The Treasure Keeper

The Treasure Keeper

Shana Abe / Oct 23, 2019

The Treasure Keeper With such novels as Queen of Dragons and The Dream Thief Shana Ab has created a unique and vividly imagined world that exists side by side with our own a realm populated by a race of supersensual men

  • Title: The Treasure Keeper
  • Author: Shana Abe
  • ISBN: 9780553806854
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With such novels as Queen of Dragons and The Dream Thief, Shana Ab has created a unique and vividly imagined world that exists side by side with our own a realm populated by a race of supersensual men and women whose power to change shape permits them unlimited acts of pleasure and ever present danger Now the survival of the dr kon rests in the hands of a young woman witWith such novels as Queen of Dragons and The Dream Thief, Shana Ab has created a unique and vividly imagined world that exists side by side with our own a realm populated by a race of supersensual men and women whose power to change shape permits them unlimited acts of pleasure and ever present danger Now the survival of the dr kon rests in the hands of a young woman with untried and unexpected powers and the powerful Alpha male she must break every dr kon law to save.The dr kon are at war, surrounded by an enemy they have every reason to fear The sanf inimicus are no ordinary human beings but the most dangerous of hunters They ve sworn to exterminate the shape shifters whose presence they now can detect, and they ve already claimed a prize prisoner Lord Rhys Langford.It s a blow the dr kon clans feel from Darkfrith, England, all the way to the Carpathian Mountains of Transylvania But it strikes no one harder than Zoe Cyprienne Lane A mere seamstress s daughter, Zoe isn t even in the same league as Rhys In fact, as an unwed male in the Alpha line, according to dr kon custom, he owns her So nothing could be outrageous or personally ruinous than the mere notion that she might set out on her own to find her childhood friendd first true love.But the unexpected is exactly what Zoe intends to do For years she s been hiding two extraordinary Gifts that have set her apart from other dr kon females the power to become invisible and the power to feel others emotions Now, guided by a link to Rhys his presence and touch as electric as if he were beside her in the flesh Zoe uses both Gifts to infiltrate the sanf inimicus And for Rhys, whose time is running out, Zoe is his last lifeline to a world and a love he never thought he d regain Only together again, hunter and huntress, can they save the dr kon from the traitor in their midst who would destroy them all.

    The Treasure Keeper The Drakon, Book Shana Ab The Treasure Keeper can be read as a standalone book but it definitely is better to have read the previous three books The Smoke Thief, The Dream Thief, and the Queen of Dragons The culture of the Darkfrith drakon has created unintended consequences. The Treasure Keeper A Novel Drakon Book Kindle The Treasure Keeper can be read as a standalone book but it definitely is better to have read the previous three books The Smoke Thief, The Dream Thief, and the Queen of Dragons The culture of the Darkfrith drakon has created unintended consequences. The Treasure Keeper penguinrandomhouse Apr , About The Treasure Keeper BONUS This edition contains an excerpt from Shana Ab s The Time Weaver She is a young drkon of untried powers He is the powerful second son of the Alpha male from their clan of shapeshifting, supersensual beings. Keeper of the Treasure art that helps you face the truth Keeper of the Treasure offers multimedia art that both expresses and evokes soulful appreciation of personal transformations It introduces Inside the Belly of the Whale, a photo journal and visual narrative of spiritual transformation after great loss In classic language, it is the hero s journey of the founder of Keeper of the Treasure. The treasure keeper by Rai Chaze, Tehina , Paperback Reviewed by Mamta Madhavan for Readers Favorite The Treasure Keeper Imaginary Tales of Tahiti by Rai Chaze is the story of an islander named Treasure Keeper She was not always a Treasure Keeper but was chosen to be the Treasure Keeper due to circumstances. Treasure Keeper Aether Revolt Gatherer Magic The When Treasure Keeper dies, reveal cards from the top of your library until you reveal a nonland card with converted mana cost or less You may cast that card without paying its mana cost Put all revealed cards not cast this way on the bottom of your library in a random order. Editions of The Treasure Keeper by Shana Abe Editions for The Treasure Keeper Hardcover published in , Paperback published in , Kindle Edition published in , The Treasure Keeper The Drakon, Book By Shana Abe Aug , Download Here She is a young drkon of untried powers He is the powerful second son of the Alpha male from their clan of shapesh The Treasure Keepers by Chris Mould NOOK Book eBook The Treasure Keepers by Chris Mould The Treasure Keepers is the sixth book in and conclusion to this darkly funny series, Something Wickedly Weird It has it all eerie black and white illustrations by author Chris Mould, swashbuckling pirates, werewolf showdowns, plenty My Treasure Keeper Safe Bank Best Toys for Ages to My Treasure Keeper Safe Bank and thousands of the very best toys at Fat Brain Toys The ultimate safe for all your most valuable treasures At the top is a slot for coins and money while inside is a slide out coin tray

