Secret Lessons with the Rake

Secret Lessons with the Rake

Julia Justiss / Jan 28, 2020

Secret Lessons with the Rake Pursuing a role in Parliament Christopher Lattimar needs a virtuous marriage to make society overlook his roguish past When beautiful and disarming Ellie Parmenter offers to reform and refine him he

  • Title: Secret Lessons with the Rake
  • Author: Julia Justiss
  • ISBN: 9780373629701
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • Pursuing a role in Parliament, Christopher Lattimar needs a virtuous marriage to make society overlook his roguish past When beautiful and disarming Ellie Parmenter offers to reform and refine him, he s too tempted to say no Once a courtesan, Ellie knows a thing or two about polishing a diamond in the rough She has no designs on Christopher or any man in search of a wifPursuing a role in Parliament, Christopher Lattimar needs a virtuous marriage to make society overlook his roguish past When beautiful and disarming Ellie Parmenter offers to reform and refine him, he s too tempted to say no Once a courtesan, Ellie knows a thing or two about polishing a diamond in the rough She has no designs on Christopher or any man in search of a wife but their best laid plans begin to tumble once lessons in respectability turn to seduction

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      • Julia Justiss

        Julia Justiss grew up breathing the scent of sea air near the colonial town of Annapolis, Maryland, a fact responsible for two of her life long passions sailors and history By age twelve she was a junior tour guide for Historic Annapolis, conducting visitors on walking tours through the city that was a hotbed of revolutionary fervor Annapolis hosted its own tea party, dispensing with the cargo aboard the Peggy Stewart, and was briefly capital of the United States She also took tourists through Annapolis s other big attraction, the United States Naval Academy After so many years of observing future naval officers at P rade and chapel, it seemed almost inevitable that she eventually married one.But long before embarking on romantic adventures of her own, she read about them, transporting herself to such favorite venues as ancient Egypt, World War II submarine patrols, the Old South and, of course, Regency England Soon she was keeping notebooks for jotting down story ideas From plotting adventures for her first favorite heroine Nancy Drew she went on to write poetry in high school and college, then worked as a business journalist doing speeches, sales promotion material and newsletter articles After her marriage to a naval lieutenant took her overseas, she wrote the newsletter for the American Embassy in Tunis, Tunisia and traveled extensively throughout Europe Before leaving Tunis, she fulfilled her first goal completing a Regency novel.Children intervened, and not until her husband left the Navy to return to his Texas homeland did she sit down to pen a second novel The reply to her fan mail letter to a Regency author led her to Romance Writers of America From the very first meeting, she knew she d found a home among fellow writers doubtless the largest group of people outside a mental institution who talk back to the voices in their heads.Her second goal was achieved the day before her birthday in May, 1998 when Margaret Marbury of Harlequin Historicals offered to buy that second book, the Golden Heart Award winning novel that became THE WEDDING GAMBLE Since then, she has gone on to write fourteen novels, three novellas and an on line serial, along the way winning or finalling for historical awards from The Golden Quill, the National Reader s Choice, Romantic Times, and All About Romance s Favorite Book of the Year Julia now inhabits an English Georgian style house she and her husband built in the East Texas countryside where, if she closes her eyes and ignores the summer thermometer, she can almost imagine she inhabits the landscape of Pride and Prejudice In between travelling to visit her three children a naval officer son stationed in Washington, DC, a textiles and design major daughter who cheers for University of Texas at Austin, and a mechanical engineering major son also at UT Austin keeping up with her science teacher husband and juggling a part time day job as a high school French teacher, she pursues her first and dearest love crafting stories.To relax, she enjoys watching movies, reading historical fiction, mystery, suspense and puttering about in the garden trying to kill off weeds than flowers.


    1. Secret Lessons with the Rake by Julia Justiss is a 2017 Harlequin Historical publication. I have really enjoyed this series!!Christopher is hoping to secure a position in parliament, which has him thinking it might be time to settle down and get married. However, he has little experience in courting virtuous virgins. Enter Ellie Parmenter, a woman who once moved within polite society until a fall from grace left her ruined. Ellie has started a school for women to help them escape the courtesan l [...]

    2. I've given this a B at AAR.One of the things I have particularly enjoyed about the books in the Hadley’s Hellions series is the way the author has woven some of the political issues of the day throughout the principal love stories in each of the books. The four Hellions are gentlemen who met at Oxford and have continued their friendship beyond and into Parliament, where they are all vigorous proponents of social reform. In Secret Lessons with the Rake, they are celebrating a victory that will [...]

    3. One of the things I loved most about this book is that you didn't need to read the first three books in the series to be completely enthralled. It is a wonderfully written love story that leaves the reader begging for more. I hope that each book in this series does that same. Bravo.

    4. SECRET LESSONS WITH THE RAKE by Julia Justiss is the fourth and final instalment of the Hadley's Hellions series and it completely blew me away. Christopher Lattimar is a rake and he knows it. Brought up by his beloved mother who herself has taunted the rules of the ton, Christopher has never felt the need to shackle himself in marriage to a whimpering young miss. But now that his closest friends have found love in matrimony, he cannot help but feel a little lonely, and the fact that a properly [...]

