Before She Was Harriet

Before She Was Harriet

Lesa Cline-Ransome James Ransome / Sep 20, 2019

Before She Was Harriet A lush and lyrical biography of Harriet Tubman written in verse and illustrated by an award winning artist We know her today as Harriet Tubman but in her lifetime she was called by many names As Gen

  • Title: Before She Was Harriet
  • Author: Lesa Cline-Ransome James Ransome
  • ISBN: 9780823420476
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A lush and lyrical biography of Harriet Tubman, written in verse and illustrated by an award winning artist.We know her today as Harriet Tubman, but in her lifetime she was called by many names As General Tubman she was a Union spy As Moses she led hundreds to freedom on the Underground Railroad As Minty she was a slave whose spirit could not be broken An evocative poeA lush and lyrical biography of Harriet Tubman, written in verse and illustrated by an award winning artist.We know her today as Harriet Tubman, but in her lifetime she was called by many names As General Tubman she was a Union spy As Moses she led hundreds to freedom on the Underground Railroad As Minty she was a slave whose spirit could not be broken An evocative poem and opulent watercolors come together to honor a woman of humble origins whose courage and compassion make her larger than life.A Junior Library Guild Selection

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    1. Gorgeous book. I liked the circular nature of the story and the reminder that Harriet Tubman wore many names and roles during her life.

    2. Exquisite watercolor illustrations complement an engaging story that allows readers to look back in time on the life journey of Harriet Tubman. I appreciated how the author chose to begin the story near the end of Tubman's life now that she's "tired and worn / her legs stiff / her back achy" (unpaged) after all that she's been through rather than at the beginning. As she reflects on where she's been, readers learn about the many roles she's played throughout her life, and the various names she w [...]

    3. Fantastic verse-like sparse text and gorgeous illustrations. My only complaint is that it has no author's note or back matter.

    4. There are plenty of picture book biographies of Harriet Tubman, but the Ransomes have created a beautiful and poetic look at her life. Each time the page turns, another part of her life is named and shown. Old woman, suffragist, General Tubman, Union spy, nurse, Aunt Harriet, Moses, Minty, Aramintaeach of those aspects led to the old woman who was "worn and wrinkled and free." While the beautiful watercolors show details of Harriet's world - horse-drawn buggies, ladies in long skirts and wide ha [...]

    5. This is more of an impressionistic biography but a beautiful one. Sparely written - are they poems? Only a few words on each line and not many on each page and nary a comma or period in sight. But these few words are evocative. The illustrations are gorgeous and powerful double-page spreads that depict Harriet Tubman at various stages of her life. I found the second-to-last spread especially poignant as this one depicts a freed Harriet boarding a train in one car while white passengers board ano [...]

    6. First sentence: Here she sits/ an old woman/ tired and worn/ her legs stiff/ her back achy/ but before wrinkles formed/ and her eyes failed/ before she reached/ her twilight years/ she could walk for miles/ and see clearly/ under a sky lit only with stars.Premise/plot: Before She Was Harriet is a picture book biography of Harriet Tubman written in verse. The picture book opens and closes with Harriet as an old woman. The poem looks backwards on her life. Each section begins with "Before she was" [...]

    7. Wonderful and powerful. Beginning with Harriet Tubman as an old woman, this story traces her role as a suffragist, during the Civil War, as a conductor on the Underground Railroad leading others to freedom, and as a slave working the fields in Maryland. The almost lyrical text is simple but powerful, speaking to Harriet Tubman's strength and determination to fight for freedom.Recommended for grades 4 and 5, students learning about Harriet Tubman will certainly make connections while learning new [...]

    8. Harriett Tubman's life and many roles, chronologically backward. I wish there had been some back matter to dive further into those different stages of Harriet's life.

    9. I love how this travels backwards to tell Harriet's story; the illustrations are gorgeous; and this reads like poetry.

    10. Darn right.This is a great piece of art and a great summary of her incredible acts. The last page has a "and this is why we do this" satisfaction to it.

    11. This a wonderful biographical picture book about Harriet Tubman. The illustrations are amazing and so is the text. Highly Recommended.

    12. This beautifully illustrated poetic biography takes you backwards and forwards in the life of Harriet Tubman. Unlike a lot of other books about her, you learn more about her life before she escaped slavery. The watercolors really are fantastic. Good for older kid or preschool storytimes.

    13. Woo Booooyyy! That was good. Just enough and SO much. Beautiful words and illustrations. Another great book by the Ransomes.

    14. A non-fiction picture book about Harriet Tubman. The illustrations are very nice, particularly with their smart use of lighting. The text isn't overwhelming and delivers a lot of information in few words.

