The Road Less Travelled And Beyond: Spiritual Growth in an Age of Anxiety

The Road Less Travelled And Beyond: Spiritual Growth in an Age of Anxiety

M. Scott Peck / Jun 18, 2019

The Road Less Travelled And Beyond Spiritual Growth in an Age of Anxiety The culmination of a lifetime of counselling lecturing and writing M Scott Peck s major new work leads us to a deeper awareness of how to live rich fulfilling lives in a world fraught with stress a

  • Title: The Road Less Travelled And Beyond: Spiritual Growth in an Age of Anxiety
  • Author: M. Scott Peck
  • ISBN: 9780712671507
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • The culmination of a lifetime of counselling, lecturing and writing, M Scott Peck s major new work leads us to a deeper awareness of how to live rich, fulfilling lives in a world fraught with stress and anxiety Writing with a depth of understanding that comes with the seasoned perspective of age, Dr Peck continues the journey of spiritual growth that began with THE ROADThe culmination of a lifetime of counselling, lecturing and writing, M Scott Peck s major new work leads us to a deeper awareness of how to live rich, fulfilling lives in a world fraught with stress and anxiety Writing with a depth of understanding that comes with the seasoned perspective of age, Dr Peck continues the journey of spiritual growth that began with THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED, one of the most influential books of modern times To the famous opening line of that book Life is difficult he now adds Life is complex But the greatest challenge, he reminds us, is to learn to deal with life s conflicts, problems and paradoxes to find the true simplicity that lies on the other side of complexity The journey to serenity and peace, Dr Peck writes, can only be made with increasing self awareness and social awareness There are no easy answers for complex problems The work of learning and growth is hard And yet he shows us that there is a way to think with integrity, to know the difference between good and evil, to overcome narcissim, to love and be loved, to live with paradox, to accept the consequences of our actions all through life, and to come to terms with dying and death The WASHINGTON POST described THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED as Magnificent

    Taking the road less traveled Metaphorically speaking, someone who takes the road less traveled is acting independently, freeing themselves from the conformity of others who choose to take the road often traveled , generally making their own choices, and perhaps leaving a new trail that will become the road often traveled until, of course, someone takes the road less traveled from there, and happens The Road Less Traveled We find that our students, parents, and leaders speak far expressively about their hands on experience with RLT than we ever could Explore Masters of Their Craft, Who We Are, Our Family, The RLT Experience and our Ambassadors of Hope to understand about our work on The Road Less Traveled. I have really found who I am as a person. We Took the Road Less Traveled Other than our initial feeding issues, our Heidi is just plum perfect fingers, toesa healthy appetite for life and her prescription formula that smells like potatoes ughh. The Road Less Traveled, Timeless Edition A New Psychology The Road Less Traveled, Timeless Edition A New Psychology of Love, Traditional Values and Spiritual Growth M Scott Peck on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Now featuring a new introduction by Dr M Scott Peck, the twenty fifth anniversary edition of the classic bestseller The Road Less The Road Less Traveled Summary eNotes The Road Less Traveled Homework Help Questions How is defamiliarization used in the poem The Road Not Taken and what effect does it achieve Defamiliarization is a literary trick whereby the The Road Less Traveled, Timeless Edition A New The Road Less Traveled and over one million other books are available for Kindle Learn The Road Not Taken The Road Not Taken is a poem by Robert Frost, published in as the first poem in the collection Mountain Interval Among English speakers and especially in North America it is a comparatively famous poem Its central theme is the divergence of paths, literal and perhaps also figurative, although its interpretation is noted for being complex and like the road fork itself potentially Road Less Traveled Bed and Breakfast Clearfield PA Tucked away in the mountains of north central Pennsylvania on secluded acres you will find the Road Less Traveled BB Come and relax at this mountainous retreat and A Road Less Traveled Wednesday was the last day of school for our Providence Hall kids Today is Elli s last day Since most of the kids don t have to get up, Christi and I get to sleep in Best Poems on Life The Road Less Traveled by Kit This poem has truly touched me and given me inspiration I am at a crossroads in life and am decided to take a road less traveled Some of my family and friends think I am crazy but I know better.

