Figures in Silk

Figures in Silk

Vanora Bennett / Sep 22, 2019

Figures in Silk The plot of my latest novel brings together the silk business of fifteenth century London and the personality of King Richard III suspected throughout history of having murdered his two nephews the

  • Title: Figures in Silk
  • Author: Vanora Bennett
  • ISBN: 9780061689840
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The plot of my latest novel brings together the silk business of fifteenth century London and the personality of King Richard III, suspected throughout history of having murdered his two nephews, the Princes in the Tower My story begins with silk merchant John Lambert s decision to marry off his two beautiful daughters at the end of the Wars of the Roses Elder daughter JThe plot of my latest novel brings together the silk business of fifteenth century London and the personality of King Richard III, suspected throughout history of having murdered his two nephews, the Princes in the Tower My story begins with silk merchant John Lambert s decision to marry off his two beautiful daughters at the end of the Wars of the Roses Elder daughter Jane starts a notorious liaison with King Edward IV Richard s older brother while her sister, Isabel, as the new silkworker to the court, becomes privy to its most intimate secrets Could the sisters hold the keys to power at this time of uncertainty

    Figures In Silk by Vanora Bennett Figures In Silk As the Wars of the Roses draw slowly to a close, England is a place of turmoil Edward IV is on the throne but his position is unstable he finds himself challenged by a man who would become Henry VII But one woman, a silkweaver to the court mistress to Richard III, can cut through the turmoil with her clever ways pretty smile. Figures in Silk A Novel Vanora Bennett Figures in Silk A Novel Vanora Bennett on FREE shipping on qualifying offers In , merchant John Lambert marries off his two beautiful daughters The elder, Jane Shore, soon begins a notorious liaison with King Edward IV. Figures in Silk A Novel Vanora Bennett A breathing immersion into a Tudor England torn asunder by the War of the Roses, Figures in Silk is historical fiction at its finest a rare and welcome treat for readers captivated by the fiction of Tracy Chevalier, Sarah Dunant, Geraldine Brooks, Susan Vreeland, and the Boleyn novels of Phillipa Gregory. Figures in Silk by Vanora Bennett, Paperback Barnes Noble Figures in Silk Chapter One Spring Outside the gates of London, the victorious army of King Edward IV and his brother, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, is camped, waiting to make a triumphal procession into the capital tomorrow. Figures in Silk Historical Novel Society Figures in Silk Written by Vanora Bennett Using the point of view of a female silk merchant of London, Vanora Bennett, in Figures of Silk, gives readers a unique perspective of the final years of Summary and reviews of Figures in Silk by Vanora Bennett The information about Figures in Silk shown above was first featured in The BookBrowse Review BookBrowse s online magazine that keeps our members abreast of notable and high profile books publishing in the coming weeks In most cases, the reviews are necessarily limited to those that were available to us ahead of publication. Figures in Silk ReadingGroupGuides When silk merchant John Lambert marries off his two beautiful daughters their fortunes are set to change forever Elder daughter Jane starts a notorious liaison with Edward IV while her sister Isabel as the new silkweaver to the court becomes privy to its most intimate secrets. Figures in Silk Audiobook by Vanora Bennett Audible Unlike, say, the plays of Shakespeare, Figures of Silk gives the listener a glimpse into the life of the merchant class in this important and fascinating period Publisher s Summary Two sisters discover passion during the War of the Roses one in the arms of the king, the other in the world of silk. Figures in silk Book, WorldCat Get this from a library Figures in silk Vanora Bennett In England, two daughters of a silk merchant follow different paths Jane Shore becomes the mistress of the king and her sister Isabel becomes powerful in the silk industry. Figures in silk Book, WorldCat Praise for Figures in Silk A richly textured historical novel The Times A vivid, unmissable novel Eve Bennett s novel has the verve of a thriller and the heady rush of a fine historical

