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Rookwood A rich and complex Gothic Romance centring on the murky deeds of an ancient family It is a wonderfully atmospheric piece that combines narrative poetry song and descriptive writing to great effect

  • Title: Rookwood
  • Author: William Harrison Ainsworth Paul Curran
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 373
  • Format: MP3 Audio
  • A rich and complex Gothic Romance centring on the murky deeds of an ancient family It is a wonderfully atmospheric piece that combines narrative, poetry, song, and descriptive writing to great effect The character of Dick Turpin that we know today the dashing highwaymen and unmatched horseman can be said to stem directly from this novel, as the most famous part of thA rich and complex Gothic Romance centring on the murky deeds of an ancient family It is a wonderfully atmospheric piece that combines narrative, poetry, song, and descriptive writing to great effect The character of Dick Turpin that we know today the dashing highwaymen and unmatched horseman can be said to stem directly from this novel, as the most famous part of the book often published on its own in the past , Turpin s Ride To York, is devoted to him Although seemingly little known to a modern audience, Ainsworth s Rookwood gave the world the image of the highwayman with which we are all so familiar Summary by paulc

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        William Harrison Ainsworth was educated at Manchester Grammar School and later articled to a solicitor, deserting this profession for literature.Among his best known novels are The Tower of London 1840 , Old St Paul s 1841 , Windsor Castle 1843 and The Lancashire Witches 1848.


    1. In between the cheesier pulp fiction that I really love, I thought it a good idea to soak up some classics via Librivox or Audible while I'm doing mundane work around the house. So far it has worked out splendidly. I'm not sure if this book is a classic. It's largely been forgotton and most likely not great literature, but it's certainly outside of my comfort zone -- from another time, place and mindset altogether. What a strange amalgamation it is! I confess I would probably never have finished [...]

    2. Qua sera sera First published in 1834, Rookwood is the first novel of the little known but reasonably prolific author William Harrison Ainsworth. I have never read a book that serves as a better example of the evolution of the written novel. In the 19th Century fewer people were literate but those that were had a better command and fuller vocabulary than a century later. In this, as in all novels of this time, the author paints intricate and exacting portraits with a copious perfusion of descri [...]

    3. It took me a while to get into this, mainly because I wasn't expecting it to be quite so ridiculous. The plot centres on schemes of various parties as they lay claim to a large inheritance. Most of the characters are hilariously awful people, and a much romanticised Dick Turpin features heavily, because of course he does. The narrator was excellent, but Hainsworth's fussy and overly wordy style didn't grab me.

    4. What a thrilling, ridiculous, overblown book this is.First off, it is a genius idea to mix the Gothic and Newgate novels for the simple reason that they don’t have any reason belonging together. One is a phantom, arial text full of ghosts, curses and shifting reality whilst the other is a deeply earthy, earth-bound text with material worries, slang and moments of down and dirty life. The only thing that really connects the two is moonlight.The Dick Turpin stuff invades the book, makes the Rook [...]

    5. I should have dropped Rookwood as soon as I read the author's preface about how he took inspiration from Ann Radcliffe. As they say in every terrible horror short story, "curiosity got the best of me".Ainsworth is a slightly better writer than Radcliffe, so the nature descriptions and gratuitous poetry go on for a few pages at a time rather than 20 or so. You can practice the art of skipping pages here before going on to the more bloated Gothic novels. The narration is ornate even compared to ot [...]

    6. Ridiculous, but fun, and not without its charms. Ainsworth's "melodrama" (as he himself describes it) is often tempered by the writer's sense of humor and seeming awareness of some of its quirks. For example, by the fourth or fifth time a dismal character is invited to sing a cheerful song and ends up spouting a morbid verse about being buried alive, the other characters in the scene begin to react with an almost modern [] All in all, the story focuses more on plot and less on characters, though [...]

    7. A typical Gothic fiction, Rookwood is a good read if you can stomach the songs, the poetry and the flowery language. It features underground vaults, mummified corpses tumbling out of tombs, paranormal summons, damsels in great distress, a sinister gypsy crone, adultery, death by lightening and creepy prophecies. As for the characters, I liked and wanted Luke Bradley to acquire the Rookwood title, but when he discarded Sybil without a thought (because Eleanor was prettier), I detested him. From a [...]

    8. nwhytevejournal/1441403mlThis sprawling, verbose epic was written, according to the author, in 24 hours - NaNoWriMo-ers, eath your hearts out. It is a tale of family secrets, skullduggery and revenge, with added Dick Turpin, and the highlight is Turpin's epic ride from London to York near the end of the book, which is told rather well even though it barely fits with the rest of the plot.The most annoying thing about the book is the habit most of the characters have of bursting into song or recit [...]

    9. Sometimes I'm in the mood for a good, old-fashioned gothic story, and this is one that I picked up based on a recommendation from someone. It's more like gothic romance (see for the definition of "romance" under literary genres if you don't know what I meant to be confused with the "bucaneer gets the broad" type romance). There are actually 2 stories at work here that meshe first is the gothic part, the story of the Rookwoods, a noble family which seems destined for nothing but doom. Young Luke [...]

    10. [These notes were made in 1986; I read this in the Routledge, 1898 edition:]. One of the earliest of Ainsworth's productions, and - in its genre, that of the Radcliffean Romance - certainly one of his best. Mind you, it's a Radcliffean romance with a distinctly Ainsworthian twist, since Dick Turpin plays a major part in the action. His only concession to the prevailing gloom-and-shivers atmosphere is to conceal his identity for a while, and his attitude to the inevitable highwayman's end, a chee [...]

    11. This was a grab-bag of characters - no main protagonist here. It's gothic alright, people trapped in sepulchers, girls being forced into marriage with bad men, nasty aristocrats, battles over inheritance, family secrets - and those weren't the good parts! The stuff about the highwaymen was the best. Real highwaymen, as it turns out (Ainsworth wrote about real life criminals) - Dick Turpin and Thom King. And, contrary to some of the other reviewers, I loved all the ballads and songs. A lot of cre [...]

    12. This is a true 'romance' in the classical sense of the word; love is a lynchpin of the plot, but moreso the travails and curses upon the doomed family of Rookwood. Interspersed with their dealings are the adventures of noble highwayman, Dick Turpin, who becomes the most compelling and lovable character among the lot. The descriptions and sense of poetry within the book are gorgeous, the language verbose and florid but not stifling. GOOD stuff.

    13. Un lindo paseo por las aventuras del forajido justiciero y querido por todo el mundo. Dick Turpin es una de esas figuras que convence con su vida en búsqueda de la justicia y los valores. Apenas para los tiempos que corren.

    14. I read this book as part of my Forgotten Fiction series. My raking and following review say it all: quirkyreadervejournal/4

    15. The best of ainsworth. This is the one where he invents black bess, the famous horse of Dick Turpin that everyone thinks is genuine. Great thumping read, especially the ride to York.

    16. Paul Curren's recording of Rookwood brings this book alive. A remarkable adventure-romance humorous, touching, exhilarating.

    17. One of the best novels I have ever read. Though you end up not caring about the main characters and focusing simply on Dick Turpin.

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