Han Solo

Han Solo

Marjorie M. Liu M. Brooks / Oct 19, 2019

Han Solo Han Solo la canaglia pi amata dell universo in missione per conto della Ribellione incaricato di liberare una serie di informatori e spie La sua copertura Soltanto la pi grande e famigerata corsa di

  • Title: Han Solo
  • Author: Marjorie M. Liu M. Brooks
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  • Han Solo, la canaglia pi amata dell universo, in missione per conto della Ribellione incaricato di liberare una serie di informatori e spie La sua copertura Soltanto la pi grande e famigerata corsa di astronavi della Galassia Proprio quella che Han ha sognato di vincere per tutta la sua vita Riuscir a restare focalizzato sulla missione Scopritelo in questa emoHan Solo, la canaglia pi amata dell universo, in missione per conto della Ribellione incaricato di liberare una serie di informatori e spie La sua copertura Soltanto la pi grande e famigerata corsa di astronavi della Galassia Proprio quella che Han ha sognato di vincere per tutta la sua vita Riuscir a restare focalizzato sulla missione Scopritelo in questa emozionante preview gratuita da una Galassia lontana, lontana

    Han Solo Han Solo is a fictional character in the Star Wars franchise, who is a pilot from the planet Corellia.A primary character in the original film trilogy, Han is the captain of the Millennium Falcon, along with his Wookiee co pilot Chewbacca, whereby both pilots became involved in the Rebel Alliance s struggle against the Galactic Empire.During the course of the Star Wars narrative, Han becomes a Han Solo , la enciclopedia libre En marzo de comenz la produccin cuyo ttulo provisional fue el de Han Solo, el spin off protagonizado por Alden Ehrenreich, la pelcula se centrara en seis aos de su vida, de los a los aos.En ese rango se contara cmo consigue el Halcn Milenario, conoce a Harrison Ford Harrison Ford was born on July , in Chicago, Illinois, to Dorothy Nidelman , a radio actress, and Christopher Ford born John William Ford , an actor turned advertising executive. Star Wars Solo BIG FIGS Han Solo Action A Star Wars story Untitled Han solo movie is about Han Solo s and chewbacca s adventures before joining the Rebellion, including their early encounters with Lando Calrissian. Solo A Star Wars Story Directed by Ron Howard With Alden Ehrenreich, Woody Harrelson, Emilia Clarke, Donald Glover During an adventure into the criminal underworld, Han Solo meets his future co pilot Chewbacca and encounters Lando Calrissian years before joining the Rebellion. The Han Solo Adventures Han Solo at Stars Han Solo s extraordinary exploits continue in this awesome trilogy HAN SOLO AT STARS END Han Solo trusts no one, and does no favors But when the best illegal ship rebuilder in the galaxy disappears, Han and Chewbacca agree to go after him after all, the Han shot first Han shot first refers to a controversial change made to a scene in the science fiction film Star Wars , in which Han Solo Harrison Ford is confronted by Five Career Lessons From Han Solo Forbes Mar , Chewie and I will take care of this You stay here Warren Buffet has Charlie Munger Larry Page has Sergey Brin.And Han Solo has Chewbacca Whatever your Han Solo , wolna encyklopedia Han Solo fikcyjna posta istniej ca w wiecie przedstawionym Gwiezdnych wojen, jeden z g wnych bohaterw w serii filmw, grany przez aktora Harrisona Forda.Solo jest dowcipnym przemytnikiem z planety Korelia, ktry lata na Sokole Millennium ze swoim przyjacielem, drugim pilotem, wookieem Chewbak Oprcz Harrisona Forda, w rol Hana Solo wcieli si Perry King, ktry How Star Wars Should Use Han After Solo A Star Wars Story With Ron Howard s Solo A Star Wars Story now in theaters, audiences have fresh insight into the legendary smuggler known as Han Solo Alden Ehrenreich The prequel film has thoroughly fleshed

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        New York Times bestselling and award winning writer Marjorie Liu is best known for her fiction and comic books She teaches comic book writing at MIT, and she leads a class on Popular Fiction at the Voices of Our Nation VONA workshop Ms Liu is a highly celebrated comic book writer Her extensive work with Marvel includes the bestselling Dark Wolverine series, NYX No Way Home, X 23, and Black Widow The Name of the Rose She received national media attention for Astonishing X Men, which featured the gay wedding of X Man Northstar and was subsequently nominated for a GLAAD Media Award for outstanding media images of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community Ms Liu also wrote the story for the animated film, Avengers Confidential Black Widow and Punisher, which was produced by Marvel, Sony Pictures Entertainment Japan Inc and Madhouse Inc.Her newest work is MONSTRESS, an original, creator owned comic book series with Japanese artist and X 23 collaborator Sana Takeda Published by Image in Fall 2015, MONSTRESS is set in an alternate, matriarchal 1920 s Asia and follows a girl s struggle to survive the trauma of war With a cast of girls and monsters and set against a richly imagined aesthetic of art deco inflected steam punk, MONSTRESS 1 debuted to critical praise The Hollywood Reporter remarked that the longer than typical first issue was world building on a scale rare in mainstream comics Ms Liu is also the author of than 19 novels, most notably the urban fantasy series, Hunter Kiss, and the paranormal romance series, Dirk Steele Her novels have also been bestsellers on USA Today, which described Liu as imaginative as she is prolific Her critically praised fiction has twice received the Romantic Times Reviewers Choice Award, for THE MORTAL BONE Hunter Kiss 6 , and TIGER EYE Dirk Steele 1 TIGER EYE was the basis for a bestselling paranormal romance video game called Tiger Eye Curse of the Riddle Box.Liu has appeared on MSNBC, CNN, MTV, and been profiled in the Wall Street Journal, Hollywood Reporter, and USA Today She is a frequent lecturer and guest speaker, appearing on panels at San Diego Comic Con, the Tokyo Literary Festival, the New York Times Public Lecture series, Geeks Out and the Asian American Writers Workshop Her work has been published internationally, including Germany, France, Japan, Poland, and the United Kingdom.Ms Liu was born in Philadelphia, and has lived in numerous cities in the Midwest and Beijing Prior to writing full time, she was a lawyer She currently resides in Boston.