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        I became a journalist almost by accident Having learned Russian and been hired after university by Reuters to my own surprise and the slight dismay of traditionally minded editors who weren t sure a Guardian reading blonde female would be tough enough for the job , I was then catapulted into the adrenaline charged realm of conflict reporting While on a trainee assignment in Paris, I fell in with the Cambodian migr community and ended up reporting in Cambodia myself, a decade after the Khmer Rouge regime ended, as well as covering Cambodian peace talks in places as far apart as Indonesia and Paris That led to a conflict reporting job in Africa, commuting between Angola and Mozambique and writing about death, destruction, diamonds and disease, and later to a posting in a country that stopped being the Soviet Union three months after I arrived I spent much of the early 1990s in smoky taxis in the Caucasus mountains, covering a series of small post Soviet conflicts that built up to the war in Chechnya.My fascination with the cultural and religious differences between Russians and the many peoples once ruled by Moscow grew into a book on the Chechen war Crying Wolf The Return of War to Chechnya A second, light hearted book followed, about post Soviet Russia s illegal caviar trade, once I d got homesick for London and moved back to writer leaders on foreign affairs for The Times This book was The Taste of Dreams An Obsession with Russia and Caviar.I now lead a sedate life in North London with my husband and two small sons, enjoying the reading, research, writing and metropolitan leisure activities that I grew up expecting adult life to involve I ve found that writing books is much of a surprise, a pleasure and an adventure of the mind as it was to become a foreign correspondent.As a journalist I ve written for, among others, The Times and its website, TimesOnline, the Los Angeles Times, Prospect, The Times Literary Supplement, the Guardian Saturday magazine, the Daily Mail, the Evening Standard, Eve magazine, The Observer Food Monthlyand The Erotic Review.


    1. This was the third book I read in close sucession of the War of the Roses time period in medieval England. The other two were The White Queen by Philippa Gregory and The King's Grace by Ann Easter Smith (see previous review). Reading all three provided an interesting perspective on Edward V, Richard III, Queen Elizabeth Woodward and the future Queen Elizabeth, mother of Henry the VIII. Each book presented the main characters as villians or heros while sticking to the historical facts surrounding [...]

    2. Get thee to an editor!! Seriously. While I understand the copy I have is an ARC and thus an uncorrected proof what I read in this book goes way beyond the pale. Twice I found a duplicated sentence, one right after the other. Run-on sentences with way too many commas, colons and semi-colons, along with short disjointed sentences that went nowhere - picture Snoopy writing his classic "it was a dark and stormy night". Frankly I felt I was always on the outside looking in and that's the last place I [...]

    3. O perspectivă interesantă asupra ultimilor regi din Casa de York, Eduard al IV-lea și Richard al III-lea, din afara curții regale. Totuși povestea are ca fundal viața mătăsarilor din Londra secolului al XV-lea, iar dacă lumea mătăsii nu te interesează, atunci această carte nu e pentru tine. Dacă ești un cititor de romane de ficțiune istorică, atunci cartea merită să-i dai șansă.Am scris mai multe pe blog dorinadanila/2017/05/01/r

    4. I couldn't get into this book, unfortunately. I had a hard time empathizing with the characters that Bennett sets in 15th century England. The protagonist, Isabel, never really seems to seize the day and attempt to carve out her own destiny.Often I say, "Not my favourite book, but if you have the time, give it a read." There's nothing about Figures in Silk to recommend itself as one of those books, however. Its historical scope is narrow: while set during the War of the Roses and involving sever [...]

    5. Another vivid, engrossing historical novel from Vanora Bennett, chock full of period detail and fascinating characters.

    6. While I started reading Vanora Bennett's Figures in Silk because of the Ricardian aspect of the plot, I actually found that part of the narrative rather thin compared to the rich and detailed story of life in the London silk trade which is the primary focus of the novel. Bennett's protagonist Isabel Claver is a young widow who becomes an apprentice to her successful mother-in-law Alice Claver, one of the foremost silk merchants in London. She learns the trade well and, in partnership with Claver [...]

