Last Writes

Last Writes

Laura Levine / Jun 25, 2019

Last Writes None

  • Title: Last Writes
  • Author: Laura Levine
  • ISBN: 9780758201614
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
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      471 Laura Levine
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        Grew up in Brooklyn, New York, back when mastodons and Edsels still roamed the earth.Education Barnard CollegeFirst job Reporter photographer at a newspaper so small, we had our photos developed in the local camera shop.Advertising claim to fame I created Count Chocula and Frankenberry cereals for General Mills gets invented, and I get a job as a sitcom writer, turning out scripts for shows like The Bob Newhart Show, Three s Company, Laverne Shirley, The Love Boat, The Jeffersons, and Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.Current and favorite incarnation Author of Jaine Austen mysteries.Marital status Wedded blissfully to business journalist Mark Lacter aka Mr Hubby , whose insightful coverage of the Los Angeles business scene can be checked daily at laobserved biz Favorite authors COMEDY Joe Keenan MYSTERY Agatha Christie SERIOUS STUFF Anne Tyler.Hobbies Reading, swimming, gardening, and lots of walks mainly to the refrigerator.


    1. My touchstone for these kinds of books is the early Stephanie Plum books which had me laughing out loud at the antics and liking the characters as well. This is my first book of this series and I may stay with it for a bit as it's a really mindless read while on the treadmill. I must say however that it was much more cliche than funny and I haven't yet developed an interest in Jaine Austen, the main character, a free-lance writer trying to break into show business as a comedy writer in LA.

    2. Laura Levine's sophomore effort proves her debut, This Pen for Hire, was not a fluke.Wisecracking, lovable, zany Jaine Austen is back in this comical mystery.Told from Jaine's perspective this whimsical book is a must for readers who like their mysteries fast paced, entertaining OK, sidesplitting w/ an abundance of humor.Laura Levine delivers the one-liners effortlessly. This talented scribe definitely knows how to write comedy.For readers who love their television, Laura Levine gives us a glimp [...]

    3. I love Jaine Austen's mysteries and this one did not disappoint. I was just in the mood for a fun easygoing mystery. Jaine is thrilled to get to work as a joke writer on a rather lame sitcom "Muffy 'n me" but hey, this is Hollywood and this could be her big break. Of course things don't go as planned and the fun begins. Of note, Mormons are "popular" lately and they appear in this book in the studio audience as a "sea of American Gothic lookalikes--fair-haired, gimlet eyed people who sat ramrod [...]

    4. Well done Laura Levine for writing such a good story. It was different from the first book, 'This Pen For Hire'. And they both were excellent, and I'm glad I was stubborn enough to experiment and diversify in non culinary cozy mysteries. Now I have this series, plus another, to look forward to. The solution to this book's mystery was brilliant, as was the path the heroine chose to conduct her inquiry. The much dreaded climax failed to materialize and suddenly I found myself face to face with a p [...]

    5. This is another hilarious book by Laura Levine! There are some glaring plot holes, but I didn't mind, because I was reading it for Jaine Austen’s humorous outlook on life and the embarrassing situations she gets herself into. However, I do wish that there had been a little more mystery in the plot. The murder occurred a whopping 36% into the book! Although, that did allow for Levine to properly develop the characters before the murder, and she effectively made it seem like anyone could be the [...]

    6. jaine austen books are cozy mystery books, funny & light hearted. in each of these books, the main character jaine takes investigation on side to solve the murders.jaine has funny sense of humor. things i enjoy most in her books are her conversations with her pet cat Prozac, the emails from her parents & her love for food. these books makes for relaxing reads at times with laugh out loud dialogues & scenes.

    7. Cozy set in in L.A of freelance writer #2 in the Jaine Austen seriesJaine’s best friend Kandi gets her a gig writing for the sitcom “Muffy n Me.” But her writing career must take the back burner again when she feels the need to investigate the murder of sleazy lead actor Quinn Kirkland, who is known for sleeping with several of the women involved in the show, including Kandi.Highly enjoyable and amusing. Better than the first, I absolutely LOVE this series.

    8. Normal chit lit meets Nancy Drew mystery. Nothing special just read it to pass the time and also because I borrowed it from someone on my Kindle and I always feel guilty if I don't read those since you can only loan it out once. What does this have to do with the book? Nothing really it just wasn't that great and it was predictable. The first one I found way more funny because I think it was new to me, this was just the same book different plot, so I found it boring after awhile.

