His Steadfast Love

His Steadfast Love

Julie Lessman / Jan 26, 2020

His Steadfast Love She s bent on fun He s bent on faith Till true love bridges the gap Cat O Bryen is the prodigal daughter unhappy with God First the father with whom she reconciled dies of cancer and now her twin sis

  • Title: His Steadfast Love
  • Author: Julie Lessman
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • She s bent on fun He s bent on faith Till true love bridges the gap Cat O Bryen is the prodigal daughter unhappy with God First, the father with whom she reconciled dies of cancer and now her twin sister and best friend marries, leaving Cat at home with a newlywed mother, her new husband, and a little brother But when Cat moves in with a roommate of questionable moralShe s bent on fun He s bent on faith Till true love bridges the gap Cat O Bryen is the prodigal daughter unhappy with God First, the father with whom she reconciled dies of cancer and now her twin sister and best friend marries, leaving Cat at home with a newlywed mother, her new husband, and a little brother But when Cat moves in with a roommate of questionable morals, her family is worried, certain she s on a path that could damage her faith forever Reluctant to get involved with a woman like the one who destroyed his life, ex Navy SEAL Pastor Chase Griffin steers clear of the attraction he feels for Cat O Bryen Until her family begs him to take her under his wing, hoping he can draw her back into the fold But when the draw she has on him proves too strong to resist, he must rely on the strength of God to offer a friendship as steady and strong as the God whose love is wooing her home.

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        Julie Lessman is an award winning author whose tagline of Passion With a Purpose underscores her intense passion for both God and romance A lover of all things Irish, she enjoys writing close knit Irish family sagas that evolve into 3 D love stories the hero, the heroine, and the God that brings them together.Author of The Daughters of Boston, Winds of Change, and Heart of San Francisco series, Julie Lessman was named American Christian Fiction Writers 2009 Debut Author of the Year and has garnered 18 Romance Writers of America and other awards Voted 1 Romance Author of the year in Family Fiction magazine s 2012 and 2011 Readers Choice Awards, Julie was also named on Booklist s 2010 Top 10 Inspirational Fiction and Borders Best Fiction list Julie s first contemporary novel, Isle of Hope, was voted on Family Fiction magazine s Best of 2015 list, and Surprised by Love appeared on Family Fiction magazine s list of Top Ten Novels of 2014 Her independent novel A Light in the Window is an International Digital Awards winner, a 2013 Readers Crown Award winner, and a 2013 Book Buyers Best Award winner Julie has also written a self help workbook for writers entitled Romance ology 101 Writing Romantic Tension for the Sweet and Inspirational Markets You can contact Julie through her website and read excerpts from each of her books at julielessman.


    1. Wonderful read! Julie Lessman is one of the few authors I will dish out my own money to buy a book instead of getting it from the library. I love her writing and this book and series has been amazing. Her, Laura Frantz, Julie Klassen, and Jenny B Jones are some of my favorite authors. Well worth the money and time. Thank you for blessing us with your talent!

    2. Lessman does it again! She masterfully hooks readers in and keeps them engaged throughout the novel. I am not going to lie, I love her books, and as is quiet often the case, I cannot put them down. This was one of those occasions where I had to stay up late to finish this novel, the same day I started it! And it was so worth it! Lessman left me with a grin permanently on my face, and a day later it is still there! This novel is both sweet and at times steamy; filled with truth, faith, romance an [...]

    3. I’m blown away at how this author welcomes readers with open arms into the family she’s created. I felt like I was right there joining in the fun and laughter, getting teary eyed a few times and found myself biting my nails wondering how things would work out for a few family members caught in sticky and serious situations. The O’Bryen family is large, loving, passionate and in pursuit of happiness -true happiness that can only be realized in Christ.I loved how this author naturally intert [...]

    4. Goodness! I loved this story so much! The whole series is a favorite of mine, and although His Steadfast Love can be enjoyed as a stand alone novel, I recommend all of the books in this series.The author created complex characters with difficult back stories and then wove a tale that kept me frantically turning the pages to see what would happen next! The hurts, the burdens that both Cat and Chase carried were not ones easily overcome. The author did a good job of showing that there is only One [...]

    5. I know I say this a lot, but I just loved this book! I’ve been anxiously awaiting Cat’s book since reading “Isle Of Hope” the first time and then after reading “Love Everlasting” and learning it would be Cat and Chase’s story just made me all the more ready to find out how the last O’Bryen would finally meet her match. And oh-my-goodness! It was SO worth the wait! I devoured this book, groaning loudly any time I had to put it down, and picking it up again at the first opportunity [...]

    6. Oh, reader friends, can I just start out saying how very much I love the O'Bryen family? The way they tease and pick at each other, yet the fierce love that holds them together no matter whatah my heart! This family is truly one of my favorites in fiction. Yet the beauty of this story is so much more than just wonderful familial relationships, it's the search for true forgiveness and the deep love that is the foundation of it. And it's that journey which Cat and Chase traverse that kept the page [...]

