Strange Attractors

Strange Attractors

Jeffrey A. Carver / Feb 27, 2020

Strange Attractors John Bandicut awakens dazed on the bank of a strange river With Cap Nappy Ik and Li Jared humanoid aliens he is stranded far across the galaxy inside a vast shipworld that contains countless jo

  • Title: Strange Attractors
  • Author: Jeffrey A. Carver
  • ISBN: 9780812535167
  • Page: 440
  • Format: Paperback
  • John Bandicut awakens, dazed, on the bank of a strange river With Cap, Nappy, Ik, and Li Jared, humanoid aliens, he is stranded far across the galaxy inside a vast shipworld that contains countless joined alien biospheres But the boojum entity corrupts and threatens the entire structure.

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    1. Clever, not wise. Supposed to be fun, but since I'm not a big fan of adventure, I want more to be able to enjoy the read fully. More actual character development, more cohesion, more plausibility, something. Two of the series is enough.

    2. The first of this series did a cool thing by having alien contact take place in a nearly familiar setting of Triton. In this one, the setting is out of the Milky Way and aliens abound. Not only is the intergalactic hard to conceive, the interconnected synthetic system invented for the current episode (or in the story, created by whom?) is also hard to picture, except in its individual pieces. I felt the story took a while to get past frantic, and I didn't think it ever got to 'aha' - yes there w [...]

    3. These books are a little obnoxious in the sense that their author's started goal was to write a shorter, less complex novel, but instead wrote four (maybe more?) shorter novels in serial fashion. As best I can tell, this is really a 1,000 page novel in disguise.To call them hard sci-fi is a stretch. "Space opera" is more appropriate. They read more like a Star Wars novelization than, say, an Arthur C. Clarke novel, and for all of their exploration of alien worlds, they're not dissimilar from fan [...]

    4. I persevered on this set of novels that move from novel ideas to childish trivia. The personality of the hero also moves from frokin moke to other inane statements to self sacrifice. A band of now 4 save a continent on a starship from evil. I'll finish the series, just.

    5. This is one of my favorite sci-fi reads of the year. A new author for me! Alien machine intelligence; a likeable main character, John Bandicut who is the man enlisted to save earth, and a friendly alien named Quarx, a being that inhabits his thoughts. They travel across the many miles, from Neptune to Earth, powered by marble type energy balls given to John, back on the space station where they hijack a space ship, that wasn't meant for that kind of travel! Humor, adventure, and not a lot of gar [...]

    6. John Bandicut is on a grand adventure. After being pressed into service to save the Earth by the mysterious Translator in Neptune Crossing, he's been hurdled out of the galaxy to an immense ship-world where he faces a threat as great as a killer asteroid but with an intelligence behind it. Along with the alien consciousness that lives in his head, Bandicut and his company of new friends risk it all to save the strange world where they've been stranded.Carver has a knack for writing extended acti [...]

    7. This book leaves off where Book 1 ends. John has just landed on Ship World, with Cap and Nappy, and he immediately meets up with Ik, another humanoid type being. Ik is following Li-Jared, another humanoid being, hoping to catch up with him. Along the way, they discover that Ship World is being threatened by a being called the boojum and that it is up to them to save the ship. I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars on Shelfari and . This book was full of rich details of the ship and its worlds. I felt [...]

    8. Awful storyline, atrocious writing, boring characters, OK action scenes ruined by items sufficiently advanced.Slightly reminds me of Philip Farmer's Dungeon series - same endless repetition of boring and useless facts, same action that doesn't really lead anywhere, same sense of the editor being either asleep at the wheel or nonexistent.It's just tedious to read, gave up about halfway through.

    9. Good continuation of Neptune Crossing. It introduces a new "world" that leaves alot of options for plots for more sequels. It's a good book but nothing spectacular. It was interesting enough to keep me entertained while traveling

    10. Another great book. A space adventure without all the usual war and politics. fast paced and hilarious. Recommended for anyone who liked 'Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy' by Douglas Adams or 'The four lords of the diamond series' by Jack l. Chalker.

    11. Much better than the first book, a complete story. Interesting aliens, and locations. Got a little bit repetitive in parts but mostly a very good read. I look forward to reading the third book.

    12. The first book was okay. The second book is too weird for me. Sorry. Apparently others like it, is just wasn't for me.

    13. Great book, even better than the previous one (Neptune Crossing).It reminds me of "Rendez-vous with Rama" by A.C. Clarke, in a modern and more breath-taking wayA must read for sci-fi lovers.

    14. A good read. I'm looking forward to continuing the series. This series is available free for my Kobo. I will donate something but it is a wonderful way to encourage reading of older series.

    15. I did not enjoy this one nearly as much as the first. It seemed the author tried to hear to capture a sense of the strange a weird. Reminded me of books such as the dungeon series and Dying Earth.

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