The Moon in the Gutter

The Moon in the Gutter

David Goodis Adrian Wootton / Sep 23, 2019

The Moon in the Gutter In a back street in the rough end of Philadelphia docker William Kerrigan obsesses over the mysterious suicide of his sister Into a dive bar walks Lorretta Channing the beautiful enigmatic socialite

  • Title: The Moon in the Gutter
  • Author: David Goodis Adrian Wootton
  • ISBN: 9781852424497
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a back street in the rough end of Philadelphia, docker William Kerrigan obsesses over the mysterious suicide of his sister Into a dive bar walks Lorretta Channing the beautiful, enigmatic socialite and sister of Newton the drunk Loretta s the impossible dream, the escape route out of his hellhole existence, away from the crowded tenements, the shacks, the dark alleys.In a back street in the rough end of Philadelphia, docker William Kerrigan obsesses over the mysterious suicide of his sister Into a dive bar walks Lorretta Channing the beautiful, enigmatic socialite and sister of Newton the drunk Loretta s the impossible dream, the escape route out of his hellhole existence, away from the crowded tenements, the shacks, the dark alleys But Loretta may also hold the key to finding out what promptd his sister s death, the reason he can never break free.The Moon in the Gutter is a fierce and heated tale of desire and revenge Made into a film starring Gerard Depardieu and Nastassia Kinski, it remains an enthraling classic of American noir fiction.

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      • David Goodis Adrian Wootton

        Born and bred in Philadelphia, David Goodis was an American noir fiction writer He grew up in a liberal, Jewish household in which his early literary ambitions were encouraged After a short and inconclusive spell at at the University of Indiana, he returned to Philadelphia to take a degree in journalism, graduating in 1937.


    1. A first-rate gritty noir novel, The Moon in the Gutter makes for an excellent, somber read full of surprises.

    2. A brooding meditation on dark things populated by barely developed characters mired in a claustrophobia most can't even acknowledge let alone wrest themselves from. But it wouldn't be a story if at least one of these characters caught a whiff of something else, some other realm of living that wasn't rotten with squalor, mildewed plaster, scummy bilge, and incestual urges. And this someone would be the main character of this nearly static tale, a William Kerrigan who is obsessed with his sister's [...]

    3. Kerrigan is kind of annoying and Goodis is deliberately vague in his storytelling, preferring to attempt capturing the sense of place and the worn out lives of the inhabitants of Vernon street, but I couldn't help but feel it was just an incomplete struggle to paint a less wholesome and charming view of a Steinbeck novella. Interestingly the Jean-Jacques Beineix adaptation starring Depardieu and Kinski is a much more affecting work, possibly thanks to the almost magical realist nature of the vis [...]

    4. "In the sticky darkness of a July midnight the cat waited there for more than a half hour. As it walked away, it lefts its paw prints in the dried blood of a girl who had died here in the alley some seven months ago."Will Kerrigan is devoid of purpose following the death of his sister. He meanders through life working at the docks and obsessing over his lost family despite the fact he still has family members alive and well. An alleyway taunts him into action, the place of his sisters last breat [...]

    5. Nightmarish noir about a stevedore who may or may not have killed his prostitute sister. Only his grimy brother knows for sure and isn't telling.The obscurity of his crime sends him to a waterfront dive where he drinks endlessly with a slumming rich kid. His beautiful sister toys with the stevedore's affections, and he romances her, eventually marrying her in a drunken stupor."Moon In The Gutter" has bizarre familial themes running through it: bizarre brother-sister relations and family death wi [...]

    6. I found this Goodis novel somewhat of a let-down from his other noirs I've read such as STREET OF NO RETURN, THE BURGLAR, or NIGHTFALL. There's a sharp class distinction drawn (rich v. poor) with a some romance and a murder mystery thrown in, as well. I believe he uses his customary Philadelphia setting, though, I didn't see as many landmarks to orient me. I liked the gritty stevedore and river dock scenes though the taproom scenes were less interesting to me. The almost casual beating on the fe [...]

