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Pawns Seven hundred years in the future Earth has been invaded by the Jegg a powerful alien race Half of the Terran Confederation has been wiped out In a hidden base under the Sahara desert a team of sci

  • Title: Pawns
  • Author: Patrick Hodges
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Seven hundred years in the future, Earth has been invaded by the Jegg, a powerful alien race Half of the Terran Confederation has been wiped out.In a hidden base under the Sahara desert, a team of scientists is working to mount a resistance against the invaders Their plan is to fit an Earth ship with Jegg folding space technology and travel to the other side of the galaxSeven hundred years in the future, Earth has been invaded by the Jegg, a powerful alien race Half of the Terran Confederation has been wiped out.In a hidden base under the Sahara desert, a team of scientists is working to mount a resistance against the invaders Their plan is to fit an Earth ship with Jegg folding space technology and travel to the other side of the galaxy, where a mysterious energy source is believed to exist an energy source that could help them defeat the Jegg.But just before departure, catastrophe strikes Only two of the crew survive and make it their destination the team leader s wife Maeve, and her teenage son Davin What they find on the distant planet will forever change both the future of their family and their planet, as they enter a race against time and against seemingly impossible odds.

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        I guess I am the classic late bloomer I had to sit in the front row of the class picture every year in elementary school I didn t reach my present, permanent height until the year I got my driver s license It took me a long time to grow up mentally, too I was probably the least goal oriented person you could ever meet.I always enjoyed reading books, though I was convinced that I was not, and never would be, creative enough to come up with an original idea or story without cobbling it together from things I d already seen.And so, in my mid forties, imagine my surprise when a story was born inside my head, and nine months later had grown so large that I couldn t hold it in any I m sure many writers tell similar origin stories, but I sure wouldn t wish a three decade gap between high school Creative Writing class and, you know, writing something actually creative.Better a late bloomer than a never bloomer, I guess.What else Oh, yeah, I live in Arizona with my amazing wife Vaneza, and our kids, June, Benji, and Sunshine two are dogs and one is a cat, I ll let you figure out which is which.


    1. Let's just start by saying, wowza. Such an incredibly complex and intriguing story. The story:There's so much to tell here. It's a story that has an incredible amount of moving parts. There's Maeve and Davin who have escaped tragedy and found themselves stranded on this new planet that is quite a bit more primitive than the one they've come from. There's the society consisting of all women who live in secret. There is the evil dude and his sister who are bent on ruling everything. And at the cen [...]

    2. Maeve and her son Davin find themselves stuck on a primitive planet that holds secrets they'll soon uncover. In PAWNS, Patrick Hodges weaves an excellent tale that's full of action and adventure. I loved how the chapters switched POVs in PAWNS. It gives insight to what's really going on with the residents of this planet and there's so many characters for you to fall in love with. It begins with Maeve who lost her husband in the attack from the Jeggs, but she won't stop this mission until it's co [...]

    3. An incredible adventure that weaves together several storylines, Wielders of Arantha is one of the best books I’ve read this year! Filled with action, suspense, and romance, mixing primitive societies with future beings, seamlessly blending exciting and suspenseful narratives, Patrick Hodges creates a tremendous world with complex and diverse characters that will pull you in immediately.When Maeve and Davin arrive on a new planet to search for an energy source, they never anticipate uprooting [...]

    4. I received this book in exchange for an honest review, and I'm very glad I did! This is my first introduction to Sci-Fan and have to say I enjoyed it quite a lot. The blending of magic and technology brings together the two things I love about speculative fiction. I found this to be a very enjoyable novel, with a solid storyline that kept me reading without losing my interest. There were no parts where the story lagged or got bogged down by unnecessary exposition. Though it took a while to get i [...]

    5. This book is an imaginative, fascinating story set in a well-thought-out world and with fully fleshed out characters. It is told from quite a few points of view, which is great for getting into the characters' heads and understanding them on a deeper level. Somehow the author manages to keep the story coherent, easy to follow, and moving forward while switching POVs with virtually every chapter. Major props for that! There is a lot going on, but the storylines intermingle with lots of great twis [...]

    6. It's like Star Wars meets Avatar in this intergalactic adventure! The author introduces us to a whole new world told in multiple view points with exciting worlds and complex plot twists. What I loved about this book was the strong female characters - Maeve, the entire society of women, and even the evil wielder were all kickass women. This was a great start to this new Sci-Fi series and I'm really interested to see where the author goes from here!

    7. WHAT DID I JUST READ?? So freaking good! One of the best Sci-Fi books I've read in a very long time. I'm in love with the strong, independent female characters, the worlds, the magic, the complex plotl of it is top notch. VIVID imagery. Wildly imaginative. Smart. Humorous moments as well as gut wrenching and emotional. Very tense at times! This story will be under my skin for a long time. love love love can't wait for the next one!

    8. I don’t usually read a lot of sci-fi books, but I’m so glad I read this one. It held my interest from the beginning, as Mr. Hodge’s writing has a way of pulling you in, painting a vivid picture of the world created. And what a world it is. Full of elemental magic, intriguing characters who you’ll love and hate, and told from multiple points of view there’s so much to keep you invested and wondering what’s going to happen next when all the different aspects of the story inevitably com [...]

