The Lost Words

The Lost Words

Robert Macfarlane Jackie Morris / Sep 19, 2019

The Lost Words From Acorn to Weasel a gorgeous hand illustrated large format spellbook celebrating the magic and wonder of the natural worldAll over the country there are words disappearing from children s lives

  • Title: The Lost Words
  • Author: Robert Macfarlane Jackie Morris
  • ISBN: 9780241253588
  • Page: 341
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From Acorn to Weasel a gorgeous, hand illustrated, large format spellbook celebrating the magic and wonder of the natural worldAll over the country, there are words disappearing from children s lives Words like Dandelion, Otter, Bramble, Acorn and Lark represent the natural world of childhood, a rich landscape of discovery and imagination that is fading from children s mFrom Acorn to Weasel a gorgeous, hand illustrated, large format spellbook celebrating the magic and wonder of the natural worldAll over the country, there are words disappearing from children s lives Words like Dandelion, Otter, Bramble, Acorn and Lark represent the natural world of childhood, a rich landscape of discovery and imagination that is fading from children s minds.The Lost Words stands against the disappearance of wild childhood It is a joyful celebration of the poetry of nature words and the living glory of our distinctive, British countryside With acrostic spell poems by peerless wordsmith Robert Macfarlane and hand painted illustrations by Jackie Morris, this enchanting book captures the irreplaceable magic of language and nature for all ages.

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      341 Robert Macfarlane Jackie Morris
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      • Robert Macfarlane Jackie Morris

        Robert Macfarlane is a British travel writer and literary critic Educated at Nottingham High School, Pembroke College, Cambridge and Magdalen College, Oxford, he is currently a Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cambridge, and teaches in the Faculty of English at Cambridge.


    1. I have a tradition each year to try and find a book I can read in a day that will be some kind of foretelling of the reading year to come. I almost didn’t this year. Then I picked up The Lost Words, a spell book in case there’s ever a time people can’t remember nature, and I’m so so glad I did as I was bowled over by this. Stunning art, poems and intention. Quirky. Different. Just how I want my reading in 2018. Perfect.

    2. Gone are the days when children’s alphabets would begin with A is for Acorn, B is for butterfly and C is for caterpillar. Now days it is likely to be A is for Acer, B is for Blackberry and C is for Cisco. Back in 2015, The Oxford University Press dropped around 50 words that were drawn from the natural world from the latest edition of its Junior dictionary; they argued that it was less relevant as children were spending less time outside and were glued to the screen of a tablet or phone. The a [...]

    3. Wow. Absolutely stunning, both words and illustrations. Deserves more than 5 stars.It is a shame that these words that were part of my countryside childhood have become lost to the children of today. It is quite scary.This work of art is sublime. The empty spaces speak volumes and truly complement the art work throughout.The spells are composed and sound magical when read aloud, as intended. Yes, I did verbalise them.This is a book I shall return to again and again.

    4. 5* for the illustrations4* for the poetryThis ENORMOUS book is really quite beautiful. The "lost words" of the title are words children used to know - like acorn, bramble, magpie, wren - and these words are the subject of charming acrostic poems coupled with some of the most stunning artwork I have ever seen in a children's book. A lovely book, to be enjoyed by adults and children alike. Just take a big bag to carry it home in :-)

    5. I wasn't sure what to expect with this book, it arrived this morning and I was quite surprised at the sheer size of it. It is around A3 in size but after reading it the beauty of it couldn't be shown in anything smaller in my opinion. It's not a book heavy in words, but Robert Macfarlane's Acrostic Poetry is divine and Jackie Morris' Artwork in the book is beyond words.The message of the book is clear , children are losing the "wild streak" and nature and it's beauty are being forgotten. My chil [...]

    6. I am still astounded by the size of this beautiful book!The first thing I did was inhale the pages, the ink, the paper. 🤓❤️📖This is the kind of tome I hope to see when I travel in my dreams and can see the books I am reading. 🌜The artistry and craft is heart-achingly lovely and wonderfully rich, nourishing my love of words and nature and painting. Inspired. 😍

    7. It kā jau buramvārdi, bet vairāk gan dzejvārdi par daudziem ļoti svarīgiem, bet bieži vien nepamanāmiem dzīvas dabas iemītniekiem. Bezgala skaistas ilustrācijas, un lielais formāts visam piešķir dubultu brīnišķību.

    8. This is one of the most beautiful, breathtaking books I have ever had the pleasure to read and own. It is absolutely impossible not to pour over these pages, taking in every minute, perfectly captured detail of Jackie Morris' illustrations or to read over and over the accompanying acrostic poems. This truly is a spellbinding spell book. The choice of vocabulary is meticulous and precise. Reading them made my heart race and brought tears to my eyes, so moved was I by the beauty. Everyone must rea [...]

    9. This book is absolutely stunning! Jackie Morris' art work is so beautiful and Robert Macfarlane's spell poems really do sound so magical when read aloud! We feel like this is a particularly important book because we do need our children of today to grow up outside, exploring and enjoying nature, the last page does state that a proportion of the each books royalties are donated to 'Action for Conservation, a charity dedicated to inspiring young people to take action for the natural world' This bo [...]

