Murder in Mahim

Murder in Mahim

Jerry Pinto / Jul 18, 2019

Murder in Mahim A young man is found dead in the toilet of Matunga Road station his stomach ripped open Retired journalist Peter D Souza joins the investigation with his friend Inspector Zende and is drawn into a wo

  • Title: Murder in Mahim
  • Author: Jerry Pinto
  • ISBN: 9789385755293
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A young man is found dead in the toilet of Matunga Road station, his stomach ripped open Retired journalist Peter D Souza joins the investigation with his friend Inspector Zende and is drawn into a world of secret desire, blackmail and unspoken love a world that he fears his son may be a part of Driven as much by fear and empathy as by curiosity about men who seek men, PA young man is found dead in the toilet of Matunga Road station, his stomach ripped open Retired journalist Peter D Souza joins the investigation with his friend Inspector Zende and is drawn into a world of secret desire, blackmail and unspoken love a world that he fears his son may be a part of Driven as much by fear and empathy as by curiosity about men who seek men, Peter tries to track down the killer, with some help from the flamboyant Leslie Siqueira, the Queen of the Queen of the Suburbs But time is running out.Jerry Pinto s new novel set in Mumbai, the city he writes about like no other is a gripping murder mystery It is also a compelling exploration of loneliness, ambition and greed in the great metropolis.

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      • Jerry Pinto

        Jerry Pinto is a Mumbai based Indian writer of poetry, prose and children s fiction in English, as well as a journalist His noted works include, Helen The Life and Times of an H Bomb 2006 which won the Best Book on Cinema Award at the 54th National Film Awards, Surviving Women 2000 and Asylum and Other Poems 2003 His first novel Em and The Big Hoom was published in 2012.


    1. My second novel by Jerry Pinto, the first was Em and the big Hoom, which made me a fan.This one, though seemingly a murder mystery, deals with the Indian scenario of male homosexuality, a difficult matter, which is often brushed under the carpet.Peter is a retired journalist, who often helps out his childhood friend, Inspector Jenda, and this time too is dragged into the murder investigation of a man found slain in a public toilet in Mahim. Soon his proclivity and livelihood are uncovered, and P [...]

    2. So I am the victim of this Murder who thought that as this mystery is written by Jerry Pinto then it will be good. Had Jerry Pinto's name not been there in the cover I don't doubt I would have touched this book. I mean it's just that for me 'Em and The big Hoom' was godly book and this was just something trashy.Too stretchy. Too dramatic.Too much emulated (it seems) from Agatha Christie.Too much TRIED to create suspense.A men, with a stupid name Proxy, died in public urinal who was earlier appoi [...]

    3. "Em and the Big Hoom" is a favourite book largely thanks to how sensitively Jerry Pinto deals with the issue of a person's mental health and its impact on their near and dear. Murder in Mahim, in terms of premise, is vastly different and as the title would suggest, a murder mystery. But once again, it is the sensitivity that the author displays in treating both the subject and the subjects that takes it beyond other fare in the genre.It would be unfair to compare this to his previous work simply [...]

    4. Before I begin this review let me tell you that this book is very different from ‘Em and the Big Hoom’ by the same author. If you are going to pick up ‘Murder in Mahim’ thinking it will be like his earlier novel, then don’t. It is different and refreshingly so. I would also like to add that it moves beyond just being a murder mystery (in the loose sense of the word) and goes to explore other themes, which I thought was very-well managed and achieved. Being a Bombay (Yes, to me it will [...]

    5. Have you ever taken almost an entire year to finish a book? I seem to have started reading this in March'17 and finished it in Feb'18. Now, let that speak only of my nimble reading skills and state nothing about the author or his writing. jerry Pinto never ceases to amaze with the kind of versatile content he can dish out. Em and the Big Hoom struck a massive chord with me, and I would not miss another one by the same author for anything under the sun. But the fact that he wrote a murder mystery [...]

    6. Advice - Read it in one go, and start seeing Matunga station differently. Interesting, well-written, characters could have been fleshed out a little better I felt, especially Sunil

    7. Feeling letdown by this book. It doesn't read like Jerry Pinto's. It's a book that's neither here nor there - it's not a murder mystery that's thrilling and it's not a literary work that made any impact on me. I was expecting it to be one of those!It's a discourse on homosexuality and gay rights, and the fallout of Sec 377. My problem is why bring a murder mystery into it? Either stick to the murder and go the crime genre way or stick to the literary genre where you explore and unravel people an [...]

    8. More of an investigative journalist's records of the Mumbai male homosexual prostitution scene than a murder mystery. Quick read, well written in the sense that I didn't feel like putting it down until it was done. However, mostly predictable at crucial points. It pushes the anti-377 agenda to the very end and I think this could have been done more artfully, and perhaps more effectively, if the author hadn't tried too hard. Planning to read Pinto's other books, this was my first from him.