    7. If you are bored by descriptions of the 15th century European fabric industry, this is not a book for you.However, if you’re interested at all in the role thread and cloth played in the late medieval world, as seen by a character on an apprentice–to–master journey storyline, I think you would enjoy this book.15th century London teenager Isabella Lambert finds out in Chapter One that her father has engaged her to a man she hardly knows for economical-political reasons. She is advised by a n [...]

    8. "We all end up equal in the bottom of the bag". This historical fiction is based in 14th Century London following the Wars of the Roses and incorporating the silk industry that was the centre of the English silkwomen's trade in Medieval London. I really enjoyed this book, gave it 4 stars for entertainment and noteworthy history.

    9. Yes, unfortunately 2 stars - it was OK. Lots of historical information both about the silk industry in London and the perils of living in England during the Wars of the Roses. I didn't really connect with the main character - she wasn't as fully developed as I would have liked and the ending was not convincing.

    10. While I was on the treadmill this afternoon, I watched as Gordon Brown, his wife, and his two children took their leave of 10 Downing Street. Brown stood in front of the hoards of photographers, smiled, then climbed into a car, streaking through London toward Buckingham Palace to give his resignation to the Queen. I’m not British, nor have I paid much attention to British politics since I spent the spring of 2007 in Scotland, but I got a lump in my throat watching his car make his way down the [...]

    11. Set in second half of the 15th century London, during the time when Edward IV is restored to the throne and later his brother Richard III takes the reign.This story brings to light the world of silkwomen of the 15th century London and their partnership with mercers to do business together. Inevitably, training in the same households and marrying.Isabel, a daughter of silk merchant, gets married to Thomas Claver, a son of wealthy silk family/dynasty. In Isabel’s father’s eyes embroidery of ch [...]

    12. I had my doubts when I purchased this novel, having read some negative thoughts on it and having hated Anne Easter Smith's version of the War of the Roses. This suprised me, however, at almost every turn. Isabel and Jane are sisters who are married off to strangers while Edward is taking control of England's kingship. Isabel is widowed quickly and takes to her mother in law's silk business against her own father's wishes. Jane gets a divorce from her husband and becomes a harlot for the king and [...]

    13. Anch'io, dopo aver letto l'ottimo "Ritratto di una sconosciuta" della stessa autrice, ero impaziente di ritrovare le stesse atmosfere coinvolgenti.Purtroppo in questo libro non e' cosi': ottima ricostruzione storica, ottima introspezione nei personaggi, da quelli reali a quelli del popolo, ma c'e' qualcosa che manca, qualcosa che ti fa chiudere il libro pensando che ci sia una promessa non mantenuta. Forse perche' anche la Bennett ha ricostruito il personaggio di Riccardo III con lo stereotipo d [...]

    14. I have to say of all the war of the roses books this is going to be one of my favorites. While it does focus on the royals in some respects the main focus is the story of trying to get the silk weaving business brought to England. You learn all the ins and outs of the mercers guild and many others within England at the time. Isabel Lambert a fictional created sister to the infamous Jane Lambert, better known as Jane Shore Mistress to King Edward is the center piece in all of this silk world.Isab [...]

    15. Britain just announced to the world that King Richard III's remains have been found, with a reconstruction of his face even made possible. As coincidence would have it, this book features Richard as one of the principal characters. Richard III was not a well-loved monarch and Vanora uses the historical suspicions surrounding him to create this novel. Isabel Lambert is a fourteen year old daughter of a silk-weaver who unexpectedly meets 'Dickon' while they are both praying in a church one morning [...]

    16. A great love story historical portrayal of a very strong common girl and a would be King of England. They main character takes you on a journey of a life that was lived to the fullest even when doubt and lies step in to destroy her. I would have liked to haved learned even more about the silk making process in addition to the selling and marketing within the first portion of the book so that relating to her everyday life would have seemed more real. The genuine giving of her love to someone so u [...]

    17. A splendid blend of romance and history as the author takes one into the world of silk making. Set in the late 1400’s, the story is based around two sisters, Jane and Isabel, who are the daughters of a silk merchant in London, John Lambert. Lambert’s business is suffering and in desperation, he resolves to marry off his two daughters to rich husbands.Jane, the eldest of his daughters, marries Will Shore, but then later divorces him when she becomes romantically involved with Edward Plantagen [...]

