Obligations Incurred

Obligations Incurred

Blaise Corvin / Dec 07, 2019

Obligations Incurred Henry and Jason somehow survived being kidnapped to Ludus a monster filled sword and sorcery world They managed to make friends pay their rent and they even founded their own adventuring business

  • Title: Obligations Incurred
  • Author: Blaise Corvin
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Henry and Jason somehow survived being kidnapped to Ludus, a monster filled sword and sorcery world They managed to make friends, pay their rent, and they even founded their own adventuring business, Delvers LLC Unfortunately, by overcoming the odds and creating a reputation for themselves in such short time, monarchs and nobles have taken notice of the two men from EartHenry and Jason somehow survived being kidnapped to Ludus, a monster filled sword and sorcery world They managed to make friends, pay their rent, and they even founded their own adventuring business, Delvers LLC Unfortunately, by overcoming the odds and creating a reputation for themselves in such short time, monarchs and nobles have taken notice of the two men from Earth Foreign, deadly struggles may be unavoidable for Delvers LLC Henry and Jason are about to discover something even dangerous than murderous monsters on Ludus Politics.

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        Blaise Corvin served in the US Army in several roles He has seen the best and the worst that humanity has to offer He is a sucker for any hobby involving weapons, art, or improv.He currently lives in Texas, in a house full of enough geeky memorabilia to start a museum.He likes talking about himself in 3rd person and posting pictures of himself holding tarantulas Sometimes, he pretends he is not an idiot with a terrible sense of humor.It s all very eccentric.Blaise currently writes mostly in the GameLit genre and LitRPG subgenre, exciting new classifications of fiction where characters either play a game usually VR , or live in a world with game like elements Delvers LLC is GameLit, lightly LitRPG, mostly a Fantasy SciFi Adventure Secret of the Old Ones is hard LitRPG, complete with XP and leveling has Lovecraftian and steampunk elements because why not.


    1. The first book in this series was ok. But about halfway through the second book (this one), the author went full social-justice warrior, inserting a black gay drag queen into a fantasy world and spending the next dozen pages offering a lecture on prejudice and accepting people's differences. This is not why I read fantasy. Book, meet wall. Next!

    2. Allow me to preface my review by saying that I thoroughly enjoyed the first book in the series. It had great world building, nice character development, and decent plot. This fact, however, makes the heaping bowl of disappointment gruel that this book is all the more distasteful. There is literally no plot movement. They don’t get anywhere, don’t do anything, just fight a few assassins and a priestess. Whereas before they slaughtered a gang, made a deal with a god, joined a clan, assaulted a [...]

    3. Inclusion of trans character was horribly done and did not contribute to the story.Didn't appreciate the trans-lecture. And your trans character was a caricature. Science fiction has a grand history of challenging social norms almost without the readers realizing it. Until you can do that, maybe give the social justice warrior bullshit a rest.

    4. Obligations Incurred is a nice little entry into the Delvers LLC series with a few minor flaws which deserve to be talked about. Pretty much the same characterization, action, world-buildng, and general sense of fun from the first book continues onward. It's basically two college-aged men trapped in Azeroth along with their awesome elf (which is a racial slur it turns out) and human girlfriends. This time, much of the action is devoted to a mammoth battle scene which takes up a quarter of the bo [...]

    5. 3.5 Stars for Story & Narration by Jeff HaysMini-Review:Some interesting developments in the plot and characters. I'm curious to see how this will all wrap up in the next book. Though I highly doubt that everything will be resolved.

    6. Excellent sequel, loved the original characters, and love the banter between characters. At first I was instantly against Tasty ZaZa, but before the end of the book I was rooting for him. Very excited for book 3!

    7. “Obligations Incurred” is the second book in the Delvers LLC series. There are currently three books available on Audible; at the time of this review. Each of the books are written by Blaise Corvin and the audiobook editions are all masterfully narrated by Jeff Hays. This book is a continuation of the events from the first book and overall it felt like a young adult (YA) contemporary fantasy storyline with the addition of gods, demigods, and many of the mortals who serve them. If you can put [...]

    8. An improvement from the last book. I said i was not going to read it again in last review but I gave it a chance, glad I did. The last book ended like many other Litrpg end, with a revenge story, and revenge makes people stupid and predictable. However they do not go off on a mindless kill spree instead they grieve and the authorities are alerted. The mission in this book is not so clear but that's because the MC's don't really know much either. Someone is kidnapping kids, and making aggressive [...]

    9. Obligations Incurred is the second entry in Blaise Colvin’s Delver’s LLC series and I probably would have benefited from listening to or reading the first. After a brief catch up I was thrown into a world with RPG-esque rules and characteristics. The magic system was interesting and the book seemed promising.However, about a quarter of the way into the book it becomes REALLY preachy and SJW-y. I felt like I was being lectured at. From there on it was just OK. I completed the book mostly out [...]

    10. Pretty good continuation of the story, but this book suffers quite a bit from midquil-itis. That is to say, the story doesn't advance very much and it seems more like things are just getting set up for the next book. There are some new characters that show up, one of the most fun being Thirsty. Unfortunately, 'her' inclusion comes along with an excessively long moralizing section and intermittent preaching going forward. Corvin handles the preaching bits about as best as I've seen, but it's stil [...]

