A Catered Murder

A Catered Murder

Isis Crawford / Sep 23, 2019

A Catered Murder Bernadette Simmons wasn t sure what to expect when she left L A and her no good cheating boyfriend to move back in with her too close for comfort family in New York And her sister Libby had no idea w

  • Title: A Catered Murder
  • Author: Isis Crawford
  • ISBN: 9781575667102
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Bernadette Simmons wasn t sure what to expect when she left L.A and her no good, cheating boyfriend to move back in with her too close for comfort family in New York And her sister Libby had no idea what she was in for when she hired Bernie to work for her catering business But in between cutting up canapes and dishing up desserts, the two find themselves in the midBernadette Simmons wasn t sure what to expect when she left L.A and her no good, cheating boyfriend to move back in with her too close for comfort family in New York And her sister Libby had no idea what she was in for when she hired Bernie to work for her catering business But in between cutting up canapes and dishing up desserts, the two find themselves in the midst of a mystery they can really sink their teeth intoIt s only been a few days since Libby hired her sister Bernie to help out at A Little Taste of Heaven, and already they ve got their hands full baking cookies and slicing rare beef tenderloin to serve at a high school reunion The dinner has a Dracula theme and a very strange guest of honour Laird Wrenn, a New York Times best selling author of vampire novels From the minute he sweeps into the school cafeteria decked out in a cape, accompanied by some truly odd hangers on Libby and Bernie know this will be an evening unlike any other And they re right During his after dinner speech, Wrenn pours a glass of water, takes a long sip and drops stone cold deadNow Libby and Bernie will have to put their heads together to figure out whodunit in a mystery that promises to be deadly to the very last bite.

    A Catered Murder A Mystery With Recipes Book Kindle A Catered Murder A Mystery With Recipes Book Kindle edition by Isis Crawford Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading A Catered Murder A Mystery With Recipes Book . A Catered Murder Mystery with Recipes, No Isis A Catered Murder Mystery with Recipes, No Isis Crawford on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Bernadette Simmons wasn t sure what to expect when she left L.A and her no good, cheating boyfriend to move back in with her family in New York And her sister Libby had no idea what she was in for when she hired Bernie to work for her catering business. Private Catered Cruises Capital Cruises Private Catered Cruises Are you looking for a refreshing way to reward your employees Do you want to add some relaxing recreation and fellowship to the convention schedule Murder by Death Eccentric millionaire Lionel Twain Truman Capote invites five of the world s greatest detectives, each allowed one guest, to dinner and a murder. Murder by Death Wikiquote Dick Charleston I say, old boy Could you possibly direct us to Hello, it s Mr Sidney Wang Dick Charleston Good evening, Mr Wang Sidney Wang Good evening.You need directions to where Watson Ah, yes We ve been cordially invited to dinner and a murder by one Mr Lionel Twain Willie Wang Lionel Twain Listen, you guys don t want Silly Beliefs Sensing Murder Readers Comments Comments Comment by Victor, May, In your Sensing Murder articles the allegedly rebuttals are technically inadmissible They are not worth anything. Home Deadwood Theater Mystery Dinner Theater offers an evening of comedy entertainment centered around the characters and themes of Deadwood in its early rowdy days. Murder in an Irish Village Irish Village Mystery Series In the small village of Kilbane, County Cork, Ireland, Naomi s Bistro has always been a warm and welcoming spot to visit with neighbors and share a cup o tea But murder has a way of killing business Nowadays Siobhn O Sullivan, along with her five siblings, runs the family bistro Raymond Fernandez and Martha Beck Raymond Martinez Fernandez December , March , and Martha Jule Beck May , March , were an American serial killer couple They are believed to have killed as many as women during their murderous spree between and After their arrest and trial for serial murder Decline of Detroit The deindustrialization of Detroit has been a major factor in the population decline of the city. Role of the automobile industry Before the advent of the automobile, Detroit was a small, compact, regional manufacturing center In , Detroit had a population of , people, making it the thirteenth largest city in the U.S Over the following decades, the growth of the automobile

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        Isis Crawford was born in Egypt to parents who were in the diplomatic corps When she was five, her family returned to the States, where her mother opened a restaurant in Upper Westchester County and her father became a university professor Since then Isis has combined her parents love of food and travel by running a catering service as well as penning numerous travel related articles about places ranging from Omsk to Paraguay Married, with twin boys, she presently resides in Hastings on Hudson, New York, where she is working on the next Bernie and Libby culinary mystery.A pseudonym used by Barbara Block


    1. This is a very enjoyable mystery series, but I recommend skipping book 1. I began reading this series in December 2016 and chose to read the book 3 which is set at Christmas first. I'm so glad I didn't start with the first book. I have read 4 books in the series and this is my least favorite selection. It's not terrible, but just not a memorable book. The murder takes place at a book party which is essentially a high school reunion. There are too many characters in this town to follow throughout [...]