    5. The fourth book in the Hadley Hellions Series is wonderful. We finally have all the Hellions with their HAE. Christopher Lattimar is the Rake of the group. He enjoys the ladies and they enjoy him.He is now the only Hellion not married and feeling a little left out. He knows that if he decides to get married it will have to be a lady who has a sterling reputation and will be able to become adept at hosting political dinners and hold her own in intellectual conversations.Ellie Parmenter is a lady [...]

    6. The plot was unique but there was too much filler describing the characters insecurities doubts, and indeciveness about themselves and their plutonic relationship.This made it boring and repetitive. Since the heroine was forced to be a courtesan to an old lecher by her father, you would expect her to be bitter and cynical. But she was portrayed as sweet, giving, and charitable. The hero was a rake? No, he was compassionate and altruistic and sweet to his mother. Quite frankly, his past dalliance [...]

    7. This is the 4th book in a series for Mills and Boon Historical, called Hadley Hellions.This is the first book that I have read by Julia Justiss and yes I have read the last book first but that didn't bother me, because I felt you got know the other characters without having to read the previous books.Oh my word how I loved this book, and I will deify anyone that doesn't like Christopher yes he is a rake but he's a lovable one and is very loyal to his close friends, but now that he is a member of [...]

    8. A very heart-warming love story. I liked that the romance started on solid ground and continued to a satisfying conclusion with no artificial roadblocks. The attraction between Ellie and Christopher was deep and obvious to all around them. So what was holding them back? Christopher was a rising star in politics and Ellie had been a courtesan (not by choice). How to overcome this disparity forms the basis of the conflict in the book. I really enjoyed the genuineness of the relationship. Christoph [...]

    9. Secret Lessons With The Rake (Hadley's Hellions) by Julia Justiss  What happens when a reformed siren sets her sights on refining the town rogue? Seduction. Looking to change his image Chris seeks a respectable woman to marry. What he gets is a temptress in hiding when he sets his sights on Ellie. Past choices forced Ellie to change her ways and become a creature of habit. Will Chris give her the push she needs to bring her out of her shell? Julia Justiss finds fun ways to teach deep lessons. S [...]

    10. THE BEST OF THE SERIES Christopher Lattimer is one of the four Hadley Hellions. They have been friends since their school days. Now they are a team of members of Parliament working on a Reform Act which will allow many more men to vote in elections. Christopher is the last single member of the Hellions and has never married. He has recently made a promise to himself that he will look for a wife. Because of his less than stellar reputation, everyone he knows laughs at the thought of this man who [...]

    11. Secret Lessons With The Rake by Julia Justiss is a splendid, entertaining story. A part of the Hellions series Enjoyed how this story unfolded for the reader with each chapter. It shows the deep love and friendship the Hadley's Hellions have for each other. One can over come the prejudices of society. Must read. This is my opinion freely given. Thanks

    12. Received 4 1/2 stars @ harlequin (as of 10/26/17). To view reviews, go HERE> harlequin/shop/books/Miniseries: Hadley's Hellions

    13. As reviewed at Roses Are Blue: wp/p3QRh4-CuTess Wanstead was raised to be a lady, but at age sixteen, her father literally sold her to an older man, Summerville, to pay off his debts. She was removed to town, and set up in a house, where she became his mistress for almost a decade. In order not to bring shame to her family, she became "Ellie Parmenter," and Tess no longer existed. During this bleak time in her life, one of the few bright spots was her friendship with Lady Vraux, and her son, Chr [...]

    14. Christopher Lattimar, a Member of Parliament, is celebrating a political victory with his three friends from the Hellions. A few days later, Christopher goes see his mother, and tells her it’s time he should get married, she scoffs at the ridiculous notion. Lady Vraux has never been too keen on the institution of marriage, seeing how it went for her; Lady Vraux has had lovers for years. And the beautiful Ellie Parmenter is there, Ellie’s protector passed away recently, and if she told Christ [...]

    15. A delightful blend of love story and history, "Secret Lessons with the Rake" is an exceptional Regency Romance from the very talented Julia Justiss. Determined to redeem his reputation to that of a Parliament-worthy gentleman, Christopher Lattimar must smooth his rough edges and polish his image in order to find a suitable bride. The problem is, the woman he most desires is Ellie Parmenter, a longtime acquaintance who was once a courtesan. Ellie is the most lovely and charming woman Christopher [...]

    16. When he sees the rest of the Hellion's happily settled, Christopher Lattimer decides that he wants to marry but only a virtuous woman. Can this notorious rake find a bride who will complete his life? Ellie Parmenter was born a lady until she was sold by her father to a dissolute Lord and was forced to become his courtesan. Now she's a social outcast. I hated to see this caring, intelligent woman suffer for the greed of her father. I understand the thinking behind the double standard but it made [...]