    11. Fewer grammatical errors than the first book, but still more than I'd expect for a published book. Nonetheless, while this book wasn't quite as interesting as the first one, it still advanced the storyline quite a lot. We lost some characters we came to know in the first book, but also were privy to some more in depth information about how the world works. It's proving to be a more complex world than it first appeared, but it's also turning to darker as a result. I expect it won't go too much fu [...]

    12. I like it quite a btOk, I think only my second review ever, so that should let people know how much I enjoyed the book. Unlike many other books like this, it does not spend pages and pages on stats, the author let's you fill in the logical parts and allows your imagination fill in some interesting what if situations. Maybe I am a sucker for gamer style books, but this series has been one of my favorites so far. It does not put the characters in a video game, and get it kind of does put them in t [...]

    13. The shade of it allI'm glad to see I'm not the only one that LOVED Ru'paul's Drag race when the very idea of men in drag didn't even cross my mind as "entertainment" Like book one this series continues to be the Authors "pay to read" fanfiction of all his fav. TV troops or characters if thrown into a D & D world.Sadly the isn't much plot progression in this book and although it was rather entertaining (in it's own way) I can't help but wonder if the series is running on fumes by the mid way [...]

    14. Write faster dammit! 😉Ok, first off I'd like to say that I read A LOT! As in I have gone through most of the LitRpg titles in the kindle library. 😭😭 (Hooray for kindle unlimited)I am also poor as a damm church mouse so paying almost ten bucks for a book makes my inner hamster scream in pain. But I paid, because I am a junkie and this man writes pure LitRpg heroin. So buy this book. Make your friends buy it. And your co-workers. Strangers on the street too. Put lots of cash in this autho [...]

    15. Very nice.Well done Monsieur Blaise. Loved this book. I knew you would deliver glad you did. Now I’m annoyed because you are currently working on book 4 while I write this and I know I only have one more book before i have to wait. So, yeah. We readers (I am speaking on their behalf) do now declare you are not allowed bathroom breaks or vacation until you finish the next few books or 10.Seriously dude. Enjoyed the hell out of this one.

    16. I don't regret spending the money but.How do I say thisis book was good but it was one of those novels that had too much and too little at the same timeYou'll get action, nuanced characters and decent micro-level pacing but on the macro level this is kind of.One of "those" stories where stuff happens and it's compelling but it happens in bits and pieces on the small scale and smaller bits and pieces on the big scale's still a great book though.

    17. On whole, this book continues from the previous book in the series and is at the same level of quality. However, a character is introduced in the second act of this book that causes discussion between the characters that feels a bit heavy-handed, a little bit out-of-character, and goes on a longer than necessary I think. But the third act makes up for anything in the second act, so I really liked this book on whole.

    18. Overall this book was quite good. But the ending was so cliché that I saw it from a mile away. What I've always liked about this series so far has been how unpredictable things were sometimes. I hope this is not a prediction on things to come. I will read the next book but if it starts falling into such a classic clichés as the way this booked ended I don't think I'm going to read this book series anymore.

    19. Expanded Excellence A great sequel to the first book, this book expands the plot, characters, world, and action in many ways. It’s also written and edited professionally, with much humor and panache. (I especially liked the scene where human religion and intolerance are attempted to be explained to an alien.) Although a good stand-alone book, the series is best read in order. Definitely recommended.

    20. Slow to start.When I was about halfway through this book, I almost stopped. Very little action, not very interesting. I was going to give it 3 stars. But then it got better. Now I plan to go right into the next book. Quite a few proofreading errors, compared to the first book. I remain fascinated by the insight into the motivation of the characters. Even the enemies.

    21. I really enjoyed this book. The story was fast paced and did not bog down in unimportant details. The characters that were introduced in the first book of the series gained additional depth and grew with the story. While not a true LitRPG book, it is a very good read and I look forward to the next installment.

    22. Complete waste of time and money. I don't ready fantasy for SJW crap about how American culture sucks, you get plenty of that junk on the nightly news. No plot advancement after chapter 12 just lots of mindless SJW talking points.If you want to stand on a soap box and preach at people about how their country sucks then start writing non-fiction.

    23. The writing in the second book in the Delvers LLC series is on par with the first, but I feel that the story took a hit. Most of the book is spent in a single setting even though the characters technically move around. The dialogue is still alright but I found myself hoping for a change of scenery that didn't come. Also Henry's partner's whining and self pity began to grate.

    24. I actually ended up enjoying this book more than the first. The character development was better in my opinion. I am interested in learning what happens next. I could do without some of the PC parts but they didn't distract overall.

    25. Story has holes in it Parts of the MC's personality drive me nuts. If you are in a cage with a tiger would you pull his tail, they act that way with a God that is known to hurt people. Many big fights do not make sense, in the way it is played out.

    26. Another great bookThe story is really getting good. I love the way the main characters feel so overpowered and then all of the sudden you realize they are not.I like the deeper games of the Great God Dolos as well.

    27. The greatness of this series keeps coming this book was just amazing. There is only one issue. IT'S TOO SHORT, IT NEEDS TOO BE LONGER, GIVE ME MORE!!!! I think that feeling speaks for itself. Cliffhanger yup you bet it is.

    28. Pretty much the same as the first book, except we get a few more glimpses of what's going on behind the scenes and our heroes are even stronger than before. Still fun, if a bit more serious and with a good hook at the end.

    29. If you liked book one, you will like book two. Pretty much trudging down the same path. Nothing really that special or noteworthy. 3/5.

    30. Decent bookInteresting story, the author has built a cool world. Henry is super annoying though can’t be just shut up and let Jason talk.

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