Spike: After the Fall

Spike: After the Fall

Brian Lynch Franco Urru / Oct 19, 2019

Spike After the Fall Poet vampire murderer lover hero prisoner slave Spike has been called a lot of things But by the time this fight is over he ll have one name Lord Or dust maybe we ll just call him dust consid

  • Title: Spike: After the Fall
  • Author: Brian Lynch Franco Urru
  • ISBN: 9781600103681
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Poet, vampire, murderer, lover, hero, prisoner, slave Spike has been called a lot of things But, by the time this fight is over, he ll have one name Lord Or dust maybe we ll just call him dust, considering how it seems things are going in his immediate future But after enjoying this collection of the four issue Spike After the Fall series you ll be looking aPoet, vampire, murderer, lover, hero, prisoner, slave Spike has been called a lot of things But, by the time this fight is over, he ll have one name Lord Or dust maybe we ll just call him dust, considering how it seems things are going in his immediate future But after enjoying this collection of the four issue Spike After the Fall series you ll be looking at the events of Angel After the Fall in a whole new light, courtesy of Brian Lynch and Franco Urru

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    1. Thank you Scribd for getting my passion for Btvs and Ats back.Los Angeles has been transported to hell and Spike, happy that he survived another fight, decides to retire from fighting evil. 2 minutes later he is back in business saving humans with Fred/Illyria by his side.I enjoyed this volume quite much. It's been ages since I watched Ats and I think I actually need to rewatch the whole series. Should probably finish rewatching Btvs first. Anyway, great volume. Nice art, lots of action. Some Sp [...]

    2. In case you were wondering after reading my review of this other Angel comic (note: you were not wondering), I experienced library-associated intrigue via-à-vis the Angel: After the Fall comic series. The exciting continuation of that story is, I really wanted to start with volume 1 of the Angel series, but when I requested it through intra-library loan, I was sent Spike: After the Fall, which is actually a spin-off ARGH CAN I NEVER WIN?! (I learned recently that there is a proper punctuation m [...]

    3. I had extremely high hopes for this (not expectations; I've been disappointed before). Spike is my favorite character from the Buffy-verse and from several other 'verses besides--and hands-down the one I most want to look at a book full of pictures of--and it's not all because of how hot he is. I like his character, his personality, his attitude, the things he says, and yes, the depth of feeling he has always been capable of, soul or not. And I don't like it when he's written out of character, o [...]

    4. 3.5 stars. After Spike and Illyria's mysterious and hilarious appearance in After the Fall (they were honestly my favourite part of the whole thing), I had high hopes for their little Hell origin story. Unfortunately, I was a little disappointed with the conclusion of Brian Lynch's Spike trilogy.I guess the thing I missed most was the humour. It was definitely funny in the first couple issues but it got super dark pretty quick, and the villain was mostly annoying.(view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]I [...]

    5. More SpikeStaying of pretty much right after the Angel series finale, we find out what became of Illyria and Spike. There's never enough Spike for me, so this is good. The dialogue was exceptional. Though I think I need to be a comics proofreader I find "typos" in every one.

    6. This volume collects Spike: After the Fall four issue mini series, which ties in with the Angel: After the Fall storyline.Written by Brian Lynch and drawn by Franco Urru (who had to temporarily leave his art duties over on Angel: After the Fall to do this series) has joined forces to make their third Spike series; the first two being Spike: Asylum and Spike: Shadow Puppets (neither of which I've read). And the result is well worth it.This is the Spike's story in L.A. gone to Hell, the story of w [...]

    7. So, this is what was happening with Spike and Illyria before they jumped back into action. I was actually kind of surprised by this miniseries. Spike's characterization (and, most importantly, narration) was exactly as it should have been, and the relationship dynamic between him and Illyria was very interesting to read. But the mainline plot was pretty generic (though I suppose it had to be, being essentially a side story) and was underwhelming. Non was a threatening villain, sure, but not real [...]

    8. After the final show down in the alley, Spike decides to retire from fighting evil. There’s Illyria the sometimes hell goddess/sometimes Winifred Burkle to think about. But he takes in a few strays, then a few more. And lots of folks think that humans are tasty. Wackiness ensues. It’s got some great touches.

    9. Well, it wasn't all I wanted it to be. (You can tell Brian Lynch isn't a girl. ;) )And I do wish the artist (Frank Urhu? Is that how it's spelled?) drew Spike a little cuter. :PLet's face it, I'll buy and read anything with Spike in it. Because I adore the character with a love usually only found in fourteen-year-olds.

    10. More of a set-up piece than anything else. The story was already sort-of told in earlier Angel comics, but it gives the background to Spike's becoming a lord in hell. It was all right, but nothing to write home about. Although the constant jabs at having only one tv show to watch in hell was funny. I can see the point. Nothing but Charmed, for months. Pure hell.

    11. I cannot get enough of Spike. Spike Spike Spike forever, need I say more. It fills the gap after the fight in the alley, SPIKE!

    12. Horrible drivel. This is not Spike. This is not Illyria. I don't know who these characters are, but they're not the ones we've come to know and love. Also this storyline makes next to zero sense. I don't care about Spike's "mission" and I'm not sure it could even count as one. This was a major waste of time. Oh yeah, and the art is horrible.

    13. I love spike i like illyria & spike together. This was a very quick read but its the begining of the spike trilogyI recommend this book to spike lovers. I can't wait to dread. The rest I'm glad I'm reading them in order

    14. This was an okay addition to the After the Fall series. I like how it showed the continuation of how much Spike cared for Fred/Illyria. I just felt that it could have been wrapped up in the first angel volume and not as long.