    2. It was nice to see how it all started out. I had only read the last book in the series that is out. Just like that one it was a nice mystery. Yet again I didn't know who it was. Which is always nice. There are 11 more for me to read in the series. I hope they all continue to be good.

    3. I can't say that I was very impressed with this book. I don't feel like I know the characters very well and I'm not sure if it was the writing or just me, but I had a hard time following everything. The characters and dialogue when it was happening was kind of hard to follow who was talking. The plot was easy enough follow and there were a lot of interesting scenarios thrown out from the girls trying to solve the murders. While the true murderer was unexpected I can't say there was really any 'w [...]

    4. Murder with Recipes I'll start with I loved the recipes. I did make copies of the cake recipe. My kids loved it. This was the first book in the series and there were moments where I felt like looking at the end to see who did it. Lots of suspects, lots of "sisterly" nonsense and just seemed longer than it needed to be. I did continue and it was a pretty good story. I am going to try another book from the series and see how I feel after it. 

    5. I love mysteries. Cozies are my favorite mysteries to read. I'm hooked. Hooked.I always enjoy getting my hands on a new series, new author ~ new author to the publishing world or new to me.I get a kick out of being the first to scoop up the latest. I consider myself a cozy devotee.Sadly, A Catered Murder did zip, zero, nada for me. Nothing. I was bored. I found excuses not to read it. I read other books instead.I wondered how on earth this book got published. Did it win a contest? Was it nepotis [...]

    6. So I read this book to back-track after reading "A Catered Halloween," which is further along in the series. I am pleased to say that this book is more enjoyable than the Halloween one, but it still lacked some basic information about the characters, and the mystery wasn't readily solvable.I am curious as to what happened to their father, and how much damage he has from the injury. Obviously he is paralyzed or stuck in the wheelchair, but it just seems like there's more that could have been ment [...]

    7. Overall, the story was a fair distraction during a mourning period when I desperately needed distracting. The execution of the story, however, was frustrating. There were too many times I had to stop reading to figure out who was speaking or how/why someone was performing an action (sitting, standing, opening something) when they'd done that just ten lines earlier.

    8. Well done first book in the series. Good mystery and I was just as lost as to who the culprit was as Libby and Bernie were. Looking forward to more.

    9. Review Originally Posted At: FictionForesightI was excited to read the first in this series by Isis Crawford, because I had already read A Catered Halloween around Halloween time last year. I was left feeling a desire to know more, as Crawford decided to leave further introductions and background out of that book, making the assumption that the reader had read her previous installments.I’m pleased to say that A Catered Murder was definitely worth the read. Two sisters, the ever direct and resp [...]

    10. Exploring the 'cozies' type of mystery I came across this series. Recipes and mysteries?! Sounds awesome! Now, I haven't tried the recipes yet, but I did finish the book and I have to say, I didn't love it. I think that reading Pure used up all my good book karma this past week. Out of the last 5 books I've read I loved Pure, A Fatal Grace was okay, hated Evernight and Killer and this one were just meh.But it happens, right?**slight spoilers ahead**The killer ultimately was a surprise because th [...]

    11. I got this ebook for practically nothing & I am glad because it is not worth full price or any price. I am a fast reader & this book took forever to read. I found excuses to not read it--cleaning, cooking, shopping, even an agonizing medical procedure over this book. It has potential & I kept thinking that something good would happen but no because I usually toss the bad ones out pretty quick. I like the characters Bernie, Libby & Sean but they lacked background info that adds to [...]

    12. I was surprised by the low ratings I saw. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I thought that it was unique in the fact that we don't have just one sleuth but two. A sister team that has two distinctive personalities but actually care about each other, unlike some that I've read. I love how Bernie starts rambling about any info that she has stored in her brain, sometimes driving people crazy. The only drawback I had was when it was figured out who did it, I was a little lost. I don't know if I missed [...]

    13. Love the story. Look forward to the next one. I this story two cool sisters team up to run a catering gig, but also solve a murder. I must have missed any clues, because I was surprised as to how it ended. I dislike Bernie. She was a walking encyclopedia.

    14. Not as good as the Fourth Of July one but decent.It annoys me how the author gives no description of the characters like how old they are or what they look like.

    15. These two sisters and their retired father as a sidekick make for a fun story.Look forward to reading others in this series.

    16. Bernie Simmons comes back to her hometown after a breakup and just in time to help her sister, Libby. Libby is overwhelmed with their family store, A Taste of Heaven, along with the catering business.There's nothing like stories and acquaintances from the past and Bernie and Libby cater a party in honor of Laird Wrenn, old classmate,and vampire wanna-be turned author. Only, Laird drops dead and Libby's friend is suspect number one. Along with Bernie and Libby, their dad, a retired police cheif, [...]

