If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of A B Movie Actor

If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of A B Movie Actor

Bruce Campbell / Aug 22, 2019

If Chins Could Kill Confessions of A B Movie Actor Okay so at least you re interested enough to pick up this book and look inside I think you and I are going to get along just fine Life is full of choices Right now yours is whether or not to buy the

  • Title: If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of A B Movie Actor
  • Author: Bruce Campbell
  • ISBN: 9780312291457
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • Okay, so at least you re interested enough to pick up this book and look inside I think you and I are going to get along just fine.Life is full of choices Right now, yours is whether or not to buy the autobiography of a mid grade, kind of hammy actor.Am I supposed to know this guy you think to yourself.No, and that s exactly the point Bookstores are chock full of houseOkay, so at least you re interested enough to pick up this book and look inside I think you and I are going to get along just fine.Life is full of choices Right now, yours is whether or not to buy the autobiography of a mid grade, kind of hammy actor.Am I supposed to know this guy you think to yourself.No, and that s exactly the point Bookstores are chock full of household name actors and their high stakes shenanigans I don t want to be a spoilsport, but we ve all been down that road before.Case in point look to your left see that Judy Garland book You don t need that, you know plenty about her already great voice, crappy life Now look to your right at the Charlton Heston book You don t need to cough up hard earned dough for that either You know his story too great voice, crappy toupee.The truth is that though you might not have a clue who I am, there are countless working stiffs like me out there, grinding away every day at the wheel of fortune.If Chins Could Kill Confessions of a B Movie Actor is my first book, and I invite you to ride with me through the choppy waters of blue collar Hollywood.Okay, so buy the damned book already and read like the wind Best, Bruce CampbellP.S If the book sucks, at least there are gobs of pictures, and they re not crammed in the middle like all those other actor books.

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    • ☆ If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of A B Movie Actor || ✓ PDF Read by í Bruce Campbell
      299 Bruce Campbell
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        Bruce Lorne Campbell is an American actor, producer, writer and director He is best known for his starring role as Ash in the Evil Dead trilogy of horror slapstick movies, and has since become a B movie icon.His acting style is an over the top machismo that lends itself well to roles such as that of Ash Williams, whom Campbell himself has dubbed an idiot and a jerk like the rest of us This style is parodied in the film The Majestic where Campbell appears as Roland the Intrepid Explorer in the B movie Sand Pirates of the Sahara, written by Jim Carrey s screenwriter character Campbell also excels at reverse acting , a frequent filming technique of Sam Raimi s where action sequences are filmed in reverse of how they will appear in the film Campbell offers advice about getting into the film industry on his website.Campbell is well known for his trademark sense of humor, which he often couples with deadpan and somewhat sarcastic comic delivery.


    1. This book is refreshing in many, many ways--how to count them? For one, it is refreshing to see ample proof of the rumors that Bruce Campbell is a friendly and considerate man--how pleasant it is to see an autobiography of someone in the movie biz who seems as concerned about the crew and those he has worked with as with relating the story of his own climb. Campbell shows a real fascination for the process of filming stories as with his own stardom. A lot of time in this book is spent on the mak [...]

    2. I like the Evil Dead movies, and the campy humor of Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness are my favorites. I really liked The Adventures of Brisco County Jr when I was younger, too. I don't know why, really, except that it was on TV and stuff. I don't remember much about it except the title. Whatever, I liked it. Bruce Campbell is like Stephen King in that the thing that he's best known and most loved for happened super early in his career. King has The Shining and The Stand, his two big hits, and B [...]

    3. I finally got all the Quarry books & was dying to read them, so why did I read this instead? Am Ia FAN? A Deadite? Yeah, sort of. I've loved the Evil Dead movies since well, a really long time, and I've liked Bruce Campbell's acting. He doesn't seem to take himself too seriously & his on-screen sense of humor seems to mesh well with mine. After reading this book, I understand why.Let me qualify this by saying I'm not much for following actors or famous people. When I heard Mel Gibson got [...]

    4. This is a good book. It's a "pre-Burn Notice" "memoir" from Bruce Campbell (the only person to ever "almost" convince me to try Old Spice). I'm not big on "showbiz", movie-star, "my climb to fame" or "my crash from fame" books. That's not what this is. It's just what Campbell says it is, the story of a "work-a-day actor"d it includes a lot of laughs.I think I was sold on this book early on as I could identify with a lot of the "childhood" stories BC related here. (When I was a kid the "green arm [...]

