When True Night Falls

When True Night Falls

C.S. Friedman / Jun 16, 2019

When True Night Falls Two men absolute enemies must unite to conquer an evil greater than anything their world has ever known One is a warrior priest ready to sacrifice anything and everything for the cause of humanity s

  • Title: When True Night Falls
  • Author: C.S. Friedman
  • ISBN: 9780756403164
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • Two men, absolute enemies, must unite to conquer an evil greater than anything their world has ever known One is a warrior priest ready to sacrifice anything and everything for the cause of humanity s progress the other, a sorcerer who has survived for countless centuries by a total submission to evil In their joint quest, both will be irrevocably changed.

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        Celia S Friedman is a science fiction and fantasy author She has also been credited Celia S Friedman and Celia Friedman.


    1. When True Night Falls; Or, How Gerald Vryce Finally Learned to Stop Worrying and Love That Hunky Bombshell & Immortal Vampire Damian TarrantI don't have any issues with plus-sized people; several of my friends including people I've dated have been plus-sized and they are all compelling and adorable. same goes for plus-sized books. I like something sturdy to put my arms around, I love getting lost in them, and they are also often compelling although maybe not "adorable" per se. but with this [...]

    2. Again simple plot as priest Damian and undead sorcerer Tarrant continue their uneasy alliance into another hearth of darkness but Erna is everything but a simple place and still one of most interesting fantasy (I see people calling it science fantasy but I disagree with that, this is high fantasy without much science elements) settings I came across.I found this book more enjoyable than than first one largely because this book doesn't involve Ciani who was annoying throughout most of the first b [...]

    3. 4.5 to 5.0 stars. Excellent sequel to the superb Black Sun Rising and book two of the Coldfire trilogy. I am a big fan of C.S. Friedman and this series is one of the big reasons why. Highly Recommended!!

    4. When True Night FallsBook 2 of the Coldfire TrilogyBy C.S. FriedmanA Retroview by Eric AllenI honestly can't believe I've never come across this trilogy before now. I can't believe that no one I know has ever suggested it to me, or mentioned it in conversation. It takes place in one of the best thought out, and vividly created worlds I have ever read. And the story is both epic in scope, and quite entertaining to read. And so, it was not until twenty years after its publication that a copy of th [...]

    5. Damien, Tarrant and Hesseth the Rakh woman (Rakhs are Erna´s native species) dare to cross the ocean to find and destroy their enemy the Dark Prince who has built his palace in the Black Lands on the eastern continent. Arriving there after a long journey they find a wealthy empire but have soon to realize all that glitters isn´t gold. They are forced to flee and embark on a journey to find the crystal palace of their enemy through a hostile wasteland. On their way they rescue the young girl Je [...]

    6. With the rough and lumbering sort of swagger born in a creative storm’s dynamic struggle to express old ideas in new ways, balance theological/humanitarian morals with the excitment of visceral visuals and tremendously perilous exploits, and constantly Work the reader with the indulgence of emotionally loquacious prose designed to stretch any who even think about reading the book to the limit, the second act of C.S. Friedman’s Coldfire Trilogy, spectrally titled When True Night Falls, succee [...]

    7. ++SPOILERS++This is a re read. Read back in the early 90's.3.5 starsNot going to attempt to summarize this, just going to make a few points.-Best to read in order. -Ciani is absent from the book.-The 1st 40% bored the fuck out of me and could have been eliminated entirely or drastically reduced. I skimmed most of it.-After the 40% it finally gets better.-There is no romance-Very repettitive-Hesseth dies -Jennsyne dies As I said above, the first 40% was painfully boring. The author has a tendency [...]

    8. The second book in the series was better than the first. I really liked the writing style in the first book, but here it is even better. While reading, you can see the writing improving. The relationships between the characters are deeper and a new character is introduced, who is very interesting. The main evil character remains the same, but there is a different secondary one. I liked him better than the woman in the first book, because I found him more believable. The priest isn't so frustrati [...]

    9. When True Night Falls is just as good as its predecessor, if not more so. Unfortunately, it took me an extremely long time to finish mostly because I had less personal time to spend reading. This book is not much different from its predecessor. It is a fairly straightforward adventure novel with a very small cast of characters spanning over 600 pages. Something that I admire about this series is that it manages to always hold my attention even after 500 pages in. This is something that many book [...]

    10. This is by far the best series I have ever read. From the start I was a little mixed about the idea of mixing Sci-Fi with my fantasy -although they are my two favorite genre’s and Sci-Fi usually has fantasy mixed in I prefer it to be a one way street.By the time Damian was in town and the Hunter was introduced I was completely convinced this lady has skills. I enjoyed everything from the basic background elements and the implied and actual politics, down to the actual physics of the magic. In [...]

    11. ***SPOILER WARNING***I was expecting it to be somewhat tedious, even though I remember it as being good when I first read it 10-15 years ago. However, I was pleasantly surprised, and it was difficult to put it down each day and pace myself through a week of lunch breaks & train rides.That being said, Hesseth's death, while serving and obvious point, just seems silly and weak, and further emphasized to me, the weakness and lack of definition of the female "leads" in this book & Black Sun [...]

    12. 3.5 starsWhen True Night Falls is the second book in C.S. Friedman’s COLDFIRE trilogy. You’ll want to read the first book, Black Sun Rising, first. This review may spoil some of that first book’s plot.At the end of Black Sun Rising, Reverend Damien Vryce, the devout warrior priest, discovered the source of the evil that is infecting his country — it lies across the ocean where there exists another continent that humans are aware of but know nothing about. In the past, several expeditions [...]