    15. This is a good Spike story bridging the gap between First Night and volume 1 of Angel: After the Fall. Not quite as epic as the latter, but I did like his interactions with the other characters.

    16. Originally posted on Roberta's Literary RamblingsI love Spike. He's my favorite Buffy character next to Willow. However, I was a little disappointed with this spin-off series. And despite the claim in the synopsis, I have not viewed the events in Angel: After the Fall any differently. It just explains how Spike got to the position he was in at the beginning of A:ATF.While the dialogue was pretty faithful for the characters that we know so well, I found that the story was lacking that thought pro [...]

    17. More reviews (and no fluff) on the blog surrealtalvi.wordpress/This graphic novel is a decent read with a lot of pages and value for the money. Yet it seemed to come up short in a few ways. I think the main problem is that I had read Spike Volume 1only a few days previous and that was an amazingly well done take on the Spike character. It's sort of like comparing a Camry to a Cadillac - both get you to the market but one does it a whole lot better.I didn't really like the psuedo-rotoscope type o [...]

    18. 4 stars. this s6 series so far is slightly confusing, mostly because there's no seemingly no timeline of its various body parts, but this one happens before After the Fall vol. 1. Spike is with Illyria, and also meets up with Connor and Gunn in this one. the writing of this one reads kinda rushed - sometimes the dialogue's dead on sharp, and sometimes it fails joss's 'could anyone else have said this?' litmus test. but beyond those quibbles i think it's well worth owning. i wasn't too interested [...]

    19. *Book source ~ LibraryFollows Spike and Illyria after the series finale of Angel where they battled Wolfram & Harts demon army in the alley behind the Hyperion and then W&H sent Los Angeles into a Hell dimension. Not sure of the timeline, but it’s not immediately after. It seems a bit of time has passed.I love Spike. Seriously. He’s my favorite character next to Buffy. I also was quite liking Illyria, but she didn’t get a whole lot of screen time before the show ended, so I like se [...]

    20. Picking up shortly after Angel and the gang are cast down by the Senior Partners at the end of the Angel TV series, this is the tale of Spike's reluctant rise to power in Los Angeles after the city literally went to Hell.Underwhelmed is the word that comes to mind. The writing is good and remains true to Spike, but that's really all that can be said. The story is somewhat flat and the few interesting bits seem overly cliched and contrived. There are a few strong moments, but the rest is largely [...]

    21. Spike: After the Fall follows First Night and is my favorite of the After the Fall series so far. This installment is a continuation of First Night and follows Spike and Illyria from the television cliffhanger up to where Angel finds him in After the Fall at the grotto with a harem of loyal Spike followers.Brian Lynch does a fantastic job of writing Spike. The character is every bit as enjoyable as he was on the television series. Lynch also writes fantastic dialogue and he's managed to do the i [...]

    22. It's always a little weird reading prequels because we know that Anakin is going to turn into Darth Vader, etc but this book manages to throw a few twists in. Brian Lynch is funny and interesting enough for me to want to read about what happens after the TV series ended, although I probably wouldn't seek out his other work. Sometimes it's hard to tell what is going on or what the characters are talking about and part of that is the lack of clarity with the art and part of that is Lynch's dialogu [...]

    23. 4 solid Spike-StarsThere is no denying! I love Spike!In this comic we learn what happened to Spike after the big fight at the end of the series "Angel". It tells the story how Spike became the (Co-)Lord of Beverly Hills and what he had to endure to get there.And we see what happened to Illyra in the Hell-dimension.Spike's character was cocky as always and Illurya was Illurya. The drawings always amaze me how they look like the real actors!A Must-Read for everyone who loved the series and their c [...]

    24. Same problem I had with Angel After the Fall - the art. Some characters are hardly recognizable, and as the book is largely populated by female characters, and all of them are over-the-top curvaceous, I was almost offended. The storyline was interesting, and I liked that it covered a short period of time, rather than build up to an epic like Angel seems to be doing. Love the twists and turns that Illyria is taking - what's going to happen with her? That'll likely be the main reason I keep readin [...]

    25. I love me some Spike and Illyria, so this was a good opportunity to get their status quo for season 6. But the story here was lacking. I didn't really understand the powers or motivation of the primary villain, or the sway she had over her harem of powered associates. But Lynch got Spike's sense of humor right. Mostly I'm waiting for an explanation as to why LA going to hell has affected some people so much (in this case Illyria uncontrollably becoming Fred, in the primary series Angel humaning [...]

    26. I really enjoyed this story. It fills in the gaps from Angel: After the Fall, some of which the reader could guess, and some of which came as delightful surprises. Reading about Spike and Illyria's rise to power, as well as seeing their relationship unfold added a lot of depth to their scenes in Angel: After the Fall as well. As with the other Spike stories by Brian Lynch, this one has fast-paced action and is full of wit. The artwork is on-point throughout, perhaps the most consistent I've seen [...]

    27. This is the story that takes place right after the conclusion to the tv series Angel. Spike survives the descent and thinks he can take some time off. That lasts only minutes as he needs to be put into action and rescue someone.I liked the story and if you are a fan of the Buffyverse, I believe you would enjoy this. I didn't care for the art. I though that could have been better and sometimes took away from me reading this book. I loved the inclusion of Illyria and at times I was more interested [...]

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