The Gods of Riverworld

The Gods of Riverworld

Philip José Farmer / Feb 23, 2020

The Gods of Riverworld Thirty five billion people from throughout Earth s history were resurrected along the great and winding waterways of Riverworld Most began life anew accepting without question the sustenance provided

  • Title: The Gods of Riverworld
  • Author: Philip José Farmer
  • ISBN: 9780345419712
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • Thirty five billion people from throughout Earth s history were resurrected along the great and winding waterways of Riverworld Most began life anew accepting without question the sustenance provided by their mysterious benefactors But a rebellious handful burned to confront the unseen masters who controlled their fate and these few launched an invasion that would ultiThirty five billion people from throughout Earth s history were resurrected along the great and winding waterways of Riverworld Most began life anew accepting without question the sustenance provided by their mysterious benefactors But a rebellious handful burned to confront the unseen masters who controlled their fate and these few launched an invasion that would ultimately yield the mind boggling truth.Now Riverworld s omnipotent leaders have been confronted, and the renegades of Riverworld led by the intrepid Sir Richard Francis Burton control the fantastic mechanism that once ruled them But the most awesome challenge lies ahead For in the vast corridors and secret rooms of the tower stronghold, an unknown enemy watches and waits to usurp the usurpers .

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        Philip Jos Farmer was an American author, principally known for his science fiction and fantasy novels and short stories He was born in Terre Haute, Indiana, but spent much of his life in Peoria, Illinois.Farmer is best known for his Riverworld series and the earlier World of Tiers series He is noted for his use of sexual and religious themes in his work, his fascination for and reworking of the lore of legendary pulp heroes, and occasional tongue in cheek pseudonymous works written as if by fictional characters.


    1. What a bleak view of humanity this book presents! The only semi-believable emotion portrayed is anger and there is a LOT of violence, especially since these are supposed to be the new & improved humans who finally made it to the mysterious tower on Riverworld. They soon prove themselves to be as self-involved and poor of judgement as Humanity 1.0.Good things about the book? Farmer’s version of Sam Clemens does not appear, nor does King John. He only gives measurements in metric (rather tha [...]

    2. After the non-ending of the last volume, I had to get the fifth of the series. In this convoluted tale, Burton, Frigate and the others enjoy their newfound powers in the Ethicals' tower, and begin resurrecting people and then some folks start becoming power-mad. Despite some annoying internal inconsistencies and the usual complaints about awkward dialogue (though the latter is much improved from the first and second books), this was a page-turner. And I did not, believe it or not, guess the endi [...]

    3. When I decided to make another pass through the Riverworld series, I was excited to see what I thought was a new-to-me book, Gods of Riverworld. I could clearly recall four books from the first time I'd read the series, but couldn't remember whether or not I'd read the fifth. As it turns out, there was a good reason I couldn't remember.Reading the very first sentence, I got the feeling that I had, in fact, read this book at least once. I thought it was odd that I couldn't remember anything in ad [...]

    4. This is the conclusion to the series where the secrets of the Ethicals who created the Riverworld and who resurrected every human who lived there up until 1982. It did have some mystery to it as those surviving—Burton and Alice Hargreaves, among them, must pry deep into their own minds to solve the problem and to survive. The central theme of this and the entire series, for that matter, is about power, about what humans would do when they have it. It also forced me to question that if resurrec [...]

    5. No ending could possibly be satisfactory with 36 billion stories to tell from the Riverworld, but still, decently done and true to the author's form. Ironically, the very day I finished this book, Farmer's theory that souls could be re-attached to bodies was theorized on Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole episode that aired for the first time that evening. Serendipity! If only Farmer himself was only alive to see it. I emailed the professor with the theory and told him of the Farmer series an [...]

    6. I will say this of all 5 books in the series Philip Jose Farmer is a literary genius! I fell absolutely in love with Riverworld and couldn't put it down to save my life. I read all 5 books at the same time within a few days. I was completely entranced. I loved every character and felt like I was a part of the struggle to figure out the mystery of Riverworld. When I finished reading I was left with so many thoughts and my mind couldn't stop racing. MUST READ!

    7. I love the premise of Riverworld, and enjoyed the earlier books, but the last couple feel like either the authour, the reader or both have lost interest. It's just meandering along to an finish, any finish will do. The endless possibilities of the Tower are expressed in bursts of mindless creativity with almost no logic at all, and some of the most intriguing ideas are picked up and dropped after only cursory examination. Serious Riverworld fans only I'm afraid.

    8. This is where it should all come together, and instead all falls apart. No, not man's hubris as he tries to take on God-like powers, but the awful writing, stereotypical characters, and uneven, juddering plot. I had this horrible, dawning realisation that after wasting five books trying to get invested in this world, DESPITE the misogyny and plot holes, I was going to be rewarded with the least climactic and interesting explanation for the universe, EVER.

    9. The Riverworld series stumbles to the finish line in a handful of painful, limping steps. Farmer was not originally planning to write a fifth book in this series, but, by his own admission, he left a few loose ends after the fourth book and needed to tie them off. I wish he hadn't done so.Starting a few weeks after the conclusion of "The Magic Labyrinth," the survivors of the trip to the tower are faced with a new mystery. Loga is speaking with Burton on a video call when he is apparently murder [...]

    10. Bien, con esto termino la saga del mundo río (no voy continuar con los otros, creo que siguen 2 volúmenes). En general es una buena historia, pero se me hizo necesario saltar algunas páginas que se me antojaron de "filosofía barata", y lo mismo sucede con la narración de la "vida pasada" de personajes secundarios en los que, creo, no venía al caso que el autor se explayara tanto. Resumiendo las experiencia de todos los libros buena historia, original y necearia de leer para los amantes del [...]