    5. This is a review of the audiobook version - The King of the Bs takes a breezey, light-hearted trip down memory lane. Anecdote rich and often funny, this account covers Bruce's career up until 2001, from his early years making Super 8 shorts with Sam Raimi and Robert Taipert, through the arduous but ultimately career launching production of The Evil Dead and on through the occasional ups and frequent downs of life as a member of 'the Hollywood lower-middle class'. Hercules and Xena fans will find [...]

    6. November 14, the race began.Right from the get go, filming was a comedy of errors, or terrors, if you will. Within minutes of leaving for the first location, an abandoned bridge, the production van got lost and we spent a half-hour trying to locate it. No sooner had we found it than Sam drove his “Classic” into a ditch and we had to get a towtruck to haul it out.The next location was an isolated dirt road. Sam felt that a high, wide shot would be best. We weren’t versed in the etiquette of [...]

    7. I have no idea why I requested this book through library loan so many years ago. Perhaps it was fate. I don't think I'd seen Evil Dead yet. Maybe I'd heard about the legendary Bruce Campbell and wondered what the hype was all about. No doubt I'd seen some Xena episodes and fell madly in love with Autolychus. At any rate, and needless to say, I've been a fan of BRUCE ever since.My overwhelming memory of this book is that I'd had eye surgery and couldn't read, so I had it read to me while I lay in [...]

    8. After hearing Bruce kick all this @$$ on Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, was reminded to put this on at the top of the to-reads.Having been raised on the Evil Dead (culminating in my official designation by Bruce Campbell himself as the "#1 fan", in writing, on my VHS copy), I was excited to read those parts of the book, and Bruce didn't disappoint. Fake blood recipe, dentist investment cabal, and all. What I wasn't expecting, and really enjoyed, were the origin stories about himself, his group of chil [...]

    9. Excellent. Of course it's funny. Of course it's brilliant. But here's the rub. Campbell has starred in B-movies, been a bit actor in blockbusters, and has also both directed and written for film/t.v. Even more, his first films are on Super-8. Shot by himself and a group of friends, including Sam Raimi (Spiderman), starting at the ages of 18-21. The book outlines the gangs' career from their garage,s to raising their own money for theatrically released independent films (Evil Dead et al), to bein [...]

    10. So I met Bruce Campbell. He came to my high school because it was close to where he and Sam Rami would make 8mm films back when they were kids. Infact, areas that I grew up in were actually in the book. I have read a handful of biographies and most of them at some point were pompous and these writers spoke about themselves in a way to separate themselves from common people with that said Bruce does not do that. He does not see himself as a huge star and pokes fun at himself along the way. His up [...]

    11. Love it. Listened this one on audio and it was very cool to hear Bruce read his book (with the occasional update). I am a big fan of Bruce’s movies and it was cool to hear him talk about some behind the scenes stuff and how him and some of his friends, like Sam Raimi, got started.

    12. It's Bruce Campbell. 'nuff said. If you need more, suffice to say that I still to this day paraphrase anecdotes from the bit about filming Evil Dead (I &II) --MK

    13. If you are not clear right now on who Bruce Campbell (the actor) is, then you don't need to read this. Bruce Campbell has a bit of a cult following from a number of things he's done (Evil Dead / Army of Darkness, Brisco County Jr Xena, and possibly even Burn Notice even if that happened after the time covered in this memoir), and if you were a fan of his you'd know. That said, possibly you are just generically interested in how someone with no direct connection to Hollywood becomes a B-level act [...]

    14. This was a great book. I desperately want him to write one about his time doing Xena and Hercules. The start of the book was a little slow. I just wanted him to hurry up and get to the good stuff. There were many, many times in the book that made me laugh out loud. He is such a character, you can easily hear his voice telling these hilarious stories. After reading this, I realized I would never want to read a book about the celebrity gods of Hollywood. The reason it was so good was because it wa [...]

    15. I've never really loved "Evil Dead" or many of Bruce Campbell's other movies. ("Bubba Ho-Tep," however, is totally awesome.)I would kind of smile and nod whenever Jim or one of my other guy friends would talk about how great Bruce Campbell was. And I only read "If Chins Could Kill" because I felt like I had to.It turned out to be a great book, and it gave me a lot of respect for Bruce Campbell as a person and an actor.Campbell has truly worked his way up from the bottom (I don't think it gets mu [...]

    16. I took this book out of the library on recommendation from a friend, but wasn't really expecting much out of it. Sure, I love Bruce Campbell as much as the next Hercules/Xena/Spiderman movies fan does, but I usually find these autobiographies dry and boring, filled with technical details of things I just don't care about. As much as I love memoirs, if it's in the autobiography section (as this was), I shy away. But I underestimated Bruce. Is that technical stuff in there? Sure it is, but he KNOW [...]

