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Epileptic Hailed by The Comics Journal as one of Europe s most important and innovative comics artists David B has created a masterpiece in Epileptic his stunning and emotionally resonant autobiography about

  • Title: Epileptic
  • Author: David B.
  • ISBN: 9780375714689
  • Page: 232
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hailed by The Comics Journal as one of Europe s most important and innovative comics artists, David B has created a masterpiece in Epileptic, his stunning and emotionally resonant autobiography about growing up with an epileptic brother Epileptic gathers together and makes available in English for the first time all six volumes of the internationally acclaimed graphic woHailed by The Comics Journal as one of Europe s most important and innovative comics artists, David B has created a masterpiece in Epileptic, his stunning and emotionally resonant autobiography about growing up with an epileptic brother Epileptic gathers together and makes available in English for the first time all six volumes of the internationally acclaimed graphic work.David B was born Pierre Fran ois Beauchard in a small town near Orl ans, France He spent an idyllic early childhood playing with the neighborhood kids and, along with his older brother, Jean Christophe, ganging up on his little sister, Florence But their lives changed abruptly when Jean Christophe was struck with epilepsy at age eleven In search of a cure, their parents dragged the family to acupuncturists and magnetic therapists, to mediums and macrobiotic communes But every new cure ended in disappointment as Jean Christophe, after brief periods of remission, would only get worse.Angry at his brother for abandoning him and at all the quacks who offered them false hope, Pierre Fran ois learned to cope by drawing fantastically elaborate battle scenes, creating images that provide a fascinating window into his interior life An honest and horrifying portrait of the disease and of the pain and fear it sowed in the family, Epileptic is also a moving depiction of one family s intricate history Through flashbacks, we are introduced to the stories of Pierre Fran ois s grandparents and we relive his grandfathers experiences in both World Wars We follow Pierre Fran ois through his childhood, adolescence, and adulthood, all the while charting his complicated relationship with his brother and Jean Christophe s losing battle with epilepsy Illustrated with beautiful and striking black and white images, Epileptic is as astonishing, intimate, and heartbreaking as the best literary memoir.From the Hardcover edition.

    Epilepsy What is Epilepsy Epilepsy Foundation Epilepsy, the fourth most common neurological disorder, affects people of all ages and can cause unpredictable seizures Learn from the Epilepsy Foundation. Epilepsy Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and More Jan , Epilepsy is a chronic disorder that causes unprovoked, recurrent seizures A seizure is a sudden rush of electrical activity in the brain There are two main types of seizures. Epilepsy Symptoms and causes Mayo Clinic Epileptics definition of Epileptics by The Free Dictionary Usage Rather than talking about an epileptic or epileptics, it is better to talk about a person with epilepsy and people with epilepsy Epileptics Define Epileptics at Dictionary Epileptics definition, pertaining to or symptomatic of epilepsy See . Epilepsy MedlinePlus Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes people to have recurring seizures.The seizures happen when clusters of nerve cells, or neurons, in the brain send out the wrong signals. Epilepsy Symptoms, causes, and treatments Dec , Epilepsy is a common neurological condition characterized by recurrent seizures Seizures occur when a sudden surge of electrical activity causes a temporary disturbance in the brain s EPILEPTIC meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary Beyond this lie some acres of agricultural land interspersed with hospitals, convalescent homes, and something rather ominously described as a farm for epileptics. Epilepsy and Seizures Provoked Seizures, Seizure Disorder Continued How Is Epilepsy Treated The majority of epileptic seizures are controlled through drug therapy.Diet may also be used along with medications In certain cases in which medications and

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        Pierre Fran ois Beauchard, who uses the pen name David B was one of the initiators of the French alternative editorial house L Association, and is now well known among the French comics audience After his Applied Arts studies, David B had his first publications in magazines such as Chic, Circus, Okapi and A Suivre Among his early creations are Le Timbre Maudit , a story published in Okapi, and the mini series Z bre in Chic As a scenarist, he cooperated with Olivier Legan on Pas de Samba pour Capitaine Tonnerre , an album published by Gl nat in 1985.After he co founded L Association in 1990, he began using the pseudonym David B and specialized in short black and white stories, detailing nightmarish dreams, collected in the album Le Cheval Bl me in 1992 As powerful as his dream imagery is in itself, it is amplified by his masterful use of black and white drawings In the Association s magazine Lapin, he published series like Le Proph te Voil , Le Jardin Arm and Le Voyage de l Est From 1996, Beauchard has concentrated on the autobiographical series L Ascension du Haut Mal , which earned him the highest praise from comics critics.In addition to his work for L Association, David B cooperated with the publishing house Corn lius, where he published the quarterly comic book Le Nain Jaune from 1993 to 1994, as well as Les Quatre Savants from 1996 to 1998 He was also present in the reviews Fus e and Le Cheval sans T te with Les Incidents de la Nuit Also present at Dargaud, he made Le Teng Carr , an allegory of Japanese legends, and the scenarios of La R volte d Hop Frog and Les Ogres , which were illustrated by Christophe Blain For the publisher s collection Poisson Pilote, he made Urani la Ville des Mauvais R ves script by Joann Sfar and Les Chercheurs de Tr sor.After May 2000 David B s work would reach a wider public when his artwork was featured in the collection Aire Libre by the popular publisher Dupuis After Le Capitaine carlate with artwork by Emmanuel Guibert in 2000, David wrote and drew the album La Lecture des Ruines in 2001 David B has also been active as an illustrator for Le Seuil, Automne 67, Albin Michel and Coconino Press.