    1. Great scenario by Liu. Artwork is good too. The idea of the race is fun as is the old Solo-Leia tough love. Lots of promise for this series.

    2. What up nerf-herders, it’s Han Solo’s solo comic and it can do the crappy run in less than 12 parsecs! This is the third new Marvel Star Wars title to come out this year (not counting the C-3PO one-shot) after Obi-Wan & Anakin and Poe Dameron, both by Charles Soule, both terrible, and unfortunately the downwards trend continues with Marjorie Liu and Mark Brooks’ Han Solo #1.Leia needs Han, Chewie and the Falcon to pick up some Rebel spies but they need a cover so they enter an “epic [...]

    3. Había dejado las grapas de Star Wars a pesar de ser fan de la franquicia porque realmente no aportaban gran cosa. Pero al ser Han Solo una serie limitada de 5 números y ser uno de los personajes mas icónicos y divertidos de la saga le he dado la oportunidad y no me arrepiento. Solo deberá competir en la carrera de naves más peligrosa de la galaxia para cumplir una misión de la Alianza. Empieza con fuerza la serie y un dibujo precioso.

    4. I think I speak for many fans when the death of Solo in The Force Awakens took an endeared and beloved character from us as fans. This supplement to the Star Wars story is just the answer for such calamity. I've always loved Han Solo, and much of his story continues to be shrouded in obscurity. Now, we have the opportunity to delve into the life of this amazing and rich individual in all his scheming. Although this is only a 5 parter, it will still be an amazing Kessel Run to get there. Awesome [...]

    5. I picked this up at my local comic book store with a couple of other titles. In this series Han has backed away from the resistance after he's payed his debt to them and gone back to smuggling. However it's not going as he's planned, he's getting jumpy about doing runs. Leia has him followed and then makes him do a dangerous job for the resistance. The characters are really well characterised and I like the artwork, especially the last page. I love the story, it works well and fits into cannon r [...]

    6. Marvel continues to delve intothe unknown past of our favorite rebelsAfter the battle of YavinHan Solo is distracted from paying off his debt to Jabba the Hutby a top secret mission for the allianceA mission only the best pilot would have any hope topull offA combination ofespionageSF actionand Star Wars thrillsmakes this a great seriesfilling in he gaps left by the movies

    7. Fine, characterization is strong for the core characters we already know, but it's doing a lot in this first issue and the side characters get short shrift. Decent art. Not sure if I want to keep reading even if the series is limited run.

    8. Holy crap is this an exceptional start to a miniseries. There is so much I like about this book. Just go read it. On a side note, the feeling I got while reading made me consider Marvel's superhero division. What I came to realize was that the heroes in the Star Wars universe aren't omnipotent, godlike entities. The Empire poses a legitimate threat to these characters and this sense of life-or-death is missing in the Marvel U. The suspense is built up in Star Wars and its something Marvel can't [...]

    9. As a fan of the Dark Horse Star Wars' line, I was a bit skeptical of reading the Marvel/Disney editions at first, but this title will not disappoint. It takes you back to picking up a monthly comic (a short read) and having to wait for the next installment. The characterization of Han Solo is spot on (especially in his interaction with Leia) and it takes you to an adventure far, far away in between The New Hope and The Empire Strikes back. I can't wait to read the rest of the six-volume series.

    10. Han Solo (2016) #1 [Marvel: Marjorie Liu & Mark Brooks]Leia requires Solo to compete in the most prestigious race as a pretense for smuggling out informers.“I paid for this on my own. And I don't do races. I do RUNS. Life or death, straight down the line. Lady, I made the kessel run in less than twelve parsecs. So you bring your races and your sponsors, and I'll bring my runs – and we'll see who wins.” - Solo.

    11. Genial.Creo que Liu ha mantenido muy bien la personalidad de los personajes y como aventura es muy entretenido.Aún tengo demasiado reciente la pérdida de Fisher así que me ha dado un poco de penita y ternura.

    12. A great start to a sidestory of Han Solo that has been able to represent the universe's favorite smuggler. The fastest ship is needed to save three rebel informants who have been left in the deep parts of the Empires sector of space, this is where Hans non-rebel ship comes into play. Though he has in essence handcuffed himself to the space cruiser and where ever it is needed. Can Han & Chewie under the cover of a space race save the rebels before they're are found out? This five issue series [...]

    13. The comic starts out very slow, and is slow during the whole first part, but by the time you get to the second comic it is worth it. So if this was the whole thing I would have given it 1 star, the second comic brings it up, and as to really understand the second one you need to read the first I have to recommend the first one also.

    14. This is a good start for a potentially promising miniseries. It is fairly early in Han and Leia's association with each other, so there is believable arguing. And it was funny seeing Leia punch Han to make it seem like he has a reason to leave.

    15. I read all five in this series and enjoyed them quite a bit. Fun little side story about some of Han and Chewie's adventures. (I'm just checking off the first one even though I read the series as it feels like cheating to count just one comic as a full read.)

    16. I quite enjoyed the art and the set-up. We've seen lots of race stories in the Star Wars universe, but this one promises to be unique.

    17. Barely no action at all, full of talking, arts doesn't have much either and the story is not captivating at all. So not a one star, but not far. Not so good!

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