Nightwing Vol. 3: Nightwing Must Die

Nightwing Vol. 3: Nightwing Must Die

Tim Seeley Javier Fernández Minkyu Jung Christian Duce / Feb 23, 2020

Nightwing Vol Nightwing Must Die Dick Grayson s DC Universe Rebirth adventure from fan favorite creators Tim Seeley BATMAN ETERNAL GRAYSON and Javier Fernandez RED HOOD ARSENAL continues in NIGHTWING VOL NIGHTWING MUST DIE As the

  • Title: Nightwing Vol. 3: Nightwing Must Die
  • Author: Tim Seeley Javier Fernández Minkyu Jung Christian Duce
  • ISBN: 9781401273767
  • Page: 146
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dick Grayson s DC Universe Rebirth adventure from fan favorite creators Tim Seeley BATMAN ETERNAL, GRAYSON and Javier Fernandez RED HOOD ARSENAL continues in NIGHTWING VOL 3 NIGHTWING MUST DIE As the original Robin, Dick Grayson has long lived in the shadow of Batman But now, as Nightwing, he s finally his own man He has a new city to protect in Bl dhaven, and a neDick Grayson s DC Universe Rebirth adventure from fan favorite creators Tim Seeley BATMAN ETERNAL, GRAYSON and Javier Fernandez RED HOOD ARSENAL continues in NIGHTWING VOL 3 NIGHTWING MUST DIE As the original Robin, Dick Grayson has long lived in the shadow of Batman But now, as Nightwing, he s finally his own man He has a new city to protect in Bl dhaven, and a new love in his life former villain Shawn Tsang.But someone doesn t think that Nightwing is quite the hero he could be They ve sent a twisted doppelg nger, Deathwing, to Bl dhaven to kidnap Shawnnding Dick on a globe spanning chase to get her back before something terrible happens.Together with current Robin Damian Wayne, his partner from his brief stint as Batman, Dick must stay one step ahead of an enemy who seems to have all of his skills and memories But when Nightwing finds out who s pulling Deathwing s strings, he ll realize the shadow of his time as Batman might be too long to ever truly escape.Collects issues 16 21.

    Nightwing Vol False Starts Ok, as a huge fan of Nightwing I am loving the re release of these stories Volume and were both fantastic, stars all around This however marks my first problem in the series, one that I see sadly way too often in Nightwing comics the crossover. Nightwing Vol Death of the Family The New Kyle Higgins is an American comic book writer best known for his work with DC Comics Higgins knack for dynamic action scenes and pacing make him one of the best up and coming talents in the industry. Nightwing Nightwing is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by DC Comics.The character has appeared in various incarnations, with the Nightwing identity most prominently being adopted by Dick Grayson when he moved on from his role as Batman s vigilante partner Robin. Although Nightwing is commonly associated with Batman, the title and concept have origins in classic Dick Grayson Dick Grayson as Nightwing on the cover of Nightwing Jan Art by Philip Tan. Twitpic Dear Twitpic Community thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state.

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        Tim Seeley is a comic book artist and writer known for his work on books such as G.I Joe A Real American Hero, The Dark Elf Trilogy, Batman Eternal and Grayson He is also the co creator of the Image Comics titles Hack Slash 1 and Revival, as well as the Dark Horse titles, ExSanguine and Sundowners He lives in Chicago.


    1. This is by far the best Nightwing book in the series so far. Tim Seeley hooks you in with the best pairing in the world. Damien and Richard for LIFE! So this starts off picking up the end of volume 2. Our girl Tsang is kidnapped but not before letting know Dick she might be Prego. So on his way home he is ambushed by Damien. The son of Batman is mad people are claiming that Richard will become Batman once more. However, once Nightwing finds out that his girlfriend is missing Damien joins him on [...]

    2. A return to Grant Morrison's run on Batman and Robin. Damian shows up in Bludhaven because he thinks Nightwing is trying to usurp him as the heir to Batman. Then Professor Pyg kidnaps Dick's girlfriend and the two head to Paris to get her back. Contains all of that great interaction between Dick and Damian while they fight some Morrison era villains. Then there's a fill in issue where Wally West and Dick have a guys night out. Probably the best volume of Seeley's run.

    3. Read in single issues. Collects Nightwing #16-20.There are few things I enjoy less than writing negative reviews for books starring my favourite character, so i'll try and keep this short and sweet.Nightwing Must Die sees the series fall into a terrible slump that's all the more disappointing considering how strongly it began with Better Than Batman. Tedious, uninspired and lacking any of the charm that makes Nightwing so appealing, this arc left me longing for the return of Grayson.That said, I [...]

    4. Well that's a step backWorld: The world building is fine on paper, you have Pyg and Hurt and Damian which reminds us of the time they were together as Batman and Robin. Then there's the building further of the world that Seeley did with Blüdhaven last arc. There's also the globe hopping. It's all good but honestly not all are things I wanted (more below). Story: Why the hell are we leaving Blüdhaven? Why does this book need to keep jumping around like a spider on a hot plate? Can we not just s [...]

