Holly Freakin' Hughes

Holly Freakin' Hughes

Kelsey Kingsley / Sep 22, 2019

Holly Freakin Hughes People like you don t fall in love with people like me Meet Holly Hughes a moderately successful teen advice columnist living in a studio apartment on the Upper East Side with her boyfriend Stephen S

  • Title: Holly Freakin' Hughes
  • Author: Kelsey Kingsley
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • People like you don t fall in love with people like me Meet Holly Hughes, a moderately successful teen advice columnist living in a studio apartment on the Upper East Side with her boyfriend Stephen She has it all, but at the ripe age of thirty one, she wants She wants to be married, she wants a family, and she s going to have it all with Stephen At least, that People like you don t fall in love with people like me Meet Holly Hughes, a moderately successful teen advice columnist living in a studio apartment on the Upper East Side with her boyfriend Stephen She has it all, but at the ripe age of thirty one, she wants She wants to be married, she wants a family, and she s going to have it all with Stephen At least, that s what she thought, until Stephen announces he s gay, and the domino effect of unfortunate events begins She soon finds herself unemployed, single, and living in her sister s house on Long Island, working as her niece s babysitter for less than minimum wage She s pretty certain she s destined to live in the Land of Mediocrity forever.And then, her niece runs face first into a tall, handsome man at the bookstore Holly Freakin Hughes is an HFN title about acceptance, feeling good enough, and the reality that the grass isn t always greener on the other side NOTE This book contains some strong language and sexual situations Age discretion is advised This book will also be a part of a series of at least three books They just haven t been born yet Patience is appreciated.

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        When I was a wee lassie, I was told by my preschool teachers that I was a natural at storytelling When I was just a little older than that, an old friend s mother said to me, Kelsey, one day your books are going to be on the shelves at the library Well, Diane, I don t know if my books are ever going to be on the shelves of libraries, but I m sure as hell going to try When I m not writing stories destined to be bestsellers, I enjoy devouring TV shows, listening to every type of music there is and going to concerts, reading pretty much anything with a soft spot for romance and certain books located in 18th century Scotland , obsessing over makeup, and pretending to workout I also have a fondness for cats, my family, tattoos, and a really good French fry.


    1. FREE on for limited time!!! amazon/gp/aw/d/B073N7ReviewHolly Freakin' Hughes is AWESOME!!! The cover is absolutely perfect for this heartfelt, fun, and entertaining book. I seriously could not put this book down! Kelsey Kingsley is such a talented author, and I can't wait to read more of her work!

    2. 3 StarsI gratefully received an arc for an honest review.All 3 stars goes to the author who needs to be given kudos for her bravery by sending me this book to review (even after I warned her that I was a picky cow when it comes to my romance tropes). She definitely has a talent for writing and I encourage her to keep pursuing and perfecting her craft. So although I'd love to give more than 3 stars for her skills alone; unfortunately I need to rate the storyline and characters along with it, and [...]

    3. 3 StarsOverall Opinion: I am torn about this book and how to rate it, because it was enjoyable but it also rubbed me the wrong way at times. I think this author definitely has a lot of potential, and with the great attitude that she will take any feedback as constructive -- she'll have no problem in getting there! I think this would be a good read for fans of instalove with sweet and sensitive Hs, and characters that want a HEA. I liked the overall storyline, and I also liked that both character [...]

    4. When I first saw the cover of this book, I must admit that I was a bit thrown off and had no idea wht to expect. However, after thoroughly enjoying this story, I found the cover to be quite apropos. I can easily picture Brandon with his coffee and Holly with her tea.So what's this story about?Holly was in her early 30s, had found some success as a teen advice columnist, and lived with her boyfriend of 5 years, Stephen. And then her life fell apart. Thinking that Stephen was about to propose, he [...]

    5. Alas, I am going to call it a day on this one. The author has a lot of talent for sure, but I just wasn't connecting with the characters especially the hero. I think I just prefer mine to be more alpha and this guy was definitely a beta. But like I said there is undeniably a lot of potential with this author and I will be keeping my eyes peeled for future books (hopefully with some strong alpha males *wink-wink*).

    6. Five years ago Brandon's fiancée left him. They were together for 11 years. But back then, at a time when his books were finally becoming successful, she just couldn't handle it anymore. She wanted to be the famous author in this relationship.Holly kind of lives through the same thing now. She's just been un-fiancéd by Stephen. He told her he can't marry her because he's . gay.Holly leaves NYC to move back home to Long Island; into her sister's house, to take care of her little niece. Because, [...]

    7. Holly has had the week from hell, her long time boyfriend has dumped her for the person that he says his heart truly belongs to and her long term employment has been terminated. She is now single and unemployed at 31 years old.This is how Holly finds herself living with her big sister and looking after her niece, Anna. She settles into life in a small town, nursing her broken heart and trying to figure out her next move. These life changes may be difficult to adjust to right now but they also op [...]