    1. One of the great graphic books, the story of David B.'s brother's diagnosis of epilepsy in the seventies. You feel the desperation and despair of the family as the seek cure after cure to no avail (My son has autism and I felt the same desperation and despair). Another key aspect of the book is David's attempts to capture his brother's experience of seizures in artistic terms, with amazing black and white drawing. Dark, sad, and thrilling.

    2. Throughout history epileptics have been maligned. Even today they are mistreated in hospitals and misunderstood by community members. A lifelong epileptic having focal seizures (a type that are not generally known by laypeople like ER admissions staff), I have developed a defensive anger that hops up and shouts, or would, if the seizures didn't make thinking and moving like wading through pea soup.This book is an amazing work of art. The story of the artist's youth with an epileptic brother is n [...]

    3. David B's "Epileptic" turns out to be a frustrating read for some of us with epilepsy. I respect the author's experience, but shudder at the idea of the inexperienced forming conclusions about epileptics based on his feelings toward his brother (presented as "the" titular, as if exemplary, epileptic). More personally, B's exasperation with his brother chimes with the desperate denial I know I sometimes engage in in the face of an onrushing seizure: I can overcome it if I just fight the shocks an [...]

    4. David B. (pravim imenom Pierre-François Beauchard) u Epileptičaru opisuje kako se njegova obitelj borila s epilepsijom od koje boluje njegov stariji brat. Iako je brat u središtu priče, autor strip koristi kao svojevrstnu terapiju, ili ispušni ventil, jer ovdje može reći sve ono što je šutio godinama. Također se kroz strip pokušava, barem fiktivno, približiti bratu. Odlično prikazuje i kako očaj natjera ljude da pomoć potraže kod raznih "alternativaca". Njegovi roditelji su tako [...]

    5. Unquestionably the worst comic book I have ever read, and among the worst books (period) that I have ever had the displeasure of having suffered through. Pretentious, long-winded, uninteresting conceptually and plot-wise, excruciatingly scattered and disjointed (in the WRONG way), and completely amateurish and one-trick when it comes to the drawing style. This looks and reads like (and may actually contain?) the immature student sketches of someone who might someday perhaps maybe grow into a gre [...]

    6. Çaresi ve nedeni belli olmayan böyle acı bir hastalığın birinci dereceden şahidi çizer-yazarın her karesi beni derinden etkiledi. Her sayfada ailece içinde oldukları çaresizliği, umudu, yılgınlığı hissediyor insan. Siyah beyazlığının da etkisiyle kocaman bir gölge gibi üzerine düşüyor kitap insanın. Grafik romanın en güzel örneklerinden biri kesinlikle. Çizerin iç dünyasının ücralarına ulaşıyor insan ve en saklı hislerine şahit oluyor.

    7. Comic books are a bit like video games insofar as they have been dogged by a stereotype of nerds with spiky hair bashing control pads, high fiving and using expressions like 'cowabunga, doooood'. I don't indulge in either that much, but I have enough experience to know that the crème de la crème of the mediums are credible (this basically means that I sometimes read comics and play GTA V).I'll begin by saying that this is a deeply personal story which makes it all the more of an accomplishment [...]

    8. Graphic memoir, what a popular and critically successful genre for comics these days. This book belongs on a shelf with Blankets and Persepolis: A strange and exceptional childhood illustrated in a way that reveals emotional perceptions through cartooning. Though Epileptic is far worse than Thompson's and Satrapi's books. The story is profoundly interesting, a family deals with the epilepsy of their oldest childest by diving into various fringe New Age practices in France from the late 60's and [...]

