. It's almost like one character thinks they know everything then another character tells them otherwise. Because a lot of things happen, even if there is a sense of urgency there wasn't much suspense, which is good in my opinion.I thought the characters were funny and snarky like always [...]

    18. The TV series Angel was great for its dialogue and collection of eclectic characters that formed this amazing family unit. The “After The Fall” storyline, which is to take place directly after the series finale, is a bastardized version of that concept. The characters are ALL there. Literally all of them. It’s the old adage when you don’t know what to write, include as many characters as you legally can. That’s what Brian Lynch does here. The dialogue is okay but not up to par with the [...]

    19. 3 stars. i wanted to like this one more than i actually did, especially because there's a lovely reunion between Angel and Cordy that reads so right. but something really went wrong with the artwork. possibly rather suddenly, given that the usual artist, Franco Urru, is listed on the front cover, but not on the spine or interior. the panels that seem finished look pretty good, but a lot of the faces clearly remain unfinished, the likenesses all too often just aren't, the shading is often so exce [...]

    20. Returning to the main After the Fall storyline, we find Angel gearing up for his battle with the lords of LA. As he makes the rounds to discover the truth behind one lord's death, the crew shows up to help him take down the demons and beasties to become the new overseer. As Angel reconnects with Connor, Wesley and Illyria make peace. Gunn puts his vision-quest into play, seeking to send everyone back; this includes killing Angel and destroying Wolfram and Hart. As Angel hovers near death, Cordel [...]

    21. Somewhat confusing after all these years since I watched the series - the characters are not introduced in any way and the story goes straight into action. I could hardly remember which characters had survived the series and which hadn't and I'm pretty sure there were a couple of entirely new characters here pretending that they knew everyone (and that I was supposed to know them).Still, once you get into the action, the story offers a decent selection of surprise twists. It even makes fun of th [...]

    22. When this Joss Whedon property landed at IDW publishing Whedon said he would keep an eye on the series and offer at least a guiding hand to writer Brian Lynch. Lynch's voice is different from Whedon's, but Whedon's hand shows in the development of the unofficial season 5 of his television show. The early volumes set the stage for LA being transported to Hell and the new status quo (including the changes to Angel). With one volume left we are building to the season climax, more big bads, more twi [...]

    23. Story-wise, I enjoyed this volume. There's finally more to do with the Shanshu Prophecy, which drove so much of the television show itself (but so far had factored little into the comic book continuation), and finally reunites Gunn with the rest of the team.The art is pretty much just as ugly as in the previous volumes, however. Disappointing on that end for sure, as a huge portion of the comic book medium depends on solid art. There were also some major clarity issues in here, since the art was [...]

    24. Man this was hard to read. Story was ok and I really REALLY liked how this volume ended but the rest. I think that the guy who did the coloring on this one needs to be severely punished! Artwork is so bad that at times you can't even recognize who is who. I'm not talking about the semblance to the actors that potray the characters in the show. It's about the lack of consistency and stability of the artwork. If it was meant to be artsy it did not turn out ok. This graphic novel just looks BAD!

    25. With all the introduction finally out of the way, this is a strong continuation of the series that revs up to very good by the end of the volume, where we start to get into old plot points concerning the Shanshu prophecy. Lynch really manages to catch the humor and the voice of the series. My only complaint was a couple of places where the illustration couldn’t quite keep up with the action of the plot (especially at the end of the fight against the Lords, which anti-climaxes a bit as a result [...]

    26. I wanted to like this more, but was pretty disappointed. Wes and Fred scenes just don't have the heart they did when Alexis Denisof and Amy Acker were involved. Some really good elements, and some pretty mystifying choices. Like how it took a long time for any female character to get to be fully dressed, not including Illyria who isn't really female, and is in skin tight leather and is unnaturally bendy.

    27. Lots of battles. Lots of talking and strategies. Lots of changing the plans at the last minute. Lots of unclear stuff. But beautiful artwork. And the Illryia and Spike thing was awesome too. I think the relationship between Spike and Illryia/Fred is really underrated and not used enough. It always seem to focus on Wesley and Fred, but Spike was important to her too and their memories together were used to save everyone in this volume.

    28. From First Nights we come back to After the fall as we were in the middle of an epic battle between Angel and the Demon lords which kinda ends unexpectingly.Then we get a great emotional face-off between Gunn and Angel, a great moment.And one character, as Angel is gravely wounded, comes back to him (I was not a fan of this scene however).As usual with Urru, I found the artwork to be great.

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