    8. Release Date:August 1, 2017 Genre:Contemporary RomanceHolly Freakin' Huges is a fun and lighthearted novel that will make readers smile! Kelsey Kingsley is a new author to me, but I expect great things from her in the future because this is a strong read that had me feeling all sorts of delight! I was rooting for these characters from beginning to end and could sympathize with their feelings and actions- which to me, makes a great novel. This one has everything romance junkies crave- a beautiful [...]

    9. 1.5 - 2 - Holly Frea oh stop it already Hughes - stars! This was, unfortunately, not the book for me. At. All.I didn't care for either MCs and I really didn't like how they got together in the end. The h was whiny and self deprecating and the H was too passive and never once fought for the h. He claimed to love her at first sight, but if that was really the case he wouldn't have accepted her dating (and sleeping!!) with someone else.Personally, I prefer it when the H does the chasing and claimin [...]

    10. [I was generously provided with a free advance review copy by the author in exchange for an honest review; that doesn't affect my review in any way] I understand what the author wanted to deliver through this book; the friends-to-lovers trope is one loved by a lot of people out there, myself included. But there were a lot of things I couldn't cope with. The first was that the main character, Holly, seemed to me like the kind of person that cannot cease complaining although she literally had ever [...]

    11. Poor Holly just can't really cut a break in life. She's dumped by her boyfriend of 5 years, only to find out he's gay and has been cheating on her with anther man. Days later she loses her job which forces her to move in with her sister and become the babysitter for her niece. After a few months of wallowing in her relationship woes, she meets a man that ignites her interest only to have him reject her. This may sound depressing but the author did a good job of making this into a rom com and int [...]

    12. ~~~Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.~~~4.5 🌟 StarsLoved this romantic and heartfelt story! Holly feels like she's lost a lot, including her long-term boyfriend and her career, as well as the satisfaction and prestige that came with them. She's at a new low. Brandon has it all: a successful career, the accompanying money, good looks, and plenty of attention from women. He should be at an all time high, but something is missing.Mild to medium steam level, some swearing, and an a [...]

    13. I was given an ARC for an honest review. Three words: The B. Davis *swoon* For Kelsey Kingsley's debut album I thought she did a great job. This book had everything I love in a book. Laughter, witty banter, heartache, romance, warm-hearted, and the frustration. Yes, I wanted to throw the iPad a time or three. But hey, that's what makes a great book, right? Holly Freakin' Hughes was all that and most importantly, it left me wanting more. Definitely a fab new indie author that I've added to my lis [...]

    14. ~~~Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.~~~What can I say? Holly freakin' Hughes! She's down on her luck and then a friendship comes along with some inklings of unrequited romance? Or is it? First, I wanted to punch Holly a few times and say 'perk up buttercup'! Then, I wanted to punch Brandon for being a dipsh*t! I loved the story, the characters, and the words. The relationship between Holly and the neighbor was hilarious. I thought the story was great and I couldn't put it down o [...]

    15. AVAILABLE NOW! US: a/gu3r8Z7 CA: a/d8jTYHW UK: amzn/3lehOiiEXCERPTStanding outside the door, I inhaled and exhaled slowly before knocking, making a conscious effort to clear my brain of anything but excitement for the night ahead. I told myself that Brandon didn’t want me, Brandon was only a friend, and with a final deep breath, I knocked.As if he had been waiting right on the other side, the door flew open. There to greet me was Ben and three large tail-wagging Labrador Retrievers, two black [...]

    16. Wow I was really impressed with this story and reading it you would never know that this is the authors very first book. The characters are really well developed and relateable, the editing was flawless and the actual story was captivating I found myself not wanting to put it down. If you’re like me and your TBR list is longer than remotely possible to concur it can be hard to take a chance on a new author but this one is worth a shot.This story is between Holly and Brandon both who think that [...]

    17. I Voluntarily reviewed a copy of this bookFive years ago Brandon's fiancée left him because she couldn't face the fact that he was becoming famous and she wasn't. 11 Years and she just packed up and left. Now he's a famous author, travelling all over and not home all that much.Holly had almost the same experience, well almost. Her boyfriend who she thought was going to be propose told her he can't marry her, because he's gay! After all that, she lost her job, and had to move back home, live wit [...]

    18. I struggled with how to rate Holly Freakin’ Hughes, the debut novel from Kelsey Kingsley. Kingsley is a talented writer. She has a delightful voice that made this very easy to read. Despite all my issues with HFH, I was engaged in the story of Holly Hughes and Brandon Davis, two characters I really struggled to like. To me, that says a lot about this author and where she’s headed. Kingsley did a great job of bringing each scene vividly to the reader, making me laugh at times with some of the [...]