    5. This was OK. Vol. 2 was really fun for me, so this feels like the series took a step back again. I mean, Nightwing just got to Blüdhaven, so why can't he stay there for more than one volume and plant some roots? Put up his stockinged feet, and stay for a bit?Anyway, this volume kicks off with Damian, who's getting trolled on Twitter. #BestRobinSo, of course, Damian has to be his most annoying self and go to Blüdhaven to confront Dick ASAP. Unfortunately, Dick finds himself dealing with some Mo [...]

    6. Big thumbs up to Tim Seeley and the artist team for created a a great psychological adventure. It is really hard to describe what happens in Nightwing vol. 3 without confusing newcomers and this particular volume actually plants the seeds for the upcoming DC comics event Dark Nights: Metal. I have to admit I only really got joy out of this book because I am currently collecting the Dark Nights Metal event and the Gotham Resistance Metal tie-in books particularly reference the events in this book [...]

    7. 5 🌟Nice to see Dick back for another adventure. Cool that he got a girlfriend, Shawn. Happy that he got a visit from Damian. Professor Pyg seems to need a psychiatrist/psychologist. Dr. Hurt also seems nuts. RIP Deathwing and the other Robin. Nice to see Wally too.Can't wait to read Nightwing, volume 4: Blockbuster!!!!

    8. [read as single issues]Poor Nightwing gets put through the wringer in this third Rebirth volume as not only does Professor Pyg return to menace both him and Robin, but also the despicable villain of Batman RIP and beyond, Doctor Hurt! After paying homage to previous Nightwing stories in volume 2, and tying up loose ends from pre-Rebirth in volume 1, volume 3 is the Batman & Robin era's time to be referenced heavily. Bringing Robin back into the fray and revisiting his and Dick's dynamic is g [...]

    9. Man, I love these two idiots. This was my favorite of the three so far.The relationship dynamic between Dick and Damien is always wonderful to watch, and I adore how attached Damien is to Dick, even if he's loath to admit it.I was also really pleased to see Shawn sticking around. I genuinely thought she was just going to get tossed away for Character Development Reasons, (which would have been a shame because she's an interesting character) so I'm very glad I was wrong, and that this book played [...]

    10. i want to read this book because i'm really into comic books and this seems like a book i would really enjoy. i usually like books with batman characters like robin. reviews are mostly positives and say that this is a good read.

    11. I couldn't get into this like the other Nightwing issues, the overall story was a little underwhelming. Professor Pym is an odd villain in general but the story was the biggest problem, not too sure Damien (Robin) was necessary. The action is relentless and I Seeley has Nightwings sarcasm right in there but this was a little step down from the last few volumes. I'm not a big fan of the current arc and I think it is only going to get worse for me.

    12. I read these is in single issues and I don't know what to think of this volume. I love Nightwing, he's a chipper character with a positive outlook despite his bleak upbringing and his life with Batman, but the writers never seem to do him as much justice.This series started off well, focusing on Dick's emergence as a person and solo hero, but ever since his move to Blüdhaven, his arc has been stultified by a tacked-on romance. I don't care for romance in the fiction I consume, as it rarely stem [...]

    13. Anyone who has read my DC reviews will know two things. I love Dick Grayson and I love the Post-Crisis DC universe. So this book kind of feels written for me. It heavily features Damian Wayne and several references to Dick and Damian's time as the Dynamic Duo, which is my favourite period for both characters.Damian rushing to Bludhaven to confront Dick over being the heir to the Batman throne was confusing at first. I figured the author was just using it because he didn't really understand how D [...]

    14. I love anything with Damian Wayne, so this volume was something I eagerly looked forward to reading. I enjoyed it, if only because of the team-up with Dick and Damian; but I have to say that I didn't care for the main villains, so the story had less of an impact, for me. So, the main plot of Nightwing Must Die is that while the current Robin, Damian, is confronting Dick Grayson about just who is next in line for the mantle of Batman, Shawn Tsang (Dick's girlfriend) has been kidnapped. Together, [...]

    15. I was a big fan of Grant Morrison's run on Batman, especially when Dick Grayson took over for Bruce Wayne and took on Damien Wayne as his Robin. This is more or less a sequel to that storyline with a fight against Professor Pyg, Thomas Hurt (Thomas Wayne Junior), and a new villain called Deathwing. There's a pregnancy scare between Dick Grayson and his new girlfriend Shang Tsang plus her kidnapping followed by Damien Wayne's kidnapping. My basic opinion is: "it's pretty good." I mean, if you hav [...]