    13. Most of my gripes about this series can be found in my review of the first book, but I will say that the strongest part by far of this novel is the prologue, where we get more of the backstory of Friedman's worldd the worldbuilding is by far the strongest part of this series. In this novel, the "map" gets enlarged and we get to discover new lands, new cultures, new threatsd that is all that kept me turning pages.The characters remain 2d and one trick, and even The Hunter is losing some of his my [...]

    14. Short Summation A priest and an evil undead dude team up with a rakh, which is a species indigenous to this planet we’re all on. They’re off to this land across the sea that’s nigh impossible to get to because they’ve heard of the demon that’s there, breeding evil. They find out a couple of the expeditions made centuries before did make it, and there is civilization. We all know there’s going to be something dark about it because it seems so perfect at first.Why this book? I read the [...]

    15. This series pulls way fewer punches than I was expecting. It's actually pretty ruthless, looking at it in terms of a named-characters-to-death-of-characters ratio. It doesn't hurt that it continues the previous volume's intriguing meditations on faith, the nature of reality, and loyalty, as expressed through a fantasy world where the strength of belief can literally alter nature and probability itself.Gerald Tarrant continues to be darkly seductive, a monster steadily refusing the easy path of r [...]

    16. Okay, so I enjoyed this book much more than the first, but it becomes complicated. I actually think this is a much better book in just about every way. The characters have grown more and grown together more. The world becomes infinitely more developed, and developed in some of the most interesting ways they could have. It still feels like a JRPG, which isn't a bad thing, but this also brings me to my issue with the book.SPOILERSThe end to the novel's conflict is a seriously unpleasant manipulati [...]

    17. I love this trilogy to an unreasonable extent. The world-building is top-knotch, the characters are interesting and fully realized, with complex feelings and motivations. The writing can get a tad purple, and the author does tend to linger overlong on Tarrant's icy and silvery and glowing (etc) physical beauty. That may be a tough sell for some; I found I didn't mind it, maybe because I bought into the Tarrant mystique early on. This second entry into the trilogy takes Tarrant and Vryce across a [...]

    18. The Coldfire Trilogy continues, following the priest/knight Damien and the 1000 year old sorcerer/vampire (not exactly) Tarrant and their quest to stop the demon Calesta and the human he's working with in the Eastern continent. What makes this paring interesting is that Tarrant, once the founder and prophet of the church Damien belongs to is now essentially an evil entity (perhaps lawful evil for those who played D&D) and Damien is definitely a good knight and priest (originally lawful good) [...]

    19. I really wanted to like this book and the series but I'm really struggling. The concept and story is good, the characters are interesting, but it's probably about 50% too long. I liked their journey into the unknown territory and enemies but there is just so much unnecessary fluff in the middle and then suddenly the last 2 chapters finishes everything up.The first book was all about Damian's sudden instant love at first sight with Ciani and then all of a sudden with the second book, she is nowhe [...]

    20. It's not too often that I give up on a book but this was one of those times.After getting about 3/4 of the way through this book I had to stop. My biggest complaint about this book is about the characters. Tarrant and Vryce were fleshed out and I got to know them inside and out.The other charters? Hesseth is a cat woman and there was a girl. That, honestly, is about as much as I can, or care, to remember about them.My next complaint is with the moral conflict that Vryce is experiencing. Every de [...]

    21. I'm liking this much better than Black Sun Rising, which although deeply flawed was strangely compelling. I'm not sure what it is with C.S. Friedman and why I am suddenly finding the need to read all her books. Her work is a strange mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror and all the characters are really dark. In fact all the protagonists seem to either completely lack any sense of a moral center or are fanatically attached to some unrealistic ideal of good.But it's like I am being sucked into her w [...]

    22. First of all, while "True Night" is mentioned in the book (as what happens when both light sources in the sky, the sun and the galactic core, both set), it has zero relevance to the actual plot. So bad there.This book is fitfully interesting. There's probably a good 300-page book in there somewhere. Some passages are badly overwritten, there are large travel sections where little interesting happens, there are (somewhat surprisingly) no decent female characters, not even compared to the one in t [...]

    23. Although I enjoyed the returning characters as well, Hesseth really stole the book for me. Something about the native woman's indomitable spirit completely appealed to me. Warning: this book contains some character death.

    24. Just as dark and even more character-driven, the second installment is a great continuation of the series. Top-notch.

    25. Definitely longer than it should have been. It started out interesting, but then went downhill from there. It didn't pick up again until (view spoiler)[ they were captured by the Terata and found Jenseny.(hide spoiler)] Then it died out again, sinking back into unnecessary details and ramblings, mostly Vryce's musings about Tarrant and how much better Tarrant is than him. (view spoiler)[ But when we first realized Tarrant might betray them all: that was brilliant.(hide spoiler)] I did like the l [...]

    26. An enjoyable evolution from Book 1, with deeper character notes and a more complex plot. Friedman's setting and characters really come into their own in this volume, with a plot that forces them to think more deeply and that plays more finely with their heartstrings. The plot itself is also more complex, and more directly focused on the concepts introduced in Book 1's worldbuilding -- where Book 1's villain largely focused on a plot that could have been done with any theoretical system of magic, [...]

    27. wonderful series with an interesting version of evil. the spirits that run the magic remind me of the christopher stasheff warlock series and the witch moss. even the bad guys can be good and you can trust noone. the first is the best but all of the books are interesting

    28. Damien Vryce and Gerald Tarrant have made me fall in love with fictional characters all over again. So incredibly well written.

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