    7. Yes, a large portion of this story develops the main romance in Julie's signature "passion with a purpose" style, with a few scenes that might require a freezer (as evidenced in the snippet above), as Carrie likes to say. It's always tastefully presented. Always pointing to a Christ-centered marriage or leading the characters to see what real Love should be like.But it's so much more than a story to quicken your pulse, it's a story to quicken your spirit and encourage your heart. At least it di [...]

    8. Looking for a love story that delivers faith, hope, healing, and romance? His Steadfast Love has it all. Chase is a pastor running from love. His heart was broken and he’s not taking another chance on love. He’s determined to show Cat God’s love but when his heart gets involved, can he keep his distance or will his time with Cat heal his heart? Cat is fun, flirty, and running from God. When Pastor Chase takes an interest in her, she doesn’t understand when her actions cause him to turn a [...]

    9. Reading a Lessman book is like coming home. I can sink into her story immediately knowing I won't be disappointed and eager to follow the characters. This last book was my favorite because there's a rebel in all of us yet trying to grasp God's love for us in spite of that. Yet we are reminded in this series that God's love for us is full of "hope", "unfailing", "everlasting" and "steadfast". Can't wait to read your next one Julie!

    10. When her twin sister Shannon gets married, Cat decides it is time to move out on her own and get a taste of the world to help satisfy her wild-child nature. Cat is angry at God and set to distance herself from Him and from the family that loves her.Associate Pastor Chase cares deeply for the O'Bryen family and hates to see Cat so hurt and lost. When the family asks him to befriend Cat he is more than willing to help this lost soul find her way back to the God who loves her more than anyone ever [...]

    11. Once again, la creme de la creme romance author, Julie Lessman, has penned an achingly beautiful story of hope, healing, and angst-filled affairs of the heart—set on picturesque Hope Isle, Georgia, with its captivating seaside charm. I wholeheartedly welcomed back the fun-loving O'Bryen family who are all living their happily-ever-afterswith the exception of their sibling, Cat, who feels like a 5th wheel amongst all the lovebirds. I could totally relate to Cat in that she never quite felt like [...]

    12. It's no secret that Julie Lessman is my absolute favorite author, and while I've been a huge fan of her historicals, her contemporary work has the same thread her historicals do, Passion With a Purpose. Ms. Lessman isn't afraid to write romance scenes that leave you weak in the knees, or looking for a fan to cool off. Yet, the passion is always in the right place, striving for God's purpose first! With books out there like 50 Shades, we need authors like Ms. Lessman to put love, and sex in it's [...]

    13. "The winds of change are blowing . . . and it's a category five."A category five is sure to hit you when you pick up the third installment of the Isle of Hope series by Julie Lessman. Easily read as a standalone, but I highly recommend reading the whole series, as each have its own purpose and road trip for readers to venture on, His Steadfast Love takes you on this emotional journey that rivals any storm system. Delightful is just the least of what you can say about Cat, our main girl in the st [...]

    14. Cat has just lost her twin sister to wedding vows and the sadness in her heart tends to erupt in questionable ways. That’s how His Steadfast Love begins, and once you begin it, you won’t put it down to the end. And read that last chapter real slow because you won’t want it to end. Julie Lessman has done it again with a sweet and sensual romance that just might change your heart.Cat has lost her father to cancer, her mom is remarried, and her siblings are married too, unless she wants to ha [...]

    15. What a captivating romance of discovering love and accepting forgiveness!HIS STEADFAST LOVE is, quite simply, an AMAZING book! I laughed. I cried. I savored every sweet moment as I joined disillusioned Cat O'Bryen and Pastor Chase Griffin on their romantic journey to discover and accept God's plan for them.One of my favorite authors, Julie Lessman, is known for her passionate writing. This book is supremely intense as it tackles some heart-wrenching topics with true emotion. The hero is absolute [...]

    16. She’s bent on fun. He’s bent on faith. Till true love bridges the gap. Cat O’Bryen is the prodigal daughter unhappy with God. First, the father with whom she reconciled dies of cancer and now her twin sister and best friend marries, leaving Cat at home with a newlywed mother, her new husband, and a little brother. But when Cat moves in with a roommate of questionable morals, her family is worried, certain she’s on a path that could damage her faith forever. Reluctant to get involved with [...]

    17. Where do I even begin? This book was unforgettable. I have never been more moved through a fictional story. His Steadfast Love taught me so much about God's love for me; the unending depths that never cease, no matter what. Julie Lessman's writing brought me to tears many times over the undeserving love God pours over me. Cat and Chase's relationship was unique and beautiful. Cat has a lot of hurt she had to work through. I loved how Chase was trying to woo Cat back to the Father, not just becau [...]