    9. Gripping read and excellent story telling around Mumbai and a view of another facet of the city. Towards the end however, I felt the story became very predictable. Finished in one go!

    10. Murder in Mahim by Jerry Pinto is about a murder that happens in Matunga Railway Station and the subsequent resolution of mystery by a retired journalist Peter D’Souza and his friends Inspector Shiva Jende. To solve the murder mayhem he needs to further dive deep into the parallel world of homosexual men in Mumbai, their secret lives and how police becomes a cog in this vicious wheel using them as tools for exploitation.I had quite a hard time getting through the book, not because of the theme [...]

    11. I an being a little generous to this book. I am subconsciously comparing it with the other book I finished a few days ago (Jo Nesbo's the snowman) and chalking up points in its favor. This is certainly better written, in the sense that the author has a certain economy of language and isn't going overboard trying to get the local patois but he still manages to root the story in the local culture. Of course, it also helps that it is set in Bombay and is otherwise recognizable though the specific s [...]

    12. Jerry’s writing is peppered with humour, sorrow and lots of ironic moments in the book which make you guffaw a lot. There is this straight-forwardness to his prose and yet the characters are somewhat complex . The story moves briskly along, and though one could see a few plot points coming a mile away, Pinto brings the several narrative threads together with a satisfaction that should please most fans of the genre. What did it for me though was the way he describes the city with the understate [...]

    13. I picked this up because Jerry taught me in college. I picked this up coz I absolutely loved Em & the Big Hoom. I picked this up to taste a slice of nostalgia. I picked this up because it was a murder mystery. I got 2 out of 4 things. Struggling to finish this one. I like the writing but, I am a bit bored on the trail of catching the murderer. I feel like the excitement of the finish is lacking but it is peppered with humour & sorrow which is excellent. Overall, I would lower my expectat [...]

    14. Well, it starts off quite good. It slows down and drags along for a few pages and I lost interest midway. But, after about a bit more of half the book is done, the matter becomes quite clear.The role of Pitrr, as the sidekick to Zendae, is underrated.Pitrr adds more insight to the murder than the "talented" police and all in all it deals well with the dilemma of acceptance of homosexuality of your own progeny in this narrow minded country.

    15. Murder happens at the very beginning and killer is caught at the end. In between some Mumbai, number of gay characters and an honest police officer. The pace is good, not a real page turner though. I felt, the author preferred to focus on characters rather than plots. Would have enjoyed the book more if I had known Mumbai well. My first 'who done it" by an Indian author. Looking toward to more.

    16. The book has its moments but it is unable to balance between keeping up with the detective story format and raising vital socio-political issues such as the discourse on section 377 in India. What comes through, though, is the writer Pinto's intense association with the city of Mumbai- with its riches as well as rags, with its joys as well as sorrows.

    17. Some books challenge you as a reader, this one comes under that category. Capturing the pulse of Bombay in its pages, exposing the city's underbelly hidden below all the sophistication, kudos to Pinto! He grabs your throat with his writing. Starting with the murder of a man in a railway station toilet with his kidney missing, what unfolds, will probably make you see Bombay in a whole new light.

    18. Just your usual run of the mill crime novel. What I liked the most about it was the difficult questions the author asked via the narrative and the tough, important conversations he had with us by making the characters have those.

    19. I have just read Jerry Pinto's latest thriller 'Murder in Mahim'. I was inspired by the review about the book in the 'The Hindu', which naturally forced me to buy the book online instantly. A book which runs less than 250 pages, neatly packed, reached my hands within 48 hours, thanks to . The size of the book and the fonts used are pleasing to the eyes! I started the novel with much curiosity, expectation and interest. But sorry to say, the book failed to keep me (perhaps, others, too) glued to [...]

    20. While it may not be the best murder mystery book you will read, it does well in exploring a hidden subculture in Mumbai that most of us are unaware about.

    21. I read it in one sitting and now I am very disappointed. It has its moments where it seems like there will be more to it than it seems but there is nothing there. Its a plain old murder mystery like an episode of one of those American TV shows. I read because of "Jotin Perry" and his previous books, Em and the rest of the translations he has done. perhaps one should read it in parts over time. The context is interesting though, so there is that. :) Give it a go

    22. This gets three stars simply because I had weirdly high expectations from Jerry Pinto after the ethereal "Em And The Big Hoom". This is a decent murder mystery--eminently readable and compelling and eye opening, with occasional bursts of strange melancholy. Alas, however, it's no "Em"

    23. Let's just say it's an accomplished author finding his feet in a new genre. The story is a keen look at the gay culture in Bombay, at its seediest bottom. The story is a whodunit, which goes back and forth, and the great unraveling is known for a very long time. I'm being indulgent because I'm an Em & The Big Hoom fanboy.

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