    9. Definitely not as good as the first in the series, which has a heroine I can barely tolerate because she's practically Cathy from the comic strip. Ack! It surprised me that the pattern for the murder--amateur sleuth investigates, figures out who did it and convinces the police, then immediately realizes she's wrong and REALLY figures out who did it, and almost dies humiliatingly in the reveal--would be exactly the same in the second book. Lame.

    10. great read. really enjoy all the characters. mystery was also interesting. liked the fact that the book keeps you entertained until the end. you don't really find yourself bored at all. murderer was not a surprise. I feel that the ending was fitting for the whole story. I do enjoy the presence of romance that's usually found in most cozies. hopefully the author changes that up a bit.

    11. Another in the series, enjoyed the quick read. Somewhat funny, character development is lacking and the plot is kind of thin

    12. I picked up this book from the school library (free)--it sounded funny and funny it was.Jaine Austin gets remarks about her name and some aren't funny. She's landed a job writing for a sitcom called Muffy 'n Me with the help of her friend. She starts to have a crush on one of the key actors but he ends up being murdered.The whole staff and actors all have a beef with the murdered man but who did the nasty deed? Between the cops and Jaine, will they find the culprit.This book is full of wit and f [...]

    13. A reasonably entertaining story featuring a range of quirky characters. There's plenty of one-liners & wise-cracks, especially from pen-for-hire Jaine. When heartthrob Quinn drops dead after a nibbling a poisoned doughnut, Jaine's best buddy Kandi is the prime suspectl Jaine has to do is figure out who the real killer is. Good fun & not to be taken seriously :o)

    14. Really enjoy the characters in this book. Jaine Austen has a great sense of humor. It's nice that she's not "perfect" in the Hollywood sense. She is flawed the way most people are in one way or another but she doesn't let that stop her from carrying on with her life. Interesting plot. I'll read all of the books in the series, they are very entertaining.

    15. I love this book and this series is awesome! Jaine Austen gives Stephanie Plum a run for her money. Excellent, laugh out loud dialogue. While I was reading this my husband keeps asking me why I'm laughing.

    16. This book is an enjoyable, light hearted read. Lots of humor interspersed into the story and I most appreciate having a heroine who can function without having a romantic interest in her life.On to the next installment.

    17. Fast read. Plot didn't develop until 1/3 into three book. main character interactions with others weren't believable

    18. The fat and food gags are beginning to get tedious, I don't think I can make it through the third book in this series.

    19. I gave this series one more tryI'm out. There are about ten self-deprecating fat jokes every page, and the plot is predictable.

    20. "Last Writes" is subpar as a mystery story. The mystery itself is interesting; the style it is written in is not. While I did enjoy the plot, there were several tricks the author used that I found rather annoying:1)the whole 'I wanted to say this, but I said this instead': it was mildly amusing the first time. But Ms. Levine has her heroine pull it five times in the course of one book! By the fifth time, I found myself wanting the character to actually say it, especially since she has so much sp [...]

    21. Freelance writer, Jaine Austen is back, still single and still obsessed with pretending to diet. This time she lands a job writing an episode of a sitcom, Muffy 'n Me about a girl who has magical powers. Jaine dreams of riches as a staff writer while they rip her story apart, she meets the cast a crew. The handsome, flirtacious co-star is caught boffing the underaged, overendowed star on the set of the show. It comes as no particular surprise that he's murdered. When Jaine's good friend is the m [...]

    22. A wonderfully funny story that (thankfully!) ignored most of the tropes of the genre - adorkable protagonist who owns her own quirky store in a small quirky town, constantly getting herself into stupid scrapes much to the chagrin of her long suffering always-a-cop boyfriend. Without giving anything away, the resolution was sad but with a sense of justice and you can really see the author's background in series television writing shine through, it reads episodically and by the end of the book, th [...]

    23. In the 2nd installment of the Jaine Austen Mystery cozy series by Laura Levine, Last Writes, Jaine Austen returned in another caper of a mystery. This time, we found Jaine working for a sitcom in Los Angeles as a screenwriter, when everyone wants to hand her their own storyline. With her best friend Kandi, things aren't what they seemed. When one of the stars of the show was canceled, the people suspect Kandi. It was now up to Jaine to help out her best friend and found out who've done, when eve [...]

    24. LAST WRITESReview------------------(Note: This series might be considered "fluff mystery" or "mystery-light." Each book can be read separately and out of order.)A light, fluffy novel that reads quickly and contains mildly-humorous momentsDetractors: This is the second novel in the series, and I am already growing weary of several of the formulaic "devices." For example, the author often has the character say something cheeky and sometimes rude, and then states (summarized), "Just kidding. I actu [...]

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