    19. GENRE: ContemporaryTHEME: Romance, Book Lovers, Chick LitRECEIVED: Tour3.5 starsREVIEW:This was such a refreshing a fun read, yes there is heartbreaking emotional relationships at the beginning but its fun in the sense that the readers get to watch an author and super sweet woman fall in love. This is a lighter romance, some ups and downs for both leads but they really have this fantastic and sweet connection that I couldn’t wait to for these two to figure it out.Holly Freakin’ Hughes follow [...]

    20. 'Holly Freakin' Hughes ' by Kelsey Kingsley is the story of Holly and Brandon. Holly was in a 5 year relationship when she thought her boyfriends was going to ask her to marry him.ead he told her that he was gay. Next she lost her job and had to move in with her sister and become a baby sister to her niece. When she happens to meet Brandon she is quickly attracted to him. Brandon also had a harsh break up with a women he was about to marry. Julia broke it off with him two months before they were [...]

    21. Thanks to a budding friendship I was privy to a pre read . I am halfway through as I tend to read 5 books at a time but this is probably one of the best written first releases I have ever read by an indie author. It is obvious the author enjoys writing AND reading. Well written. Well placed dialogue. POV that is not like most every other book. I will wait for the kindle release I preordered to finish it as I can adjust the screen better in that format. I am sure I won't be disappointed. And I ty [...]

    22. I enjoyed this book. It was a quick read. Greasy storyline, but I would have liked a bit more character development. Loved the ending, but I felt like it was a bit unbelievable. Things came to a resolution a bit too perfectly to be believable.

    23. I received an ARC in exchange for a honest review. I loved this book. I can't believe it's her debut novel! Such great writing - some of her descriptions took my breath away.The story is super sweet. The main characters both have baggage and need to get rid of that baggage before they can be together. I really loved their journey and was not disappointed! Highly recommend! I will read more from this author!

    24. ** I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review **Wowe fact that this is a DEBUT novel by a new indie author just blows my mind!! I would have never guessed that in a million years! I was sucked into this story immediately, and once I started reading, it was driving me crazy every time I had to stop for real world things! The way the author created the characters, the settings, the chemistry, the humor, and all the intricate details in between was amazing!! I laughed, teared up several t [...]

    25. I'm afraid this book didn't hit the mark for me and I really, really wanted to love it. The title and cover are awesome and I've loved the hype about it for weeks now on instagram, but for a romance it just didn't feel very romantic at all. The hero was so beta passive he actively saw the heroine with the other guy she was sleeping ( midway through the book ) and did nothing about it even as the reader knew he was in love with her. That's not what I want in my heroes. I'm used to the alpha bossy [...]

    26. Holly Freakin Hughes was sweet and kinda fun read. The story had it’s moments of ups and downs. It was a little hard for me connect to the main character Holly, as she is a bit of a mess. She dates a guy all for the wrong reasons and that was not fun to read. I was a bit stuck on Brandon, because he is the reason why I even read this whole book at all. He was sweet, smart and all about being with only with the person he cares for. He never slept around, he not into anything that isn’t lastin [...]

    27. 3.5 freakin’ stars What a lovely read of getting over heartache. I actually had read some reviews and was worried this wouldn’t be my cup of tea (pun intended), but I’m glad i didn’t listen and had the opportunity to read. I felt myself most connecting to Holly’s job only because I’m a stay at home mom. It was a lovely reminder that raising a child is an important role in the community and all too often we set our standards wrongly. That perhaps we don’t give ourselves enough credi [...]

    28. What a truly lovely debut! I can't wait to read more by Kelsey Kingsley. Holly Freakin' Hughes and Brandon Freakin' Davis made me laugh and hurt for them both. Were there predictable moments? Sure, but it was a love story that made you want to be a part of it. It was a story where I will remember the characters years from now. And for someone who loves good lines, like me, the book was a trove of them. Here are some that I tagged. 1)"I wasn't in fact stupid. Just a woman in love with a man she k [...]

    29. Holly Freakin' Hughes is freakin' perfect!! Brand new author for me and I absolutely loved the writing! The story flowed, the characters were relatable and the situations were real. Holly is ready for her boyfriend of 5 years to propose- except he ends it because he's gay. So Holly moves out, ends up living with her sister, watching her niece and becoming friends with the crazy funny elderly lady next door. Holly Freakin' Hughes (as she refers to herself) feels like a big old loser for being a b [...]

    30. Y'all! This book was really good! There were so many moments while reading where I wanted to jump in and tell the characters "JUST GET TOGETHER ALREADY. YOU BOTH ARE WONDERFUL!" I felt so many emotions and laughed out loud. There were moments where I felt like some lines/words were repetitive but it didn't take away from the story and the need to find out if they were actually going to settle their differences and be together. Such a wonderful read! I can't wait for the second book Kelsey Kingsl [...]

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