    7. I've been meaning to read Goodis for a while, although cannot remember where I came across him. Perhaps in a Serpent's Tail newsletter and certainly he fits comfortably in their canon of publications. Like fellow Tail author Derek Raymond, Goodis may not be a household name, but I'm sure that you'll know who has actually read his work by that look in the eye, the same one you get when you mention Raymond; these are not books for everyone. This is a portrayal of hard living in Philadelphia, they [...]

    8. The way you approach this novel, and most of Goodis' work (though not all), depends on how you answer the eternal question: glass half full, glass half empty. Goodis was more likely to backhand the glass off the table, dashing its contents to a mud-caked, bloodstained floor. In his best work, Black Friday for me, he can convince you there's not much worth in life and the only reason we're here is to be punished, repeatedly. Even if you're unsure where you sit on the optimist/pessimist scale from [...]

    9. second review: for me this is a lesser goodis. set in port slums our protagonist is a brute, tough, inarticulate, working-class stevedore, who gets involved and twisted by love for a rich girl, and the crime/detective plot serves only incidentally, however much he obsesses over the sister who was too good for their part of town. i can see how it might appeal but despite some great poetic renderings of place, for me there is too much leaning on class as some explanatory theoryte: the title recall [...]

    10. Whilst ostensibly a murder mystery this is fundamentally a poetic novel about the brutality of life at the margins of society and about despair. For me ultimately it is a novel about the futility of hope, it reminds me of a line from an old Tom Waits song: sing me a rainbow, steal me a dream.

    11. Vernon StreetDavid Goodis ( 1917 -- 1967) lived and worked in Hollywood before returning to his hometown of Philadelphia in 1950. When he returned, he lived in a room in his parents' home and published pulp novels as inexpensive paperback originals. Among these novels is "The Moon in the Gutter" written in 1953 and set in a poor decaying section of Philadelphia. The book is included in a collection of five Goodis novels recently published by the Library of America. David Goodis: Five Noir Novels [...]

    12. Vernon Street, rue sordide de Philadelphie, est un lieu qui pèse sur les épaules de ses habitants, un lieu qui vous aspire et vous retient dans ses filets.Vous y habitez et jamais vous n'en sortirez, jamais vous ne vous élèverez dans votre condition, toute votre vie vous serez un looser, habitant dans un taudis, avec toute votre famille, buvant de l'alcool ou traficotant des certificats de mariage, ou, au mieux, vous serez docker et manipulerez des tonnes de fret dans votre putain de miséra [...]

    13. Riding through life on a fourth class ticket, he called it. It was a rough neighborhood, not safe for man or woman. It was full of rundown tenements and people trying to forget themselves, forget their miserable lives. Kerrigan's teenage sister had slashed her throat in the alley following a brutal rape and beating. His brother subsisted on candy bars and whatever booze he could get his hands on. It was a hot summer and Dugan's was a good place to cool off. The men there passed the time with not [...]

    14. This is pretty dark and great suspense throughout. I never knew exactly where the book was going, and the ending came as a surprise. Pretty raw story and gravelly prose. Great!

    15. Dark, slum-ridden Philly book. Man's wonderful sister- above her environment - kills herself and brother spends the days wondering who caused her harm and her own suicide. He tracks that through the ugly bars and wharfs and finally finds who it was! In the meantime he marries (and then annuls) a beautiful uptown girl. Message: don't marry out of your class. So he goes back to the awful Bella who had earlier that day put out a hit on him. Whew. Good propulsive dark alley action.

    16. After reading a few novels by each, I think of reading Goodis as akin to reading Emile Zola without the slow parts. Alright, who threw that egg? OK, that's a simplification of course. Reading Zola is a far more meaningful experience as he gives more fleshing out of characters, scenes and psychology. But hey -- Goodis has been published by the Library of America series, and the French loved Goodis, that must be worth something.Goodis is the hard-boiled/noir writer I keep returning to. I pretty mu [...]