    17. The populair cult-hero Bruce Campbell, famous of his character 'Ash' in the Evil-Dead trilogy, describes in this biography his youth and happenings about the making of 'Evil Dead'.But also his share in some Xena-episodes.While reading you will find a lot of (funny) pictures of Bruce himself, but also drawings made in his youth, in fact a lot of various pictures/photo's prominent throughout the book.This is wrote with the humour you can expect of Bruce. I liked it and every fan of The Evil Dead ( [...]

    18. It's been several years now since I've read this book. But what I remember most about it is the brutal honesty and tongue and cheek approach to that Campbell took toward his life and career. Most importantly, I remember reveling in some of the details involved in becoming a B-list icon. The way Campbell had to cold call prospective investors for the first Evil Dead movie; his time spent as a security guard after the Evil Dead movies. These are the details that make you feel such a strong connect [...]

    19. 'If Chins Could Kill' is the biography of Bruce Campbell, star of the 'Evil Dead' movie series, TV's 'Brisco County Jr' and more. He has a cult following owing to his wise-cracking everyman hero persona. Barry Neville, Campbell's editor, writes the humorous foreword. In the introduction, Bruce dedicates the book to "the players on the second string, the "B" people," of which he includes himself as a member. The 2002 paperback edition also includes a 39-page addendum: 'Chins Across America, The T [...]

    20. There are, basically, two kinds of people in the world: those to whom Bruce Campbell is Jesus, Schwarzenegger and the Three Stooges rolled into one, and then the rest. (Most of the rest, amazingly, have never even heard of him.) As he observes at one point in the book, the difference between a mainstream movie and a cult movie is that the former might be seen by 100,000 people 10 times whereas the latter is seen by 10 people 100,000 times.His autobiography is one of the most fun - and funny - bo [...]

    21. Tuhle knihu jsem před pár lety a po pár stránkách odložil. Bruce Campbella mám rád, jenže popis dětských vylomenin (nic extra), prvních vztahů (zcela normální) a cesty k herectví (série omylů a Sam Raimi) byl tak nezajímavý, že mu frajerské podání "s nadhledem" škodilo. Letos jsem se ke knize vrátil. Po čistce knihovny měla odejít do světa a já zjistil, že jí mám od Campbella podepsanou. Tak jsem se zakousl, zkusil jí znova - a jsem rád! Jakmile se Campbell - [...]

    22. This is an autobiography unlike most others. Campbell, star of the Evil Dead films, starts from his surprisingly industrious childhood, through the physical tortures of his friendship with Sam Raimi (who would go on to direct the Spiderman films, among others), and into his career as a full-time actor. Not only is it a fascinating look into the making of Evil Dead and Hercules, it's downright hilarious. Campbell writes the way he speaks, a sort of campy monologue full of entertaining anecdotes. [...]

    23. I adore Bruce Campbell and this book only helped deepen that adoration. He's a witty, fun read, with insights to the industry that only someone on the inside of Hollywood hoopla can provide. It illustrates his journey from childhood to B-movie star with moments that are touching, hilarious, quirky, and just plain fun to read.

    24. Hey its the dude from Evil Dead writing about his life and his friend Sam Raimi (who went on to direct Spiderman) and how in college they made Evil Dead. No money, colored mashed potato for gore and eventually a funny horror movie too.This book is the same. A funny horror movie. Bruce is a funny man and his life sort of sucks but he'll tell you about it anyway. Loved it!

    25. A book by and about my favorite actor. This is a biography about a humble actor in his dealings with B-movies and other B-actors and TV shows -- from Within the Woods (prototype to the Evil Dead series) to current.

    26. If you enjoy Bruce Campbell at all, read this book. It's great! Also recommended: watch a DVD of Evil Dead with the commentary by Bruce Campbell. I enjoyed his commentary even more than the movie, and I'm quite fond of the film (Evil Dead II is my personal favorite of the franchise.)After I started to read this, I learned that his follow-up memoir was released in 2017. The paperback I have of this one is from 2002, and he's done so much since then. I look forward to reading all about it.

    27. Once again, I'll go on record saying that the only way to enjoy this book is by listening to the man narrate it himself. Having a hardback copy is handy for the accompanying pictures, but Bruce's voice and delivery are just too perfect to pass up. His working-man recollections are at times laugh out loud hilarious and never boring. Even if you're ho-hum about him, it's unlikely you'll find another book quite like this about Hollywood and the trials of filmmaking.

    28. Great stories and pretty funny. Gotta do it audiobook with Mr Campbell reading and putting in the occasional aside.

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