    18. A splendid blend of romance and history as the author takes one into the world of silk making. Set in the late 1400's, the story is based around two sisters, Jane and Isabel, who are the daughters of a silk merchant in London, John Lambert. Lambert's business is suffering and in desperation, he resolves to marry off his two daughters to rich husbands.Jane, the eldest of his daughters, marries Will Shore, but then later divorces him when she becomes romantically involved with Edward Plantagenet ( [...]

    19. This is a book that took me years to get through, although that's due in part to the fact that I lost interest in reading for a couple of years. This book has a very slow beginning and I found it hard to want to pick it up when I had other options available to me. It was well written though, and so I didn't give up on it entirely. Not giving up on it turned out to be a great idea, as the book got increasingly more interesting as it went along. By the end, I could hardly put it down, finding myse [...]

    20. This book is a historical fiction set in London during the War of the Roses. The book includes the princes in the tower, and most of the political intrigue of that era, although that isn't the focus of the book. The focus is really on the silk women of London and the rising merchant class of that era as they work to produce and ply their trade. The book's protagonist, Isabel, is a plucky young lady who - despite the restrictions on women during the period - decides to take her life into her own [...]

    21. Overall, it was a good book. There were upsides with the intriguing character developments and actual use of history. Also, it gave me a glimpse into the mindset of merchants and the nobility of the time. The downsides were it would drag at times and I would want to take a break for a long time before reading it again. Plus, some of the characters were just a bit hard to believe. However, I really did enjoy the independence I saw from the silk women and how there were other paths besides marriag [...]

    22. I didn't love itI didn't hate it. My attention was not truly held until about halfway in. Isabel, as the main character, I felt, was strong-minded and had a will of her ownd that's about it. I felt nothing else towards her or anyone else for that matter. Her take on the events of that period were entertaining and different from anything else I have read, which was refreshing. It was interesting enough to me because I love that time period, and anything Richard IIIbut all the silk talk bored me t [...]

    23. I was not familiar with the War of Roses, so the obvious hints in this novel I missed. I knew about the two lost boys, but I didn't make that connection until close to the end. I am, and have always been, utterly fascinated with royal history. I've read several historical fiction novels on the subject, and this novel is up to parr with the rest of them.What was really nice about this novel is that it wasn't about the monarchs, the royalty, the kings-- it was about silk. I knew nothing about the [...]

    24. A very interesting book. The book not only explains the rise of Henry Tudor and fall of Richard III. It attempts to excuse Richard III's role in the mystery of the "Princes in the Tower". I don't buy her explanation!

    25. The silk industry is interesting in this novel although the romance that is attached is not so interesting. The politics of the time involves back stabbing and intrigue which does not really appeal to me.

    26. I liked this book but a lot of it had to do with the fact that I am interested in textiles. The information about the silk trade fascinated me. She is a good writer and will try more of her books.

    27. I enjoyed this story about the silk women of London - inspired me to learn more about the complex industries of the great city during the Middle Ages.

    28. I'm Sorry But I Have To Be Honest, I thought this book was just horrid. I can not believe that Vanora Bennett wrote this. I read and loved 'Portrait of an Unknown Woman' and would recommend that book, I can't recommend this to anyone. I have so many criticisms that I'm going to have to stay focused. I thought the writing itself was awkward, stumbling and difficult. The characters were not at all developed even the main character, Isabel. The emotions and the events that unfold do not ring true a [...]

    29. Interesting story. I got a little bogged down with trying to keep who was who straight toward the end. Takes place in England during the ongoing War of the Roses era. Jane and Isabel are sisters who were each married through an arrangement by their father. Isabel's husband dies very abruptly and she apprentices herself to her mother-in-law at her silk house. Interesting look at the silk trade during the time. Underlying themes which resonant today: love, betrayal, loyalty, ambition.

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