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        Shana Ab was born in Texas She spent much of her childhood living in Colorado, with a brief stint in Mexico as a foreign exchange student, and, at age seventeen, lived in Japan as a model Throughout her childhood, Ab wrote, completing what she calls The Silliest Romance Novel Ever during her free time during modeling shoots Her writing focused on romance, as those were the types of books that she most enjoyed reading 1 She later attended college in Los Angeles, graduating with a degree in drama.Her second novel, also a contemporary romance, took third place in a writing contest She sent the book to several prospective agents, many of which responded with questions similar to Nice voice but what line are you writing for Unwilling to try to fit her writing into some of the rules that governed contemporary romances, Ab chose to concentrate on historical romances For her first attempt at a historical romance, the newlywed Ab chose to tell the story of her own romance with her husband, set in medieval times The manuscript was purchased by Bantam Books and published as A Rose in Winter.Many of Ab s subsequent novels have also been set in the medieval time period Ab chose the time period because of its great sense of dichotomy.It inspires thoughts of grandeur, of courtly grace and chivalrous knights but at the same time there s a gritty, raw aspect to the period that just cannot be denied Ab has received the Romantic Times Career Achievement Award, and has been nominated six times for Romantic Times Reviewer s Choice Awards, winning twice


    1. After the disaster that was Queen of Dragons, I really wasn't expecting much from this book. In fact, I was prepared to write a scathing review about everything I hated about The Treasure Keeper. However, I didn'thate it. I actually liked it. Well, I suppose saying I had a love/hate relationship with the book would be more accurate. There were parts I loved and adored, and there were parts that I hated and made me want to throw the book at the wall.The plot of The Treasure Keeper wasn't as weak [...]

    2. The first thing I must start off with is this book is not romantic. If you’re looking for a sexy romance this is not it. This book was a little hard to follow and I was pretty much bored throughout. The story and the characters never drew me in and I had to force myself to continue reading. I’ll be honest, some skipping did happen. The book starts off with a very long reading of Zoe’s diary from childhood to adulthood, which I thought was odd at first, and actually became irritated when it [...]

    3. Finally Abé has created a male protagonist who gets to know his true love before having sex with her. A man who really takes his time to find out about who she is, what she's like, and what makes her tick.Do you know how Abé accomplished this? She made him a ghost. That's right, he's not even corporeal. The reason he's not like the other men in this series, frothing at the bit to "claim what's his" is because he physically can't. He can't even touch her.It's unfortunate that Abé feels the nee [...]

    4. Oh so bad. I did not like the narrator's tone for most of the book. The constant switching between a letter being written and the actual story was frustrating. The characters were one sided. The story was flat. Zoe's journal entries at the beginning didn't really add anything to the story. The males' personalities continue to be extremely aggressive and borderline abusive. It was a quick read but a painful one.

    5. This is the fourth book of the Drakon series. I kind of rated them against each other and this one would be 4.5 stars compared to the first three, but had to round it off to 5. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but not quite as much as the previous three. I love Shana Abe's writing, love the world of the Drakon that she has created. One BIG thing I think people need to keep in mind when reading this series is that the Drakon are not humans who shape-shift into dragons. They are dragons who shape-s [...]

    6. Not as great as the other three in the series. The book was a bit disjointed, and actually felt like an installment for the finale (which it is). I'm giving it three stars again because I seriously love the premise, even if I wasn't as invested with Zee and Rhys as I was with the other main characters.I have some other challenges with this as well. SPOILERS AHEAD!1. There's a relatively obvious and jarring retcon in the novel: Hayden tells Zee that he's been communicating with the Council the en [...]

    7. This book was a lot of fun, but on some basic level a little bit dissatisfying. I thought the characters were pretty okay and likable and interesting, but they needed something more, really like the story, found the bad guys quite compelling, though a bit of a cop out ending, if you ask me. don't like that the second love interest in the triangle conveniently dies in the end, so she doesn't have to make any hard painful decisions, and didn't like how fast she got over it and (one day) and moved [...]