    9. I'm familiar with Hodges contemporary MG work so I was thrilled to check out his latest YA sci-fi, fantasy offering. Could the author pull off this switch?The answer is unequivocally yes. In fact, he nails it.Told in rotating POVs, Pawns is the first tightly-woven story in a series about Maeve and son Davin who travel to another planet where a female only society exists (and thrives) in an attempt to save their own world. Kelia her daughter Nyla are two of my favorite "aliens" and what I like ab [...]

    10. Wielders of Arantha is a series that I plan to follow very closely. Book #1, Pawns, is one of the best books I've read in the past few years. It was an engaging and exciting read, and I enjoyed it immensely. The author knows how to pull the reader in with truly wonderful characters that come alive and grab your attention. This is the author's strongest achievement, characters that I, as a reader, actually cared about.The action is done extremely well. Not too much, not too little. It is intermix [...]

    11. Bring on Book 2I am heavily into the story and characters of the book. I can't wait to get book 2. I found the characters engaging and the story exciting.

    12. Wielders is a book of many voices. Plenty of authors lately have picked up the style of writing through multiple pov's, (most likely inspired by GOT) but few can achieve the proper balance and intrigue to keep the reader involved chapter to chapter. Patrick Hodges does a marvelous job in keeping my attention.Fantastic worlds, magical abilities, personal struggle and a scope that is greater than just one small world. Wielders has it all. I love the authors ability to get me to connect to the char [...]

    13. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves either traditional high fantasy or sci-fi. the world building is beautiful and the text is exceptionally well written. The characters are well developed and stand out while drawing the reader in. The characters and the world were the best part of this book, which says a lot. It was clearly well thought out and planned. There was nothing about the rules of magic or science in this universe that confused me. It all fit together well and in fact, I en [...]

    14. Pawns - Book 1 of The Wielders of Arantha saga has, at its heart, the same kinds of studies of growing up and learning to adapt, but packages it in a sci-fi realm where magic and technology are suddenly thrust together. So, now my opening paragraph makes sense.Pawns is a unique mixture of sci-fi and fantasy, set on a faraway planet where the rules are different from what our intrepid Earthlings expect. It's a tightly woven story told from multiple points of view and, while it's the first in a se [...]

    15. I’ll say it straightaway, I’m a Star Trek fan and I rate everything else Sci-Fi by those criteria; however, this is not a negative. It’s a high standard to live up to and Patrick Hodges does just that with this first installment of the Wielders of Arantha series. Not only was the pace well driven, giving you time to get to know the extremely well developed characters and care about what happens to them; it compelled you to keep reading. So hard to put down, this book will stay in your thou [...]

    16. On the surface, book one of the Wielders of Arantha series is an immense, scifan, space opera, but at its heart, it’s a story about family. Told through multiple POVs, the story follows 3 families on a crash course with each other. The characters are real, the world is vivid, and the prose is solid. I found myself comparing Pawns to Timothy Zahn’s Heir to the Empire, but of course, with a magical, fantasy twist. Patrick Hodges has proven yet again that he knows how to weave a compelling tale [...]

    17. I was amazed by the story right from the start, pulled into the action, and characters with depth and purpose. It’s rare to find a story so complex and intertwined without it also being confusing or long windedPawns was never that. I found myself having to read “just one more chapter” so I could find out what happened next. This is a world so well developed and thought out that each and every small detail connects to something bigger and I never saw the twists and turns the story took. I c [...]

    18. I have read Patrick's James Madison books and since this was a bit different, I wasn't sure how I would like it to be honest. It was so different from his other books. But I loved it. The fact that he could change from real life fiction about bullying in the James Madison books and change completely to a fantasy genre was incredible. The story is told very well and I look forward to reading more in the series.

    19. This first in the Wielders of Arantha series is a wonderful mix of science fiction and fantasy. It is an intriguing tale that pulled me right into the world of Elystra. I found characters to care about, which is important to me. The ending left me wanting more. Patrick Hodges weaves a wonderful story. I look forward to reading the next book in the series.

    20. You start this book wondering how hard science fiction, tribal religion, magic, and armies and castles could possibly be woven together. By the end you know. There are some interesting developments toward the end that will lend themselves to an action-packed sequel.

    21. Fantasy tripeNo idea how something like this ended up in science fiction because it has no science to it. No thanks

    22. I forgot to review this book has I read through it so fast! But seriously it is worth the read. The characters fight for freedom, but are troubled by the here and now, not the future. The annoying point of view changing from the main characters was annoying at first, but I could feel that a plot and something bigger was being wove. So I fought on, and was not disappointed. Careful though the cliff is steep.

    23. Two distinct worlds exist in this wonderful sci-fi/fantasy novel, both developed so well it was hard for me to leave one to see what was happening in the other! Kelia and Maeve, each in their own respective worlds, are strong, intelligent, intuitive women who tell an incredible story to readers. Although each of these two female main characters could carry their own book-length story, the fact that this talented author has woven them together into an epic Star Wars-like tale is nothing short of [...]

    24. Some books are fast-paced romps; some are even-paced, methodical grippers; and some are just boring. While Pawns, book 1 of Patrick Hodges’ Wielders of Arantha series is not a rollercoaster-ride of a tale, it’s anything but boring. I suppose, to put it into words, it’s a slow burn that builds to a comfortable, engaging pace. I had a couple minor bones, but they were so minor they barely matter.For Hodges’ first foray into science fantasy, I think he’s done a pretty damn good job. I ver [...]

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