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        Dr Peck was born on May 22, 1936 in New York City, the younger of two sons to David Warner Peck, a prominent lawyer and jurist, and his wife Elizabeth Saville He married Lily Ho in 1959, and they had three children.Dr Peck received his B.A degree magna cum laude from Harvard College in 1958, and his M.D degree from the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine in 1963 From 1963 until 1972, he served in the United States Army, resigning from the position of Assistant Chief Psychiatry and Neurology Consultant to the Surgeon General of the Army with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and the Meritorious Service Medal with oak leaf cluster From 1972 to 1983, Dr Peck was engaged in the private practice of psychiatry in Litchfield County, Connecticut.On March 9, 1980 at the age of 43, Dr Peck was nondenominationally baptized by a Methodist minister in an Episcopalian convent where he has frequently gone on retreat.Dr Peck s first book, The Road Less Traveled, was published by Simon Schuster in 1978 The book has sold over six million copies to date in North America alone, and has been translated into over 20 languages.Dr Peck s second book, People of the Lie The Hope For Healing Human Evil, was published by Simon Schuster in October of 1983 It is recognized as a ground breaking contribution to the field of psychology, and is currently a best seller in Japan.Dr Peck s third book, What Return Can I Make Dimensions of the Christian Experience, was published by Simon Schuster in December of 1985 It contains Marilyn Von Waldner s singing as well as Dr Peck s essays and audio commentary It was republished by Harpers San Francisco in the fall of 1995, under the new title, Gifts For the Journey Treasures of the Christian Life, and is being republished again by Renaissance Press.A fourth book entitled The Different Drum Community Making and Peace, was published in June 1987 by Simon Schuster and is recognized as another ground breaking contribution to the behavioral sciences.Dr Peck s fifth book and first work of fiction, A Bed By the Window A Novel of Mystery and Redemption, was published by Bantam in August, 1990 It was hailed by the New York Times as something of a miracle.The Friendly Snowflake A Fable of Faith, Love and Family, Dr Peck s sixth book, and first for children as well as adults, Turner Publishing, Inc and was illustrated by Dr Peck s son, Christopher Peck, and published in October 1992.Dr Peck s seventh book, A World Waiting To Be Born Civility Rediscovered, a work on organizational behavior, was published by Bantam in March 1993.Meditations From the Road, was published by Simon Schuster in August 1993.Further Along the Road Less Traveled, a collection of Dr Peck s edited lectures 1979 1993 was published by Simon Schuster in October 1993.In Search of Stones A Pilgrimage of Faith, Reason and Discovery was published by Hyperion in April 1995 It is also illustrated by his son, Christopher It has been hailed by Publisher s Weekly as a quirky, magical blend of autobiography, travel, spiritual meditation, history and Arthurian legend A second novel In Heaven As On Earth A Vision of the Afterlife, was published by Hyperion in the spring of 1996.The Road Less Traveled and Beyond Spiritual Growth in an Age of Anxiety, is a synthesis of all Dr Peck s work and was published by Simon Schuster in January 1997.With his background in medicine, psychiatry and theology he has also been in a unique position to write Denial of the Soul Spiritual and Medical Perspectives in Euthanasia and Mortality, this first topical book, published by Harmony Books Crown in April 1997.Golf and the Spirit Lessons for the Journey was published by Harmony Books in 1999 It too is illustrated by Christopher Peck.Dr Peck was a nationally recognized authority on the relationship between religion and science, and the science o


    1. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I feel like it was one of the best books in terms of usefulness and ability to enlighten. I think the book can be summed up by the idea if we want to be a productive member of society we have to open ourselves to the pain of living, to overcome the pain we must discipline ourselves, we also cannot be loving without this discipline. Key Quotes:“Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this [...]

    2. This book is about spiritual growth, and so said offers a religious (Christian) approach to its message. However Mr. Scott successfully avoids being preachy. He does not present the Christian faith as superior to others, and the subtlety of this approach makes any reader across the board comfortable with his message.His first emphasis is on thinking. No one need mention what an important component this is, of all human acts of choice. And the author offers a critical study against simple thinkin [...]

    3. This book changed my life. I read it 24 years ago and it has become a parental inner voice of navigating and copping with life. It has been a great source of, comfort, strength and perspective. Today I am considered very emotionally grounded and sound and the foundation for this is from The Road Less Traveled.

    4. I connected with this book. But, with all spiritual books, I think it all has to do with timing and when a person is ready for what they read.

    5. I liked this book, but it was more of a review of his others. Not great unless you've never read his others.

    6. I found this book really hard to get into at first. However, after much perseverance I found that Dr Peck is very informative. This book is about thinking and now accepting popular culture. Dr Peck is a psychologist and many of his experiences with patients come through in his work. The thing that came up for me when I was reading this book was a story about a young woman who sounds much like me who suffered alot of frustration at work because most of her colleagues did not meet up to her standa [...]

    7. I loved this book. Still love it, as I discovered when I re-read it. There are so many little gems to be discovered every time you read it it's the kind of book that reveal itself gradually as you grow older and hopefully wiser.The first time I read it all I saw was how well other people fit in the various categories described by the author. 'Yes! This is my mom, this is X, this is Y!' True, it made me better understand others but the real value came the second time around when I started to see [...]

    8. Hard to get into it at the beginning, but once you are at the core of it you wrap yourself deep inside as you cannot leave the book for a minute! the author is a very priest in the background disguised with modern psychology and theology. if you are not that much of a spiritual person you might get annoyed at some parts, but even the greatest unbelievers would find big life lessons, helpful tips to life and a lot of modern psychology revealed.

    9. Loved this book. Scott Peck didn't hold back and says it like it is. Delving into the human mind he makes a lot of sense of people and their behaviour. Although some readers might disgree with certain aspects I found The Road Less Travelled and Beyond a perfect read for those living in the mad world around us. Once again Scott Peck, thank you for a thoroughly good read.