    16. How do you balance your life of a superhero and of an everyday guy? Dick Grayson might find out very soon, as his girlfriend, Shawn Tsang, is "late". While he questions whether or not he should be a father, someone else is questioning his ability to be Nightwing. Enter Deathwing, who turns out to be a pawn of Professor Pyg, but causes quite a bit of damage. Battle, both physical and psychological, is waged, and with the help of Robin, all works out in the end. The last issue in this Volume is th [...]

    17. Rarely do I enjoy superhero dialogue as much as in this volume! I thought for sure this would garner 5 stars from superhero fans, so was shocked to see some really low ones. Then I started reading whyI need to take a minute and rant. If you're a diehard nerd wading through hundreds of trade paperbacks every month, complaining about whether or not every detail is "canon" and how nothing will never be the same as your favorite edition of blah-blah-blahen maybe your 1-2 star whiny reviews belong el [...]

    18. This book collects Issues 16-21 of Nightwing. The first five issues constitute the book's titular arc in which Nightwing's girlfriend Shawn is kidnapped just after requesting he get a pregnancy test. He's joined in his search by Robin who is determined to prove himself the rightful successor to Batman despite popular opinioneven on his own team. Mostly, when this book works, it's because of Damian's character and the relationship to Nightwing and there are some good moments in there. Reading thi [...]

    19. I really liked what this volume was trying to do with bringing in Damian and Wally. Those relationships are some of my favorite parts of these comics. But this also heightened the weakest part of the volume which for me is the relationship with Shawn. I don’t think his relationship with her is as strong or interesting as other relationships he’s had, like Barbara or Starfire. The relationship with Shawn needed more time and setup before jumping to the level that it did.I also feel like the N [...]

    20. The interaction between Dick Grayson and Damien Wayne (who were Batman/Robin for a while after Bruce got lost in time) is really fun. Nothing else is (although Shane surviving last TPB's cliffhangers is a good thing). It has little to do with most of the Bludhaven plotlines of the previous book and it's waaaay too full of villains pompously waffling about what it is that shapes Nightwing, as if the creators read Batman: Death of the Family and though the Joker's insane babble about the nature of [...]

    21. Tim Seeley can't do wrong in this series. Even when it started with a damsel in distress cliffhanger at the end of last volume, Shawn doesn't look weak in this one. But the golden stuff is Dick and ''Dynamic'', the competitivenss, yet affection this both have as brothers, and father/son at times is the light of this book. The only thing I can find could be a complain factor is the fact that, to enjoy this volume, you really have to know your story about the trippy adventures of Dick and Damian's [...]

    22. The strongest volume of this series yet. This arc follows up from Grant Morrison's Batman and Robin, and puts the two titular characters together to examine how their relationship has developed in the face of changing circumstances. There are strong character moments all throughout the arc, and Nightwing's relationship with the new character Shawn Tsang has already seen more believable growth and development in a small amount of time than the fanservice shipping seen in the likes of The Flash an [...]

    23. My favorite volume of the Rebirth Nightwing to date, this story is a call back to my favorite era of Batman - Grant Morrison's Batman and Robin with Dick and Damian. Seeley does a fantastic job understanding and portraying Dick and Damian's father/brother/friend relationship, and there are some truly touching moments between the two throughout the story. Javier Fernandez's art shines throughout and even channels Frazer Irving at times (especially when drawing Dr Hurt).

    24. I really enjoy Nightwing in general, though I was super pumped when the Teen Titans made a cameo. I also kind of like the super hateable Damian Wayne. All in all this volume is fine. I wasn't blown away by anything in it, I like Shawn, Dick, Damian, and Wally, so it was kind of predetermined that I would enjoy this volume since it's got them all.

    25. Fun to read with a fairly simple plot. I felt the action was a bit choppy in parts though, like there was a panel missing. I struggled with Robin, though. Damian continues to be insufferable and I can't stand him. He takes me completely out of the story. Not the best volume, this one, but I like how they've developed Nightwing's personality here so, not all bad.

    26. This was a decent Nightwing story, but it felt very contrived with this push to see what Nightwing's future would hold/who will be the new Batman some day in the future. Throw in a Dick/Damian rivalry story that should have been handled years ago, and a pregnancy scare and you have the makings of a great telenovela, but not a great graphic novel.

    27. This was good but don't let the cover trick you as to who the true villain is. I am still new to Tim Seeley's work with Dick Grayson but I took to this story better than to Volume 2. At parts there are some really unique characters but by the end they all really mattered and factored to the conflict beyond a level I would have anticipated.

    28. Okay, I'm a huge fan of Dick and Damian. So the team up had me super excited and its handled fantastically. The story is handled to my liking. This has to be the best story arc in Tim Seeley's run on Nightwing.

    29. Read in single issues.This wasn't an amazing arc, I couldn't really get involved in the central story at all actually, but it still contained Dick and Damian and a lot of cool action sequences and a real sense of heart. It was nice!

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