    10. Highly recommend!!This book is simply stunning!! I have to admit I am in love with the beauty of this book.I was privileged to meet the illustrator Jackie Morris at an event held at my local Waterstones last night. It was lovely to hear the powerful story behind the book, how it came to be.As a book lover I am always keen to share books but with this one I find myself wanting to share it with everyone I meet. It’s beautifully written and illustrated. The pictures and spells (poems) work in per [...]

    11. A spellbinding piece of publishing which is a feast for both the ears and the eyes. A beautiful book which should be pored over, treasured and read aloud when ever the opportunity arises. Robert's words and Jackie's illustrations conjure up a natural world that we should all long to be part of, one filled with mystery, wonder and enchantment. It saddens me so that this world is one much unknown by the younger generations but perhaps this book can act as a gateway to entice them in. Pick up a cop [...]

    12. Read once, need to read about sixteen more times. As someone who reads poetry I do not generally have high hopes for the popular poetry books, which sometimes is the fast food version of poetry. And I don't generally like acrostics. But I like Macfarlane, and ADORE the illustrator, Jackie Morris -- and I take all my reservations back. JUST LOVELY and I need to get my own copy and read it over and over and over again.

    13. Gorgeous. I could easily leave it at just that one word. Everyone with eyes and ears, adult or child, should have a copy of this book. Robert Macfarlane has been on a mission for some time now to restore lost landscape and nature words to the English language, and compelled by the worrying fact that the Junior Oxford English Dictionary recently removed 50 rarely used nature words and replaced them with computer tech ones, Macfarlane has written this book aimed at children, to re-introduce those [...]

    14. In a slight deviation from my usual reviews, I've turned to The Lost Words - a book billed as containing spells of nature. From the moment I even heard about this book, I knew it was going to end up on my bookshelf. Once read, I was in no doubt it would be one to be reviewed on the site.The premise of the book is simple. Children are increasingly using technology in their daily lives and in the process shunning the natural world around them. As a result, their vocabulary is also changing. Words [...]

    15. Stunning, exquisite, sublime, both the poems and the art is delicious. Also a book with a serious message: 'Once upon a time, words began to vanish from the language of children. They disappeared so quietly that at first almost no one noticed -fading away like water on stone. The words were those that children used to name the natural world around them: acorn, adder, bluebell, bramble, conker - gone! Fern, heather, kingfisher, otter, raven, willow, wren all of them gone! The words were becoming [...]

    16. This book took my breath away almost from the minute I unpacked it from its box and lifted it out - it's a stunning, stunning object. As a large-format picture book it has size and heft which I remembered from the picture books of my own childhood. The paper and printing have been chosen with such wonderful care - the book is an object of art. And then I began to turn the pages and I fell even more deeply under its spell. Between the selection of 'lost words' - all nature-related words which wer [...]

    17. I received this book for Christmas, and although I had been eyeing it up for a while, I still was taken aback by how beautiful it is. The illustrations are gorgeous, I could spend hours just looking at the pictures. And the words - I love words, but this has made me fall in love all over again. Robert’s poetry is a joy to read and as a Year 1 teacher, I will definitely be sharing this book with my children and making sure these words are not forgotten in my class. Bonus feature - my class are [...]

    18. Equal parts beautiful and depressing, "The Lost Words" brings together a collection of words that are disappearing from the mouths of British children. Words like acorn, dandelion and otter, as kids no longer commune with nature, opting to commune with shiny screens instead.The book itself is stunning, combining beautiful poetry with stunning illustrations. For me, a kid who grew up surrounded by nature with TV a parent-enforced rationed commodity, I just found it really sad to think that these [...]

    19. Exquisite in every sense. It came along at a perfect time: my class exploring the natural world through The Animals of Farthing Wood. But for me, its life will go far beyond a book for school: I walked today in the woods and I noticed more than ever; the timeless allure of Jackie Morris's wondrous illustrations and Robert Macfarlane's magical words will be returned to often; and as my children grow up I hope they are as entranced and captivated as I am. Perfect.

    20. My sister was given this for Christmas and now I need to find it for my library. The illustrations are beautiful and the poetry is sensational. Macfarlane's love of words come through strongly. There are several poems that left me thinking and that I want to revisit.

    21. I’ve praised this rich and imaginative collaboration a lot: this nicktomjoeookesblogs/20 was my latest. Five stars.

    22. Gorgeousbreathtakinglyso.Artand words.Perfect match.They'll have youdancing poeticallythrough its pages andbeyond.Searchfindingrefindingthe lost wordsyou holdwithin.

    23. Such a beautiful book — both the writing and the accompanying illustrations. Marvelous nature-themed alliterative rhymes or “spell-poems” that beg to be read out loud. Lovely, lovely, lovely!

    24. This is such a beautiful book, honestly I didn't really care about the poems, but the illustrations were just breathtaking.

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