    10. It is about spiritual growth in an age of anxiety. This man puts it all together nicely in this book. He establishes the need for thinking again. In a society that has given over their decisions to everyone else by following established roads Dr. Peck re-ignites the need for genius and thinking about life daily. How the lack of thought causes the inequity and injustice's and prejudices in life.

    11. I read this just out of high school. I loved it and it changed my life. It was a stepping stone into inner self work.

    12. see my other comments on this author. he's one of my favorites. he really makes you think about whether humans are innately good or evil and how narcissistic behavior can destroy.

    13. This book is absolutely a must read. This is for anyone wanting to further their spiritual growth in an educational and deep manner. Dr. Peck uses his life examples in an open and honest way that is easy to read. He speaks of paradoxes and puts into words so many experiences of God that are so hard to put into words. This book is timeless in the ever increasing world of anxiety.

    14. Fantastic book about spiritual growth I firmly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good psychological reference. Well written and with great depth.

    15. This rings a 3.5 stars for me. A major part of it could be attributed to the fact that when Peck wrote this, he was already in his sixties, having been through and seen more in life. Perhaps I may give this book an alternate rating when I re-read again at a later phase in life.Unlike its predecessor 'The Road Less Travelled', this book offers a much closer insight towards Peck's relationship with God and the intimacy he had with God which has manifested since his first book. It illustrates aptly [...]

    16. What a gem of a book. It closely looks at discipline and how from a young age its developed through our parents influence, transference and environment. It also looks at the characteristics and reasons for not being discplined. Its simply states that people without discipline are not able to delay gratification, don't take responsibility, having an unrealistic view of the world and cannot balance their lives. Psychoanalysis is a process that an individual has to take I believe to better understa [...]

    17. I'm interested in learning what psychiatrists, psychologists have to say about the complete man, body and mind, the here and now and the beyond. The road is a metaphor, every traveler takes a route, some have no maps though maps are not the territory. As a psychotherapist and psychologist, I was curious to know how Dr. Peck builds the alliance with the client and the type of theory and principles he starts from. Life is difficult, uncertain, an 'inherently insecure burden' involving unlearning, [...]

    18. I hadn't read any books on spirituality for a while, but I'd heard of Peck and I'd heard of his "Road" books, so I thought I'd give them a go. Unfortunately, it was a major disappointment. It started well: his background in psychiatry and mine in psychology gave us a common understanding, and his comments on Western society "dumbing down", the negative effects of lying, the positive effects of feeling grateful, all hit the mark. His own personal anecdotes, illustrating various points, made it mo [...]

    19. This is a book of spiritual musings, though the author takes efforts not to make it so obvious; and has also succeeded to some extent. He surely must have been guided that way; otherwise, many like me, could not have understood the head or tail of the rapid flow of his thoughts, which is only a continuation of his earlier thoughts that have already appeared as famous books. I do not claim to have studied it and understood fully; but I can honestly say, I have been benefited by it. The concepts o [...]

    20. Good read, as in the form of usual Scot Peck's ideas and narrations.Book is more of an extension of and possibly some repeat of his earlier work 'Road less traveled' and etc. Mostly around the book, Scots provides examples from his earlier works and repeats its explanation more or less the same way. As usual writer often highlights his experience in psychotherapy insists how it can be life changing, citing some of his clients. Never the less, most of the ideas he conveyed are very abstract, and [...]

    21. This book gave some great insight as to how we develop mentally and how our childhood and the love that we receive in childhood or lack thereof can affect how we handle situations and life as an adult. This also gave some interesting perspective about what it would be like to be a psychotherapist and some of the different ways of dealing with people who are going through different situations or illnesses in life. There was somewhat of a religious/God aspect of the book that I was not expecting b [...]

    22. The first half of the book was ok, not so much new, but ok. Mostly talking about how "discipline" helps solving problems in life and examples of the cases that its lack is disastrous.The second half is terrible though. This is when he goes to spirituality and the motivation behind discipline which is "love". To see how meaningless it was, the author says because of second law of thermodynamics, evolution shouldn't have happened. It's because of "love" that it has happened! He not only has no und [...]

    23. I'm currently reading this book. This is a sophisticated book that needs to be handled carefully. I love psychology. That's why I fell inlove with this book. Scott Peck's strong premises here made the reader, like me to apply it from reality. Such as love is a commitment with action. Because love minus action equates to laziness and non-love. Another one, it by grace that people change for the betterment. Yes, his beliefs were also motiveted by his Christian views. : )This is magnificent book!

    24. This was my x-girlfriends favorite book. she did alot of coke in college and right after we broke up, she got married in less than a year. Little did she know when I read her book, it backed me from untrapping myself from her wanting kids before 6 months of a relationship. She was 25, YIKES! She found someone and got married at 26. No relationship, straight to marriage. We both got what we wanted. She got her douchebag, I got my freedom! Good read for all :)

    25. This book changed my definition of love. Love is any action that aids another or oneself in spiritual growth. Spiritual growth is uncomfortable and challenging by definition. This book helped me build courage to show up for the personal growth that awaits me, and to push my students forward to face their personal growth with loving eyes.

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