I'm Fine...and Other Lies

I'm Fine...and Other Lies

Whitney Cummings / Sep 23, 2019

I m Fine and Other Lies Well well well Look at you ogling my book page I presume if you re reading this it means you either need encouragement to buy it you re very bored in an airport or we used to date and you re tryi

  • Title: I'm Fine...and Other Lies
  • Author: Whitney Cummings
  • ISBN: 9780735212602
  • Page: 389
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Well, well, well Look at you, ogling my book page I presume if you re reading this it means you either need encouragement to buy it, you re very bored in an airport, or we used to date and you re trying to figure out if you should sue me or not.Here are all the stories and mistakes I ve made that were way too embarrassing to tell on stage in front of an actualWell, well, well Look at you, ogling my book page I presume if you re reading this it means you either need encouragement to buy it, you re very bored in an airport, or we used to date and you re trying to figure out if you should sue me or not.Here are all the stories and mistakes I ve made that were way too embarrassing to tell on stage in front of an actual audience but thanks to not so modern technology, you can read about them here so I don t have to risk having your judgmental eye contact crush my self esteem This book contains some delicious schadenfreude in which I recall such humiliating debacles as breaking my shoulder while trying to impress a guy, coming very close to spending my life in a Guatemalan prison, and having my lacerated ear sewn back on by a deaf guy after losing it in a torrid love affair In addition to hoarding mortifying situations that ll make you feel way better about your choices, I ve also accumulated a lot of knowledge from therapists, psychotherapists, and psychopaths, which can probably help you avoid making the same mistakes I ve made Think of this book as everything you d want from the Internet all in one place, except without the constant distractions of ads, online shopping, and porn.I m not sure what else to say to say, except that you should buy it if you want to laugh and learn how to stop being crazy If you re bored at an airport, I m sorry and welcome to most days of my life on the road And if we used to date, see you in court.

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    1. Loved this!!It inspired me to write a mammoth blog post that I'll cut up and put on my blog laterFor now: I often enjoy the prospect of comedian essay collections more than the reality, but this one was empowering/compelling af!I related so much to her experience of throwing herself under a bus to, uh, make a smoother journey for its passengers or something (I'm winging this review obvs.) And it's true that we should go out into the world with humility and in awe of its wonder and how much there [...]

    2. I am impressed by Whitney Cummings. She is brazen about sharing the very fraught and painful experiences from her life. This was not a book about comedy or the entertainment industry or onset antics from her acting career Whitney boldly shares some very personal, deeply arresting heartbreaking stories about her journey to find herself. I was quite disturbed by much she suffered and in the end, very appreciative of her courage and intention to share that nothing and no one is perfect. She clearly [...]

    3. Hilarious as it is heartbreaking, but ultimately optimistic. Whitney Cummings shares the issues she's overcome in great detail and perfected wit. A great relatable read (or listen, since I grabbed the audiobook) that reminds us we are all humans dealing with our assorted anxieties. Good stuff!

    4. Parts of it were amusing but it was mostly about her problems and I didn't sign up for that. I have my own problems.

    5. I think Whitney did a really excellent job of writing a funny self-help book that covered relevant, relate-able topics, a lot of which were similar to things I've experienced. It's always nice in a bittersweet kind of way for me to hear that others have come a foundation of dysfunction - due to family, typically, things outside of their control as a child - and have found ways to grow into stronger and more functional people because of it.

    6. It was very illuminating to watch Whitney Cummings discover herself - how she thinks, why she thinks that way, why she makes the choices she makes. There are so many neuroses discussed in this book that one is bound to see oneself somewhere. That being said, the excess of disorders that Cummings is diagnosed with - an eating disorder, a love addiction, codependency, etc. - make me wonder if there exists even one person on this planet that couldn't be diagnosed with some kind of personality disor [...]

    7. 4.5 starsIt is really interesting to me how many insecurities are lurking behind the most confident people. This was a fab autobiography and I appreciate Whitney's candour when discussing her relationships, her body struggles and her viewpoint of the world. A bigger fan of her now because of this.

    8. I loved the show Whitney, finding Cummings to be hilarious. When I found out she was also a co-creator of 2 Broke Girls, I knew I liked her. I was really excited when I heard she was coming out with a book. I was hoping to laugh like I did while reading Jenny Lawson's Furiously Happy. The first chapter had me laughing and my hopes were high. Unfortunately, the majority of the book felt like background noise to me. I enjoyed the nuggets of psychology knowledge. For instance, I found myself relati [...]

    9. Wow Whitney goes deep with this one! I wasn't sure what to expect, but this book was different than any other celebrity memoir that I've listened to. Yep, listened. Audio is the way to go with celebrity memoirs, especially when they narrate themselves. Whitney did a phenomenal job and was completely authentic in her performance.Whitney gives her life story, but breaks it into sections about her own life issues: self-help, codependence, roast jokes, sexism, egg freezing, eating disorder, boobs, h [...]

    10. 3.5 stars and not what I was expecting at all (in a good way). It’s not “this is the story of my life from birth to now”, it’s “here’s how I have struggled with all of these things all my life but I got help and I hope you can too”. With jokes, of course.

    11. I know Whitney Cummings from her tv show Whitney! And since I thought she was really funny, I started looking for her stand up bits. I don't love every one of them, because some made me uncomfortable but it was okay and I watched ALL of them! So when I saw she had written a book, I had to read it. Well the book was not what I expected. She talks about her life (and what a life! I don't think I have ever known anyone who had that many problems! physically and mentally!) in a 'humourous' way! It's [...]

