Opium and Other Stories

Opium and Other Stories

Géza Csáth Maríanna D. Birnbaum Jascha Kessler Charlot / Feb 23, 2020

Opium and Other Stories None

  • Title: Opium and Other Stories
  • Author: Géza Csáth Maríanna D. Birnbaum Jascha Kessler Charlot
  • ISBN: 9780140066890
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback
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      165 Géza Csáth Maríanna D. Birnbaum Jascha Kessler Charlot
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        G za Cs th real name J zsef Brenner February 13, 1887 September 11, 1919 , was a Hungarian writer, playwright, musician, music critic and psychiatrist.


    1. You sigh, you disengage yourself from the magic. Why? Because if you don't, the joy imparted by it slowly fades; you tire of gazing, of feeling the music die; and that's even more distressing. from 'A Joseph in Egypt' I'm not sorry. In 'Souvenir' he confesses to an envy to write with true delight, enthusiasm and dedication. An admittance is strangled on a wish that is wrong. He envies Joseph his dream. The dream stays with him after, waving in his windows. A hand in promises of words of love unh [...]

    2. Rotten Kisses and OpiumAs the substance and prestige of the Austro-Hungarian Empire were dissipating in the “deepening dark” and “black silence”, so too was the authority of the bourgeois family.Most of the parents in the families in these stories have either died or are living a subsistence life, whether as a result of death on the battlefield, farming accidents, poisoning or suicide. Rarely is there the comfort of a father or mother to say, “Hold onto my hand, little boy!”These sto [...]

    3. Pequenas estórias tecidas entre a luz e a sua ausência. Incisivas,e,tantas vezes, implacáveis,não consigo deixar de sentir uma tentativa persistente de cristalizar euforia e beleza quando se percorre o caminho certo para o cadafalso. Aqui não me interessa tanto a sinopse,nem o twist que pontualmente se encontra. É esse caminho claro, arguto e iluminado que faz com que cada parágrafo valha a pena.Outro pormenor que me agradou especialmente nestes contos foi a forma como o autor nos coloca [...]

    4. Uma escrita de forma absolutamente exemplar e surpreendente, e um imaginário muitas vezes arrebatador. Pena não atravessar de igual modo todos os contos.

    5. Géza Csáth (the pen name of József Brenner) was a Hungarian writer, musician, music critic and physician working with the mentally ill who lived from 1887 to 1919. Csáth’s tragic personal history has often been recounted. While in his teens, and showing great promise as a writer and musician (to the point that his father wanted him to become a professional violinist), he chose instead to pursue a career in medicine and graduated with his degree in 1909. His main interest was in the effect [...]

    6. saw it in a 2nd-hand bookstore it was love at first sight yup, the illustrations was the clincher and the words just kept me coming back for more

    7. Hay autores que dejan huella no sólo aportando su visión, sino también a causa del halo de maldición que arrastra su vida y su trabajo. Entre estos autores figura József Brenner, un nombre a priori desconocido pues publicó su obra bajo un pseudónimo, Géza Csáth. En este libro de relatos llamado Cuentos que acaban mal, que edita El Nadir, Csáth nos cuenta de primera mano el gozo negado y la muerte. Esos serán los temas principales de estos cuentos que no, no acabarán bien pero que sí [...]

    8. Some of these tales are nearly fabulist in their nature, and some are queasy and disturbing, especially in light of the author's troubled personal life. I don't know that I'd recommend this to everyone, but I'm surprised at Csath's lack of popularity today.

    9. Estaba escrito que, con un título como ‘Cuentos que acaban mal’, servidora tenía que acabar leyendo este libro tarde o temprano. Ciertamente el libro da lo que este título promete; se trata de cuentos breves y oscuros, sobre temas como el mal, la muerte, la crueldad, el sufrimiento. A veces me da la sensación que este húngaro es una especie de mezcla entre Edgar Allan Poe y Franz Kafka. Sus cuentos siempre son angustiantes y en ocasiones terroríficos. Y se nota que Géza Csáth sabe de [...]

    10. Jeez. Murder, suicide and opium were the major plot points of Csath's life. His stories blended fairy tale, dreamscapes, and horror, which makes a certain sense. I was curious to learn in the intro that these stories comprise most of his short life's literary work. As a collection, they weren't particularly cohesive, but the unexpected switch of tone wasn't entirely unwelcome. I sort of enjoyed feeling like they were written during short, frantic, lucid moments in between trying to pass as a com [...]

    11. Me compré este libro después de leer "La pequeña Emma", que me pareció bestial, pero la verdad que el resto me han decepcionado bastante. Alguno se salva ("Matricidio", por ejemplo), pero el resto los encuentro muy incompletos. O por tema, o por argumento, o por el final, pues la mayoría de las veces deja de narrar y hace un último párrafo que parece una anotación.

    12. Very dark. Very depressive. Very truthful. Raw writing.If you're prone to depression, don't read Geza Csath, because it will only get worse.Don't read before sleep, either.

    13. "A certe cose non si può rimediare. Anzi, a nulla si può rimediare. Ogni passo che facciamo in realtà serve soltanto ad accelerare la nostra distruzione, sollecitando al tempo stesso anche quella degli altri." (Sogno dimenticato, p. 112)

    14. O matricídio é uma compilação de contos curtos, mórbidos, não recomendados para leitura antes de deitar. Aparentemente o próprio autor seguiu os passos das personagens dos contos e caiu na loucura, matando a mulher e a si em seguida. Alguns contos são excelentes, memoráveis, outros sem sabor e facilmente esquecidos. No geral uma boa leitura, pena não ser mais equilibrada, com mais contos memoráveis.

    15. Excelente livro de contos curtos, com temáticas estranhíssimas e finais loucos. O conto "Matricidio" vai-me tirar o sono.

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