    17. An entertaining enough story that I'd class as "a cosy-murder-mystery" - if murder can ever be cosy! Enjoyable while read but a bit forgettable.would struggle to tell you characters names now though can just recall the general gist of story. Would be happy to read more in this series should they come my way but won't be going hunting for them.

    18. It was so poorly written, it was hard to keep track of anything going on. The author would put flashback thoughts in the middle of conversations, making it so spotty and harder to follow. The characters were forgettable, and the actual murderer seemed liar fetched since they were a smaller character that had really no back story to it. All an all, awful but easy read.

    19. A Catered Murder is the first in the Simmons Sisters mystery series. Bernadette "Bernie" Simmons has recently returned to her hometown of Longely, NY after finding her boyfriend in bed with her best friend. Bernie joins her sister Libby in running their family store/bakery, A Little Taste of Heaven and helping to take care of their father Sean, a retired wheelchair bound ex Police Chief.Libby and Bernie are hired to cater the Seventeenth Annual Clarington High School reunion. The most famous of [...]

    20. I liked this book a lot, I read it in 2 days, I couldn't put it down. It was an easy read, flowed very well and I thought the author did a great job with it.I loved Bernie, she was a no-nonsense, know-it-all fashionista who loves her dad and sister very much. At first, when she came back to town, I got the vibe that she was a irresponsible troublemaker, which I found out later to not be true! She just had her ex cheat on her and needed to get out of LA. She actually grew into her own and helped [...]

    21. Libby Simmons has been running "A Little Taste Of Heaven" catering shop on her own since her mother's death several years ago but now Libby's flamboyant sister, Bernie, has returned to town after a love affair gone wrong and Libby brings Bernie into the family business. Their first catering job together is a high school reunion party with a special guest - best-selling author Laird Wren who not only writes books about vampires but believes he is one himself. Although Laird was known as just plai [...]

    22. The story is about a murder that happened when Libby who runs a catering business was catering the high school reunion when Laird Wrenn keels over while making a toast at the reunion. The suspect list is long since he wasn't a nice person. His girlfriend of 17 years Tiffany is charged with his murder. Tiffany runs to Libby (they are best friends) before the police can arrest her. Libby doeosn't believe that her BF is a murderer so she asks her sister Bernie (who just returned home from CA) try t [...]

    23. I got this book from the library for a March/Irish challenge, as I did also with another St Patrick's Day themed novel (St. Patrick's Day Murder). Both authors have written a good number of books in these series, so who am I to critique them?! Both are similar in style - I think I likened the first (in my review) to the TV series A Murder She Wrote and Monk which I enjoyed in a suspend-any-expectation-of-engaging-the-brain kind of way. So, I managed that for the other St Pat's book, but I couldn [...]

    24. This is the first of the Catered Mystery series, and of course, I have not read in order. This introduced the main characters, but I felt that the characters are presented better in A Catered Wedding. Bernie's love of expensive clothes presents a mystery-where is she getting the money for these expensive clothes? Also, A Taste of Honey, the store run by the Simmons' sisters is supposedly a simple down home cooking/baking store, yet the recipes for the catering events run the gamut of chic city c [...]

    25. Bernadette Simmons left LA and her cheating Boyfriend to move back in with her close loving Family in New York.Her Sister Libby had no idea what she was in for when she hired Bernie to work for her.It's only been a few days since Bernie started working at A Little Taste of Heaven,and they have their hands full working a High School reunion.The Dinner has a Dracula theme and a very strange Guest of Honor Laird Wrenn,who is a best selling New York Times Author of Vampire novels.During his Dinner s [...]

    26. Bernadette leaves her worthless husband in LA and shows up at her sister's catering business in New York. While catering a high school reunion with a Dracula theme, the guest of honor dies after drinking water. The man was a bestselling author of vampire novels. The police consider sister Libby a suspect because she was the last one to handle the water and had argued with him. There are several other people who should be suspected including his recently dumped girlfriend and his agent. Libby and [...]

    27. It was ok. Not terrible, but not great either. I liked the characters and their banter, but I also felt like I had stepped into a series that was already established like maybe I was missing important background information about the characters or something along those lines. I was also bothered by the fact that Bernie arrives with no money, gets her sister to pay for her ride home, and then almost immediately begins buying expensive clothing. What?! Whether it's a continuity error or Bernie is [...]

    28. I'd probably give this more like 3.5 stars. It was ok, not as good as other cozies I have read but not horrible either. I have the next in the series so I'll probably read that and then decide if I want to read any others.Libby & Bernie are sisters. Libby runs a small shop in their town with fresh baked goods and provides catering as well. Bernie just rolled back in to town from California nursing her break up wounds. They are catering an event when the guest of honor dies. One of Libby's fr [...]

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