The Choice: Dialog Islam - Kristen

The Choice: Dialog Islam - Kristen

Ahmed Deedat / Sep 20, 2019

The Choice Dialog Islam Kristen Ahmed Deedat merupakan da i dan kristolog terkemuka dunia yang dari tangannyalah sudah ribuan orang yang menjadi Muslim karenanya Bagi tokoh tokoh Nasrani Internasional baik yang suka maupun yang me

  • Title: The Choice: Dialog Islam - Kristen
  • Author: Ahmed Deedat
  • ISBN: 9788174350145
  • Page: 490
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ahmed Deedat merupakan da i dan kristolog terkemuka dunia, yang dari tangannyalah sudah ribuan orang yang menjadi Muslim karenanya Bagi tokoh tokoh Nasrani Internasional, baik yang suka maupun yang membencinya,begitu herannya akan kemampuan Ahmad Deedat dalam menangkap pesan pesan ajaran Islam dan Kristen Bahkan kemampuan memahami Bibel jauh di atas pendeta sekalipun TiAhmed Deedat merupakan da i dan kristolog terkemuka dunia, yang dari tangannyalah sudah ribuan orang yang menjadi Muslim karenanya Bagi tokoh tokoh Nasrani Internasional, baik yang suka maupun yang membencinya,begitu herannya akan kemampuan Ahmad Deedat dalam menangkap pesan pesan ajaran Islam dan Kristen Bahkan kemampuan memahami Bibel jauh di atas pendeta sekalipun Tidak heran di pentas perdebatan teologi Islam dan Kristen, nama Ahmad Deedat, menjadi paling terkemuka Padahal asalnya Deedat, hanya imigran miskin dari India, yang kemudian jadi warga kelas dua di negeri Afrika Selatan yang kala itu masih rasialis Dalam karya terbesarnya ini, The CHOICE, Ahmad Deedat berhasil memperoleh penghargaan dari King Faishal Award, semacam hadiah Nobel dari Pemerintah Saudi Arabia Buku ini pula telah sukses dan beredar luas diperbagai benua dan telah dicetak puluhan kali dengan oplah ratusan ribu hingga jutaan eksemplar.

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      • Ahmed Deedat

        Early Years 1918 1942Ahmed Deedat was born in the town of Tadkeshwar, Surat District, Gujarat, India in 1918 3 His father had emigrated to South Africa shortly after the birth of Ahmed Deedat At the age of 9, Deedat left India to join his father in what is now known as Kwazulu Natal His mother died only a few months after his departure Arriving in South Africa, Deedat applied himself with diligence to his studies, overcoming the language barrier and excelling in school, even getting promoted until he completed standard 6 However, due to financial circumstances, he had to quit school and start working by the time he was the age of 16.In 1936, while working as a furniture salesman, he came across a group of missionaries at a Christian seminary on the Natal South Coast The missionaries in their efforts to convert people of Muslim faith, would often accuse the Islamic Prophet Muhammad of having used the sword to bring people to Islam Such accusations seemed to offend Deedat and were to form a major influence on Deedat s subsequent interest in comparative religion 4 Deedat took a active interest in religious debate after he came across a book entitled Izhar ul Huqq Truth Revealed , written by Rahmatullah Kairanawi, found while he was rummaging for reading material in his employer s basement This book chronicled the efforts of Christian missionaries in India from a century earlier The book had a profound effect on Deedat and led to the purchase of his first Bible and holding of debates and discussions with trainee missionaries, whose questions he had previously been unable to answer 4 His foray into Bible Studies took a serious turn when he started attending Islamic study classes held by a local Muslim convert named Mr Fairfax Seeing the popularity of the classes, Mr Fairfax offered to teach an extra session on the Bible and how to preach to Christians about Islam 4 Deedat and a few others were delighted at the opportunity However, only a few months into the project, Mr Fairfax had to pull out of his engagement, and Deedat, who was by this point quite knowledgeable about the Bible, took over teaching the class Which he did for three whole years thereafter and later credited for expanding his horizons significantly towards missionary work.Early Missionary Work 1942 1956Deedat s first lecture, entitled Muhammad Messenger of Peace , was delivered in 1942 to an audience of fifteen people at a Durban movie theatre named Avalon Cinema 5 Over time, Deedat s popularity as a public speaker grew in Durban, to the point that he was invited to speak in other cities in South Africa A decade later he was filling City halls with audiences numbering in the thousands in cities such as Johannesburg and Cape Town.A major vehicle of Deedat s early missionary activity was the Guided Tours of the Jumma Mosque in Durban The vast ornamental Jumma Mosque was a landmark site in the tourist friendly city of Durban A sophisticated program of luncheons, speeches and free hand outs was created to give an increasingly large number of international tourists often their first look at Islam Deedat himself featured as one of the guides, hosting tourists and giving succinct introductions to the Islamic Religion and the relationship between Islam and Christianity 6 IPCI and as Salaam 1956 1986By 1956, missionary work in the form of frequent public speaking engagements and the popular guided tours of the Jumma Masjid had begun to pay dividends Enquiries about Islam from the general public in South Africa had started to pour in at an increasing rate Soon it became apparent that working from the mosque office was not going to be sufficient to handle the demand for literature and to facilitate an increasing number of people showing than simply tourist level interest in Islam.Among Deedat s close friends were Goolam Hoosein Vanker and Taahir Rasool, whom many refer to as the unsung heroes of


    1. Vol 1: uses so many refrences from the Old/New testamente, comparisons between refrencesJesus,Moses, and Muhammedry impressive Vol2: discusses more negative issues in the Bible.d the christian (add-on) faith. I would highly recommend it for both, muslims and christians.2008

    2. Great book that debates Isam and Christianity, author is Muslim, the book is pro Islam but written VERY thoughtfully and honestly tests what you think you know about Christianity. Gives insight into a different perspective.