    17. THE MOON IN THE GUTTER. (1953). David Goodis. **. It seems that Goodis’s writing is becoming more diffuse with time. It could be that he is relatively well off financially. Aside from contracts with movie companies, he is also writing for radio and the pulps. His income at about this time is said to be about $2,000 per week; a lot of money for the time. This book is not a crime novel. It starts out with the protagonist, William Kerrigan, standing in an alley off of Vernon Street looking down a [...]

    18. This is not so much a novel as a short sequence of events that goes nowhere. It has the kind of fatalism that noir is known for: the protagonist who is doomed. In this case he is trapped by his own limited sense of identity. He apparently hasn’t heard of the “American Dream,” where hard work can take you anywhere. He grew up on the mean streets and in his mind that’s the only place he can live. So when the upper class woman shows up in her sports car and wants to take him uptown? No can [...]

    19. Hard-boiled novelist best known for the many adaptations of his works into film, particularly by the French, e.g. "Shoot the Piano Player" (Truffaut) and "The Moon in the Gutter" (La Lune dans le Caniveau) by Jean-Jacques Beineix and starring Gerard Depardieu and Nastassja Kinski. This is the first novel of his I"ve read so far. It's been hailed by many critics as one of his best, if not THE best. The setting is not identified although it's widely assumed to be Philadelphia since he was a native [...]

    20. The opening premise of this novel was a shaky one: that a sensitive young woman would take her life by slitting her own throat. I kept waiting for this unlikely scenario to be disproved, but, unbelievably, that plot assertion held for the duration. So, while Goodis set out to draw certain conclusions about the all-consuming squalor of Philadelphia's Vernon and Wharf Streets, I kept waiting for a competent profiler to come on the scene and put us on the trail of a likely perpetrator. I did enjoy [...]

    21. The Moon in the Gutter (Der Mond in der Gosse) – der Titel ist mehr als eine bloße Andeutung über den Inhalt des Buches, dessen Handlung sich innerhalb von drei heißen Julinächten in der Vernon Street zuträgt. Mit diesem Aufbau ähnelt es Street of the Lost (Straße der Barbaren), obwohl jenes für mich das bessere Buch ist.William Kerrigan ist der Anti-Held in dieser Geschichte. Seine Schwester Catherine wurde vergewaltigt und nahm sich daraufhin das Leben. Wie magisch wird Kerrigan imme [...]

    22. David Goodis is commonly ranked in the top tier of noir novelists, and The Moon in the Gutter is commonly ranked among his best work. One recent example: in The Rough Guide to Crime Fiction (2007), Barry Forshaw cites The Moon in the Gutter as his representative Goodis text in arguing that, of all the noir novelists, "Goodis comes the closest to the existential angst of Camus and Sartre." I wish I could see it, but I can't. The main thing I see in The Moon in the Gutter is bad writing. The lesse [...]

    23. This one is somewhat different from the other Goodis novels I've read in that there isn't much in the way of an actual crime narrative, other than the protagonist vaguely trying to figure out who raped his sister seven months back. The other difference is that our protagonist, Kerrigan, actually has a job as a dockworker. The characters are sketched out quite effectively, but my overall problem with this was the plot didn't really progress in any meaningful direction and the ending is lame, to s [...]

    24. Too bad Goodis is dead, because I am really interested in the theme of this book. I'd like to ask him about upper class culture clashing with low culture, and why he doesn't believe that they can co-exist. Goodis is so overly distracted by this theme that he doesn't develop the plot into something more credible or more interesting. The tension was missing.

    25. The plot goes plop, the characters are flat, and the prose is mostly perfunctory. What redeems the story, a bit anyway, is that the tone is so unremittingly bleak it slides into B movie camp territory, which is the only reason to read Noir, when you get right down to it.

    26. Goodis is great. Pulpy Philadelphia at its finest. But, he doesn't quite pull it off here and the plot points and motivations never quite come together in a way that's believable. Took under two hours to read though so I can't complain too much.

    27. Some excellent ideas and moments in the book, but contrived plot line after contrived plot line makes this one tough to swallow. Had Goodis spent more time with it, could have been something special.

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