    15. Stunning illustrations paired with lyrical bio-in-verse. It's a lovely glimpse into the life of a social justice lioness. My only tiny complaint (and it's tiny) is that she starts the story waiting for a train and ends the story getting on it, but we don't know where she is headed or why. Clearly, the author/illustrator wanted to show there was still more work to be done for African Americans (Ms. Tubman gets on a different car from the white people), but it's oh-so-subtle that young readers cou [...]

    16. I started skimming what I thought was "just another" book about Tubman, but found myself going back the beginning to read it all more carefully. The way its written, one role per spread, really helps the reader to think about how full and incredible her life really was. the artwork throws a right for the knockout.

    17. A Harriet Tubman biography from the perspective of Ms. Tubman herself as she looks back on her various titles.

    18. To me, this book nears perfection. I look at Harriet Tubman as one of the most interesting figures in history. It seems to me that many people think of her mainly in relationship to the Underground Railroad, whereas she accomplished much, much more. The "before she was" format was ideal, and flows through the entire story in a cohesive way. I think anyone reading this will have many questions and want to learn more! I applied for a study grant one time to travel several of the places where she l [...]

    19. Both text and illustrations make this book a work of art. I learned new things about Harriet Tubman and was reminded of her bravery. I really hope the Coretta Scott King Committee takes a close look at this one, the Caldecott Committee too.From the advanced reader copy.

    20. Before she was Harriet Tubman, she was a young girl with the courage and determination to fight against injustices. This powerful, poetic picture book takes readers back in time to look at Tubman's many contributions fighting for freedom. With each page turn, readers are taken further back in Tubman's life. During the Civil War, she was a spy for the Union and a nurse for wounded soldiers. Before all of this, she was a little girl who learned from her father to read the woods, "readying for the [...]

    21. As the author has stated, she presents Harriet as an old woman and then takes us back in time, "erasing the wrinkles" as we learn about her many roles, as a suffragist, a general, a spy, a nurse, a family member, a conductor, a child slave. And always she was a woman of integrity and courage, speaking and acting out, taking care of others. The text is powerful and active with words like readying and always emphasizing the courage and desire for freedom. The illustrations are more than equal to t [...]

    22. Told in reverse chronological order, this picture book biography of Harriet Tubman is stunning. The verse walks readers through her life, from her work with runaway slaves to her speeches as a suffragist. The book touches on other parts of her life that readers may not be aware of such as her work as a Union spy and a nurse. The book moves all the way back to Harriet saving her family from slavery and then her own time enslaved on a plantation when her father taught her about the woods and the s [...]

    23. 1. Awards: None2. 1st—2nd Grade3. Before She Was Harriet is a simple biography of Harriet Tubman for young readers and learners. It follows her life and all her struggles and achievements. Her spirit could not be broken even throughout the strife of slavery. 4. This book is a magnificent story of an inspirational woman who helped changed the course of history. It gives her credit where credit is due. I find it very important for young learners to know who she is and what she did for people. 5. [...]

    24. This inspiring poem/picture book biography captures the essence of the many roles that Harriet Tubman played in her life – from (in reverse chronological order) suffragist back to when she was Araminta, a young slave girl. Cline-Ransome has done it again – made a picture book biography into something extraordinary. Her careful selection of text is brief and to the point. What makes this extra special is the fact it was written in reverse chronological order shows how Tubman’s life was scaf [...]

    25. From the time they are a child their path is clear. Each choice they make regardless of their circumstances is intended to keep them heading in the same direction. For these people the journey is in service of others. For these people help is given, without question, for the betterment of others; especially those lacking the same rights as others.She lived for nearly a century. Before She Was Harriet (Holiday House, November 7, 2017) written by Lesa Cline-Ransome with illustrations by James E. R [...]

    26. 2018 Coretta Scott King Honor Book for IllustrationThemes: Harriet Tubman/Underground Railroad/African American History Month/Suffragist/Women's History Month/Slavery/Civil WarThis is a beautifully illustrated book about Harriet Tubman's life for young readers. The text is in poem form and give the reader just enough information to understand what she did throughout her life. This is a great book for parents and kids to start talking about this part of American history."Moses, General Tubman, Mi [...]

    27. This biography stands out from the rest with its lyrical language and creative structure. The story begins at the end of Harriet’s life, inviting the reader to wonder about the causes of her weariness, her worries, her walks under a clear night sky. The author takes us back in time, step by step, to see what Harriet did in each stage of her life. I think history’s great heroes are often hard for young readers to relate to, but by following Harriet back to where her journey began, children se [...]

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