    3. A must-have for any Muslim library. I never, not even once, felt like I was reading something textbookish, thanks to Ahmed Deedat's wonderful sense of humor.

    4. Ketika saya memilih membaca buku ini, saya tidak sedang berniat untuk membaca kembali kisah Muhammad SAW, tidak juga berniat memperdalam tentang mukjizat Al-Quran.Tapi apa yang saya dapat?Saya justru merasa semakin mengenal nabi Muhammad SAW dari buku ini. You'll fall for him again after you read this book :). Seorang yang sangat gelisah ketika mendapat wahyu pertama. Tidak, beliau tidak mengerti apapun pada saat itu. Beliau tidak bisa membaca, tidak dapat menulis, tidak punya 'literatur' apapun [...]

    5. saya membaca buku ini di kuliah tingkat satu. hasil pinjaman teman se-kos. sekarang memiliki versi e-booknya syaikkh ahmed deedat (rahimahullah) melakukan komparasi mendetail antara islam dan agama-agama lainnya. menjadikan the choice, layak baca bagi seluruh umat beragama yang akan, sedang dan telah menemukan kemuliaan al islam.

    6. Buku yang cerdas, buah karya ahmad deedat (salah satu ulama yang saya kagumi), debat antara Islam dan kristen. (saya membaca versi terjemahan indonesia)

    7. This guy is (was) an ignorant nutjob. There ARE coherent reasons one might choose Islam over Christianity, but he articulates none of them, instead reverting to ridiculous intonations against all things Christian, especially the eccentric practices of a few (often times just ONE interaction he had with ONE so-called Christian), rather than the religion as a whole. Considering Jesus is a prophet for Muslims, too, he is particularly un-Islamic in the majority of his protestations. This book irrita [...]

    8. Membaca buku dialog/diskusi antar agama seperti buku ini cukup bermanfaat bagi pembaca, entah pembaca semakin yakin dengan agama yang dianut, atau malah semakin ragu dengan agama yang dianut sehingga ingin pindah ke agama lain, atau mungkin juga ada yang abstain. Membaca buku seperti ini mungkin dapat menyebabkan kepusingan dan kebingungan bagi pembaca terutama yang dengan sadar merasa ilmu agamanya kurang. Buku ini tepat bagi yang sudah punya dasar agama yang cukup kuat, sehingga bisa lebih mud [...]

    9. I read this a long time ago, but I seem to recall that many of the arguments presented in this book are too weak and I can imagine them easily rebuffed. The biblical verses quoted to argue against Christianity are open for many kinds of interpretation, especially those using figurative language, so if I were a Christian, I think I would not find his interpretation too convincing. I'd like to re-read this one some day, though, just to see if my first impression holds.

    10. buku ini menyampaikan banyak hal yang akan membuat pembaca semakin mencintai Al Quran sebagai panduan hidup tanpa pertentangan satupun di dalamnya. bacalah dan rasakan kebanggaan sebagai seorang muslim.

    11. الكتاب رائع جدا ولقد اعجبنى جدا أسول الداعية أحمد ديدات فى عرض أفكاره وبراعته فى استدلال الاحكام من النصوص المسيحية والاسلامية.ما لفت انتباهى أكثر هو الجزء الاول الخاص بنبوءات الكتاب المقدس عن الرسول محمد صلى الله وعليه وسلم

    12. aku ingat gara2 buku ini aku berantem sama sohibku (waktu esempe )yg kebetulan beda keyakinan.diem-dieman sampe beberapa waktu,tapi akhirnya rujuk lagi dan g lagi2 debat soal agama.

    13. Deedat is a Moslem who also a Christolog and therefore, the wayhe explain the comparation between both is agonizing and quite accurateOne of my best collection

    14. Membuktikan kalo Syehk Ahmed deedat adalah seorang Muslim dan Kristolog yang ulung dan susah dicari tandingannya.Coba tonton waktu dia dialog dengan beberapa non muslim di US bisa diliat di yuotube

    15. Great book,.nyajikan fakta-fakta yang detail menganai kkristen dan Islam,.makin mantap dengan agama-kuAllahu Akbar

    16. ini sangat baik bagi kaum semua agama agar mereke bisa mengetahui kebenaran yang sebenar benarnya karena islam agama yang benar dan di ridhai oleh Allah.

    17. saya baca buku ini waktu SMA. waktu masih hijau. buat seorang muslim, buku ini akan menambah keyakinan untuk memilih agamanya, buat seorang nasrani mungkin tidak akan terkesan dengan buku ini.

    18. sebenernya aku baca yang vol.1 hard Cover warna merah hati kalo nggak salahi ver recommend it to readkadang saya menemukan hal2 yang belum bisa saya jawab KENAPA?(saya ini,itu dan etc.)

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