    9. the only prior experience i brought to this reading of a graphic novel was 'jimmy corrigan: the smartest boy in the world,' which is why amazon recommended it to me. ultimately, i think that the genre is all that connects them. this book is much more intimate, personal, passionate, and chilling. all things 'smartest' wanted to be but only got 4/5's of the way there. i myself am an epileptic and there are fewer diseases that this book relates to than just ones that are 'out of control.' the effec [...]

    10. A long, hallucinatory autobiography, centered around on the author's brother - who suffers from epilepsy - and the family's attempts at finding a cure. Takes place in 1960s-2000s France, with some flashbacks to the world wars and the war in Algeria.Overall, I didn't like it very much. While it was initially interesting to learn about the 1960s upbringing - steeped, as it was, in esoteric quasi-cults, psychoanalysis, and fantastic realism - I wearied and grew frustrated. After the family's nth at [...]

    11. I stopped reading this one over a year ago, after about the first 100 pages. It just didn't click with me. After reading some of David B.'s other work, and really enjoying it, I decided to reconsider this work considered his magnum opus. I still don't like the beginning but it really does pick up steam and begin to have a point beyond just a simple biography of a boy and his epileptic brother. I loved the art - I don't think there's enough symbolism in comics. Many artists just show literal even [...]

    12. Sped through this one. A beautifully told story, dark and honest, ultimately disturbing but moving. David B. offers us a look into his life and with it, his vulnerability. The hardship that comes with living with a family member who is epileptic is portrayed poignantly here. Complete with symbology and haunting drawings, this one will stay with me.

    13. I thought this came across as rather hostile to people with epilepsy, not to mention self-indulgent as hell. Essentially, David B. claims epilepsy ruined his childhood--not his brother's--because it was stressful for him and his sister. His sister's writing the preface instead of his brother is rather telling. He goes on and on about how difficult his childhood was for HIM and even talks very frankly about how he abused his brother: provoking seizures when he was mad at Jean-Christophe, slapping [...]

    14. I haven't yet read enough graphic novel memoirs to be able to say this with any authority, but this must be one of the most intense and tragic works the genre has produced (if it isn't, I'm not sure I could handle the others). The immediate story that "Epileptic" tells is that of the effect on the author and his family of his brother's Epilepsy – the impact it has on their education, ambitions, careers; the many doctors, quacks, and fake spiritual gurus they placed their faith in over the year [...]

    15. One of the self imposed criterea I use for deciding how many starts I'm going to give something is how often I think of the content, the characters, the art etc after I've read it. This one has come to mind a lot. While the story is mainly about David B's epileptic brother it is also very much about siblings and family roles, it's also about how people try, desperately to impose control and order in life.I felt alternately sorry for and irritated with the parents and worried endlessly about both [...]

    16. İlk başta çizgi romanın yaratıcısı David B.’den söz edelim, hayal dünyasını çizimlerine aktarmakta korkusu olmayan bir çizer ve söylemeliyim o hayal dünyası çok geniş. Daha çizgi romanın kapağından, bu uçlarda olan dünyanın, çizime aktarılırken ne şekilde aktarıldığı konusunda fikir sahibi oluyoruz. Çizgi roman boyunca bu çemberin dışında özgürce dolaşan hayal dünyası, çizimlere de aynı cesurlukta ve sertlikte, düşüncelerin de psikedelik havasın [...]

    17. I’ve known several people over the years who’ve suffered on and off (usually more off than on) from seizures of one sort or another. Fortune favouring me over them, I’ve never witnessed an episode and have only heard tales secondhand. I have however witnessed several faintings. The two are not really at all comparable save for the definitive theft of control from their victims. So while I’ve never witnessed an epileptic event, I am suitably horrified by the possibility.Every person value [...]

    18. İyi hazırlanmış bir biyografik çizgi roman. Fakat konulardan konulara geçiş hızı sebebiyle, az biraz ambale oluyorsunuz. Yazara yetişme sorun olmuyor ama olayların niceliğini anlama kısmı biraz yorucu hale geliyor. Çizgiler rahatsız edici denmiş ama bana o kadar rahatsız edici gelmedi. Bazı yerlerde klasik işlenenleri yine burada da görmek sıkıcı bir hal aldı. Okuduğunuzda ne demek istediğimi anlayacaksınız. Bunların haricinde sonlara doğru nasıl toparlanacak ya d [...]