    8. The pace is slow, the characters mediocre. The like the strong female lead however she shows herself to be fickle. There are spirits in the mirror that only Zoe can see- but the spirits play no part of the story other than they are there. I had no reason to really like or dislike the characters of the book.

    9. The fourth book in this captivating series lives up to the rest, half way through it became unputdownable. In each of these book relationships get resolved but the overall story carries on. On to the fifth and final book!

    10. I don't know if its just the books lately or what, but I've been catching a lot of odd ones. This book doesn't really end, and the next book coming out, Time Weaver, wouldn't surprise me if it couldn't have been combined into one book. Much irritating.

    11. I didn't think this was as good as the previous 3 books in the series. It was a little slower but still an enjoyable read.

    12. I'm tempted to say that besides "The Smoke Thief" (Drakon #1), this book is my favorite in the series. Granted, there is one more book in the series to read, but that won't happen for me for at least another couple weeks or so.I just love Abe's writing style. It's subtle and smooth, descriptive, imaginative, and truly draws the reader in.[POSSIBLE SPOILERS. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK.]Seamstress Zoe Lane doesn't have the ability to Turn from smoke to dragon but she does have two extraordinary gifts: [...]

    13. This is one of those series that I anxiously await for each book to hit the shelves. If you’re a shapeshifter fan, looking for something that’s different and written beautifully, these books are ones you don’t want to miss.I suggest you start at the beginning with The Smoke Thief. You don’t have to, but this is a series that has a certain feel to it, that has a history to it, and to get the full effect, reading the books in order will only make your experience with it better.Zoe is the s [...]

    14. THE TREASURE KEEPER, the fourth installment in the drakon' series, picks up where the previous installment, Queen of Dragons, leaves off. The brother of the Alpha, Lord Rhys Langford, had been attacked and is now being held captive.Zoe Cyprienne Lane is the daughter of the town seamstress. Growing up, she thought herself plain and fervently wished that she would be granted the gift of smoke and the Turn. It was very rare for the females of their clan to shapeshift into smoke or dragonform, and Z [...]

    15. This was better than its predecessor, Queen of Dragons, but not as good as the first two books. So I would rank them 2, 1, 4, 3. I still have to read book 5, that one has the lowest average rating though.I really enjoyed Zoe as a heroine. I loved how she was such an icon of beauty and grace to all the men of Darkfrith, and she didnt even know. I wonder how Hayden found the courage to court her. And Zoe was incredible, how she ran away and searched for Hayden and Rhys on her own. She did so much [...]

    16. Mmm I enjoyed it, but it had a few continuity errors that bothered me. They really stood out for me because I've been reading these books back-to-back. Other reviewers have already pointed all of them out, so I won't rehash. Suffice to say that the editor really should have caught them!I was also annoyed that the ending of the book is so abrupt; it was like running into a wall at full speed. Luckily I have the last book on my Kindle, otherwise I would have been more peeved. The ending made this [...]

    17. The Drakon series gets better and better in each book. This book is the fourth in the series and it is about Zoe Cyprienne Lane. A seamstress who sets out on her own to originally find her fiance whom was sent on a dangerous mission from the counsel to scout out the drakon hunters called the sanf inimicus. Her finance, a good and a mild mannered man, has abruptly stopped writing letters to her and becomes extraordinarily anxious for him. Fearing the worst, she decides to go to Paris because Pari [...]

    18. I have enjoyed the Drakon world Abe has created. As always, I love her gifted prose, the way she paints the scenes so vividly. I admire an author who can do something different with the romance, and she did so here. The heroine can't stand the hero, Rhys, for much of the book, and other than the many diary entries in the beginning, we don't "see" him much at all. Zoe leaves the shire to find her fiance, presumed captured by the dragon killers, and encounters Rhys's ghost instead. For nearly 300 [...]

    19. This was my second favourite book of the series after The Dream Thief which featured Zane.The Treasure Keeper is about Zoe Lane, the first love of Rhys' life. Zoe knows her gifts mean she will be confined to Darkfrith and made to marry the next Alpha in line, Rhys Langford, regardless of her wishes in this regard, so she keeps her gifts a secret. But now, Rhys had been kidnapped by their greatest enemy and with Zoe's intended missing while on a mission to the Carpathians, Zoe sets out to play re [...]