    18. I LOVE Julie Lessman's honesty with her passion. One of my favorite things of hers is showing the passion between a man and a wife. It should be there. It is what God designed when he created marriage. In her newest release, His Steadfast Love, Julie continues the story of the O'Bryen's and the Carmichael's. I haven't read the second book yet, but I have read Unfailing Love and A Glimmer of Hope, so I had a pretty good idea of what the characters and setting would be like. I really enjoyed getti [...]

    19. Wow, His Steadfast Love is a heartwarming, soul-wrenching, tear-jerking read! The story of Cat and Chase touched me deeply, it is in a way my own story with my husband, while not a pastor he followed God's leading and brought me (the prodigal) to where I needed to be with God and while doing so we found that deep and abiding love that is the glue of the relationships in all of Julie Lessman's books. A love rooted in God and passion fulfilled by following his precepts. And Passion!! This book del [...]

    20. Another sweet hit from Miss Julie Lessman. I love all of her books and was especially excited to receive this one from her. Cat O'Bryen is definitely not like her twin sister Shan. Cat is more spitfire, competitive- a wildflower and the sexy hunk of a pastor, Chase Griffin knows this and he tries his hardest to steer clear.It was great reading about Isle of Hope again and revisit such a beautiful setting similar to a slice of heaven. Such a great backdrop for a romance about God's steadfast love [...]

    21. This was a wonderful book full of passion, joy, sorrow, healing, and life. Cat O' Bryen is looking for fun and passion. Pastor Chase Griffin is looking for nothing more than to be Cat's friend and help her to mend her relationship with God. Trying to figure out just who she is and what she wants in life leads Cat down some interesting paths. Of course Chase is by her side though out most of her adventure trying to guide her, but yet trying to keep a distance to keep his attraction for her at bay [...]

    22. Full review on FaithfullyBookishCat O’Bryen is an outspoken, flirtatious, and a self-proclaimed rebel with a weakness for chocolate and ice cream. Despite her outward sass and spunk, Cat is understandably feeling lonely in the shadows of her family’s newlywed glow. Chase Griffin has been friend-zoned twice already within this series and while those ladies ultimately ended up with the right men for them, it has to sting the pastor’s confidence a bit anyway. My favorite part of this story is [...]

    23. Eek! I was so excited when Julie emailed me to see if I'd like an advanced copy of her newest book I couldn't wait to go back to Isle of Hope and read Cat's story. Like all of her books, "His Steadfast Love" was full of depth and color, and most importantly, real and raw emotion and struggle. This was not a "churchy" story, but Julie dealt with the very real struggles that even Christians have as they face life's circumstances. I always love a "happily ever after," but even more so, I enjoyed th [...]

    24. His Steadfast Love Never Fails!!Y'all!! This book!! I could not do anything for two days because I was so engrossed in the lives of these fictional characters. This book gripped me from the beginning!! This is the third book in the series and the author finished it up with a bang!!! The author is a master story teller that pulls the reader in and oh the feels. My heart is still trying to get back to normal rhythm. I'm a huge romance reader. I want a clean read but I want the angst, emotions and [...]

    25. I am glad that Cat got her own story. I learned so much more about her and why she is the way she is. Her vulnerabilities and strength will touch your hearts. I can see why pairing her with Chase makes sense. God's steadfast love was clearly seen through their journey. One of the things I really loved about this series is the friendship among the men. It was deep. I think that was the most moving part of this book/series. Cat and Chase are another example of the lengths that God will go to revea [...]

    26. She's done it againother Julie Lessman masterpiece. After Julie Lessman't first and second books in the "Isle of Hope" series I waited anxiously for the release of "His Steadfast Love" and started reading it for hours on end the very day it came outd was not disappointed. I love the complex characters and relationship of the main two that is ever-evolving throughout the book. I hope she's not done with "Isle of Hope" because each book in this series is edge-of-your-seat, never-know-what's-coming [...]

    27. Out of this series, though all of them were excellent, this one was my favorite. I too struggle with forgiving myself for my past sins which Christ has already washed away. In this story, the frequent reminder of God’s steadfast love and the fact that His mercies never come to an end helped me to stop and really think about that. His faithfulness is indeed great. This story brought that home to me. I was rooting for this couple the whole book. 💗

    28. Breathtaking and Fabulous Julie's writing never disappoints. His Steadfast Love was filled with beautiful settings and thoroughly portrayed characters. Chase and Cat's love story was both breathtaking and oh so steamy (only Julie can write a clean love scene with so much steam ). It was the perfect end to a fabulous series.

    29. Highly RecommendHis Steadfast Love is the perfect ending to the Isle of Hope series. Julie Lessman is an amazing writer. She fills her stories with real life hard situations. And then incorporates scripture and truths about God's love to bring healing to these situations. I highly recommend reading the entire series.

    30. A story packed with spiritual truths, fiery romance, and heart warming moments that make you think! A wonderful ending to a fantastic series! Julie's stories never disappoint. Characters you feel strongly about, and romance that pulls at your heart strings! These and so many many other reasons, make Julie Lessman's books stick at the top of my reading list!

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