    12. I was expecting a funny lighthearted biography, however this was not at all that. Whitney spoke about so many struggles she had in her life, while still interesting and she spoke so many truths. My favourite chapter was her talking about we as humans are wired to work harder, suffer through the pain and not listen to our body, but what we should be doing is listening to our body, slow down and learn what our bodies need to thrive which is different for everyone.

    13. I liked the premise of the book. Whitney shared so much of herself her readers. it became a bit repetitive and I felt too long. Good book for fans of Whitney.

    14. Sorry. One of those people who hasn't heard of Whitney Cummings but am going to change that. Some of her stories made me laugh out loud. See that's how out of date I am. No LOL. A very fun read. Thank you PENGUIN RANDOM HOUSE for sending me this delightful book.

    15. I'm so conflicted over this book. What I do know for sure: Whitney Cummings wants us to believe she is convinced of her authority in every aspect of her life. She certainly feels empowered by her personal self-discovery. And she wants us all to feel better. Just like her. After finishing the audio book two days ago, I'm still unsure how to explain her explanations for the explanations doctors and probably WebMD or the Mayo Clinic website have given her for everything that hurts in her body and h [...]

    16. Whitney Cummings is an L.A. based comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director and although I'm not a fan of 2 Broke Girls, I really enjoyed this book which is a collection of well written and funny stories that are (like most funny stories) extremely embarrassing and often painful.Cummings writes with a great balance of humility and humor and I appreciate her honestly because what many writers don't realize is that avid readers can sniff out BS a mile away.

    17. Sometimes I watch Real Housewives when I'm feeling down about myself. I watch these women behave badly, and I think at least I don't hit people in public or know how to behave civilly or deescalate a confrontation. And try to feel a little better about myself. That's not what I expected from this memoir, that's what I got.I read a lot of comedian memoirs. And my gauge of them is usually whether I want to be their friend. And most of them are hot messes—I'm looking at you Amy Schumer and Chelse [...]

    18. I watched, and enjoyed, Whitney (the TV show) when it was on, so I was curious when I saw this book. Overall I enjoyed the book. Many of the sections were laugh out loud funny. She tackled several issues that I have studied and/or dealt with in my own life. She quoted some of my favorite experts as well, which somehow helps me to feel validated.Like some of the other memoir / bios I have read in the last year, I am struck again at how little we really understand of what others are facing in thei [...]

    19. DNF after 3 audiobook CDsI like Whitney, and I think she's a great narrator for her book, but this book was not what I was expecting. I thought it would be like the typically celebrity memoir with funny or enlightening stories from their childhood and career. This was more about the mental issues that Whitney has (like co-dependence) and how she is attempting to overcome them through therapy, etc. It had too much psychology jargon for a lay person book; it was like reading a textbook, and going [...]

    20. I’m conflicted!!! I thought it was interesting and read like a friend telling you funny and relatable stories of their life but it also seemed like a very long list of medical issues but then she would show how her mental state and her physical state were connected, I think I would of enjoyed it more if it was brief background on the medical issues instead of a lot of detail.

    21. I expected a typical, enjoyable female comedian memoir, covering Whitney’s career challenges and successes. Not at all! While indeed hilarious, Whitney takes us deep into her personal battles with aging, eating disorders, feminism, relationships, and more. I dare say it was even educational! But yes, still very funny.

    22. I recommended this book to both my daughters. If you have children in the dating game this is a great read for them. Whitney Cummings has excellent incite although self admittedly way to late in many instances. From anorexia to bullemia, to poor self image, to dating losers to coming full circle and realizing we must love ourselves before anyone else.

    23. This isn't a "comedy" book, even though it's written by a comedian and there are funny moments. A lot of the book is about the author's struggles with self-worth and how she has corrected many of the issues. Much of it resonated with me, almost made me feel a little guilty that I let myself fall into these traps of self-hatred but validated that it's probably pretty common. There were some sections that I found myself zoning out and disinterested, but the parts that resonated with me REALLY reso [...]

    24. I was expecting this to be a look at how Cummings has achieved so much in her career, but instead it was a look at how she's achieved so much for her health - and the importance of this can't be overstated. Not only did I love this book, I took notes of some of the books she quoted to read later! I would definitely recommend this baby!

    25. Comedian writers are more like poets than anyone.5 Stars for Whitney Cummings whose chapters includeSelf-Help, CODEPENDENCE, Sexism, Egg Freezing, Eating Disorder, Boobs, Headache, Dogs.I would recommend this book to anyone.

    26. I wanted to thank Whitney for this book, but I am sure that after the incident with the guy whom she got tickets for her show she definitely has someone answering her mail. I guess I will just have to do with leaving a few words on . I can imagine how hard it was to open up like this because I imagined what it would be like to write a book about my own problems and felt I wasn’t ready to do that yet. This is why I can appreciate the struggle she probably had to go through to write a book like [...]

    27. I was so pleasantly surprised by how good this book was. It offers a great introspective look at mental health from Whitney's personal experiences that anyone can learn from. I really enjoyed the exercises she includes (personality tests, word association, etc.). To top it all off, she's a great writer! Laugh out loud funny while also having a lot of interesting things to say. I hope this book gets the credit it deserves and doesn't get grouped with other books by celebrity authors that don't ac [...]

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