    20. First, let me Say that the Way the Book starts is painfully Annoying! Why were so many Words capitalized in the Diary, with no Mention as to Why? See how Irritating it Is? If you were to Throw in a few ~, *, and <3, I'd swear I was reading a Teenager's chat Log.That said, Shana Abé is fantastic when it comes to painting a picture. As I read The Treasure Keeper, I could easily visualize the streets in Paris, the garden of the maison, even the details in the floor of the dance hall. I could pr [...]

    21. I give this 4.5 stars. This is my first book by this author. I had book 1 and 2 in this series but lost them in hurricane Sandy before they could be read.So finding this book at my library made me want to read it.The back cover summary was very interesting. Good story! Loved the main characters. Totally an all your senses read. I am fascinated. Can't wait to read book 1.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------SpoilersNote to self: Eng [...]

    22. Zoe and Rhys were extremely real. Zoe is a seamstress, and Rhys is a Lord. Zoe is betrothed to someone else however Rhys was her childhood sweetheart. She was the only one who didn't bend to his will. She is Gifted beyond her wildest dreams, and torn between a prim and proper man who will treat her nice and a sarcastic rebel dragon Lord. I know despite the book being about dragons it was real, and I read the books somewhat out of order however it didn't really seem to matter. I loved the images [...]

    23. Shana Abe writes with the graceful gift of a storytelling mage. I will read anything she writes! I was particularly enchanted with the opening of this novel, with its especially lyrical voice. Here's a sample:"Something Dark is coiled around your heart. It gives you grace when others are clumsy. You are secret smoke and claws, a cocked ear to the music of metal and stone, fangs and luminant eyes, wings for flight." And this: "Because you're not like the slow and dense Others who trudge through t [...]

    24. Number four in this beautiful series starts out very slow. But as the story of Zoe unfolds, we learn so much of what life in the shire is like. She is not terribly likeable at first, but about midway through I became totally engrossed in the story. Rhys Langford is the star even though through most of the book he is a shadow in her life. The prose, is as always beautiful, and though many questions are left unanswered and even hanging, it was still a beautiful book to read. My biggest complaint w [...]

    25. These books are historical and slow-moving and very descriptive, all things I ordinarily hate, and I love them. The formality of the period suits the drakon, the slow beginning is like the winding of a spring that explodes later, and the environmental details aren't just thrown in to take up space, bringing the story to a screeching halt in the process--the description is immersive and adds to the tone and pace of the book, rich rather than purple, and not something to be skipped over like I typ [...]

    26. Okay, for some reason a lot of people said that Rhys is their favorite hero in the series. But he still doesn't come close to Zane for me. (Who does? Clayton Westmoreland, that's about it off the top of my head.) I don't really get the appeal actually. All Rhys does for 3/4 of the book is follow Zoe around all brooding and wispy. I didn't get that connection, that spark that I got with Zane. Didn't really like Zoe either. Her obsession with Hayden is nonsensical and she wastes too much time focu [...]

    27. Zoe and Rhys were childhood sweethearts. So when Rhys is taken by the sanf inimicus, Zoe steals out of Darkfirth using one of her hidden gifts--invisibility. Searching for both Rhys and her missing fiance Hayden, Zoe stumbles into the heart of the sanf operation, even as she continually sees Rhys's spirit.This was a really odd installment, with Rhys being a spirit for most of the book, Zoe searching for someone else (her fiance), and a truly bizarre villainous mastermind being revealed. It also [...]

    28. Good, good, good. I love how Shana Abe manages to keep the story arc of the Drakon moving in the midst of what is a very good Romance novel. Also, I have to confess to a lightbulb moment that requires a little humble pie on my part. I'm not fond of any bondage undertones in my Romance novels and the whole "submit to the alpha Drakon" thing was getting on my nerves until one line in this book put it all in perspective for me. They are Drakon - meaning they are beast and man together. Of course th [...]

    29. I love this series and love the addition of each Drakon maiden with a talent, but it looks like every female in that shire has some new weird power and it's really getting annoying!! I stopped reading to read another book, because frankly it was going so slow- come on figure out that he's not dead already!! But i finally came back to it and had to skip thu to the end and got the gist of the ending. Why is this young girl who's a time traveller trying to kill her own kind?? After reading how she [...]

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