    11. This is, at once, a satisfying and frustrating book. It answers most all of the questions that remained open after the fourth installment of the Riverworld series, but had an unsatisfying ending. I still admire the overall premise of the series: the rebirth of humanity on another planet where death is not final. I enjoy Farmer's use of actual historical figures - even obscure ones - to populate his stories. I really enjoy the philosophy, sociology, and psychology Farmer deploys in the stories as [...]

    12. Riverworld series (books 1-5) ReviewAn “IMO” review, if you’re looking for a description of the Riverworld or plot summary does the trick.I enjoyed Riverworld (1-4 at least), though its not the kind of series that left me scrambling for the next book. The premise is unique and very interesting, the author does a lot with it. However, as the series progresses the pacing and narrative quality declines with an almost geometric exactness. If the first book is “five stars” the last book is [...]

    13. We finally learn the reason behind this "experiment" and also why some people were not resurrected (such as very nasty world leaders and mass murderers). We also learn that no matter what, human qualities and defects will manifest themselves even if everything else in the equation changes. Some people will still be religious even if God is now a dispelled concept, some people will be killers even if their victims were to be resurrected and so on.In fact, this exercise in imagination helps explai [...]

    14. It's sad to see this series end, and it's sad to see it end with a rather modest novel. My guess is the author intended originally to end the series with book #4, and had it written in that way, then, suddenly 50 pages before ending that book, he decided to leave it ambiguous, and continue to add a fifth book to expand on the final explanation offered.Just like the first book was different in tone from the next three, this fifth is also different. Yea it offers more details on some things left u [...]

    15. So that was disappointing.I read the first two Riverworld novels and then jumped straight to this, the fifth one, so it is probable that I am missing more than a little context. But I seriously doubt there is enough context to make this book any better than okay.What we have is a bunch of characters left with an all-powerful, but easily manipulated, computer exchanging exposition with each other, with the occasional bit of (often implausible) action to keep things moving along.Gods of Riverworld [...]

    16. It's not usually a good sign when the cover bears little resemblance to the source material. It's less of a good sign when an author feels they have to remind their audience of the characters and plot of the previous installments. This, thankfully, is the last book in the series. It has little of the good that the original book had. Farmer writes well but it's clear the well of ideas has run dry for him in this setting.

    17. E' il peggiore dei libri della saga, scritto tanto per allungare il brodo: il finale poteva essere inserito direttamente nel quarto libro, il resto sono solo chiacchiere filosofiche e pagine di puro riempitivo!Alcune parti non sono proprio riuscito a leggerle, ho fatto un avanti veloce fermandomi ogni tanto!!!

    18. I got to page 32. I read it allowed with my family and we cried laughing it was so bad. If I could give it a lower rating I would.

    19. D. My experience in reading this series has been basically downhilla 6th book exists in the series: Tales of RiverworldI think I'll pass.

    20. The end of the book is something that made me think. It was a bit hard to wrap my head around. But again very creative, interesting ideas.

    21. evidentemente dopo tutto il lungo viaggio lungo al fiume e dentro la torre mancava solo il viaggio dentro se stessi: ed ecco che questo "gli dei del fiume" è una lunga riflessione su etica, moralità, religione e altro ancora (grazie soprattutto a nur, peraltro uno dei personaggi più simpatici). non so se ve ne fosse davvero bisogno, però: il risultato è che il ciclo del fiume sono due tre romanzi di viaggio e due di spiegone. e DUE libri di spiegone (ok, con azioni e altro: e a dirla tutta [...]

    22. This would have been a difficult series to end. But with this book Farmer finds a way of doing it somewhat satisfactorily. He shows us that the concept of a forced progression of enlightenment is perhaps null. We see some of our characters becoming technocrats in their own right -- using technology to further their desires until it kind of blows up in their face and then they have to be responsible.Interestingly rather than allowing the people of the future a chance (post 1983), they decide to u [...]

    23. This series is not really a series of science fiction novels. It's more of a series of science fiction thought experiments. The plot is irrelevant--it's just about the question of how people would handle this theoretical situation, taking particular care to observe specific figures from history. As I noted before, the characters do not really sound like I think they would sound and the writing is repetitive (facts are repeated as though it were published episodically in a periodical, which might [...]

    24. I first read the Riverworld series about 25 years ago. Ten years ago, I decided to revisit it. The first two books (To Your Scattered Bodies Go, and The Fabulous Riverboat) reminded me of what I loved about the books. The third book (The Dark Design) recalled how it all started to go wrong. The fourth book (The Magic Labyrinth, which originally concluded the series) recalled how a brilliant idea could be executed so poorly as to become nearly unreadable and ruin the whole thing.And this book, bo [...]

    25. Ultimo volume dell'imponente ciclo del Fiume di Farmer, questo libro ha qualche difetto di troppo.Innanzi tutto, a differenza dei tre volumi precedenti, non può essere letto in modo indipendente: chi legge Gli dei del Fiume senza aver letto i capitoli precedenti, non ci capirà assolutamente niente.L'andamento poi è altalenante: lunghe parti assolutamente metafisiche alternate a parti nel più puro stile avventuroso.Dopo di che si affida ad alcuni colpi di scena, non particolarmente ben riusci [...]

    26. Having reached the tower of the Ethicals in the previous volume, Burton and his comrades must solve the mysterious death of the last Ethical and come to terms with their own godlike powers of resurrection now that they are in control of the tower's machinery.I was disappointed by the four novels of the original series but, unfortunately, I am OCD when it comes to series, so I felt compelled to read this book anyway. (I have "Quest to Riverworld" sitting on my bookshelf as well.) The narrative of [...]

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