    17. I have so enjoyed this series and I am bereft it is over! Each of the books in the series is a jewel for its own reasons and Secret Lessons with the Rake is no exception. I never knew lessons in propriety could be so sexy! What I love most about this book is the journey of both characters from a place of feeling not good enough to feeling good enough and strong enough to grab at a happiness they know will present obstacles, but is so very worth it. Ellie is working so hard to make the lives of o [...]

    18. I loved this series. I loved all of Julia's books! They just crawl into your heart. This one goes deeper. I am waiting for the next book. Ellie is breathing free. She had a prison from 16 until her old man died. Major Spoiler! Now she has seen Christopher who wants her to teach lessons to become a real man not the Rake he has been. Here you learn about your Goods and the no-nos. Christopher meets an orphan trying to take his bun. He wants to put him away but Ellie knows the kid is a girl and wan [...]

    19. The last book in the Hadley's Hellions series. Another engaging read by Ms Justiss. I loved Ellie and how strong she was (and cried for the injustices done to her). Christopher is a charming rake and loves women but we all know he only needs the love of a good woman to reform him, right? The only trouble is that Virtuous Virgins bore him and a lifetime spent with the demi-monde hasn't equipped him for Polite Society. Now that Ellie's protector is dead he can't keep away from her but when she rev [...]

    20. This is the final book in the Hadley's Hellions series. It brings the group's political activities to a conclusion. They finally passed the Reform bill that granted voting rights to all adult men, not just landowners. This particular volume also tracks the courtship and marriage of the last single member of the quartet. He thinks he needs a gently born girl as a wife to continue and advance his career in Parliament. As with the other members of his political group, he finds that a woman of a mor [...]

    21. Secret Lessons with the Rake is the 4th and final in the series of Hadley's Hellions. This can be read as a stand alone. The story is filled with intrigue, love and amazing characters who show that you can rise above the injustices in life. Christopher Lattimar is a charming rogue who has a reputation with the demimonde but has decided to marry to improve his political career and also because all of his friends are now joyously married. Ellie Parmenter is a former courtesan who now runs a school [...]

    22. Great to finally read a romance that isn't all clichés ,tired plotlines and all about the bedroom romps. ( does have steamy ones thoughggles )You know all flash ,no substance .Which I don't mind in small doses but they get boringly redundant.Instead this book contains interesting characters who think ahead of their time period ,yet remain believable and many are likeable. Despite her socially unacceptable status ,I would still befriend Ellie the former courtesan. Her story takes a very sad twis [...]

    23. A disappointing and somewhat bland ending to an otherwise enjoyable series of Hadley's Hellion. While Ellie's experience was nothing less than a betrayal by those she loved and trusted, it stretched the realm of believability for a family of good society. And did Christopher really need those secret lessons? Their arrangement was more a sham so they could hang out under the guise of instructing him to become more respectable to virginal bride prospects. I just didn't buy it. HOWEVER Justiss did [...]

    24. Ms. Justiss has written a awesome book. Christopher a member of the Hadley Hellions & Parliament has decided that his rake days are over & he needs to marry like his fellow Helions. However, he has a lot of work to do to reform himself before he can marry a proper lady. Ellie Parmenter, who Christopher has admired is now free from her protector & has agreed to help him. Ellie, is a sad complex person that has lived with an injustice for which she was subjected. She has as many proble [...]

    25. I absolutely loved this story! Secret Lessons with the Rake is the final book in Julia Justiss' Hadley's Hellions series and these rakish heroes are going to be missed. Christopher Lattimar is pursuing a major role in Parliament, but his past is something that society can't soon forget so finding a wife is his first order of business.Ellie Parmenter who was once a courtesan has decided to help Christopher out by giving him lessons in order to polish and refine him, but it soon becomes apparent t [...]

    26. I am sorry to see the conclusion of the Hellions. This has been a great series. I especially liked Christopher and Ellie's story. It is really hard to imagine living under the circumstances she did and what she had to face and come out with a smile on her face. Julia Justiss knows how to get across emotions and feelings and tell a great story. I especially liked the school that Ellie started. Artiss was such a great story line. I can see her getting a book of her own in a few years. I would high [...]

    27. Great story! As the last single member of the Hadley Hellions Christopher Lattimer feels a little left out. His friends all have things in common with each other and can relate to married life. He's prompted to look for a wife, he needs a little reforming and refinement, after all his reputation as a rake precedes him. And the perfect woman to tutor him is the woman he's secretly admired his mothers friend Ellie Parmenter. A mistress to an older man for many years Ellie is finally free to pursue [...]

    28. I did not want to put this story down. Ellie and Christopher took a chance on their friendship to help each other out despite their different circumstances. It was a fast paced read that kept my attention, and I enjoyed meeting the other characters from the previous Hadley's Hellions. I received a copy of this story as a gift, and this is my unsolicited review.

    29. I read this book as standalone. It is #4 in the Hellions series. This in no way detracted from the story or the depth of the characters. You were still able to see the deep friendship and love between the hellions. The love that develops between the main characters is sweet and poignant. The author does an excellent job of Lee the reader invested in seeing the outcome of the story.

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