    19. Probably the best graphic novel I’ve ever read. Don’t be fooled by the title - this novel is also about so many different subjects like growing up, finding your place in your family, finding your voice in the world, and living out your share of sorrows in between. I loved the author’s interjecting descriptions of his dreams to illustrate his subconscious feelings at times where describing them bluntly would have been too painful or too direct. This was a wonderful read and the art is fasci [...]

    20. Having read this book for the second time, due to it being released recently in Sweden, there are two things that comes to mind. Firstly that this is one of the best, if not THE best autobiographical graphic novel ever created; a book truly deserving five stars in rating if there ever was one. It's intricate, intelligent and intellectual, and at the same time intimate, emotional and highly personal. A tour de force in showing what you can achieve through the media of comics, both in narrative an [...]

    21. I picked up this book purely for the title: Epileptic. As someone with epilepsy, diagnosed in my teens, I thought it would be interesting to read someone's story about their experiences with it, as literature featuring epilepsy is hard to find. I was surprised to find out that the author did not have epilepsy, but it was in fact his brother.My mixed feelings about this book are directly related to my own feelings as someone with epilepsy. The author's brother is depicted as the eye of the storm [...]

    22. Text: 1 starArt: 5 starsBlack-and-white young-adult graphic novel about growing up with an epileptic brother. I love the art, mainly because it's laced with visual metaphors. But the text is rather problematic. The narrative is distant and disjointed. The storyline wavers all over the place. Of the 360 pages of this book, less than half are about growing up with an epileptic brother. Whole sections are devoted to the creator's grandparents and their unrelated stories of growing up, wars, death, [...]

    23. Epileptic is the seminal work by David Beauchard, the French writer better known as ‘David B.’ Described as a ‘six-volume autobiographical epic’, Epileptic tells the story of David’s relationship with his brother, and of his brother’s struggles with epilepsy.Originally split in to six volumes that were published in France between 1996 and 2003, Epileptic was originally titled ‘L’Ascension du Haut Mal’ and was quickly published in English, going on to receive critical acclaim an [...]

    24. Epileptic is a sad account of how the author's life was shaped by his brother's epilepsy. David B. is an exceptional illustrator and writer - he draws human portraits of his characters, and conveys his personal struggles remarkably well. As an epileptic, I appreciated the way Epileptic portrayed Jean-Christophe's helplessness during a seizure. David's style is consistent with magical realism as fantastical elements - including the monster of epilepsy and his grandfather's spirit - are beautifull [...]

    25. I'm stunned. Having just put "Epileptic" down after a marathon non-stop reading session, I can say that David B. has most graphically captured the essence of the struggle one faces with Epilepsy. Epilepsy treats its victims in varied ways. For some, like me, it crops up intermittentlyleaves its imprint then disappears only to catch me unaware at another inopportune time. My last seizure was while watching the Super Bowl, second quartergo figure! David B's brother, Jean Christophe, suffers from a [...]

    26. A wistful, melancholy, tender memoir about having and loving and hating a sick sibling whose sickness overwhelms. It is about growing up in a shadow, about vicarious responsibility and guilt, about losing and finding family, about imagination and art.With fierce honesty about his ambivalence, David B. fully exploits the graphic novel as medium to tear the superficial, factual skin off of memory to reveal the messy, beautiful reality of the fear and hope of childhood.

    27. Keväällä 2017 elämäni oli raiteillaan: olin juuri aloittanut graduseminaarin (suunnitelmana kirjoittaa traumoista ja menneisyyden taakasta Ishiguron romaaneissa) ja minulla oli tiedossa kesätyöpaikka lehdenjakajana. Toisinaan valitin tasapaksua elämääni ja toivoin usein jotain jännittävää tapahtuvan, mutta nettipelisessiot pikkuveljeni kanssa piristivät arjen harmauden keskellä. Parisen päivää ennen vappua maailmani romahti: rakas pikkuveljeni kuoli epileptiseen kohtaukseen. T [...]

    28. Difficult to rate: a beautiful, intense, problematic book.The author's brother has frequent seizures (multiple a day) and his family futilely pursues treatment by seeking gurus, mediums, and religious figures. The author himself retreats into dreams and art. The art is amazing, but the family and author clearly lack any kind of disability community, and have a very difficult time accepting their family member's illness. The ableism is apparent in a few panels where David thinks that his brother [...]

    29. David B. lived his whole childhood in the shadow of his brother's epileptic seizures. The twisted family dynamics and the weird notions the parents have of the world really didn't help him growing up.I could relate to alot of the parts from his childhood, I can understand where he's coming from and what he went through.I have no understanding for the parents, I get the fact that this happened decades ago so epilepsy must have been a pretty new illness for doctors, hence all the experimenting. Al [...]

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